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Jul 10 2017

Piano By TeraS

There are some stories which can never really say quite what I’d like them to. They say bits and pieces, perhaps, but, as a whole, there is something indescribable, something beyond words, which cannot make it from my thoughts to my fingers and the screen. Sometimes that story involves something as simple, and yet as …

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Jul 09 2017

A Review of the Family Succubus series by The Wolf

There are some themes which I don’t really care for when it comes to stores about succubi. One of those is vore, which is something I can’t quite understand the attraction to. That said, I came across a series in which the theme of vore is very present, and takes up almost all of the …

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Jul 08 2017

An odd Morrigan Aensland YouTube

Morrigan Aensland IMVU

A bit of an odd Morrigan Aensland YouTube today on the Tale. It isn’t Morrigan herself really that’s odd, it’s just the entire setting and, most of all, the background music, or noise, whichever you prefer to call it…     If you can’t see the video here on the Tale, please try this link: …

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Jul 07 2017

A Review of Vengeful by C S Dixon

Not all stories about succubi, or characters who might be defined as succubi are necessarily focused upon the erotic. Sometimes the focus turns to the aspects that are more horrific or sometimes their ghostly manifestations. A ghost story told from the perspectives of those being haunted allows for bizarre moments, confusion and moments of shock …

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Jul 06 2017

Succubi Image of the Week 494

Another work of Morrigan Aensland art for this week’s succubi of the week, but this time a work of art that’s a little bit different. It’s been some time since I’ve had some pencil art as an image of the week, and finding this art of Morrigan, I felt it was just wonderful in so …

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Jul 05 2017

A lot of black but not much else in this costume…

Female Demon Costume

I find quite a lot of costumes that just haven’t a lot going for them. They seem to be almost castoffs, missing that little spark of being something different, even if they are not really all that sexy in the first place. This is called the Female Demon Costume and it domes with the dress, the …

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Jul 04 2017

A Review of Immortal Pleasures: Sexy Snacks 1 by R.C. Edwards

The most frustrating thing is when a work appears that offers the beginning of a series and then nothing else comes afterwards. It’s more so when the characters are fun, the erotica has lovely heat, and the mystery that awaits is something you’d like to see the story move towards. Origin stories need to tell …

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