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Blessed Be

May 27th, 2009


Today is the birthday of one of my dearest friends here, on the net, and more importantly in my life… I have an honour from him that I cherish with my heart, for I know that it means so much to him… That honour is to have from him the endearment of being called Mistress. We have seen much, talked about more, and shared over the years we have know each other, more than I can explain in a few short words… But two of them, they mean something special to us…


Blessed Be

By Tera for Derek


The clock on the bedside table clicked over to midnight and then past it as he lay sleeping soundly in his dreams. The room quite silent, just as it was at this hour of the night.

But then things changed.

A shadow crept along the wall across from the door leading to his bedroom. The shape of it quite obviously a woman. It traced its way over the furnishings there. Touching against a chair, the mirror, the dresser against the wall over there…

It paused at the head of the bed, the shadow becoming more defined as it did so. She was tall, slim of build, it appeared as if she wore a long jacket too…

Then it slipped down the wall to disappear from sight…

And she appeared at the side of his bed, standing there quietly as to not wake him…

If he did awaken, he would know her immediately, though they had never met in their lives before…

But her smile, the sparkle in her green eyes, that would be the first clue…

Her clothing, exactly as she always was dressed in their fantasies, the long red jacket, the black heels, the sinfully tight corset would be the next…

But the most obvious, the things that were hers and hers alone were the red horns in her hair and the long red tail that almost seemed to be giggling as she looked upon him….

He stirred for a moment, but did not waken.

In his dreams of that night, she made sure that he had all the time he wanted with her. That and more…

As they shared that which was theirs alone, her fingers brushed the hair from his forehead. She leaned down and placed a soft kiss there before moving to kiss his lips as well…

For a moment, both in his dreams and in the world of reality, the same moment occurred…

“You have to go.”

“I do Love.”

“Will I see you again?”



She pulled back as the first light of the morning began to dawn outside of the window…

She reached into a pocket of her jacket and placed a small card upon his night-stand before vanishing into the shadows once more…

The rays of the sun warmed him as he awoke, the dreams of the night still strong in his mind of her being there…

Was it real?

The note said it all for him to discover in the fullness of time…


Blessed be to know you

Blessed be to hold you

Blessed be that you came to me

Blessed be that you could see

Blessed am I for knowing you

Blessed am I for holding you

Blessed am I for the moments we share

Blessed am I to know that you care

Blessed is this day, for it is yours

Blessed is it for you today were born

Blessed is the family of which you are

Blessed is the love forever yours Love


Blessed be Love

Happy Birthday

Your Mistress Tera


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    • Miles on November 19, 2012 at 12:25 pm

    Simply beautiful 🙂

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