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Dec 20 2009

I need an image of the Poxnora Succubus

There is an online game called Poxnora, which is also a card game for those that do not know of it. I want to add this game to the Succubus Wiki (see the link in the right side bar called SuccuWiki to see more)… There are Succubi in this game, I have found some stats …

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Dec 03 2007

Ban Mondays. It’s better that way.

Ugh. Cold miserable day here today. Mind you I hate Mondays to start with so…. Not a surprise really… Wiki is configured finally. I’m going to start entering stuff this week. I expect that it’s going to take a while… Hope your Monday is better than mine! <huggles> Tera

Nov 30 2007

Silly Things

Well… I was silly last night to be honest…I discovered that I had a free domain registration left over with Dreamhost and was pondering what to do with it… And then it hit me… <smiles> It’s just a mirror of the succubus.net site at the moment but someday I’ll do something with it… Maybe a …

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Nov 27 2007

Tuesday Tail in a Twist

<sips hot choc>Well… Yesterday was mostly a blow out as I expected, at least I was ready for that… Today I have a ton of paper in front of me so the chances of working on the site are zero today… Tonight I am going to try and load in the Wiki software at least …

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Nov 23 2007

It’s winter… Ick…

It’s a darn cold day in the neighbourhood… Just ick really but that’s the joys of winter isn’t it? Anyway… Started working on the last bits of the Blog so that the posting approvals work better and stuff… I’ve also decided to colour code the sections of the website… Black will be Blog pages, Red …

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