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Auntie By TeraS

A short little story this week, mainly because all of the other ones I’ve been poking at aren’t … quite done, not quite finished, or something like that; just not … quite. So, let’s call this something that made me smile …   Auntie By TeraS   There are moments when Tera needs to be …

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Halo By TeraS

Halo By TeraS Glowing words, eyes aflame, shining smile, basking, captured smile. Tera

Baking By TeraS

Baking By TeraS Air fragrant with cherries, counters dusted by a flour-storm; batter oozing from a tipped bowl, Rediwhip can, spent, rolls across the floor. A treat is complete. Tera

Path By TeraS

A short story this week on the Tale … Something of a … let’s call this a thought pondered over while … things happened. For each soul there is a way, a direction, a …   Path By TeraS   The morning sun hadn’t dawned, the light was still making its way over the hills …

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Piano By TeraS

There are some stories which can never really say quite what I’d like them to. They say bits and pieces, perhaps, but, as a whole, there is something indescribable, something beyond words, which cannot make it from my thoughts to my fingers and the screen. Sometimes that story involves something as simple, and yet as …

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Sunglasses By TeraS

Sunglasses By TeraS Summer sun reveals sunglasses, but conceals charming so-green eyes. Bemused smile beguiles every bit as well. Tera

The Realm celebrates Canada’s 150th Birthday

This year the 150th birthday of Canada arrives and as is tradition within the Realm, the immensely talented Poet Laureate gifts us with another verse in the wonderful version of O Canada that he has been generously creating each July 1st… And so, with my eternal thanks, a cherished tradition continues…   O Canada! No …

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