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Dec 06 2017

I shudder to imagine the “Queen” that would be wearing this costume…

Demonic Queen Costume

There are some costumes that i cannot quite see what they are trying to be. For example, there’s a certain look that a Queen, whatever they might be, should have. A presence, a look, the expression of who they are. Then there’s this disaster of a costume, which has none of the above. This is …

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Dec 05 2017

A Review of Demon Familiar by Jory Strong

Quite some time ago I found a work that expressed the duality of Succubi and Incubi in their traditional forms in some very interesting ways. What I enjoyed most of all was that what the Succubus or Incubus is, depending on the moment in the story, isn’t what you would expect. Recently that work has …

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Dec 03 2017

A Review of Snatched by a Succubus by Asherah Lexus

The thing about stories which involve succubi is that there’s a point where the succubus herself really needs to be more than a shadow regardless of her teasing nature or otherwise. By that I mean that in some stories the succubus is described but once, mostly in passing, and then she’s in the story, but …

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Dec 02 2017

The Morrigan costume is nice, the foot fetish is different

Morrigan Aensland Foot Fetish Video

Another Morrigan Aensland cosplay video this time on the Tale. The actress is quite cute, there’s a little bit of effort taken to find a costume that looks nice, a wig that works as well. The part of this that caught me by surprise however was when the foot fetish appeared out of thin air. …

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Dec 01 2017

A Review of Dead At First Sight by Susan Hart

The emotional tone of a story matters in that without an emotional connection there’s a flatness to a work. The passion come not only from that which the characters have, but the tone of their voices, the edge in their aspects and how that drives the narrative onwards. A review then of an anthology work …

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Nov 29 2017

Possibly one of the cheapest looking costumes ever…

Premium Devil Dress

There are trashy costumes, then there are cheap costumes and then there are those costumes which manage to be both at the same time. When that happens, it is something I can’t help but cringe over and then wonder… Why did they bother? Why did they call this “Premium” when it obviously isn’t? This is …

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Nov 28 2017

A Review of Mate of the Incubus by Crystal Santacruz

It’s not often that I read a work and wonder, from the first word, what the author was trying to get across. I’ve commented many times where an author really needed to have another edit of their work. I’ve commented many times that I think there’s something missing in a story. Today’s review is going …

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