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Sep 18 2017

Fall By TeraS

There are a number of stories that I haven’t managed to finish, as regular readers of the Tale are well aware. At the same time, there are stories that pop into my thoughts from time to time which aren’t written down or perhaps they are started, but seem not to get anywhere in particular. Sometimes …

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Sep 11 2017

In the Eyes of Prey by TeraS and her Adored Brother

Over the past while I’ve been poking my tail into the story of another world, another universe, in which succubi appear. The world is the creation of my Adored Brother, and over time we’ve managed to create something that’s complex, heartfelt and more. This time on the Tale, a story from the other side of …

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Sep 04 2017

The Bet by JHB

Last week I shared a story for my Eternal’s birthday. This week, a story from my heart, our dearest friend. Something that we both cherished, made us smile and laugh, but most of all, we thank him for a gift beyond words…   The Bet By JHB   by James, for his friend, Keith, on …

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Aug 28 2017

Eternally Yours By TeraS

Yesterday was my Eternal’s birthday. As some know, over the past year and a bit, things have been … difficult. Most of all for my Eternal, for losing one’s mother is … difficult. But there is a truth to be remembered. For, you see, there’s one thing that he, and I, know for always. It …

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Aug 17 2017

Succubi Image of the Week 500

It’s been a long time coming hasn’t it? 500 weeks of sharing art of succubi, things that I find interesting, sexy and seductive most of all. For this milestone, I decided that I was going to be a little self-indulgent and share one of my most beloved works of art. But it isn’t of me …

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Aug 07 2017

Auntie By TeraS

A short little story this week, mainly because all of the other ones I’ve been poking at aren’t … quite done, not quite finished, or something like that; just not … quite. So, let’s call this something that made me smile …   Auntie By TeraS   There are moments when Tera needs to be …

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Jul 17 2017

Path By TeraS

A short story this week on the Tale … Something of a … let’s call this a thought pondered over while … things happened. For each soul there is a way, a direction, a …   Path By TeraS   The morning sun hadn’t dawned, the light was still making its way over the hills …

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