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Feb 07 2009



Feb 06 2009

And Once Again…

I’m sick… See you soon… Tera

Jan 12 2009


Ad Nauseum… Tera

Jan 11 2009


Still.   Tera

Jan 10 2009


I’m sick. My Eternal can’t see…And of course there is site issues… Don’t be looking for me for the next week or so…   Tera

Mar 15 2008

Still sick…

Still sick and suffering. Just one comment about being a Succubi and being sick… There is no possible way to sneeze and look sexy doing it… And don’t say anything about my blouse and bra popping open in the sneeze… As I have told someone else… That’s a bit over the top isn’t it?  Enjoy the weekend! Tera 

Jan 19 2008

Saturday? Really? I just woke up…

Sorry for not much of a posting today… Didn’t feel well last night and didn’t wake up until about an hour ago… With some luck I will try to have another manip of a Succubi done tomorrow to be posted on the Blog and on the Collective as well… <huggles> Tera