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The Roses Never Stop Blooming

Tera honors me by sharing some of my simple words today. She and her Eternal also gave me and my beloved a rose bush that grows on our side of the koi pond, which inspired this piece. Dear friends are often the flowers in our lives, and the dearest friends, those closer than family, are the most precious, most wonderful. Sometimes, when life is harshest, they are pruned back, but we know that, between good friends …


The Roses Never Stop Blooming
by JHB


There hadn’t been much snow in the winter, but there was plenty of cold.

There hadn’t been many storms, but there was more than enough damage.

Outside, in the gardens by the koi pond and in the Realm, the soft rains and increased sun had warmed the earth.

Inside one home, inside one palace—two images of one reality—the soft rain added to the grayness of a mood no sun could seem to burn away,

It was early May: outside, the time of new life and promise.

It was early May: inside one queen’s soul, a time of reliving loss.

It was early May, and the Queen’s Eternal was feeling her loss in a new way.

Indoors, the Queen and King felt as if something was being cut away.

Outdoors, by the koi pond, someone was cutting back a very special rose bush. The bush meant so much to the gardener, as it was a gift from dearest family. It hurt to prune it, but it was necessary to bring the bush to new life.

The pruner outdoors thought of the royals indoors

and he thought about their pain

and he shed some tears of his own

and he slipped a picture under their door,

a picture of a cut branch and the new green shoots left behind,

with just a few words:

“We never stop feeling the love, and the roses never stop blooming.”