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A Review of The Devil You Don’t Know by Latrexa Nova

The Devil You Don't Know by Latrexa Nova

More than anything else when it comes to succubus or incubus erotica, there needs to be personality in the characters. Wooden or one-dimensional isn’t an option, it takes away from the heat most of all. But a story with both characters having life makes the story so much better when they come together. Title: The Devil …

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This isn’t quite Devilicious

I prefer latex for many reasons overall, but occasionally a vinyl costume will be interesting. But there’s a line between interesting in a seductive way and just being that side of trashy… This is called the Devilicious Diva costume and it comes with the vinyl bodysuit, the pitchfork I want to set on fire every …

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A Review of The Demoness In My Bed 2 – Nightmare by Elliot Silvestri

The Demoness In My Bed 2 - Nightmare by Elliot Silvestri

A review today of the second work in the Demoness In My Bed series, you can find the first review here. The thing about stories which involve a succubus is that, one would expect, the succubus would be somewhat core to the story itself. The question becomes however, what exactly is the story when the …

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A Cute Succubus Speedpainting YouTube

Succubus!Mc Speedpaint by Mc the Succubus

Another cute succubus speedpainting Youtube today on the tale. Sometimes it’s just the style, the expression that works really well and this week’s art fits that thought… In case you cannot see this video here on the Tale, please try this link. As always, in the event the YouTube vanishes, here’s an image of the …

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A Review of How It Went by Sarah Pain

How It Went by Sarah Pain

To discover a cute and fun story is something of a rare thing when it comes to succubi. I enjoy works in which the main characters aren’t evil, they aren’t just together for the sex alone. It’s the depth in making them more than just being part of the story that matters after all. Title: How …

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Heels for a Succubi Costume to ponder

Devil Kat Stacks Adore Platform Heels

A costume isn’t just the horns, or the tail, or for that matter, the costume itself. It’s how everything comes together and just how seductive the look is for me at least. Of course, one does have to consider what you might pick as heels and this time on the Tale, a pair of heels …

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A Review of Drained by the Demoness by Roy Revell

Drained by the Demoness by Roy Revell

Of late a number of works have been appearing with an anime/hentai slant to the storytelling. Overall this tends to take the erotica in a rather over the top direction which can, occasionally, work. Perhaps before getting to the erotica, telling the story well matters more. Title: Drained by the Demoness Author: Roy Revell Published By: …

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