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What Matters by TeraS

In this part of the universe, today is known as Family Day. As an aside, this being shortly after Valentine’s Day does bring some bemusement, but that’s not important right now. Call today’s story something of a reflection upon … What Matters By TeraS It was odd, when you thought about it: to mark a …

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A Review of A Witch’s Folly by Vicki Gallus

A Witch's Folly by Vicki Gallus

The stories in which the adage be careful what you wish for appears can take some interesting turns when a succubus or incubus is involved. Sometimes it’s not so much the entrapment in the beginning that matters than it is about the falling to one’s own desires that is far more telling. Title: A Witch’s Folly …

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A delightful Anime Succubus Speedpainting YouTube

Succubus Waifu by Krisfits

Anime Succubi must, I think it’s a rule, be cute. After all, that’s when the male characters around them suffer the required nosebleeds which amuses me. A YouTube then of a cute anime succubus character that’s just wonderful… In the event you cannot see this video here on the Tale, please try this link. As …

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A Review of Denied by the Demoness by Roy Revell

Denied by the Demoness by Roy Revell

A review today of the second work in the Lucretia’s Emporium series by Roy Revell, you can find the first review here. The pets of a succubus are always at their mercy, whether that be a good thing or bad is the question. But more often than not, there’s really no choice but what they …

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Succubi Image of the Week 732

Morrigan Aensland by Lord Dominik

It’s nice to find art of Morrigan Aensland being naughty. It’s more so when she’s not actually being so, but rather is suggesting how… naughty… she could be. A work then this week of Morrigan being a temptress and a temptation… This striking work of Morrigan art is by the artist Lord Dominik on Pixiv …

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A costume that’s shiny and cute is a good start

Red Metallic Sleeveless Devil 2 Piece Costume

I do like shiny costumes, I’ve said that many times before. There’s something about the sheen that I enjoy and this week’s costume has a lot of that to it. The thing is however, this is less a costume than the dress itself. This is called the Red Metallic Sleeveless Devil 2 Piece Costume and …

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A Review of What Comes at Night by NJ van Vugt

What Comes at Night by NJ van Vugt

The ensnaring of a soul in succubus stories can be told poorly, being not much more than the erotica, or be something more complex and delightful in its exploration. Sometimes it isn’t the game one expects and if there’s games within, that can make a story that much more interesting. A review then of a …

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