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Aug 24 2008

Does anyone know what this is from?

I found this unattributed on the net this morning and would like to add it to the SuccuWiki, but I have no idea if it is a series character or something else that is related to Succubi… Clicking on the image will give you the uncropped version… We’re off for the afternoon shortly to a …

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May 26 2008

A Continued Rant on the Reaper Succubus…

Now that I can at least sit up in bed long enough to type, I’m going to continue my rant over that poor excuse for a Succubi in the Reaper TV Series… One thing that really bugs me is how Sock (still think that name is dumb) describes being kissed by the Succubus as, and …

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Feb 12 2008

Political hack writers and the use of the word Succubus

I’ve noticed something of late, and I have ranted a little bit about it from time to time, but now I think I am going to expand on it somewhat. What the hell is the matter with political commentators??? Why is it that every chance they get it’s Succubus this and Succubus that? And the …

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Jan 30 2008

SuccuWiki Update

Just a short note on the SuccuWiki. Currently there are 140 entries in the Wiki available to be looked at. At the moment I am adding movies with Succubi in them and that brings me to a request if anyone is interested in helping me out a lil bit with it. If you have a …

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