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There are better tails than this by far…

Poly Foam Demon Tail Accessory

I am, as is well known, very picky about tails. There are far too many costume tails that are cheap, look like trash, or worst of all, seem like an afterthought to a costume. Something I found this week which brings me to ask the question… why? This is the Poly Foam Demon Tail Accessory …

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A Review of Succubus: The Devil’s Daughter by Nancy Torres

Succubus: The Devil's Daughter by Nancy Torres

In many series succubi are seen as “being just succubi” and that’s actually an interesting place to start a story. While many beings in a story may flaunt their power or are loud and overwhelming, many a succubus will simply work their plans behind the scenes. Then there are those succubi that are far more …

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Act Upon Them by TeraS

Cassie’s story continues on today … You can find the previous parts here, here, here and here, here, here and the previous part can be found here. There comes a time when one comes to a crossroads, a moment when the choice matters and one’s own desires can press one to … Act Upon Them …

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A Review of Demonic Desires: A Lesbian Succubus Encounter by Atlas Prieto

Demonic Desires: A Lesbian Succubus Encounter by Atlas Prieto

There are certain fetishes that lend themselves to succubi and incubi stories. Among these, and possibly the most common, are BDSM ones. It does make sense as the succubi or incubi are either dominant or submissive and they tend to enjoy the more physical encounters. But in the telling of the story, the question of …

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A Drawing Erinye Succubus Speedpaint YouTube

Erinye Succubus by KarosuMaker

A delightfully naughty speedpainting YouTube today on the Tale. While the artwork is a bit naughty, I adore the succubus herself and there’s just something about her that’s a lot of fun… In the event you cannot see this YouTube on the Tale, please try this link. As always, in the event that YouTube removes …

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A Review of Love is My Superpower by Luna Blake

Love is My Superpower by Luna Blake

A review today of the first work in the Orion’s Bay Trilogy series by Luna Blake in which both succubi and incubi characters appear in what are minor roles. There is a problem however, and yes it’s a matter of my personal preference in succubi and incubi being more than what they are expected to …

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Succubi Image of the Week 704

Lilith by Cutesexyrobutts

One of the artists that I follow is Cutesexyrobutts and that’s mainly because of the amazing art of Morrigan and Lilith Aensland that has appeared by them. Morrigan’s art is, of course, perfect in her seductiveness and power, but there’s a maturity in the art of Lilith that I just adore. A work then in …

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