Feb 09 2016

A Review of A Tempting Demon by Cora Cross

A Tempting Demon by Cora Cross

A Tempting Demon by Cora Cross

A short incubus story to be reviewed today on the Tale. It has been some time since I’ve reviewed a work by Sinn Lee, as she has vanished, or mostly so. But there are a number of works that now appear under the author name Cora Cross, which are hers, and stated to be.

I didn’t get to read all of Nora’s works with Succubi or Incubi before they were changed, so this work hasn’t been reviewed before by me. But it is a quite familiar read in tone and style nonetheless.

  • Title: A Tempting Demon
  • Author: Cora Cross
  • Length: 24 Pages
  • ASIN: B00U915Y7E
  • Publishing Date: March 3, 2015
  • This work at Amazon.com

The work tells the story of:

Ava has recently discovered she has the ability to read the minds of others. One day, she reads the mind of a vampire and learns of an entire other world existing all around her. She delves deeper into the secrets of these other paranormal creatures. Her investigation leads her to a mysterious night club. Will she be able to get inside and find someone with the answers she seeks? Perhaps an incubus with a taste for a fairy like her?

Ava has a gift, or a curse, depending on how she looks at it. She can read minds and is using that ability in some questionable ways. A peek in one mind leads her into a world where the supernatural is real. Meeting an incubus, she finds out the truth about herself and what that all means.

The one thing about this work is that it is, really, quite a cute little romantic story about two people meeting, some lessons being learned, and then, in the end, comes understanding and perhaps a bit more than that. It is, overall, a classic story in that way and it is a little formulaic in its nature, but the characters manage to keep it from going too far in that vein.

Ava is, at times, a lost soul, a winey thing. She’s pushy sometimes, quite forceful in fact, but that makes her have some charm that I liked… To a point. The introspection about her past, what she does to earn money and what she intends to do are, sometimes, boring and thin. It does lay out her character, but in doing so she seems whiney sadly.

Malik, the incubus of the story, isn’t stereotypical, seems quite intelligent and in many ways it is that personality of knowing it all that gets a little bit worn over time. Part of that is to draw Ava into connecting with him, really forcing the two of them together, and it does work, as a whole. But the thing is that his personality runs from hot to cold to hot again and it’s hard to follow sometimes.

There is a good deal of story here and it makes up most of the work which then leads into the unescapable moment when the two have their erotic encounter. That in itself is written as a romance with a bit of heat in it and I think as a place the story goes towards it is a nice place to end up at.

The ending has a nice romantic feel to it, there is a future for the characters and it makes a good deal of sense as well. With all of the good that is in this work, as good as the characters are, it is a shame that it has so many little mistakes in it.

There are quite a number of misspelled words, the dialogue at times is a bit wooden, and at a few points there should have been more story than “it happened” and I would like to know what “it” is really. There needed to be a bit more heat as well. Not over the top and wild… Just… hotter than it is overall.

I’ll give this three pitchforks out of five.

A nice little romantic work with two interesting characters, a bit of plot and moments that really did work well. It just needs more editing, and more story, to make it more than it is.



Feb 08 2016

Silver Spoon By TeraS

I came across a GIF that I rather liked the other day. From that image, which I thought was quite delicious, this story comes. I think it’s been a while since I have written some succubi seduction … It’s about time that I did so again …


Silver Spoon
By TeraS


A silver spoon …

…a tool whose existence, in most cases, is barely given a second thought …

… an implement designed for the purpose of moving something from one place to another by means of scooping and lifting. Perhaps it is to be used in stirring sugar, or cream, into one’s coffee, or in the enjoyment of soup, being used to raise a small portion to one’s lips, then blowing over the liquid to cool it slightly before then touching the spoon to one’s lips and enjoying.

But a silver spoon can be used, if one is so inclined, to seduce another.

Imagine, if you will, a certain ebon-haired, green-eyed woman sitting at a table. Or perhaps she awaits you, resting comfortably, on a leather sofa, her long tanned legs curled beneath her. Or what if you encountered her in her kitchen?

She stands there, her hands placed on the countertop behind her, head tilted to the left, a bemused smile on her lips, regarding you as you enter. There is a lick of her tongue over her lips as a smile passes over them, her gaze not wavering as you return the look. The smile remains as she turns to her right, a slender hand tipped with red nails reaching for the door of the refrigerator that hums quietly in the background. You watch, spellbound, as her fingers wrap around the door handle, she looking over her shoulder as she moves that hand up and down the length of it before pulling the door open and revealing the freezer within.

She turns to look within the freezer, the cold air passing over her arm. As you move closer, you can almost make out the goosebumps that begin to form over her exposed skin, and you notice how the slightly-too-short, ever so tightly-fitting top reveals the curve of her back before her high cut panties cause your eyes to jump towards her long slender legs and dainty feet.

She reaches into the freezer, looking for something in particular and just before your mind forms the thought to ask what she is looking for, her voice purrs to you: “Would you fetch me a spoon, pet?”

The question isn’t so much a question of whether you would do so as it is a sensually spoken command. There is no hesitation in you; of course you need, so very much, to do as Mistress commands. You take the few steps more, arriving at the counter where she had been standing the moment before. A drawer is opened and there, all alone, is a single silver spoon.

You consider this for a moment, and you find your eyes tracing over the arc of the spoon the way they had traced the curve of Mistress’ back, and you notice how the light in the room glistens off its curves like the reflection of light against water. A flash of a memory takes you away from the moment, a remembrance of seeing Mistress showering, the rivulets of water cascading over her skin. Your hands soaping her curves, the light moan of pleasure she made which shook you to your core. You remember the light that shimmered over her skin, how it seemed to radiate from her, offering a bare hint of the power she held within herself.

The sound of the freezer door being closed with a soft thunk brings you back to the here and now. She is leaning against the freezer door and regarding you. In her left hand she holds a small container of ice cream, not much taller than the width of her hand. She tilts her head to the right, baring her throat, then placing the curve of the container against the tanned nape of her neck. You are frozen there, every bit as much as the ice cream she holds, as she shivers from the cold of it, her nipples now raised against the fabric of her top, making little bumps against the tightness, clearly showing her arousal. She licks her full, red lips, soft and just slightly pouty, as she whispers, in the barest of purrs: “Have you the spoon, pet?”

Her question drives you out of your daze and you grope for the spoon where it lies, still waiting to be used. Your hand scrambles into the drawer to find it and then, embarrassed that you didn’t complete the task Mistress set for you, you encircle the spoon with your fingers. Raising it from the drawer, you turn to face her again, forgetting to close it as you do.

She still leans against the fridge, but her attention is now focused upon the tub of ice cream. You watch as she rests one hand over the lid and starts to peel it aside. She licks her tongue over her lips again, then clicks it against the roof of her mouth as the top comes free. At that same moment, she raises her eyes to look at you under the bangs of her hair, her so-green eyes sparkling, a hint of the mischievousness she offers quite clear. Her eyes shift to look at the spoon in your hand, then into your eyes as she raises her chin to look at you. Casually, though you know full well that she isn’t, she offers her right hand to you, palm up, waiting for the spoon to be given. She doesn’t say a word, simply waiting for you to perform the simple task she asked of you.

The spoon moves through space as if it desires to be in her hand, in the same way that you ache for her fingers against your skin, her breath hot against you, her scent mixing with yours. You cannot be sure if the spoon is taken from your fingers, given by you, or if it leaps from your fingertips to hers. Whatever the means, you watch as she now holds the spoon so daintily.

She next raises the spoon in her hand, the curved end, the end meant to hold whatever it is dipped into, pointing towards you. That bemused smile you know so well is there as she lightly presses the tip against your skin, just above your navel, guiding you to step away from the counter, to be moved just far enough so that she can come between you and the open drawer you so carelessly—or was it by design?—neglected to close. Her steps are smooth, regal, mesmerizing. As she stands there between the open drawer and you, she takes a single step backwards before pushing out her shapely rear towards the drawer. As you watch, a long, sinuous, heart-tipped, red tail rises into the air behind her, then the tip touches against the drawer and begins to push it closed as she continues to move backwards, her eyes never leaving yours. The drawer almost, but not quite, closes, and it takes a bump with her soft rear to close it the rest of the way before she presses herself against the countertop’s edge. Her tail moves slowly behind her, the light from the window casting a glow about her form … or was that glow always there? She raises the spoon to her lips, her breath slightly fogging its metal, as your own thoughts are captivated by her.

Her hand moves the spoon away, her eyes looking away from you to the dessert she holds in her hand, your thoughts hoping the ice cream is an appetizer and you are the dessert instead. The shiver that thought brings goes through to your core and you stifle a moan of anticipation.

She looks up as the spoon has taken a small portion of the ice cream, her hand bringing it towards her soft, smooth lips. The spoon is paused just before completing its journey. A stray thought comes to you, wondering if the spoon is crying out in need to be kissed by those luscious lips. Knowing you are watching, she parts her lips, the spoon passes between them and then she presses her lips against it. There is a moan—whether from you remembering how her lips feel against your sex or from her enjoying the ice cream really doesn’t matter: the sound alone is desire, passion, and need. As the moan ends, you can clearly see her shapely red horns in her ebon locks of hair, the light from the window—or is it?—making what seems to be a halo all about her. She draws the spoon from her lips, which are drawn out slightly as the spoon escapes her. Yet even though it leaves her lips, she still controls it every bit as much as she does her pet, who cannot move or look away. The tip of the spoon is pointing upwards, her fingers curled still around the stem, the end of which you suddenly realize has a tip shaped exactly like Mistress’ own tail. She crooks a finger towards you, your will obeys, and you cannot help but move closer to her. As you do, she returns the spoon back to her lips, the curve meant to contain what she desires upside down, then pressing her lips against the spoon before drawing it out once more. She still holds the ice cream in her other hand as she then parts her lips and then moves the spoon towards you as you close the space between you both. She taps the spoon against your chest, the cold of the ice cream still upon it, making you shiver once more. The spoon, you realize now, is you. She controls you and the spoon without any effort at all. The spoon obeys her will and desire in the same way that her pet does. Her touch upon you both is firm and sensual, a reflection of her will and seduction. The taste of her lips upon you both is erotic, and you both ache for it so utterly. You are both in your place, the spoon in its drawer, you in her orbit. Neither of you can escape, not that either of you would want to. Your hands move to touch her hips and, as you do, you realize that, somehow, you missed that she is leaning against the counter nude. Her hand rubs the container of ice cream against your chest as the spoon taps your collarbone lightly. She pours the now melted confection down your chest before licking her lips and pushing you back slightly with the spoon. You find yourself gasping for breath as she then licks you clean in one swift, sensual move. Your head spins, and, the next thing you are aware of outside your overwhelming ecstasy is Mistress reaching behind herself, placing the spoon and ice cream container on the countertop.

Her long, red tail wraps around your waist, holding you as she begins to walk from the kitchen, her pet drawn along, awash in anticipation of what Mistress’ desires will be.

The spoon on the countertop witnesses from afar as the sounds of pet becoming Mistress’ pleasure fill every room.

For the spoon … it finds itself placed in another container of ice cream, captured by it, slowly sinking into the velvety mixture, surrendering itself to its simultaneous fulfillment and fate.

For pet … well, you have been captured since Mistress first smiled and, as for your surrender, that came when the silver spoon of Mistress’ tongue caressed you while you imagined her first lick.

Feb 07 2016

A Review of Sleep Beside Me Always by Jenny Mercer

Sleep Beside Me Always by Jenny Mercer

Sleep Beside Me Always by Jenny Mercer

A review this time of the first work in a new series called The Mara that tells of succubi and incubi in a complex and telling way. By that I mean the author didn’t fall into the trap of making their characters stereotypical by any means. That in itself was a pleasant surprise and then finding how much effort the author placed into this work, truly a novel on its own, was more so.

But the best thing of all, quite simply, is a singular truth in the work that endeared what the author created here. A story of succubi and incubi being more.

  • Title: Sleep Beside Me Always
  • Author: Jenny Mercer
  • Length: 268 Pages
  • ASIN: B01ATM6H3W
  • Publishing Date: January 18, 2016
  • This work at Amazon.com

The work is the story of:

Tabitha Wood, drowned as a witch at 17 and reborn as a succubus, has never ventured far from home. Living in an abandoned factory in Lowell, Massachusetts, with her beloved incubus partner Sam, she spends her days immersed in paperbacks, her evenings with her ancient friend Meridiana, and her nights prowling Greater Boston for men who wouldn’t mind a particularly good dream. But when Sam takes a heroic risk to save a child, he alarms both the human police and the supernatural authorities– a pair of underwater spirits known as the Lady of the Lake and the Dark Mother. Now Tabitha must flee the only home she has ever known, and defend Sam from the wrath of their own kind– all while contending with the appetites and fears that define her. And when Sam reveals a harrowing plan to defy the Leaders and follow his heart, she must choose between obedience and rebellion– each with its own unthinkable consequences.

Tabitha and her partner Sam make a decision with consequences. Their future hangs by a thread, their world coming for them, threatening to end them. But along the way a secret is revealed and in being so they both have to make choices. None of them will be simple ones for the lives of succubi are incubi are like water and fire and when they mix the results can be catastrophic.

This work is a beautifully written love story with some interesting side plots and events that tell a story about the world of the succubi and incubi that I enjoyed greatly. The complexity at times can be a little bit difficult to read through, but in the end each moment in the story matters, they tie together and offer something really quite amazing.

The succubi and incubi in this work have their own mythos which is somewhat different from the normal stories told of them. As such, they have no horns or tails, they are not “evil”, unless of course they want to be that way. Their powers are slightly different, which is a good thing because it makes for some quite humorous moments when they speak of the modern world and how that complicates things for them at times.

The main character Tabitha is the heart and soul of this work by far. She’s funny quite a lot of the time, but along with that comes a reflective nature, considerations of her past, and the secrets she holds within herself. In a similar way Sam, her partner, is written as a force in the story equal to that of Tabitha, with his own secrets, needs and desires.

The telling of those aspects of both of them, what happens when they make a choice and what that means in the grand scheme of things creates a work that is quite unique, but also has the most interesting undercurrent running throughout. There is a moment in the work when a comment is made about good and evil and what the purpose of the succubi and incubi are and I thought it was possibly one of the most insightful statements made in a novel I have read in some time.

Besides Tabitha and Sam, there are other succubi and incubi that appear, as well as Cambions, and the complexities of that entire social arrangement was, to be honest, quite a sad thing at times. There is such a thing as love, need, passion. The question that comes up over and over again in this work is: What are you willing to do for that? It is a hard question to ask, and to answer it can be something which changes everything.

The writing is wonderful, the passions, the moments of need and fear are telling for all involved. The erotica is carefully written, blending with the story in such a way that it doesn’t take away from all that transpires. There are some points in the work where things rush by, leaving little time to consider what is happening, but that is a reflection of the moment. Overall the tone is right, the characters and their dialogue read well and there’s nothing that takes me from what is a wonderfully complex love story most of all.

If I have one thought about the work that I didn’t like, I feel like this work might have been split into two parts at a certain point. There is a lot of events that come together in this work as it was published and at times it feels like too much. Complexity is a good thing, and this work uses that well, but with all that transpires, all of the twists and turns, a little pause might have been for the best.

Four out of five pitchforks.

A wonderful work that I highly recommend by far. A complex story of love, needs, and desires both fulfilled and wanting. I am not sure when the next work in the series will appear, but I will be watching for it in anticipation.



Feb 07 2016

A Review of The Succubus Wore Green series by Benzi T. McKelly

The Succubus Wore Green: Book One: The Journey by Benzi T. McKelly

The Succubus Wore Green: Book One: The Journey by Benzi T. McKelly

A short Succubus story for review today on the Tale. It is a rare thing when within the pages of a story the characters break the fourth wall and talk directly to the reader. Sometimes that works, sometimes it’s odd, and when it is odd, it can really hurt what otherwise can be the most amazing of stories.

It is a difficult thing to create a world, make a story begin there, and then move off from there into a story that is, on many points, very much about a fish out of water… Or rather a Succubus trying to come to terms with the world of today… and then change it.

The first work in the series is:

  • Title: The Succubus Wore Green: Book One: The Journey
  • Author: Benzi T. McKelly
  • Length: 64 Pages
  • ASIN: B00UP43MFG
  • Publishing Date: March 13, 2015
  • This work at Amazon.com

The work tells the story of:

A young demon slave to a gorgeous, charismatic succubus tells of their harrowing journey to Earth, her inner struggles with her dark past, a series of incredible transformations, and the beginning of a mission to change human society forever.

Benzitae is the slave of the succubus known as Atalya and she is charged with telling her Mistress’ story. Along the way comes an angel, a problem, a world to conquer and a reality that is far too familiar to Benzitae in a lot of uncomfortable ways.

The work shows a lot of promise in that there is quite a lot of world building, the characters are full of life, thought, and passions. There is heart and soul in each of them, in their own ways, and that makes for the most interesting plots and events to unfold. Along with the story there is quite a lot of themes such as futa, some dominance, and a bit of slightly over the top erotica, but it isn’t really out of place with the themes and story as a whole.

The erotica does, on occasion, run a bit wild, and at times it need not have, but overall that didn’t overcome the book’s core plot. In the plot itself comes a lot of mysteries that begin, or are hinted at, but little else is told. Benzitae herself is a bit of an enigma, and as she remembers why she came to be where she is, that has a somewhat uncomfortable feel to it. There are moments which are in the middle of being light-hearted and then Benzitae remembers something and it falls apart. There is a purpose to this, but here it’s just distracting at times.

Atalya is, as a succubus, quite different in her physical nature and her overall character. She is futa in nature, is quite different in appearance as a succubus, and in that she is different, but in a unique way. I thought her personality was a little forced, mainly in how she related to Benzitae, and while there is a connection, even love at times, between them, it sometimes didn’t quite work as well as I had hoped.

The oddest part of this work is how often the two main characters turn, in the midst of the story, and comment about the reader, mentioning them, or rather alluding to them in a way. It is distracting in that the story was flowing well to that point, it goes off the rails for a moment, and then continues on, but for that moment one is drawn from the story and then it takes quite some time to be immersed in it again.

That all said, the story itself I really liked because it is different, it shows a lot of thought and most of all it gives an opportunity for a succubus to be more than “just a succubus” which I do like to see. But along with that comes so many questions and mysteries which bodes well for the series to come.

I’ll give this work four out of five pitchforks.

A good start, good characters, and there seems to be real care given to the story. I just wish it was a bit more consistent in the storytelling and the way the characters speak in, and outside of, the story itself.

The Succubus Wore Green: Book Two: Emerald City by Benzi T. McKelly

The Succubus Wore Green: Book Two: Emerald City by Benzi T. McKelly

The next work in the series continues the story of Atalya onwards, telling more about her, her slave and the plans and goals they need to have unfold. But along with that comes still more questions and things to ponder.

Most of all, the problems are the ones of the mind, the memories within and just what happens when what you remember isn’t what you wanted to. But then, sometimes, you discover that the world is shades of grey and it is up to you which shades are yours.

The second work is:

  • Title: The Succubus Wore Green: Book Two: Emerald City
  • Author: Benzi T. McKelly
  • Length: 60 Pages
  • Publishing Date: March 29, 2015
  • This work at Amazon.com

The work tells the story of:

Benzi and her succubus Mistress, Atalya, have settled in Seattle, hoping to turn their luxurious apartment building into an upscale brothel and a recruiting ground for potential demons. But as they discover their first new allies, Atalya’s unique condition suddenly locks her into an intense cycle of mindless pleasure. With her Mistress sidelined, Benzi is forced to push forward on their mission in completely uncharted waters. Inexperienced and still struggling with her dark past life, Benzi finds herself in places she never wanted to be…or never could have imagined.

Benzi has to deal with a series of problems on her own when her Mistress is unavailable. It’s not the easiest of things to do, but there are rewards, things to learn, and, sometimes, the rewards are not only the ones physically, but the ones that matter most within oneself.

If the first work in the series didn’t quite be all that it could be, the second most certainly is. While Atalya is only fleetingly in this work, she has an impact, but as well, she gives Benzi something very special. Her trust. It is a hard time for Benzi, many difficult things happen to her, but the thing is that, in being that she must think, act, and more on her own, the strength of her character comes through clearly and it is amazing.

There is a little side comment about a certain television series with a succubus hero, at one point, which makes Benzi’s name even more amusing that it was before. But the thing is, she is very much like her better known namesake in a lot of ways. There’s more to her, and that comes out in this story and I liked that a lot.

There is also the appearance of another succubus named Iris in this work, and her story, that of her soulmate and what happens to them both registered very strongly for me. It tells that there’s more to think about in this series than the erotica, the more sexual moments, even the points at which there is a lot of dominance and submission going on. There’s a theme of love and affection, for one, but also there is a theme of redemption for all and I really liked the tone of that. Not all see that, or have it, but it is there, in all its forms and I adored that.

There is a touch of erotica, but it is far less than the first work and I think that made the work better overall. There is humour, some of which made me laugh out loud, there is compassion, love and lust, but it doesn’t overpower the story.

Lots of cute and fun moments, the method that comes about to get two angels and a succubus out on the town for a bit was simply inspired and I give the author full points for the idea, but you’ll have to read this work to find out what that is.

The writing is better, there is less talking to the reader and that made the story flow better and kept me within the work more fully. The dialog is better, the story is tighten and the work has a point and a goal which it accomplishes quite well.

I’ll give this work four and a half out of five pitchforks.

I really liked the second work more because it was a story, a good story and it held me throughout. Overall the series showed a lot of promise and I was hoping for there to be more. But that hasn’t happened as of this review and that’s a shame.

I like succubi that aren’t the usual and if they happen to be intelligent enough to see better things, including love and affection, then I am all for that.



Feb 06 2016

Lilith Aensland has a Tribute YouTube… and she has a tail in it.

I found another of the rare Lilith Aensland tribute YouTubes a little bit ago and while the music really does not work for me… There’s one image that does. I’ve wondered, many times, what Lilith or her sister Morrigan would look like with a heart shaped tail… I think I have an answer…

And if you cannot see the video on the Tale, please try this link:


And, as always with videos like this, the one image that caught my attention…

Lilith Aensland Tail

I like this, I like it a lot, and it’s that tail Lilith has in this art of her that makes me ponder and wonder… I do think that it’s the one thing that both Lilith and Morrigan are missing as a whole and I’m not quite sure why they never had one in the first place…

But at least I have an idea now…



Feb 05 2016

A Review of Drilled By A Demon by Kimberley Tracey

Drilled By A Demon by Kimberley Tracey

Drilled By A Demon by Kimberley Tracey

There are the occasional works about succubi that seem to have a problem in deciding what, exactly, the succubus herself is. Most attempt to make her dominate in some manner, which I prefer, but then in trying to be as dominant as possible they take the character into being more cruel than seductive and that, for me, is a problem.

It’s more so when the character is interesting, has something to them that is a little different, a bit unique, but then falls towards being a stereotype of a long overused kind of Domme.

The work tells the story of:

Peter decides to visit a lady of the night, but things take a dramatic turn of events.

The summary is a bit short, and really it needs to be something more than it is. Peter’s love life isn’t what he wanted, nor is it really anything of a love life any more. A card directs him into the arms of Lucinda. A Domme with horns, a tail, and a means to give Peter what he wants, but as well that she will get what she needs as well.

The beginning of the work shows a lot of promise in that Peter is interesting, has a history, and an explanation for why he is where he finds himself. When he comes face to face with Lucinda, it is clear that she isn’t quite human, but that is well hidden away until the moment when the story turns towards the erotica.

In that moment, Lucinda’s horns and tail appear and Peter finds himself at her mercy. The work spends most of the story in the heat of the erotica, which has a very dominant theme to it. The beginning of that dominance by Lucinda is where I have the problem. She is a succubus, it is quite clear that she is, and in being so she uses her powers to control him, play him, and bring him to heel. That in itself is hot, but before that happens she abuses Peter and it just took the heat out of the story for me.

When the story turned back into Lucinda being a succubus and taking control by being one, that brought the heat back, but it took some time for things to develop again and bring me back fully into the story. It’s a shame because Lucinda’s character, her mannerisms, her voice and so on are really unique and I liked that about her. I didn’t quite understand why the abuse needed to happen as it wasn’t quite made clear why that needed to be.

I have to assume that Peter went to Lucinda because she advertised as being a Domme and catering to a specific kink, which would be all well and good if that was explained. All that comes of the why is a business card, vaguely mentioned and nothing more. If that was better explained then I think I could have gotten past the harsher aspects of the work better and liked it as a whole more.

Lucinda is the bigger mystery here in that she remains exactly that. A mystery, a question, something to ponder. The story vanishes as the erotica begins and I wish that hadn’t happened. There was a good start, a lot of story starting to be told, but then it just left and was never gotten back to save for one or two vague mentions about that.

The erotic aspects of the work are written well, there is some lovely succubus mind control and dominance that I enjoyed. A few minor spelling mistakes and two sentences that made no sense  at all outside of the erotic passages were a little disappointing as well.

I’ll give this work three out of five pitchforks.

Lucinda is interesting and it would have been nice to know more about her, her past, something to make her a bit more than she was here. But really the story wasn’t the point, the erotica was.



Feb 05 2016

A Review of In Too Deep by Natalie Severine and Eric Severine

In Too Deep by Natalie Severine and Eric Severine

In Too Deep by Natalie Severine and Eric Severine

The fourth review of the ongoing series called Lily Quinn written by Natalie and Eric Severine this time on the Tale. You can find the first review here, the second review here, and the third here on the Tale if you’d like to know my frustrations and amusement with the series so far.

It’s been an ongoing wish of mine that something would be told of Lily’s past in this series. Lily as a character is wonderful, the stories have their moments, but there’s just never been enough told about Lily before she become who she is in the here and now. And using a title that leaves a song from Genesis that I can’t get out of my mind while reading doesn’t help me much either.

There are shadows in the past that haunt us, even if we don’t admit to them. Sometimes we have to confront our past to move on with our lives. Even if in doing so we need to give up a little piece of ourself.

It tells the story of:

My name is Lily Quinn and I’m the best monster hunter in the city. The College of wizards pays me a lot of money to track down and deal with the supernatural dangers that infest the mortal world. But I wasn’t always as good at it as I am now. My first job was Adähr, a nix who likes to steal from humans and flaunt his powers.

He’s the one who got away.

Now Adähr’s back. He’s being chased by Remy Saville, a French bounty hunter who’s been after the water spirit for years and is determined to finally finish the job. Remy’s handsome and experienced, but there’s no way I’m letting him or anyone else beat me to the nix this time. Adähr’s mine.

So let the games begin. I’m going to play dirty.

Lily’s past comes out of the shadows, and the water, to remind her of the first time she tried to claim a bounty and how it all went wrong, and so very right for her. Her past comes calling, Lily does as well, over and over again, but at some point you have to go and make a decision. Sometimes the best things have been with you for ages, you just need to be able to see who they are and what they mean to you.

What I particularly liked about this work was a very long and detailed scene between Lily and Max in which Lily tells of her early days as a bounty hunter and what happened to her. It gives a lot of insight to her character, who she is, and why her attitude became what it has. Along with that, there is, finally, a real indication of how Lily sees Max, what he means to her, and what the future might hold and I do hope the series explores this more than it has. Max and Lily have chemistry, more than just what the two of them do in bed, and elsewhere, together and that needs to be told more.

Like the other works in the series, Lily winds up having several erotic encounters and I did find how Adähr’s powers worked, what they could do to Lily and how she reacted to them hot in their own ways. But the thing of it was Lily wasn’t really Lily through the encounter and that bothers me quite a lot. It’s one thing to be pushed over the edge, but honestly, Lily has been through more, experienced more, and how she loses herself didn’t quite ring true for me when the scene was playing out and in the aftermath.

Besides Adähr, there is a French wizard who plays Lily as well as Adähr does, Again, this makes some sense, but really the erotica wasn’t half as interesting and hot as the wordplay and turning of phrases which unfolded, never mind Lily’s own seductiveness coming out to play in a delicious way.

But like the other works in this series, it feels like there’s too much focus on the erotica and not quite enough spent on the story and plot. There was mention of an ongoing plot thread, but it didn’t go anywhere. There was discussion about Lily, about Cambions, and then it falls to the wayside. Along with this, the little sparkles of plot about magic and whether or not Lily is capable of using magic is teased and then dropped like a hot potato.

This is really the singular problem I have with the series. There is so much depth in the plot and story, in Lily’s character and those around her, especially Max, and it really isn’t used to the best I feel. I realize that the author notes that the series is mainly about the erotica, but erotica alone cannot stand up by itself. Perhaps a little less time spent on the erotica and more told about Lily herself, the real Lily, the Lily that is more than she seems to be, is what is missing.

Three and a half out of five pitchforks.

Learning something about Lily’s past, some of what drives her really makes a difference for me overall. The erotica was hot, but there comes a point when the Lily we’ve come to know in the series turns into a Lily that I couldn’t really like very much.

There is such a thing as being true to oneself and the next work in the series I hope has some reflections upon that. Max is Lily’s best friend and that is another part of Lily’s past and the series, that needs to be explored in Max’s Long Night which is the next work in the series.