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Jun 28 2017

Shiny alone doesn’t make much of a difference to this costume…

Hot Devil Lingerie Costume

I have said on many occasions that I prefer costumes that have a bit of shine to them. Latex or similar materials have a certain appeal to me. However, there are occasions when things are taken a little too far towards the edge and then are tossed over it. Sometimes all that takes is a poor …

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Jun 27 2017

A Review of Curse of the Caller by Matthew Chapel

Motivation is an interesting theme to use, the idea of who wants something and what they are willing to do. That said, if the story can’t quite bring that out, or moves that idea aside for the sake of an erotic hot flash, there’s something missing. Overall, that’s the problem with a good idea being …

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Jun 25 2017

A Review of The Fall: Conversations with Lucifer by Lori Green

The telling of a story is the purview of the teller. If that story is to be insight as to their own story, their past and how things came to be, that can be a very complicated thing. It becomes more so when that story is shaded within the prejudices seen, the slights faced, but …

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Jun 24 2017

A cute Morrigan Aensland Speeddrawing YouTube

Morrigan Aensland by Anicora Mulheim

Another of the many YouTubes that artists post of creating their art today on the Tale. I really enjoy these videos simply because it’s nice to see how the creative process works and how everything comes together. When the art is lovely as well, that’s more wonderful still.   If the video cannot be seen …

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Jun 23 2017

A Review of the Wicked Futa Succubus series by Reed James

I’ve reviewed several works by Reed James from time to time here on the Tale. The author is very prolific in their writing, publishing a remarkable number of books each month on various subjects. I’ve found the singular problem with this author is that there isn’t enough focus on storytelling for the sake of getting …

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Jun 21 2017

Can’t really see the sizzle in this costume…

Sizzling Devil Costume

Another of those costumes in which the name really doesn’t reflect the costume itself. I find myself wondering, more and more, if more time is spent in coming up with the costume names than the costumes themselves at times. This is called the Sizzling Devil Costume and it comes with the dress, the glitter gloves …

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Jun 20 2017

A Review of Inviting the Incubus Inside by Viktoria Skye

The one thing that either makes, or breaks, a story is the ending. There’s a certain tone that comes before in how the story is told and what happens to the characters within the work. Turning that story on its head by moving away from storytelling to something close to an adult movie script, erotica-wise, …

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