Jul 04 2016

Lesson Plans – Part One By TeraS

Sometimes there is a comment made that, for me, tickles a story that needs to come out and play. A short time ago, such a comment was made and it nurtured the idea of Tera being a teacher to a new member of the succubi … But that, of course, means there has to be …


Lesson Plans
Part One
By TeraS
For Adelle


In the Realm, there are, on occasion, some succubi and incubi that need a bit of … let’s call it extra tutoring in becoming who they are becoming. One does not simply snap one’s fingers and become, after all. While they will have horns and tails upon their “becoming,” not all of them have the self-control needed within themselves. Or they might need a little encouragement to be all they can possibly be.

Or, sometimes, the problem isn’t what they can’t do, but rather what they could.

One of these was Adelle. She had, quite a short time before, accepted Tera’s offer to enter the Realm. She was a black tail, which meant she was quite dominant in her personality and appearance, but it meant more than that. Adelle loved to wear black, usually preferring leather corsets and skirts. High heels were her favourite, though she did, on occasion, wear a particular pair of thigh high leather boots that did wonders for her legs. Amongst all of the black, her blue hair was a river that cascaded over her shoulders and back, a striking contrast to the dominant black she presented. Piercing blue eyes, almost the same shade as her hair, were quite captivating to those that, whether knowing or unknowing, fell into her clutches and became intimate with her. The corsets she loved hugged her curves, drawing attention to her ample shape. She was, in every way, as the saying goes, “stacked.” Her pale skin, awash in the black, meant her cleavage was amplified well beyond her natural D-cups.

She had everything going for her, to be quite an impressive Mistress of the Succubi… except for one thing she couldn’t manage. Having not been able to work things out on her own, Adelle found herself needing some tutoring. There was only one person that could possibly help: Tera, the Queen herself.

And that was the first problem. Adelle really didn’t want to ask for help at all, being as proud as she was, being an imposing personality, being that she was strong, capable, and willful, she especially didn’t want to appear to Tera admitting: “I need some help.” Asking for help, even if it was the best thing to do, and would be the answer to her problems, would mean admitting she was weak and admitting that to Tera … well … that bothered her a lot.

Tera wasn’t weak. She was the Queen. More importantly, in Adelle’s eyes, Tera was everything that she aspired to be. Tera was, if Adelle was being honest to herself, the only person that she would even think of submitting to. Because Tera was … well … Tera.

And that was the second problem. Adelle knew that she would have to submit to Tera’s wishes, whiles, and more to learn what she needed to. While she was part of the Realm, she also knew that Tera didn’t push Adelle one way or the other. She had allowed Adelle to discover herself, to learn as she wanted to, mistakes and all. Now she would have to ask Tera to take her by the hand and guide her though this minefield she found herself in.

Adelle was mulling all of this over when she quite literally bumped into Tera …

… carrying a takeout cup of hot chocolate …

… and spilling it all over the sidewalk when Adelle walked straight into her.

Adelle found herself looking into Tera’s so-green eyes and not being able to look away. The emerald depths called out to her, making her ache to be held by them. Her breath caught as Tera’s particular scent—that of cherries—tickled her nose and made her sex flutter as she remembered an earlier encounter …

“Adelle … look over here, sweetheart.”

It was mere moments after Adelle had surfaced from the Lake of Fire, the waters clinging to her curves, dripping from her bosom and hair. She caught Tera’s voice calling out to her and looked towards the shoreline where Tera awaited her. She had been attracted to Tera before; really, that first chaste kiss they had shared when they had met sealed Adelle’s fate. Now, transformed by the ceremony she had freely accepted, her connection to Tera’s power made her ache. She felt her tail moving in the waters behind her, felt her horns throbbing to each of Tera’s words. She drew her tongue over her lips, a needful little whine escaping her lips.

“Adelle … come to me …”

For an instant, her confused mind thought that Tera said ‘cum,’ and the heat in her core flared at the thought … of being entwined with Tera, curve to curve, lips touching, tongues entwined… skin hot against skin. Rational thought was the last thing on her mind. The only thing that mattered was to draw closer to Tera’s lovely, sensual voice—to walk, crawl, run, whatever. Just to be able to touch her would be bliss. To feel Tera’s fingers raking over her skin in passion. To give herself … anything …

Her vision cleared as the waters of the lake dripped away from her eyes and that heat burned even brighter now.

There are very few things more alluring than Tera in the nude, her arms open in love, waiting, offering her devotion and passion. Adelle wept at the emotions she could feel now, never knowing before how much Tera loved her, accepted her, would do anything for her. When Tera crooked a finger to attract Adelle, she started to walk through the surf to the red-tailed brunette, hands playing over her curves, toying with her navel, tracing patterns over her thighs. She was biting her lips, the need within growing more and more with every step she took. The waters could not dampen her heat and, as Adelle made her way out of the Lake, she paused on the edge of the shoreline, looking at her Queen.

“Welcome home, Adelle … I’ve been waiting for you.”

The tears came now with the heat, Adelle falling weakly into Tera’s arms. Sobbing at the love, the acceptance that resonated within her, Her Majesty’s body pressed against her own, the Queen’s own heat warming Adelle, calming her aching need within, changing it from a rolling boil to a steady simmer, one that would never quite fade away within her. There were hot little butterfly kisses against her cheek as Tera whispered everything was fine, there was nothing to fear, she was safe now in her arms: “Shhhh … It’s okay … I’ll look after you.”

That was the first lesson Adelle learned: Tera would never leave her, never judge her, always love her … forever …

Adelle came out of her memories as Tera asked: “Are you alright?”

Of course, her Queen was there, as she always was: long red jacket, ankle boots, black pants and bandeau top, the singular thing that could always be counted on. Tera was always there when she was needed.

Adelle’s whisper, to her, was almost a shout: “I need you, Tera, please. Help me!”

Tera’s embrace, with the stroking of fingers against Adelle’s cheek, brought something that Adelle hadn’t been able to find herself: calm acceptance of herself and her needs.

“Of course, sweetheart … Tell me: how can I help?”

Lesson one: Tera loved you.

The next lesson was one that would be a little harder to deal with …

Jul 03 2016

A Review of A Twisted Pact by Maria N. Lang

A Twisted Pact by Maria N. Lang

A Twisted Pact by Maria N. Lang

There are certain themes that, for my personal taste, I don’t particularly enjoy. One of these is having a character suffer their way through a story, the other is when a succubus is just stereotypical in nature, having nothing really of interest in them that I can see.

There are those moments when one decides to do something because they feel like there’s nothing else to do. Giving up isn’t a solution, it only creates more problems. Sometimes you need to see your own worth and make do, than to think the universe is willing to give you what you want without taking a price from you.

The work tells about:

Another year passes without Summer finding a partner at the fertility fest. The men are afraid of her due to her magical powers. The frustration drives her home to summon a pleasure demon who might sate her lusts in place of a man. Summer, however, is still an apprentice, and the demoness she summons is far beyond her ability to control. How will she resist the succubus’ allure? Without the ability to say no, Summer fights to be released. It is a losing battle, as she finds herself driven deeper into debauchery by the demon’s irresistible powers of pleasure.

Summer takes a risk and using her new found abilities to summon a succubus to find some pleasure in a world where she has none. The succubus arrives, but the pleasure isn’t what Summer expected, nor is the succubus herself.

The work is, as a whole, rather a sad story from the beginning to end, there being an air of depression, loss, and hopelessness from Summer that takes so much out of her as a character and sets the story on a course that only becomes more painful and sad. This has a moment, a very short one, of some kind of pleasure when Eliza, the succubus, appears, but that is so very fleeting.

Eliza is, overall, a fairly stereotypically evil succubus, hooves and all, and from the first moment she appears, there’s little doubt when the story is likely going to go. Her intentions are clear, she expresses them, and sets out towards those goals. In doing so the story turns, for a moment, towards some well written succubus mind control, but that is soon overcome by what is a series of violent moments between Summer and Eliza.

As the story continues onwards, the erotica becomes more dark, the things that Summer is taken through by Eliza are, at least for me, bordering on pain and suffering. There comes a point in the story when the heat isn’t there anymore and soon after the climax arrives and then a conclusion which is rapidly passed through before the story comes to an abrupt, and expected, ending.

The emotions in the writing at the beginning of the work are very good and it showed promise for the rest of the work. However, once Eliza appeared, that emotional impact was pushed aside for the erotica and in doing so there felt like a good story was cast aside for the sake of the erotica itself.

Two out of five pitchforks.

Just too violent, brutal, and really stereotypically so for my tastes. The hint of succubus mind control had some promise, but by the end the story turned a corner and lost me along the way.



Jul 03 2016

A Review of Release My Succubus: Poetry for the Erotic Soul by Yesenia Faye

Release My Succubus: Poetry for the Erotic Soul by Yesenia Faye

Release My Succubus: Poetry for the Erotic Soul by Yesenia Faye

One of the most rare things to find, when it comes to literature related to Succubi are poems. Stories are quite plentiful, but the use of poems to tell stories about Succubi is something that when it appears, must be noted. It is a shame really because the emotional impact of poems, how they can strike to the core of a thought, a moment, a feeling, can be very powerful.

A collection of poems then for review this time on the Tale. One in which there are many things to think about, to consider and explore. But as well, a question remains, a thought to consider, and it is one that seems to be missing somehow in the collection.

  • Title: Release My Succubus: Poetry for the Erotic Soul
  • Author: Yesenia Faye
  • Length: 208 Pages
  • ASIN: B01HP2I642
  • Publishing Date: June 27, 2016
  • This work at Amazon.com

The work tells of:

“Release My Succubus” is Yesenia Faye’s follow up poetry collection in response to her volume, “Liquid Fireworks”. Succubus is chock full of erotic displays of affection, lust, and carnal desires. From sex in illicit places to extramarital affairs, these poems discuss and explore all of her deepest and darkest fantasies.

Dipped in philosophical hues, the poems present sex in both grandiose and twisted fashions to delight and excite the reader. Inspiration was drawn from her own wells of deep sexual daydreams and experiences, music by Lana Del Rey, Lorde, Halsey, and Elizabeth Gillies, and an assortment of books and TV shows to create a fantasy featured erotic experiences.

Prepare for a journey into the erotic subconscious of Yesenia Faye, who will take you by the hand and show you the doors to your own deep wants.

Best read in bed.

The work is a large collection of poems which connect to the theme of succubi on various levels. Some of them are very clearly meant to be associated with succubi, some are more personal, perhaps even somewhat focused on the darker needs that exist within souls.

The themes are anything from simple expression of a woman becoming a succubus through the hard relations of a violent relationship or sexual encounter. But in each there is a singular truth, a story to tell and in every case that story is a telling one that matters.

Some of the imagery is very erotic, and some might see that to be a bit more than they might expect. However, the words are carefully chosen. They are not there so much for titillation, but to give a darker expression of the emotions that the poems seek to bring out in the reader.

While there is darkness here, there are the occasional moments that allow for a bit of hope, a moment of reflection. They offer a moment of rest between the darker explorations. But in this comes the thing about this work that gave me a bit of pause.

The overriding focus is on darkness, loss, some degree of evil at some points. There’s really very little time spent in seeking out the light, to allow for love. Much of that comes from the focus of the work, and I understand that, but at some point there needs to be a little break.

While succubi, in their stereotypical form, are “evil” and that serves as the focus to the collection, that isn’t all they are. As much as I enjoyed the author’s words, her symbolism, her expression of want and need and fulfillment… I would have liked a little bit of hope somewhere to balance things out more than they are. Dark cannot exist without light after all.

Four out of five pitchforks.

Really quite the amazing collection of poems and I think there’s really some interesting thoughts and ideas that are touched upon. But with all of the good here, there feels like something is missing and perhaps that comes to one of the most base emotions of all.



Jul 02 2016

A cute little animated Succubus YouTube

A very short, but very cute animation of a Succubus that I found on YouTube today. This is really a sort gf demonstration of a piece of software more than anything else, but I thought she looked interesting nonetheless…

If you cannot see the YouTube here on the Tale, please try this link:


And, in case YouTube removes the video, here is an image of the Succubus herself…

OTK Succubus

The Morrigan Aensland influence is quite obvious of course, but she isn’t quite Morriganesque. I do like her expression, that does really look nice. I think she has hooves, at least they sort of look like them. Just about the skimpiest outfit I’ve seen in some time on a video character as well.

I do wonder if she would make for a good game character in some way however… Of course the question is what sort of game that would be…



Jul 01 2016

The Realm celebrates Canada Day

Canada Day is once more upon the Realm, and it is the tradition that our Poet Laureate gifts us with another verse in the wonderful version of O Canada that he has been generously creating each July 1st… And so, with my dearest thanks, the tradition continues…


O Canada!
No Realm, but one nice land!
True patriot love in succubi command.
With playful hearts and glowing eyes,
quite mischievous and free,
above our bangs our horns shall rise,
O Canada, for thee.
Gorgeous and glad, glorious and free,
O Canada, we swisch our tails for thee.
O Canada, we swisch our tails for thee.

Incubi, too,
stand proud, tall, and erect
(watching their mates results in great effect)!
Their tails reach out to wrap around
the beauties whom they see,
arousal in each sight and sound
sets their libidos free!
He touches her, Eternal-ly!
Make Canada the Realm and set it free!!
Make Canada the Realm and set it free!!

In Canada
we try not too make spills,
and, in the Realm, we first break stiff men’s wills.
We don’t approve of making mess
that’s not necessary.
With huggles we get more success
(what fireworks we’ll see!).
We’ll tie and rub to set you free;
send Canada upon a lustful spree!!
Send Canada upon a lustful spree!!

Come closer, dears;
our scents are in the air.
You’ll be seduced, and we’ll not leave our chair!
Your Queen is neat. Ours has her beat
in sexuality.
Both Will and Kate will feel so great
once they stop in for tea
(or Diet Coke). Just watch and see.
O Canada, we’ll rev your royalty!!
O Canada, we’ll rev your royalty!!

Will Canada
hang on to all its dough
while other lands have economic woe?
Those succubis have tempting eyes.
One look, we think of sex!
Not one pays out; one stare, one pout,
she instantly collects.
Their bonds bring sweet maturity.
Oh, Canada, cum into solvency!
Oh, Canada, cum into solvency!

In Canada
state secrets do not leak.
No Snowdens here
to dig them up, then speak;
but succubi, were they to try,
would get them in a blink.
It’s no surprise; the coolest spies
melt, babbling, at a wink.
With one soft kiss, they’d take a knee,
and, Canada, they’d give the Realm your key!
O Canada, they’d give the Realm your key!

O Canada,
your capital is hot.
Your leaders, though . . .
. . . most definitely not!
How could Rob Ford be so adored?
He’s one big, sweaty mess!
Our Queen is cool, makes thousands drool
in her red summer dress.
Cum, vote to live harmoniously.
O Canada, enjoy all we can be!
O Canada, enjoy all we can be!

Hey, Canada,
are you sure its July?
Grey, chilly, damp;
when will we see blue sky?
No cloven feet, but we’ll bring heat
and warm you one by one.
With horns and tail, we never fail
to make warmth so much fun!
Friends from the Realm thaw you with glee.
O Canada, we’ll get you hot quickly!
O Canada, we’ll get you hot quickly!

O, Canada! As Britain takes her fall,
folks to the south may make you want a wall.
Some orange-haired types make us scared:
could we act quite so dumb?
The Brexit mess suggests a “yes.”
Or we could make you cum!
Give us your votes and minds today!
O Canada, the Realm’s a better way!
O Canada, the Realm’s a better way!


This time of the year seems to be silly season in a lot of places… Perhaps we’d find a better way my heart?


Happy Canada Day!



Jun 30 2016

Succubi Image of the Week 441

Some of the most wonderful Succubi art are those images that focus not so much on raw sexuality, but the character of the Succubus herself. They tell stories of… what if. What if there is something more to them? What if the being behind the smile is more than they seem. To have a hint of that, to suggest that, for all Succubi, there is more than what is on the surface, for me, that’s something amazing…

Lingerie Linai -Dakimakura - by uchihakagura1

Lingerie Linai -Dakimakura – by uchihakagura1

This work is titled Lingerie Linai -Dakimakura and is by the artist uchihakagura1 on DeviantArt. You can find the original page on DeviantArt with this work here and this artist’s page can be found here.

The most striking thing about this art for me is that it isn’t over-the-top, does not make her, as a Succubus, look evil either. There’s a bit of a “girl next door” vibe here, which I think adds a lot to this character overall. She looks simply… right. She has the most lovely look in her eyes and her expression is wonderful. Her lingerie isn’t “too much” by any means and that I feel takes nothing away from her. If anything, it strengthens how attractive she is.

Wonderful textures in her hair, a neat sparkle in her eyes. I like that while her wings aren’t too detailed, they serve as background to frame her in the work. I do wish she had a tail, I think that would have been a perfect little addition to top things off, but nonetheless, I just adore this work…



Jun 29 2016

No burning, little desire in this costume really

Burning Desire Devil CostumeI have mentioned, many times, that I have a thing for shiny costumes, boots, latex… But I digress a little. I think that, as a whole, it isn’t too hard to make a costume that is attention getting without going to the point of it being tacky. That doesn’t take a lot to accomplish really, if you think about it. A nice design, the right accessories, and, of course, the right horns. So why is it that so often the horns never work?

This is called the Burning Desire Devil Costume, which to be honest about nine other costumes of variously tacky design have used as their name. It comes with… Well, that’s actually hard to say really as the description of this costume only says that it sells for $90 US.

I’ll make the assumption that the entire costume is the horns and the costume, the boots not being included. It’s rare that the boots would be included, for one thing, and for the other, trying to mix and match the multiple combinations would be stretching the limits of what might be. So, based on what I know similar boots sell for, to look like this model, it would likely cost about $175.

I really do not like the horns, nor the costume itself. I do have to admit I like the boots in a way. However, they are far too loose for my taste and for that they lose a bit of their luster for me.

I think the entire look is a bit too plain, a little too tacky, and as such I wouldn’t really consider this. The horns alone just… don’t really work for me.

I’ll give this one pitchfork out of five.

It’s shiny, which is something, but little else…