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Jun 20 2018

It’s pink and trashy as a Devil Costume which says it all

I keep thinking I’ve found the most awful of devil costumes. I assure myself that I can’t possibly find something that’s worse that everything else that I have found. I keep resisting the temptation to add negative numbers to my pitchfork ratings. This week’s costume may change my mind. This is something I stumbled across …

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Jun 16 2018

An interesting Pastel Goth Succubus WIP YouTube

While looking around Tumblr the other day, I found an artist who had created a unique succubus and, soon after, I also came across the YouTube they posted of the creation of this art. The character I think is very interesting, the artwork is wonderful and I wanted to share this art today on the …

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Jun 13 2018

Shiny and red is a start, but it’s still tacky as a Devil Costume

There seems to be a theme this year in devil costumes and that seems to be red and shiny. Now, I do like latex more than vinyl and overall just being shiny isn’t really enough to make a costume something more than tacky. Perhaps the problem is that using the same template, over and over …

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Jun 09 2018

A delightful Morrigan Aensland WIP YouTube

I found a lovely image of Morrigan Aensland on DeviantArt a little while ago and also found the artist has shared a work in progress YouTube on the creation of this art. I think the art is amazing and the YouTube is just fascinating…   In case you cannot see this video here on the …

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Jun 08 2018

A Review of Succubus Seduction: Corrupting The Priest by Desiree Desire

One of the things that I’ve noticed of late in a lot of erotic fiction that has succubi appearing, is that the authors seem to never name the succubus character. They are called “succubus” they have no other name and as the story progressed that, to me, takes away a lot of the heat and …

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Jun 06 2018

Sometimes accents do matter on a Devil Costume

It’s not always a simple thing to mix black and red well in a costume. Much of the time red is used for flame accents on whatever the costume looks like. Sometimes that works, many times it doesn’t. That said, there’s the occasional look that manages to just miss being trashy and gets into the …

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May 30 2018

It’s uninspiring really as Devil Costumes go…

There’s a point at which a costume goes that little bit too far. The look is too busy, there’s too many things added to the basic look that just makes things a hot mess. Now, that’s not to say there’s a few things in this week’s costume that are interesting, but there’s too much going …

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