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Bring Remembrance By TeraS

It has been … some time since I’ve written on this day. It has been a while since I’ve put thoughts down, considered, and perhaps something more. Perhaps, once more, I’ll be able to … Bring Remembrance By TeraS Many a year, on this day in November, the winds are cold, the skies are cloudy. …

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A Cold Remembrance by TeraS

On this, the 11th day of November, those who cherish the souls past who have given of themselves for the future are remembered. The winds will blow, the chill will be in the air, but the moment to pause comes, as it should, as honours are given.   A Cold Remembrance by TeraS   The …

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A moment for my Evil Dragon Chi

I’d normally be sharing a story today on the Tale, but I find that my thoughts aren’t allowing me to do so. Earlier this morning I received a note through the Collective in which… one of my fears has come to pass. Chi, my evil dragon, has been battling a foe who has taken many …

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Snow Covered Fields on Remembrance Day

This 11th day of November is one where we pause, at this moment, in this hope held. To pause, to remember, though to rememeber is not a single day, but something for always. The sacrifices made, the souls called to duty, to honour. In this hour, we can do no less than remember them.   …

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One Year Hence

At noon today it is one year hence that Goddess called my Eternal’s mother home.   One Year Hence By TeraS   One year arrived The time approached The moment came The tears fell The sadness arrived One year passed The pain settled in The loss deepened The tears never stopped The ache was constant …

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Mother’s Day Remembrance

Red Rose

On this Mother’s Day… We miss you Mom, both of you…   Wishing for nothing more than one more hug, one more smile, just one more… everything.   With Love Your Daughter and Son   A Daughter that knew two mothers. A Son that shared with his love the only Mother he knew.

A Field of Red for Remembrance Day

It is tradition that at this hour, on this day, there is a moment of reflection and remembrance for those that are honoured today. The telling of words, to express, no matter how poorly, the loss of these souls and the promise we give for their sacrifice.   A Field of Red by TeraS   …

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