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Jan 14 2008

Yet another dumb movie…

mmmk… For the record… I reeeeeeally hate the majority… OK… All of the movies that have been released about Succubi… Every single one has the woman playing the role turn into a blood thirsty killer that rips the heart out of a person and either eats it or something else… Honestly… Or the other thing …

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Jan 11 2008

My Dearest Devil Princess

You read that right… Actually that is the title of a Anime DVD release that I just discovered… Here’s the DVD box cover… What’s interesing to me and my hubby, and we are going to get this series despite the review here, is this paragrah from the review…  A box that grants three wishes is …

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Jan 03 2008

An Angel of a Succubi?

Going to have to locate this movie I think called Angel-A. There is a review of it here which refers to the character in the movie called Angel as “less of an angel and more of a succubus.” Here’s a movie poster of this movie… Gosh she’s tall… Well… We’ll see… <huggles>  Tera