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Mar 17 2017

A Review of the Ouija Lover series by Roberta Stuart

An Encounter by Roberta Stuart

A review of a short two work series called Ouija Lover today on the Tale.  There’s quite a lot to like about this series, the characters and the heat within, but at the same time I do wish that the story had continued further than what it did here. The thing about telling a story about the …

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Mar 16 2017

Succubi Image of the Week 478

Succubus by sosoa

A bit of a double feature for the Succubi of the week this time. I found a lovely work of art and then discovered there was another piece of art that showed what I particularly liked about the art. The expression of the succubus and the telling expression she has. This art is by an …

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Mar 15 2017

There’s no way the velvet helps this costume look good…

Ladies Devil Costume

Personally, I like latex. I like it for the sheen, the smoothness and how it adds that little swisch to my tail… among other things. There are other materials, of course, such as velvet that have their own appeal. But material alone isn’t what makes a costume seductive, or sexy… or even barely that… This …

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Mar 14 2017

A Review of Insatiable by Roxanne Rhoads

Insatiable by Roxanne Rhoads

The thing about telling a story is that leaving the explanation till the very last page leaves a lot of story untold. It’s one thing to offer an idea what’s going on, the reason for everything that happens a bit murky for the sake of plot. It’s another when the truth is there, being danced …

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Mar 14 2017

A Review of Lingerie Threeway by Zayna Noble

Sometime ago I reviewed the first two works in the Mike to Mikayla series by Zayna Noble on the Tale and you can find the first review here and the second review appeared here. Just before the third work in the series appeared, which is the focus of my review today, the series title was changed to Pretty Package, as …

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Mar 13 2017

Succubus Tales III: Bianca and Tera, A Night of Catching Up

A while ago I shared the first parts of a series called Succubus Tales that I am writing with my Adored Brother. This series originally appeared on DeviantArt and you can find them there with the images that go along with the stories. There’s also a series called Vampire Tales in which today’s story appears …

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Mar 12 2017

A Review of Scarlet Desire by Jack Harmen

The thing about succubi, at least in many stories, is they only really care about sex. That’s the impression one receives at times and when that becomes the core of the story, not really telling the story of the succubus herself, it’s a bit disappointing. The erotica can be very hot, the temptations quite telling …

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