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Jan 28 2008

Succubus Hell Bent on TMC in the US this week!

TV Movies: Jan. 27-Feb. 2 • Succubus: Hell-Bent ’07. Gary Busey. A beautiful demon leaves death in her wake while stalking a wealthy womanizer in Los Angeles. (R) (1:35) TMC: Sat. 9 P.M., 11:35 P.M. (CC) FYI for those that want to see this junk…. Tera

Jan 20 2008

Succubus 2007 – Adult Movie

Well… In short it’s not really a Succubus movie as much as it is a blood and sex movie… I personally would have called it Vampiress… Oh! But they couldn’t because another company did that! Whoops!  A short summary of the movie: Raven Riley, voted the internet’s most popular teen- combines forces with the hottest …

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