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Jul 21 2017

A Review of Diary of a Succubus by James Patterson

It’s not unheard of for an action story to have a succubus as the main character. The thing about doing so is that, at least for me, there needs to be some real focus placed upon telling her story among the bullets, knifes and fighting. As it is with erotica, an adventure story needs something …

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Jul 16 2017

A Review of The Witch in the Woods by Remo Santomauro

There always is a reason as to why things happen and it is the discovery of that reason that makes for an interesting story. That can be a convoluted path with many wrong turns and things to sort out. But when that reason is cloaked behind the past, it can become murky and uncertain. Not …

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Jul 11 2017

A Review of Circles Within Circles by Cori Vidae

The thing about telling a story is what’s left behind, not told, when the story is over. There are questions that pile up as a story unfolds, hints of things to be, or were long before, that come up and need to be said. Sometimes those questions aren’t answered, the past not explored, the needs …

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Jul 04 2017

A Review of Immortal Pleasures: Sexy Snacks 1 by R.C. Edwards

The most frustrating thing is when a work appears that offers the beginning of a series and then nothing else comes afterwards. It’s more so when the characters are fun, the erotica has lovely heat, and the mystery that awaits is something you’d like to see the story move towards. Origin stories need to tell …

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Jul 02 2017

A Review of Tall, Dark and Deadly by Kharma Kelley

One of the things that I’ve had problems with in the past has been the appearance of characters that are partly vampire and partly incubus, or succubus, in their nature. It comes to there never really being given a lot of thought as to how that works, exactly. Sometimes however, there’s an explanation that makes …

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Jun 27 2017

A Review of Incubus Touch by Siryn Sueng

A review this time on the Tale of the first work in the Polar Nights series by Siryn Sueng. The series is set in a place rarely touched on in fiction, the themes are lovely and there’s a mystery to unfold that ties things and characters together quite well. The needs of one’s soul sometimes are …

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Jun 20 2017

A Review of Inviting the Incubus Inside by Viktoria Skye

The one thing that either makes, or breaks, a story is the ending. There’s a certain tone that comes before in how the story is told and what happens to the characters within the work. Turning that story on its head by moving away from storytelling to something close to an adult movie script, erotica-wise, …

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