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At least the horns match…

Halloween Black Devil Costume

On occasion there is a costume which has some promise and more rarely actually isn’t totally trashy. This is called the Halloween Black Devil Costume and it comes with the dress, the wings and the horns. Stockings are not included and it sells for $25 US. Overall this looks relatively nice given that the wings …

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No it’s not a hot costume by any means

Hot Demoness Costume

There are certain words which when used with certain costumes, especially the trashy ones, simply make no sense at all. Hot rally is used far too often in naming costumes and I wonder when it might stop. Short answer is probably never. This is the Hot Demoness Costume and it comes with the dress, cape, …

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It’s cute, but there’s a catch

Women's Devilicious Gossamer Corset Costume

Occasionally I find a costume that’s cute. It might not be the most amazing thing ever, but if it gets away from being trashy, that’s a plus. But even with something trying to be good, there’s something that will make it a bit less so. This is the Women’s Devilicious Gossamer Corset Costume and it …

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The cape doesn’t make it better

Hot Stuff Red Sexy Devil Costume

One more into the depths of tackiness this time on the Tale. I still don’t quite understand what a cape has to do with being seductive. Nor do I get just what’s so attractive, because it isn’t, about going for tacky over sexy. That doesn’t mean I can’t have a thought however. This is the …

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Maybe a little too horny a costume

Flaming Diva Sexy Devil Costume

It’s almost, but not quite Halloween and for the last costume mull before it arrives a bit of a surprise. Two weeks in a row that I actually like a costume… to a point. This will never happen again. This is the Flaming Diva Sexy Devil Costume and it comes with the sequin minidress, horns …

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At least the name works with the costume… mostly

The Devilish One Costume

Halloween is creeping closer by the night and quite surprisingly, a costume this time on the Tale which I honestly like… mostly. Oh there are issues of course, but there’s just something about a flattering simple dress and horns that just works. This is the Devilish One Costume and it comes with the sequin tube …

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It’s a better idea than a wig overall

Long Red:Orange Hair Extensions

I really don’t wear wigs, mainly because I don’t like how they feel and how they look. That said, hair extensions are something I’ve played with when the Queen of the Realm’s somewhat evil side comes out to play. I found some hair extensions that seem like they ar a promising thing to think about… …

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