Apr 27 2017

Succubi Image of the Week 484

One of the things I look for in a Succubi of the Week is style. I like art that seeks to give the character something different, something more than just being a tail and horns, occasionally wings. A smile, a look, an expression is lovely, but also there needs to be something about their overall look that says: “I am one of the Succubi”. I found a work that for me says all of that but something more, which is wonderful…

Succubus by NPye13

Succubus by NPye13

This work is by the artist NPye13 on DeviantArt and you can find the original page with this work here. You can also find this artist’s page on DeviantArt here as well.

I think this is just an amazing work of Succubi art, the detail is striking, her look, expression, and pose come together just wonderfully. Her horns are right for her, as are her wings, but I do rather miss there not being a tail as well. I think that is the singular thing that’s missing for me.

Her armbands, necklace and straps which connect to her dress have the most interesting patten and I think that adds a touch of class to her look overall. The overall setting, the sparks and fires about her look quite unique and they add a bit of action to what otherwise might have been a very static pose.

A lovely expression of Succubi art and one that I dearly loved when I first saw it and still do…



Apr 26 2017

This costume is from hell… The name says so and I agree

Red Devil From Hell CostumeThere are some costume names that are really quite apt. The name alone tells you want you are getting into without question. When it says the costume is from hell, and it looks this tacky, I really can’t disagree…

This is called the Red Devil From Hell Costume and it comes with the horns, the dress, the corset and the pitchfork the model has here. The shoes are not included and it sells for $60 US, though it has appeared on sale for as little as $25 US.

It just looks… meh. Really that’s putting things nicely to be honest. The corset, which is PVC as an aside, looks cheap, the dress looks cheap, the horns are lousy and I cannot think of enough words to describe the tackiness of that pitchfork.

Oddly I like the shoes.

I kind of get a devilish farmer’s daughter vibe from the cut of the dress, how it sits off the model’s shoulders here.

Beyond that however, the overall look just isn’t anything special, doesn’t do anything for me, and I can’t think of a way to make it better.

I suppose it says something when the only good thing I can see are shoes which aren’t included in the costume.

Zero pitchforks out of five.

If cheap is what you are looking for, I suppose that this works. It doesn’t for me…



Apr 25 2017

A Review of Punishment Incorporated: The Full Trilogy by Jon Zelig

Punishment Incorporated: The Full Trilogy by Jon Zelig

Punishment Incorporated: The Full Trilogy by Jon Zelig

There’s a question which isn’t really considered much of the time when stories are written about succubi. It’s the question of what happens when time has passed, the moments are what they were. A question that isn’t so much about the why of things but rather the way things are.

A review then of the Punishment Incorporated series by Jon Zelig in which a succubus is trying, desperately, to not give into her base instincts, but instead transcend herself. That’s an interesting story and it’s present in much of the series, and along the way there’s a simple truth that not even a succubus can ignore.

The work tells the story of:

You have to know it’s there, the little “Punishment Suite” in the basement of a strip mall sex shop. And then . . . you have to know what you want: either for yourself or for a partner to be consigned into P-Inc’s “care.”

In Book One, “Punishing the Succubus?” narrated by the proprietor, Master Jon, Judy Holland’s husband thinks she needs discipline.

Judy agrees; and “down to the basement she goes.” But her husband doesn’t really understand who—or what—he married.

A centuries’ old Succubus, Judy agreed to this arrangement because she has been trying to fight her very nature—thinks, perhaps, if she can be submissive, she can change who, and what, she is, no longer prey on men.

It quickly becomes clear to Master Jon—in consultation with Mistress Tasha, one of his Dommes—that there is just no way Judy can submit.

Book Two, “Mistress Judy’s Journey,” tracks some of the past and present of the woman who has become Mistress Judy, narrated in her voice.

Book Three, “Tasha in Charge,” tells something of Tasha’s story, in her own voice.

The hunger of a succubus is eternal. The temptations are many, they come without end and there is seemingly nothing that can be done about them. Fate draws Judy into the hands of Master Jon, but she isn’t what seems and once he understands, the choices are few. Still, there is a choice, one that they both, with some help, can come to terms with. The hunger is eternal, but as well is the thrill of discovery.

The series isn’t focused on erotica, in fact there’s very little to be seen as a whole. It’s more about the main characters, Judy, Master Jon and Tasha. While each is interesting in their own rights, for me Judy, the succubus of the series, is far more so, mainly from her attitude and how she holds herself. That said, there is some heat in a few places, a bit of BDSM and dominance comes through very clearly at many points. The tone of the BDSM is somewhat more harsh that I like, it’s a firmer sort of level and it works in the story as a reflection of each of the characters themselves. It doesn’t read as being over the top or silly as some stories take the theme, but I didn’t find it as interesting as when Judy, or for that matter the other main characters, where acting outside of that realm.

Judy is a succubus, though there’s no appearance of wings or horns or any other similar things. But there’s a series of delicious moments when the predator aspect of herself comes out and in those moments, what that does to those around her is quite telling. The most memorable moment is at the end of the first work, when Judy appears, fully in her power. It’s a perfect description of a succubus in control and I liked that very much.

At its core, the series tells the story of Judy trying to understand herself, to find a way to not o the things she’s done in the past. While that takes some time to get to, there’s an aspect of desires needed and power gained. Judy’s power is strongly seen and at the same time she’s worn and lost as well. There’s a sadness within her which Judy is trying to find an outlet for. That search stumbles in the beginning, but when she sees the way out, that’s a telling and memorable moment.

If the first work serves as an introduction to Judy, her needs and who she is, the second work offers quite a lot about her succubus nature in a way that I found quite well done. The conversation that unfolds in that work tells far more about Judy, giving her a lot of depth, and built upon the first work very well. It’s not erotica, it’s more of a character development piece which brought Judy’s character into better focus.

The third work however turned in a dramatic way from Judy towards another character, Tasha. While she’s just as unique and interesting as Judy, I didn’t really find my way into that work as I had been expecting something of a closure of Judy’s story, but it didn’t happen. That said, Tasha’s story is a different tone, and it offers a really good insight as to how she came to be where she is.

Overall, I liked the series because it wasn’t about the erotica or the fetishes. It was telling the stories of three unique characters, one of which is a succubus and the others trying to come to terms with that reality. It’s thoughtful with flashes of brilliance in the storytelling, though I dearly wish the last work had built on the middle one and not gone off completely in a new tangent.

Four out of five pitchforks.

Overall I liked the series, though the last work turned the plot away from Judy towards another character and I felt like there was a gap in the storytelling. I think that comes to Judy being so present in the majority of the work, then fading out in the end. I’m not sure that worked well, there’s a feeling that too much of Judy’s story was left abandoned and I wish it hadn’t been.

While this appears to be the end of the series, I’d really like one more book to appear. Something that draws Judy’s story full circle and tells of what came beyond her choice, past her understanding and how that changed her. I’d hope it would, if only to push some of the loss within her aside for the sake of purpose. Every character needs a purpose, and I think Judy found that. I’d like to know for certain.



Apr 25 2017

A Review of Twisted Wishes: Deal with the Devil by Sasha Scott

Twisted Wishes: Deal with the Devil by Sasha Scott

Twisted Wishes: Deal with the Devil by Sasha Scott

Not all stories about Succubi have a happy ending to be found. There are, of course, those stories where things don’t quite go as might be expected, there’s a twist in tail that ends with a curse, or something that’s not what was wanted in the first place. Telling that story can be a tight rope between things being over the top and pornish or the story staying true to itself.

There is such a thing as love not returned, not wanted, or refused. There is such a thing as being obsessed, willing to do anything to have a love you think is there. Sometimes such things can lead to ruin within the pleasures that were sought.

The work tells the story of:

Be careful what you wish for because you might just get it.

Mary was a woman in love, or more an obsessive crush over a man who wasn’t interested in her. However she wasn’t going to allow that to stop her. He was her dream man and she would not be denied, she would make him love her back no matter what she had to do to achieve it, even if that meant asking for evil’s help.

With every other option unsuccessful, Mary was driven to summoning a demon for help with her fairy tale romance. However things are never simple when you’re dealing with a demon. Mary had a pact to make and only one thing valid as payment, her own body. Would that be enough to sate the demon’s desires or would there be an extra twist to this tale?

Mary’s obsession with Dewey has consumed her. Nothing else matters, nothing else will be enough save for the expression of her love being returned, completely, by him. A deal with the devil is never a good thing, especially when one’s desires overcome one’s good sense. Some deals aren’t what they seem and for Mary and Dewey, the deal isn’t what either could have known it to be.

The work is a hot flash which means there’s not really all that much character development as a whole. Mary is a bit two dimensional in her needs, the devil that appears is as well. Dewey is barely there as a character, before things move towards the erotica and the twist in the story. Mary’s mind and emotions are focused on one thing only and that serves really to have her gloss over quite a number of obvious warning signs. Still, things happen, Mary is transformed and with that comes Mary the succubus.

The transformation happens rather quickly, Mary’s thoughts are changed a bit, her needs are pressed against. While that was a bit of a shame, not having her deal with the changes more than is told in the story, when he comes to use her powers, that was interesting. Mary’s nature becomes submerged under a succubus that needs one thing, demands it, and when she gets that, the twist doesn’t allow for her, or her prey, to find their way.

The erotica itself wasn’t as hot as it could have been, both in the first part of the work and then the moments after Mary gets what she desires. There’s a strong mind control aspect to that, which pulls a lot of the heat away, but then that’s part of the theme of this work. A wish twisted, a gift somewhat cursed. The problem is that with that moment, something gets pulled from the story. The emotional context, the need, the want are submerged under a blanket of lust… and it’s not that hot.

The work is a bit short, I’d have liked to see more character development for Mary at least. Perhaps the curse might have been less severe, perhaps allowing for relief and further exploration of Mary’s abilities than what happened. There’s just this emptiness in the story, needing to be filled and how that is done, at least as things stand, didn’t have the heat, or interest me as much as I think it should have.

Two and a half out of five pitchforks.

The work feels a bit rushed, a bit glossed over. I’d like to have more character development than just Mary going off the deep end and what the results of that are. The twist was very obvious, Mary falling into the trap was too quick and almost rote in nature.

A bad end is that, obviously, but it’s getting to the ending that defines the characters more than just needing and having sex. That missing depth, I think, would have made this work a lot more interesting for me.

The author has released several other works in this series, all in the same theme of twisting a wish, and having it come out not as expected. Much like this work, the character development is a little thin, the story is a little forced. Telling the story matters, the author does, but perhaps moving a little bit away from porn towards erotica and romance would strengthen their writing more.



Apr 24 2017

Hold onto Hope By TeraS

It’s been … a week. A week in which I’ve found myself at a loss, not able to do anything to make things right for those I love. Perhaps that is the hardest thing, wanting to do something, anything … but you can’t. That awful feeling inside has been with me for over a year now, and it seems like it won’t be going away any time soon. But, you can, always …


Hold onto Hope
By TeraS


Spring had arrived in the Realm with the melting of the snows, the warming of the breeze, and the falling of the rains. The change of the seasons brought a bit more light, a bit more warmth, and, in time, the summer would arrive with still more. It was the time for nature to spring into bloom in all of the glory that came with that moment, for the grass to turn from the brown of the winter towards the deep greens of summer to be. Upon the branches of the trees, buds would open, the first signs of the fruits to be bore coming to view.

Elsewhere there was a home within which had come a family, a home within which had been love, joy, happiness and more. From the first spring they had arrived there, a garden had been made. Every year the flowers were planted, the grounds tended lovingly. Except that, last year, the garden was left barren, untended; the soul that found her joy in being with the earth, setting out her flowers, making her small part of the world turn to her wishes … couldn’t.

That didn’t mean her flowers didn’t come, for she did, after all, plant perennials—tulips, to be specific. They grew in the first moments of the spring, became bright in the colours they scattered over the waiting grounds. The tulips were a sign of her hand, not to be forgotten. The red ones spoke of her undying love that would never end … not ever.

On one side of the Koi pond, a small rose bush grew where it had been planted years ago. It had been gathered, travelled, and then found itself in the presence of souls within whom the light was brighter than the sun, warmer than the warmest spring day. The roses were red—perhaps not the specific red of a certain pair of red tails, but that wasn’t the important thing. The roses held love, hope, and wishes from one side of the Koi pond to the other. Whether beneath the snows, in the rains, or tossed about by the winds, the roses held themselves to the land.

Much like the fabric of life that binds a family together, the roses grew, whether slowly or quickly wasn’t important. They stood against the tide, held firm and resolute, much like the two souls that had set them in place, blessed them, and knew, without a doubt, that they were loved and not forgotten … not ever.

Back across the Koi pond, where the Succubi Realm and the Human Realm touched, the dawn appeared. They’d been preparing for this moment for some time and now, as the first rays of the sun warmed the earth, the sound of hoes being dragged over the soil came. The ground made anew, the earth prepared for the purpose to which a certain red tail and her Eternal had decided was what was meant to be. Hands touched the rich earth, parting the ground, making room for the flowers that she’d picked.

The first to be set were the carnations. The white flowers created a border around the plot, to mark out the edges, but to be something more. They spoke of the pure love inspired by two souls that always reminded the Eternals of what mattered. The pink came next, set beside the white, place for place. The sign of a mother’s love, the love shared through a woman who promised to keep that love alive, to hold onto that love and never lose sight of what mattered … not ever.

The next choice was one that she held for all she loved. The irises were planted deeply, row upon row to bring with them the good news she prayed for. With each flower set into place, she paused, wished, hoped, then continued onto the next. The depth of the irises reflected her holding onto the promise of good news for their friends in the time that came. There would be good news, she would never lose that … not ever.

Forget-me-nots came next to find their place, to be set among the flowers that had come before, a reflection of the true love of their family, that which held their family together, giving them all the resolute promise to continue on. The family would never turn away, or forget … not ever.

A splash of yellow and green came from the arrival of the celandine. As she tucked each one into place, her thoughts were of the joys to come, the promise of the future, the warmth of knowing there was something good to be found, to know that there was a plan for them all, and, in time, things would work out. There would be joy, there would be love, and that would never fade away … not ever.

The final planting was in the middle of their garden. It had taken her some time to find the thing she wanted, the focus of her efforts to set within: a rose bush. The roses were red. Perhaps not the specific red of a certain pair of red tails, but it was the red of another rose bush that blossomed on the other side of the Koi pond. The roses held love, hope, and wishes from one side of the Koi pond to the other. Whether beneath the snows, in the rains, or tossed about by the winds, the roses held themselves to the land. They would not bend, break, or forget … not ever.

The light of the day dipped beneath the horizon as they watered their efforts, setting into motion the new life they’d given a home to. But it was more than that, not just the simple flowers themselves. They all spoke of a desire to hold onto the hope that there will be a glorious dawn, a brighter tomorrow, and the love shared within the family for always, the love and the hope that would never end …

… not ever.

Apr 23 2017

A Review of the Lust’s Price series by Quixerotic

The Bargain: Lust's Price I by Quixerotic

The Bargain: Lust’s Price I by Quixerotic

The thing about some series with succubi is that while there can be heat, the succubi are interesting and there’s an overall plot, missing the details can take so much away. Many times it’s not the best thing to write a hot flash, concentrate on building the heat, and not give a lot of thought to telling a story to hold the pieces together.

It’s a bit disappointing when each individual work in a series tells the barest of stories, rushes through a transformation, and then jumps directly into an erotic hot flash before coming to an abrupt halt.

The series tells the story of:

Greg is unsatisfied with his life. He’s tired of his family, he hasn’t had a vacation in years, and he’s about to lose his job. Miserable and dreading telling his wife, Victoria, about being fired, he stops on the side of the road where he encounters a peculiar stranger. Promising Greg everything he’s ever wanted, the man in black offers a deal with a heavy price. The stranger wants Greg’s soul in exchange for lust fueled powers, and that’s just the beginning.

The thing about temptation is that the one being tempted doesn’t always see what lurks beneath the surface. Making some deals can bring pleasure, but they have a price. The price to be paid can be one that, in the end, isn’t so much poetic as it is a harsh mistress of justice.

The ten book series follows the choices of Greg as he makes a deal that comes with a very telling price. As things unfold in each part of the series, the town where he lives falls further and further under his sway, various people are corrupted and transformed along the way. The heat in the series comes mainly from the transformations and the erotica that follows from them.

There is an overall plot, and the series stays fairly close to that plot throughout, but there’s a tendency for each part to mainly focus on the erotic and that leaves a lot of plots half-told, others barely touched upon and in the end, the most interesting point of the climax, and the character involved, gets skimmed over in the rush to concluding the series.

Overall, that’s the main problem with this work, it’s told in a rush, there’s not all that much character development or time spent in exploring the characters after they are changed. It’s a shame really because so many of the characters could have had quite a lot written with them, told some larger stories about resisting their change, or revelling in the power they come into.

The transformations themselves are well done and the erotica does have some heat as well. But the plot isn’t core to what’s going on, the parts of the series barely connect together and at times characters vanish into thin air once their moment is past. Sex alone isn’t that interesting, and in this series that focus upon sex didn’t work all that much for me.

Overall, the most disappointing moment in the work comes in the last book. It’s told in a rush, the moments, whether erotic or plot, stampede by and the climax of the series comes so rapidly that there’s little time for anything substantial to be told. That said, the last important transformation, and what that means for Greg, I liked. But it didn’t go as far as I’d have liked, there wasn’t time spent in at least some gloating, before the work rushed onwards to a final moment that, as in so much of the series, flew by and didn’t go into the detail I wanted to see.

The idea of the series is interesting, many of the succubi are as well. There’s an overall story that, from a mind control or transformation kink, has promise. The problem is that things happen too fast, there’s not enough story to balance the erotica. If there’d been more plot, more character development, it would have helped a lot. More so, the last book in the series could have been a lot more powerful if the climax hadn’t taken literally one page to be revealed.

Taking time to tell a story sometimes means that the erotica has to wait a while. That can make such a massive difference overall.

I’ll give this series three out of five pitchforks.

I really wish there’d have been a lot more story, more character development and some of the subplots brought more into focus. Being that each part of the series was a hot flash, there wasn’t any time for something larger to come together and when the climax came, it went by so fast that it just left me disappointed.

There is a story here, and really the transformations are interesting, but that’s not enough overall for me. Given there are so many characters that are transformed into succubi there was a subplot that might have been toyed with, but wasn’t. Given the conclusion, and the last transformation, it would have been nice to give that more impact than the flash it was.

This is certainly the longest story this author has written, but I really don’t think it is their best work and I wish it was. Gathering this series together, making this an actual novel instead of a series of hot flashes would I think help a lot.



Apr 23 2017

A Review of Call of a Succubus by April Garrus

Call of a Succubus by April Garrus

Call of a Succubus by April Garrus

I happen to think that Succubi appearing in science fiction universes can be one of the most amazing things to read. There’s a certain delight in seeing that regardless of how far humanity goes in the universe, how far their reach is, there remains passion, seduction and through that, succubi remain a presence, as mysterious as that might be.

Seduction is, after all, a need in some, a desire in others and when that comes together, the thrill in finding one’s own needs can be sated can be overwhelming. Then the question isn’t how, but who the temptation is and what they can offer in return for opening the door to a fantasy needed by another’s soul.

For heat and passion alone is only the beginning, not the end of the story after all.

The work tells the story of:

A woman has needs, but they can be hard to fill in the depths of space. Tiris Longsword, one of the greatest bounty hunters in the galaxy, is alone and unsatisfied. Too busy for men, and too frustrated for toys, she is desperate. When Oriel appears, she promises Tiris something more…something unearthly.

Tiris is conflicted. Who is Oriel? Where did she come from? Should she give in? Can she hold out? Will her life ever be the same?

Tiris is a woman on a mission, and she’s one of the best at what she’s best at… bounty hunting. But a lonely life means certain needs are let unfulfilled and needing. In the darkness of space, someone can hear her need and is more than willing. The question isn’t what Tiris needs, but rather what she will give up for Oriel’s touch and the thrill she brings.

This work is a hot flash which revolves around Tiris, who is a wonderfully complex character with needs, wants and desires looking for an outlet to sate them all. It’s a sham that the story is so short as the events before Oriel’s appearance hint at an amazingly complex story universe, Tiris, a character that has wonderful depth, and a need which provides the opening to a quest, a story, a need that could take a multitude of stories to tell properly.

While some inroads are taken to tell a small part of who Tiris is, the story leaves one mystery barely scratched upon and that is who Oriel is, what she wants, and what the place of her kind in this universe is. The raw sexual need of Tiris attracts Oriel, and the telling of the fulfillment of that need is an amazing story, but it reads, and feels, so much like a tease, a hook for Tiris and at the end of the story there’s so much left unsaid and unexplored.

Oriel, in so many ways, appears to be a succubus, acts like one, draws Tiris to her like a moth to the light. She’s powerfully seductive, hooks deeply into Tiris’ needs and desires, and the telling of that fall is wonderfully hot. There’s not much explained, little explored, and that does work in the context of the story’s moment, but leaves so much to the imagination.

The erotica has wonderful heat, the connection that Oriel has with Tiris is a delight and I loved each and every moment of the tease, the capture and the submission told. It isn’t crass, it’s not erotica without meaning, there is purpose. I just wish there had been more told of who both characters are beyond the moment of passion unleashed, fantasy fulfilled.

The work seems like the opening to Tiris going on a quest to find Oriel, to find her place in the universe. That’s a wonderfully hot story on its own, but how the story closes left me wanting, asking a lot of questions, needing more. It’s a bit of a letdown, all things considered seeing the face of Oriel’s power, her will and how Tiris react to that.

Four out of five pitchforks.

A hot flash that leaves so many questions unanswered and waiting. I’d dearly love a follow up work, telling more about Oriel, who she is, what the place of succubi in this universe is. It’s a tease, but a delightful one which leaves the hope for something more to come from this. Succubi in a sci-fi universe interests me, and when it’s done well, that’s a delight to see. More of this would be wonderful and I hope there will be.