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Jun 24 2017

A cute Morrigan Aensland Speeddrawing YouTube

Morrigan Aensland by Anicora Mulheim

Another of the many YouTubes that artists post of creating their art today on the Tale. I really enjoy these videos simply because it’s nice to see how the creative process works and how everything comes together. When the art is lovely as well, that’s more wonderful still.   If the video cannot be seen …

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Jun 17 2017

A Short Student Film called Evil Succubus Firy

Evil Succubus Firy

A series of three YouTubes that have an theme connecting them all. These are the works of a group of talented students and I wanted to share them because there’s an interesting little comment made about them. There is what is described as a “Good Succubus” in the series and that interested me. Evil Succubus …

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Jun 10 2017

An interesting 3D Succubus Animation YouTube

Succubus Character by Christina Rzewucki

It’s not often that I find a 3D image of a succubus on YouTube. It’s a rarer thing to find such a character that’s something more, has something about it that I find attractive. Today’s work I think is that quite certainly.   If you cannot see this video here on the Tale, please try …

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Jun 03 2017

An interesting Morrigan Aensland Pen art WIP YouTube

Morrigan Aensland de Darkstalkers ink by GACS-Draw

I do like watching artists at work on their art. The creative process to me I think is the most important, and interesting, thing to watch. A YouTube today of an artist creating an image of Morrigan Aensland that I liked very much and that I think is quite fun overall.   If you cannot …

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May 27 2017

More Morrigan Aensland Tribute YouTube Art

Morrigan Aensland Vid Screenshot

Another of the many YouTube tributes to Morrigan Aensland today on the Tale… This one is a gallery of some of her art, the music is a little video game hyper, but it isn’t that out of the realm of possibility at least.   If you cannot see this YouTube here on the Tale, please …

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May 20 2017

A unique Succubus WIP YouTube

Be My Valentine by Ana Rodrigues

A YouTube this time of an artist creating what I think of as a somewhat gothic succubus work of art that is simply beautiful… The title of the work is interesting, the imagery quite striking, and most of all, there’s a presence in this art that I found captivating…   If you cannot see this …

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May 13 2017

A rather neat Warcraft Succubus WIP YouTube…

There are very few pieces of art of the Warcraft succubus that I like. She’s not quite sexy or seductive enough much of the time. However, on occasion an artist does something that just takes the character in a direction that they have never really been in. A pose, a look, a little bit extra in …

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