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A Wonderful Morrigan 3D Animation on Vimeo

Morrigan 3D Game Ready Animation by Jesús Otermin Sanz

A reader of the Tale sent me a link to a lovely 3D animation of Morrigan Aensland they found on Vimeo. It’s delightfully fun and so for today’s post a bit of a share… In the event you cannot see this video here on the Tale, please try this link. As always, in case the …

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A YouTube of the evolution of the Succubus in Castlevania

The Evolution of Succubus in Castlevania Games - Bis & Beats

Castlevania is well known for its characters, for me that character is, of course, the succubus. Over the different versions of the game she has changed in form and appearance, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the not so much so. A YouTube then today in which the different forms of the succubus in Castlevania …

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It’s a video game with a succubus in it and not a lot more

Succubus with Guns Gameplay Screenshot by Heuster 101

If all went well, yesterday a new succubus themed video game appeared on Stream and you can find that game at this link. It’s really not much more than a game that has a succubus as the main character as a whole. The game is a shooter, it really has next to nothing to do …

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A Succubus Resident Evil 2 Game Mod YouTube

Resident Evil 2 Ada in Super Succubus Outfit GamePlay

I’ll admit to playing very few video games, more so that the ones I’ll have a look at need to have Succubi in them for me to do so. Still, there are mods that can be used to transform characters that exist in games to looking like Succubi. A YouTube then of a mod for …

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An amusing review of Midnight Castle Succubus by Retired Channel

A Review of Midnight Castle Succubus by Retired Channel

There really aren’t, if you think about it, all that many video games with Succubi in them that are that good. To be clear, “good” is a very vague term that can mean a lot of things in a lot of different ways. One of these games, which I will freely admit I have no …

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Another Morrigan Aensland Tribute YouTube

Morrigan Aensland Tribute YouTube Art

It’s been some time since a Morrigan Aensland artwork YouTube appeared on the Tale. So here’s a short one with quite a few pieces of art that have appeared on the Tale and on my Tumblr… If the video isn’t viewable on the Tale, please try this link. And here’s one of the images which …

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A short YouTube playthrough of High School Of Succubus

There are some succubus themed videogames that I can’t help but laugh over. It’s not for what they look like, but the dialogue in the story that just… really goes out on a limb. I came across a short YouTube of the beginning of a playthrough of the High School Of Succubus game which I’m …

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