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Sep 19 2019

Succubi Image of the Week 609

I find it interesting when art of Succubi is created with the succubus being placed in a summoning circle. Sometimes they are partly through the portal, others have them hovering above them. It’s somewhat rare to find art with the succubus not being nude, resting on the portal and looking curious. An image then this …

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Sep 18 2019

Possibly the worst Devil Wig ever and that’s saying something…

I’ve looked at a lot of wigs, some that are trashy and some that, as a whole, really aren’t that bad. This week, however, I think I have found the worst wig ever and that’s saying something. It goes past trashy into the realm of questioning the sanity of whomever created this mess. This is …

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Sep 12 2019

Succubi Image of the Week 608

A smile is so very important in art of Succubi… At least it is when the succubus themselves simply lend themselves to that expression most of all. An image this week of a succubus with an interesting expression and a form that works so very well…   This art is the work of the artist …

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Sep 11 2019

Of course it’s a cheap devil costume accessory set

Moving on again this week with another example of the misuse of material in creating a devil costume “accessory” kit. I’ve found a number of these of late and this one… doesn’t stand out really, even though it does offer a bow tie… which makes little sense really. This is called, of course, the Devil …

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Sep 05 2019

Succubi Image of the Week 607

One of the roles for a Succubus in the modern age that’s a bit of a trope is that of them being a stripper. But, when you think about it, there is a good deal of sense to this.. actually these thoughts remind me that I should finish that story of mine about that theme. …

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Sep 04 2019

Tiny devil wings can be cute, but this isn’t them

Once more my search for costumes takes me into the world of accessories. This time a pair of devil wings which are I will admit, somewhat cute. Whether or not that’s enough is up for debate. This is called the Devil Club Wings and they sell for $15 US at many websites. The wings are …

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Aug 29 2019

Succubi Image of the Week 606

From time to time there are some images of cute Succubi which amuse me. Sometimes that’s from the delight in their eyes, the smirk of their smile. Sometimes it’s simply the expression which seems to suggest they are focused on a delicious snack that awaits them… much like this week’s image does… This work is …

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