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May 03 2017

It’s red… I’m not so sure about the vixen part…

Red Vixen Devil Costume

The word vixen conjures up a particular image in my thoughts. A certain look that’s seductive, powerful, and envelopes one in an air of animalistic power… This costume isn’t it. This is called the Red Vixen Devil Costume and it comes with the horns, the dress and the pitchfork the model is holding. The boots are …

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May 02 2017

A Review of In Heat by Alena Rhae

In Heat by Alena Rhae

Telling a story about domination can turn, very quickly, towards being something very over the top. While there are some aspects of the BDSM world that are “harder” than others, there are rules and limits that most follow, though there are some that cannot. The work I am reviewing today has some aspects which offer …

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May 01 2017

Afterwards By TeraS

This story should have been shared on the Tale last week, or at least that was sort of the plan. But things conspired against me, and so it’s appearing one week late. Or rather, it will be shared one week late, but still appear to be on the right day and time otherwise. Time is, …

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Apr 30 2017

A Review of Shameless Wish Fulfillment by Claude Ferguson

Shameless Wish Fulfillment by Claude Ferguson

The thing about making a deal with a succubus is that, as a whole, it’s generally a really good idea to read the fine print. Especially that which needs a microscope to resolve because sometimes there’s more to the deal than one knows. At the same time, the succubus herself should be very clear that …

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Apr 30 2017

A Review of The Devil’s Daughter by Lola Grey

The Devil's Daughter by Lola Grey

The plot device of summoning a succubus is a common one, obviously. It’s what happens after the summoning, what the rules are, and who the succubus is that make the story work or fall apart. Sex alone isn’t a story, it’s porn and not a lot more than that. All it takes for a character …

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Apr 29 2017

Relaxing – Tera’s 2017 Birthday Manip

I’ll admit that this isn’t much of a manip, but in the same way the past year is one that I’m well done with honestly. Still, there is a new year, a milestone in a way, and perhaps there’s something to be said about the promise of realizing a moment, then continuing on… But first one needs …

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Apr 28 2017

A Review of Super Women: 4 Extraordinary Heroines by Daco, Cecilia Johanna, Kristine Overbrook and Mary K. Norris

A review today of a rather massive collection of four complete works about heroines, some super in power, some supernatural and a few that are succubi. The collection has something for everyone really, and while I had some minor issues with the succubus themed work, I still feel that the collection is well worth a …

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