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A Review of The Courtship of a Succubus by T. D. Rashawn

The Courtship of a Succubus by T. D. Rashawn

The definition of what a succubus, or incubus for that matter, is can be shifted in focus in many ways. The reasoning for choosing what a character describes themselves as makes a difference as to how the reader sees them to be. A review then of the first work in a series which keeps some …

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Caught in the Act by TeraS

There’s an idea that has been mulling about in my thoughts for a while now. Thanks to my heart, who’s advice and considerations have always made my ponderings become something more than they otherwise would be, I’ve had a story idea bemuse me. So, a story about a certain silver tail, a certain red-tailed aunt, …

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A Review of Desires of a Latex Succubai: Vol 2 by Marisa Mai

Desires of a Latex Succubai: Vol 2 by Marisa Mai

A review of the second work in the Desires of a Latex Succubai series by Marisa Mai today, you can find my review of the first work in the series here. It’s not enough to be seductive when dealing with other succubi, sometimes you have to be a really good chess player and know exactly …

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An amazing Succubus painting YouTube

Succubus by CD plus

There are some Succubus artworks that I think are inspired… The imagery, colours, forms and overall expression just link together into something wonderful. A process artwork I found on YouTube this week that has all of that within it… In the event that you cannot see this video here on the Tale, please try this …

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A Review of The Wrong One by K.K.S.

The Wrong One by K.K.S.

I enjoy stories about seduction, the dance it brings between minds, the clash of wits, thoughts and fantasies offered. It’s delightful to see two characters try to draw one another into their orbits, to spin about themselves and see which soul falls into the other, or if both come to crash into what the seduction …

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Succubi Image of the Week 698

Banetalon Temptress by kamiyamark

There’s quite a number of card games that have Succubi appearing in them. Occasionally there’s an image that’s more about the character and the power they have than the sexuality alone. An image then this week of a succubus which I think is quite delicious… This work is by the artist kamiyamark on DeviantArt and …

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A label on this costume doesn’t make it any better

Sinfully Sweet Bedroom Costume

There are some costumes that make me wonder what they were thinking… there are some costumes when I can’t quite figure out why they thought this was a good idea. Then comes this week’s disaster where they couldn’t help but put a huge “Devil” label on it, just to be sure you knew what this …

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