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Jun 18 2011

She’s a little young for a Succubus isn’t she?

Earlier this year, there was a new anime series that came to air in Japan that is, at least to me, seemed so very wrong so far as it relates to Succubi when it first appeared… It’s called Astarotte’s Toy and here are a couple of YouTubes with previews of the series: If you can’t see …

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Apr 08 2011

Need help in identifying an Anime Succubus…

I’m asking the readers of A Succubi’s Tale to possibly help me in identifying what I think, but I’m not sure, is an Anime Succubus that I found… Now she has some of the features of what can be called Succubi in Japanese Anime, but I’m not completely convinced of that. Her wings are similar …

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Aug 24 2008

Does anyone know what this is from?

I found this unattributed on the net this morning and would like to add it to the SuccuWiki, but I have no idea if it is a series character or something else that is related to Succubi… Clicking on the image will give you the uncropped version… We’re off for the afternoon shortly to a …

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Jan 17 2008

Succubi Image of the Week IV

Just a really cute image of a Succubi… I have no detail on the artist or where it was found, if anyone has some information, please share? <huggles> Tera

Jan 11 2008

My Dearest Devil Princess

You read that right… Actually that is the title of a Anime DVD release that I just discovered… Here’s the DVD box cover… What’s interesing to me and my hubby, and we are going to get this series despite the review here, is this paragrah from the review…  A box that grants three wishes is …

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