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Dec 01 2015

The SuccuWiki’s Eighth Anniversary

Today, December 1st, 2015, marks the eighth anniversary of the SuccuWiki. I really just wanted to note that this was happening today more than anything else. Because of some changes in the MediaWiki software, I have to take an educated guess about how many times the SuccuWiki has been accessed now and I think it is …

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Dec 01 2014

Today marks Seven Years of the SuccuWiki and 3,000 articles

Rianna and Tera by SueChan

Today, December 1st, 2014, marks the SEVENTH year of the SuccuWiki and, as well, today will be the 3,000th article posted too. I’ve been mulling this article over for some time now and I finally made up my mind as to what it will be about. (Edit: I can’t add today obviously… This is actually …

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Jan 30 2009


Milestone? Just a little observation about the Tale this month… It’s entirely possible that there will be 10,000 views of the Tale by the end of the month, for the month, and in all honesty I find that an amazing statistic… Other ones for Succubus.net include: Front page views: 28,322 from the beginning of the …

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Jan 09 2009

SuccuWiki is down…

No idea why or how long it will be to return or even if it still exists… <fingers crossed> <tail twisted> Tera

Dec 01 2008

One Year of SuccuWiki!

Today, December 1st, 2008 is the one year anniversary of the Wiki of the Succubi – SuccuWiki! I had a goal of posting at least one article a day in the Wiki and when I post today’s article there will be 425 pages in it so far… But what should the one year entry be? …

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Oct 06 2008

Not exactly the best day ever…

For those that know, the prognosis is not that good… So we’ll have to see if that improves over time or not… Not really in the mood to type out much more for today’s post in the Tale… But I will add this to make it refer to Succubi and stuff… At some point today …

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Sep 05 2008

SuccuWiki update…

I haven’t really done an update for the SuccuWiki in a bit so I thought I would rattle off a few bits of information about it today… The next article in the SuccuWiki, which will be posted tomorrow, will be the 333rd article in it. I’m trying to average one entry a day so that …

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