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Three by TeraS

A short poem today, mainly because I haven’t been well. Still, there’s a point to things in the Realm and it revolves around… Three By TeraS Red, Silver and Red Colours of eternal love Passions forever entwined Desire in boundless wonder Ecstasy afire in delight Three souls being as one

Such A Smack by TeraS

There is a saying that the definition of insanity is one doing the same thing over and over again. Perhaps that’s why a certain Dearest Brother of mine, @BridgeportChro1 especially on his birthday, gets… Such A Smack By TeraS For my Dearest Brother There is something to be said about tradition. Perhaps not so much …

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Focus by TeraS

Another week of not being well–which, honestly, is something of a concern as my family is well aware of. Still, at some point the issues need to be set aside for the sake of finding some … Focus By TeraS In the realm of photography, the concept of focus is so very important. It’s not …

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Appointment by TeraS

My year has gotten off to a delightfully poor start, though I am still hopeful that things will be improving with time. Those who know of what I am talking about will know what I am referring to. But it does offer a chance to return to parts of the Realm I haven’t been to …

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Even So by TeraS

Another week of not exactly fun for various reasons, which means that the new year has gotten off to a start that seems very much like where things were in the past year. Still, there are things to be done, stories that I want to tell. There’s one that had been sitting off to the …

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Plotting Anew by TeraS

It is, as I write this short story, the first evening of 2023. The new year has begun, the future will be what it shall. For one particular, silver-tailed temptress, it simply means she has been … Plotting Anew By TeraS There are a number of constants which appear in the Realm of which all …

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A Christmas Wish – Part II by TeraS

It is the second day of Christmas, also known as Boxing Day, today. Today the second part of this holiday story which offers a hope that some can have … A Christmas Wish Part II By TeraS The weather was, he had to admit, damnably frightful. Still, there were miles to go and promises to …

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