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Apr 21 2017

A Review of Succubus Obsession by Simone Bern

Succubus Obsession by Simone Bern

In fiction it is actually quite rare for a story to be set in Canada. Discovering a work that happens to be, for me, is a lovely surprise, and more so when the story itself tells something quite unique about succubi. There are many aspects to being a succubus, some of them wonderful, some far …

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Apr 20 2017

Succubi Image of the Week 483

Burlesque Morrigan by rondeu

For the final piece of three consecutive weeks of Morrigan Aensland art as the Succubi of the Week, comes this work of art that I think is delicious in its seductiveness. It is part of Morrigan’s character to draw others to her, but as well, it is also part of her character to tease her …

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Apr 19 2017

Possibly one of the most painful to look at Devil Costumes

Halloween Devil Fancy Dress Costume

Tacky can be something very painful to look at, especially when looking at a red costume with florescent yellow arrows that are quite literally burning one’s eyes out at the slightest glimpse. This is called the Halloween Devil Fancy Dress Costume and comes with the pincer horns, the glow in the dark dress, the sad looking …

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Apr 18 2017

A Review of Blossom Juice: An Erotic Poetry Collection by Yesenia Faye

Blossom Juice: An Erotic Poetry Collection by Yesenia Faye

A collection of poems for review this time on the Tale. It isn’t to be clear, exactly a work that is succubus themed so much as it is the expression of one soul’s own passions. Within some of those however, comes a little spark that whispers “succubus” from time to time and I thought that …

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Apr 18 2017

A Review of Sadie the Succubus by Jenna Baker

Sadie the Succubus by Jenna Baker

In telling a story, there needs to be something a bit more than the heat alone. Erotic heat is only where a story gives of pleasure, it isn’t the moment when the story itself is told. A well told story isn’t a series of scenes, vignettes really, which drop the reader into a moment, tells …

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Apr 17 2017

Succubus Tales IV – The Chosen of Goddess

It’s time to share another part of the series called Succubus Tales that I am writing with my Adored Brother. This series originally appeared on DeviantArt and you can find them here with the images that go along with the stories. This then, is what I think of as Part Four, though in actuality it’s Chapter …

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Apr 16 2017

Everything By TeraS

Today is not the day I normally share a story, but, this April 16th, I need to … for my Eternal, for our family, but most of all to share, a day which brought a dearly loved soul to this world, one who gives those she loves …   Everything By TeraS   Every year, …

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