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Jan 06 2009

Later and Later isn’t it?

Lots of fun today in my world, so this will be just a short post to say that, yes… I am still alive though frazzled and somewhat too busy for my own good… I’m hoping to write something tonight to try and get myself moving on the works I have started in so many Tales …

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Dec 17 2008

This is snow.

<mumbles> <mumbles> Tera

Mar 09 2008

OK… Enough with the snow!

Half a meter of snow overnight plus what’s fallen so far this winter is enough!!!!Sheesh! Tera 

Feb 02 2008

Snowflakes keep falling on my tail…

Well… It’s snowy…  It’s cold… I’ll probably go outside and make snow succubi….    <winks>   Enjoy the weekend!!   Tera 

Jan 15 2008

Icey Slippery Tuesday…

You know that old saying about hell freezing over? I wonder if that applies to the morning I have had… 4 hours driving to work this morning and something like 12 accidents on the way too… Next time the train for sure… Hope your day is a nice one! Tera