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May 13 2017

A rather neat Warcraft Succubus WIP YouTube…

There are very few pieces of art of the Warcraft succubus that I like. She’s not quite sexy or seductive enough much of the time. However, on occasion an artist does something that just takes the character in a direction that they have never really been in. A pose, a look, a little bit extra in …

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May 12 2017

A Review of Succubus by Jenna Adams and Amanda Blaze

Succubus by Jenna Adams and Amanda Blaze

There are stories in which succubi and vampire characters mix. Sometimes that’s a question of how succubi are defined, usually meaning that the vampires are more sexually focused, those being called succubi or incubi. Occasionally, the idea of a succubus and a vampire having a child comes up and the daughter is, to some extent, …

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May 11 2017

Succubi Image of the Week 486

Pandora Moonlight by PencilTales

I found a work of Succubi art for this week’s image on the Tale that I think is very interesting in a lot of ways. It does make me ponder things a bit, wonder about a few things, but along the way comes an interesting story that I need to write sometime… This work is …

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May 10 2017

A delicious work of costume art…

Red Angel Burlesque Feather Costume by Fantasy Masquerades

Every s often I discover a costume that just has a particular look. It tells me that the designer cared, the creator wanted to do the best they could, and they succeeded in that goal. This doesn’t happen very often, but when it does I am so delightfully thrilled to find these wonders… This costume …

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May 09 2017

A Review of Hungry Touch by Shona Husk

Hungry Touch by Shona Husk

Occasionally incubi appear in science fiction, and for me the thing I look for is, how that works, exactly, with who they are and what they can be. Beyond that, comes the question of their society, how that functions, and, hopefully, that the conflict is one with purpose, not something that is a flash in …

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May 08 2017

Chances Are By TeraS

There are moments in which a call comes; a message arrives; there’s a note which tells of someone you know, perhaps all too fleetingly, who faces some uncertainties. You find yourself on the other side of the world, only able to worry about this person, hold this friend in your thoughts, and hope that … …

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May 07 2017

A Review of Morgana by DA King

Morgana by DA King

Quite a number of sword and sorcery stories have succubi appear in minor, fleeting roles. They are temptation, lust, a means for corruption above all else. Sometimes while those actions have their effect, the building of some kind of evil, many times there are other forces which are far more so. A story reviewed this …

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