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A Review of Sold Her Soul: Beginning Incantations by S. P. Wytch

Sold Her Soul: Beginning Incantations by S. P. Wytch

A review of the first work in the Sold Her Soul series today on the Tale and it’s a work that offers a lot of promise of what is to come and more. Good storytelling with characters that have depth is always a delight to be found. Not everything is told openly when it should …

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A YouTube tease of Superboy: Succubus

Sybil Danning as Pamela Dare

A very long time ago, in the 1980s, there was a television series called Superboy. It wasn’t anything that I watched back then, but in doing research for a SuccuWiki article I discovered there was one episode in which a Succubus appears. What’s most interesting to me is the actress playing the role was Sybil …

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A Review of Enjoying the Hot College Admin by Reed James

Enjoying the Hot College Admin by Reed James

A review today of the fourteenth work in the Succubus’s Naughty Romp series by Reed James and it brings me to wondering when the story will get back to the series title theme again or if it ever will. The series seems to be stuck in something of a rut for the past few books. …

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The leggings and heels are nice at least

Diabla Costume

Many times I find a costume that has one, sometimes two, things that I do like. It might otherwise be tacky or nothing special, but that still can be a positive thing can’t it? This is the Diabla Costume and it comes with the red wet look bodysuit with the attached devil tail, a choker, …

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A Review of Dominated By The Lesbian Succubus by Cecilia Madison

Dominated By The Lesbian Succubus by Cecilia Madison

Occasionally a story appears where the succubus isn’t quite what she seems to be. She’s more complex. There’s a back story that adds emotional impact and meaning to what happens. Perhaps it’s best to say the needs of a succubus aren’t always the physical kind alone. A review then of a work in which the …

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The 2022 Succubi Year in Review

The first day of 2023 has arrived and brings a look back at 2022 and what has appeared in the way of Succubi themes. There’s been a smattering of figurines, a few comic books, a large number of novels and some very disappointing film and TV appearances. It hasn’t been all bad of course, but …

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A Delightful Morrigan Aensland Speedpaint YouTube

Morrigan Aensland by AzraBerryBat

The last post on the Tale for 2022 brings another Morrigan Aensland speedpainting YouTube that I found. It’s so dearly cute, Morrigan is just adorable and this art just makes me smile… If you can’t see this video here on the Tale, please try this link. As is tradition, here’s a screenshot in case the …

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