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Possibly something for those cool fall evenings…

Devil Shrug for Women

There are a lot of costume ideas that seem to be more like accessories than anything else. For the most part there really hasn’t been much that I have found appealing. However I found something that is cute enough to bemuse me and give me some ideas… This is the Devil Shrug for Women and …

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At least the horns match the costume, shame the shoes don’t

Devious Demon Costume

Succubi in the Realm have many different tail colours and one of those is pink. To my surprise, and bemusement, I found this interesting devil costume all in pink. Save for the shoes, but no one is perfect after all… This is called the Devious Demon Costume, which I think is a misnomer, and it …

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It’s shiny, that should be something positive… right?

Hellhound Demon Costume

There are quite a number of odd looking costumes that I have mulled on the Tale… Some are so very tacky, some are just odd and then there are those that just seem to be somewhere on the edges and I can’t quite figure out what to make of them… This is called the Hellhound …

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There’s only so much cinching a corset can do

Womens 4 Piece Red Sexy Devil Corset Costume

Another one of those costumes where it’s more tacky than it should be, a bit more over the top than makes sense too. Corsets are fine, that can be lovely, but this example is rather off putting for a succubus costume. This is the Womens 4 Piece Red Sexy Devil Corset Costume and it comes …

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So close and yet not quite the costume it should be

Bad Religion Costume

There are, I will admit, the occasional costumes that cause me to pause and… mull. There’s an idea in them, usually not really well brought out, that is appealing in some way. What makes this mulling a bit troubling is that only one small change could have make things better. Well, two if you count …

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The pitchfork is not elegant at all

Elegant Devil's Pitchfork

Much like tails, I’m particular about pitchforks, my own silver one being that which all are compared against. I came across one that claimed to be “elegant” and my answer to that is… show me anything elegant in this image, if you can. This is called the Elegant Devil’s Pitchfork and it sells for $5 …

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If all you get are the wings, why show the tail?

Devil and Demon Wings Costume Accessory

I really don’t care much for wings on succubi costumes for many reasons, not the least of which is that I can’t quite find any that I particularly like. A case in point this time in which I wonder why they bothered with showing a tail when it’s not part of the accessory? This is …

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