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Starry Skies by TeraS

It’s been a bit of a week for me and part of that happened over the weekend when, somehow, the next part of Cassie’s story was lost to the whims of my computer. As such, I’ll be pondering what was to be this week’s part and hopefully manage something for next week. That actually might …

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A Review of Forbidden Love by J. Lynn

Forbidden Love by J. Lynn

Telling a story requires characters, the story itself, and a bit of editing to make everything fit together well. It’s a shame when a good story is told, but the editing leaves a lot to be desired. Perhaps that is the singular issue with many works being released and perhaps in taking a bit more …

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An interesting short Succubus transformation YouTube

Succubus Transformation by KN2S

Transformation YouTubes are interesting to find and this time I discovered a very short succubus transformation one. It’s unfinished, but what there is of it I think works well to get the creator’s idea across… In case you cannot see this YouTube on the Tale, please try this link. Here’s a screenshot of part of …

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A Review of The Succubus’ Submissive by Janet Graceland

The Succubus' Submissive by Janet Graceland

Gender transformations happen quite a lot in succubi stories. But at the same time there are other types of transformations that can, and do, appear. The thing is, transformation for the sake of it doesn’t really tell a good story. It’s when the transformation leads into something more that I think it’s interesting. Still, transformation …

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Succubi Image of the Week 713

bisou by jas-sparks

I think that bikinis are meant for Succubi, they do, after all, tend to help them show off their curves. A lovely work of art this time on the Tale in which the bikini is a little bit teeny, but still looks so right here… This work is by the artist jas-sparks on DeviantArt and …

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Such an inspiring costume isn’t it?

Devil Costume for Women

There are many costumes that are trashy or uninspiring. Then there are those in which the costume’s name can only barely suggest the blandness of the costume itself… This is called the really quite unique “Devil Costume for Women”, and yes I am being every so slightly sarcastic about the name. It comes with the …

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A Review of Money Honey by J. Manfred Weichsel

Money Honey by J. Manfred Weichsel

There are some stories about Succubi that are exceptionally unique. By that I mean the mythos of the succubi is the start of an unexpected story which brings with it something thought provoking. It also might, given the chance, offer something of a theological question to ponder. A review then of a story in which …

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