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Does anyone know what this is from?

I found this unattributed on the net this morning and would like to add it to the SuccuWiki, but I have no idea if it is a series character or something else that is related to Succubi… Clicking on the image will give you the uncropped version… We’re off for the afternoon shortly to a …

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Anyone understand Castlevania?

  Because I’m trying to write a SuccuWiki entry and I am having all sorts of issues with it…    Plotline and character information would be nice to have about the Succubi in it…    Even though they are more vampires than Succubi…    Tera   

Looking for information on Mabinogi Succubus

I’ve begun an entry on the Mabinogi Succubi here. But I am looking for more information on her if it’s available. I have a good selection of images of her in the game and some of the figurine they have made of her. What I am looking for is background story or more stats or in …

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SuccuWiki Update

Just a short note on the SuccuWiki. Currently there are 140 entries in the Wiki available to be looked at. At the moment I am adding movies with Succubi in them and that brings me to a request if anyone is interested in helping me out a lil bit with it. If you have a …

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