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A Dream Shared

A Dream Shared
By TeraS


A tracing of fingers over your cheek softly, tenderly, lovingly, a shared smile as you look into my eyes, my so-green and bright eyes, my so-green and bright eyes that captivate and draw you close … and then closer still.

A purr of desire—whose desire isn’t quite clear—as my lips draw close to yours … softly brushing against yours, my purr becoming a sigh, drawing you closer still. Your fingers caressing my hips, following my curves, shivering slightly as you feel the heat beneath your fingertips … and make sounds all your own.

A squeeze of want, my tail wrapping itself around your wrist possessively, needfully … desiring you. You slip free of my tail, seeking out more of my form, tracing the curves of my breasts, cupping them lightly, seeking to please and worship always … but my tail won’t be denied.

A journey of discovery, your fingers deep in my deepest raven hair, wild and untamed … as My eyes of green … mysterious … knowing all your thoughts … sparkling in amusement. My red lips, horns, and tail are all more red than you remember, all the colour of the fires within that burn with passions meant for this moment, this soul alone.

A Mistress … your Mistress, the one that knows your desires, wants, and wishes … always … the one that holds your soul … the one you need to obey …the one who is here … now … everything for you.

A destination, my fingers in your hair, teasing, but demanding at the same moment, guiding you to your place … your hands moving my skirt to the side, haltingly, awaiting permission. But all the need is not yours … I grow impatient …

A slight moan—does it matter whose?—the tightening of my fingers in your hair, demanding obedience, focusing you on your submission, your need to please as you pass your fingers over my thighs once more, my heat against your fingertips.

A taste of nectar … your lips … kissing … softly … with purpose, pursuing your fingers, trailing after them, your focus so clear to us both now. The moment is upon us.

A gasp of pleasure … you thrill, you shiver, knowing that you have pleased me.

A meeting of minds, the tip of my tail slipping under your chin, raising your eyes to look up, to see my smile, the licking of my lips, the words that wrap around your desire, making you obey, pressing you to the bed … our cries of passion melding in a symphony of desire that becomes … becomes … becomes all …

A moment, forever … Two souls spooned against each other … two bodies in union … my leg wrapped possessively over your own.

A dream shared … but quiet now, the fires now a simmering desire …

… until the dream begins again …