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A Snow Covered Tail

A story about snow and a certain pair of Red Tails that have their moments with it for the last story of the year for 2013…



A Snow Covered Tail
By TeraS


It is well known—actually, very well known—that Tera has a rather odd relationship with snow. On the one hand, she loves to sit in front of her fireplace, a mug of hot chocolate cupped in her hands, a plate of chocolate chip cookies nearby on a platter waiting for their turn to be nibbled on and enjoyed, the warmth of the fire keeping her toasty as she burrows a little deeper into the blanket that surrounds her, looking out through the window that is nearby, watching the snow drift and blow about and around as it is want to do. That is the romantic relationship she has with snow, the one that makes her smile and enjoy the moments that come after the hot chocolate is enjoyed, the cookies are nibbled, the fire has burned down. What comes after that … well that’s another story, isn’t it?

Then there is the other relationship that Tera has with snow. While she appreciates the beauty of the crisp white blanket that covers the world around her, while she marvels at the way the light around her changes and the sounds are clearer, sharper, the wind can be biting at times, for it is winter, of course. Then there is the fact that it is always just a bit colder than she really likes, which brings goose bumps and shivers galore. And sometimes her boots get a bit wet inside, or—heaven forbid—she has the hood of her jacket turned down and some snow drops down inside, melts, and then an icy finger of cold draws its path from the back of her neck, down the curve of her back, until it drips across her tail. As we all know, the tails of the Succubi are so very sensitive, and Tera’s is no exception to that by any means. So, when that happens, there is a gasp of surprise, a quite sexy shiver and a moan escaping her lips, and then comes the moment when she looks up into the skies, tilts her head to the left and calls out to the quiet world around her: “You are having FAR to much fun at my expense!”

Still, even in the midst of her exasperation, she recalls one day after a storm came by to play. The winds had tossed around the trees, the snows had layered upon the landscape, and, within all of that endless white that threatened to cover the world in a blanket of its own making, a single solitary figure in red trudged her way through the icicles, snow drifts, and slush on her way somewhere very specific. Tera walked beneath a pile of snow on a branch of a tree when that world of snow decided to take advantage and dump directly onto her head.

Which really didn’t help much on the whole. It wasn’t long—since she was, as usual, very hot … in so many ways—that all of that snow quickly soaked its way through everything she was wearing. Yes … everything. Her boots were waterlogged, jacket squishing as she walked, sweater and everything underneath soaked and pasted against her skin, clinging to it very tightly. Her teeth began to chatter, the goose bumps became much worse, and, thrusting her hands into the pockets of her jacket—which were, of course, waterlogged, as well, so none of it helped all that much—she put her head down and trudged ever onwards.

Now, you might expect her tail to turn blue from the cold or something, but she had one of her tail cozies, of course, and it did help (a little) to keep her tail from becoming miffed and going … off. For those who do not know, a tail ‘going off’ is not something you really want to see happen—for your own good—so for the one who knits the cozies that Tera adores she is ever thankful.

Still, her tail, as those who know to look for the signs would see, became somewhat agitated, and that added to the cold Tera herself felt as she made her way. But she still saw the beauty of the world around her—she wasn’t that miffed that she could not—and her thoughts turned to where she was going, and that, more than anything else, helped to raise her body temperature just a shade; not too much, not too little, but just enough that, while the goose bumps were still there and her clothing was still stuck fast to her, she could move forward, tail and all.

Eventually, she arrived at her destination. She managed a shivering smile as she pushed the gate open, the path it made being marked out in the drifts as she did so. There was that familiar crunch of the snow as it resisted … a bit … but the gate opened and she made her way down a path that she could not see with her eyes, but which she knew so very well in her memories. Three steps up towards the door, banging the snow from her boots with each step, two more over the landing to the door itself, and she was opening it.

Within lay that fireplace mentioned before, and stoking the fire there was the one whose spirit is within Tera herself naturally: her Eternal. He knew that she was there, of course he did, but he had his part to play in this, and the first thing to do was to make sure that the fire would burn well and strong for the time to come.

She peeled off her jacket first, the plop of it hitting the floor quite clear in the room, and he turned his head to look at her, shook it, and smiled. He knew, without a doubt, that she was soaked clear though. Tera looked slightly miffed, what with her hair being a mess, shivering in the wet clothing that still stuck to her form, but he knew better, as always.

She wrapped her arms around her chest and continued to shiver as she kicked off her boots, one ricocheting off the wall, another bouncing off a heating grate where some of the water within began to drain unheeded. She stood there, in stocking feet, red fuzzy sweater more tightly hugging her curves since it was completely drenched with water now. She gave him a forlorn look and then, not quite so innocently, crooked a finger in his direction, asking for some help.

He left the fire—it would be fine for the time being—and walked to her. The sweater was the first thing to go, of course. He gathered the hem and rolled it up over her waist, pulling it over her chest and then—the water now, of course, soaking him a bit as well—pulling her head out through the neck of it and then away from her arms before dropping it to the floor, its arrival there a loud squish of wet that was hardly noticed.

She had crossed her arms over her chest again, shivering, the goose bumps on her skin now slightly glistening from the moisture that stayed behind when the sweater left. He wrapped his arms around her and held her close, sharing some of his own body heat with hers as his red tail hooked onto the end of her tail cozy and pulled it off, it none-too-soon forgotten as it landed on top of the jacket on the floor. Their tails entwined a moment, rubbing against each other—because friction always tends to heat things up, you know.

Of course, his clothing was then soaked, somehow more than would seem likely, but he said nothing about this. Off came his shirt, as well, her hands tracing their way over his chest, the shivering not quite so bad, but the slickness of her skin and his very evident. Hands moved to take off pants that were completely useless and dripping wet; there was no point to wearing them any longer, was there? Of course there wasn’t.

Nor was there a point to the slip she wore or the panties, for that matter, so off they went, followed by his boxers. The socks were the last to go, red ones they both wore, but ever so carefully unrolled and then placed just so to dry. They were important for reasons known to the two lovers alone.

They caressed each other’s skin, each knowing the places where the other would moan in delight, and they began to warm, but the sheen on their skin was still there—not quite so much from the snow; more from their own means of becoming wet, but it was hard to say exactly where the moisture of the snow ended and the moisture of arousal and passion began.

It was but a few short steps to the fireplace, the blanket spread out before it. He guided her there, cuddling closely against her, the blanket warm beneath, the fire heating their skin. The hot chocolate was shared, the cookies nibbled on, of course. They both need some energy before other things are nibbled upon.

The fire burned, the winds outside blew, the streaks of snow gathering upon the windowpane. All was there as the two, the Eternals they ever are, found ways to raise their respective temperatures … many … many … ways. The moaning could have been from the wind, though that was somewhat unlikely. The steaming up of the window could have been from the heat inside meeting the cold outside, and it was, of course, though the heat that did so wasn’t from the fireplace, even though the fire did its best to keep up with the two souls that were there beside it.

The window finally fogged over completely, hiding what the two lovers within shared away from the snow outside. The panes shimmered in the fog that covered them, the snows no longer able to see what happened within, but quite able to hear the cries of passion, love, and desire that escaped through the walls that could not hope to contain them.

Later, as she snuggled in his arms beneath the blanket, the two of them warm, fulfilled, and content, there was a sound against the window glass that did not wake them. A ghostly finger of snow touched the glass and scrawled out a message that, if they were awake, they would clearly see: “We see you have just as much fun as we do.”

They did not see the message, it quickly faded away as the heat and cold continued to meet and the window fogged up once more. But if one was to look at them both, there would be a knowing smile upon them both, one that said, clearly, that they knew …

… that this was why all of that cold and snow was entirely worthwhile.

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