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Three by TeraS

A short poem today, mainly because I haven’t been well. Still, there’s a point to things in the Realm and it revolves around… Three By TeraS Red, Silver and Red Colours of eternal love Passions forever entwined Desire in boundless wonder Ecstasy afire in delight Three souls being as one

Focus by TeraS

Another week of not being well–which, honestly, is something of a concern as my family is well aware of. Still, at some point the issues need to be set aside for the sake of finding some … Focus By TeraS In the realm of photography, the concept of focus is so very important. It’s not …

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Plotting Anew by TeraS

It is, as I write this short story, the first evening of 2023. The new year has begun, the future will be what it shall. For one particular, silver-tailed temptress, it simply means she has been … Plotting Anew By TeraS There are a number of constants which appear in the Realm of which all …

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Thin Ice by TeraS

The pause in Tina’s story continues, mainly due to my not having the best of weeks health-wise and still not doing all that well at the moment. I hope the story will continue next week, but, for this week, things are going to be on … Thin Ice By TeraS Winter arrived in the Realm …

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Gongshow – Part VI by TeraS

It is Halloween today, and so Tina’s story takes a bit of a turn in the direction of tricks rather than treats. After all, when yellow-tails are involved, things can become a little bit twisted. They can lead to moments when you really aren’t sure about what’s coming around the corner. It might, after all, …

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Gongshow – Part V by TeraS

Sometimes you are not quite fully aware of yourself. That is to say, others see you a little differently, but so far as you are concerned, you are being yourself. One should always remember that can lead into a … Gongshow – Part V By TeraS For Justin, for always… Tina realized two things as …

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Eternal – Part V by TeraS

KeithS and TeraS by Pitoxlon

This past week held my Eternal’s birthday, which was the focus for this story series, of course. Gifts, presents, and all the trappings that come with the date in question are delightful, without question. They express the joy, the delights, and something more important. But then our love is … Eternal – Part V By …

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