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A bit later this week, Thanksgiving comes for part of my family. For myself and my Eternal, Thanksgiving was marked a bit earlier in the year, but that is a quirk of how things are. Still, the thing about Thanksgiving is that one should, always, have something to be …


By TeraS


There are many days which the Realm’s calendar celebrates through the year, days marked for moments which have special note. Each of them is unique and singular in its appearance. Each, that is, save for one. For, in the Realm, there are two Thanksgivings to be celebrated every year.

Perhaps it is more accurate to say that there is the Thanksgiving which is marked because of a certain monarch’s adoration of a certain country; red, as an aside, has a lot to do with that adoration—the snow and hockey is a side benefit … supposedly. And then there is the Thanksgiving that is something a bit more unique.

As the nights turn colder and the snows start to whisper upon the winds, there is a day set aside when, for the monarchs of the Realm, thanks is to be given. While elsewhere there are many enjoying a turkey coma or preparing for the mad rush of the following day to shop until they drop, this Thanksgiving of the Realm isn’t that.

Formality isn’t part of the event, nor is there ceremony, nor programs, nor announcements made. While the entire Realm knows of the day, it is assumed that things work out as they do with the first Thanksgiving being held and many express that thanks similarly. There are gatherings where many congregate, a special time where those that missed the first can refresh their ties, tell of the year past, and express their hopes and more for the future.

One might think of it as a makeup holiday, or perhaps a backup plan should they miss out on the first celebration held. Thankfully the meals are made anew as, generally, most delectables would be somewhat stale by the time of the second celebration. Some are lucky enough to celebrate both days, having decided that two thanksgivings are better then a single one alone. This is now the expected understanding, the belief that has become, overall, what is expected. However, there is another aspect of this second moment of thankfulness that few have witnessed or understood.

That thanks begins with a certain Queen with hair of ebony and horns of red, locating a specific book in the home she dwells in with her Eternal. The book is dog-eared, having been passed down through generations before. Leafing through the pages, she sees the cursive script of those she thinks of often: a mother she knew for a flicker of time; a grandmother who held her in the after. Another page turned and the precise handwriting of her aunt, the one that Tera takes her fashion sense from, appears. About the middle of the collected thoughts, writing in red appears, having made a series of notes; Tera, of course, holds those mulling thoughts in high esteem, for the writer of these points, after all, knows of what he speaks. Lines upon lines of commentary flow over the pages, distant hands in time reaching out through the yellowing paper to the present. They tell of the secrets, lessons learned, experiments made. Trials of this idea or that thought, some which were perfect, others a bit less so.

From the description, one might think the book holds a secret, and they would be right in that. But it isn’t the secret of some part of the Realm, nor an explanation of the mysteries of the succubi and incubi. It’s a far more important, and dearly treasured, secret.

If there is one passion, outside of … passion … that is adored by the Queen, it is the delight she has in gathering the ingredients needed, the utensils required, and settling them upon the countertop within her cherished refuge from the world. For when Tera is baking, and it is a cheesecake … well, one does not interrupt an artist at her craft.

As she carefully constructs her delight, the bemused red-tail cannot help the smile which comes in knowing that cheesecake has several different meanings. There’s a particular sparkle in her so-green eyes that comes when she mentions cheesecake to some and the recipient seems to be expecting something far more erotic than what is offered. It’s a shame, really, because there’s delight in the exquisite texture and taste in these confections she creates. Cheesecake is, after all, such a suggestive word at times, whether or not one is paying attention to her words while being held by her so-green eyes.

Her Eternal wanders in from time to time, being sure not to disturb his raven beauty’s concentration. Still, in spite of himself, he does hold a can of Redi-Whip, which happens to be in the way as he looks through the fridge. But his Queen is on a mission, and a wave of a batter-covered wooden spoon gives warning. The reply is, of course, a promise that when her baking is done, he’ll be doing something with that spoon and the creamy delight to a certain red-tail’s red tail.

Tera tries—really, she does—not to rush things too much. The recipe is very clear on that point. The crust must be made perfectly, the filling as well. The cherries must be made into the perfect sauce, of an exact colour. Cheesecake, as she is wont to say, is both pleasing to the eyes and to the palate.

As noon arrives, the preparation is complete. The cheesecake rests in the fridge, Redi-Whip having been removed to make room for it. What happens with the wooden spoon and the cream of delight is something best left to the imagination, though it may well involve the Redi-Whip, which cannot be left to get warm, after all.

Still, the time comes when a mane of wild ebony hair needs to be tamed, if slightly. There’s no need for anything formal, neither Eternal dressed up more than sweaters and jeans. There’s no travel involved, for the invitations are for always on this day. Keith’s time has been spent putting the rest of their home into place, the cheesecake having its place upon the dessert table. There is some fretting, of course, from the Queen, making sure that everything is in its place and every place has its thing.

Then, in the mid-afternoon, their family arrives. The fence gives way to a door to allow her heart and his beloved to appear. Song comes, as does Tera’s angel. A brother from far away appears, sisters from an island far away. A cloaked figure slips in, there to watch, to be there. Family both near and far, some seen often, others but once in a blue moon. Aunts and uncles, some with hockey on their minds, pop in soon after. The home fills with the light of family and the love shared with all. Each comes with her or his own moment to be shared, the thanks to be given.

In all of the moments shared and thanks given, there comes a moment when Tera’s offering is divided. To be given, freely. With each slice served, as each soul touches the plate Tera holds, she gives thanks. Her thanks are for a Goddess of light that created this family, a mother that brought her into being and another that did the impossible. Her thoughts are thanks for her heart, her song, an angel that loves her, a brother she holds dearly. She gives thanks for her sister, for all of those that she calls her family and that hold her in that same love.

Before the party ends, there is one part of this Thanksgiving that seems a bit like a ceremony, a bit like tradition: as the guests depart, they each write a small note in the book. Those greetings and memories—and the occasional suggestion about the colour of the cherry sauce—help Her Majesty be inspired for the next Thanksgiving.

There’s always one slice left, one bit of the offering left, when all are enjoying the fruits of her offering. It’s the final piece, the one that she drizzles some cherry sauce over. The one that she carries over to her Eternal to be shared with him.

There are many reasons to give thanks on this day, but the most important of all is to be giving thanks for the love of a family, love that lives in the day, in the book, in the dessert.

For that thanks is forever given.

A Review of Magical Fun & Demonic Charm by Elizabeth Violet

Magical Fun & Demonic Charm by Elizabeth Violet

Magical Fun & Demonic Charm by Elizabeth Violet

The stories about Succubi that I love the most are the ones in which the succubus isn’t what you might expect her to be. She can be a little evil, though I prefer naughty of course. Her personality can be delightfully seductive, which I think matters a lot actually to Succubi as a whole. But the one thing that just has to happen is that she’s not, at all, stereotypically an “evil succubus” because that’s boring and it’s been done far too many times before.

Discovering a short work in which the succubus is a delight, the story has soul and what happens at the end just makes me smile in ways that only those that know the Queen herself can understand. After all, there’s always time for a sweet treat… after a sweet treat.

The work tells of:

A man named Grant finally finds time to go hiking. And when he wakes up to a mysterious voice, he goes to investigate, and finds himself face to face with a strange woman in lingerie with a tail, wings, and horns. While she ultimately wants one thing from him, this succubus is also quite the tease. He winds up charmed by her magic and eventually drained of energy by her supernatural wiles, but at least he’ll be fine in the morning.

Grant goes on a hike to explore and along the way he discovers a mischievous succubus called Nymlia who sees him as a delicious treat. There’s no resisting a succubus when she’s hungry when she winks, smiles and does… everything Grant fantasies about.

The work is a very short, but deliciously hot flash that I think worked really well. Nymlia is a wonderfully captivating character, not only for her being a bemused succubus with naughtiness on her mind. There’s depth to her, a past, a need and that drives the story forwards. The erotic moments that unfold as Nymlia has her way with Grant aren’t nasty or evil, but they are a succubus having fun with her morsel as she enjoys him.

That’s the thing here, overall. This isn’t a story of darkness wrapped in wonders of sexual delight, there’s a connection between them both. A feeling that while the story is so dearly short, there’s something that might come next to tell more. It’s the promise of the characters in the end of the story that ties things up well and just made me smile.

The erotica has lovely heat, as I’ve noted, the story, again while short, does tell a full story, not leaving things lost along the way. There’s a focus to Nymlia’s personality, her playing with Grant. It makes sense and it’s not so far over the top as to lose the playful sensuality that is built up over the story.

If there’s one problem, that is the work is so dearly short. There’s a path in the ending to follow that I’d love to see. Beyond that, the little plot points that Nymlia drops here and there just beg to be expanded on. There’s a history behind her, and Grant, it seems and whatever that is, I think telling more of that is what’s missing here. Well written, there’s nothing that took me out of the story, the characters I adore and Nymlia herself is one of a very few Succubi characters that I’ve adored this year.

Four out of five pitchforks.

It’s a shame that the author didn’t expand the story more, or turn the encounter between Nymlia and Grant into something larger than it is. There’s so much to love here, and so much is managed to be done with the story. It’s just the little teases along the way leave me wanting more than there is.

After all, how could I not love a story in which a succubus… bakes.



A Tribute YouTube for Morrigan… figurines

Just about every YouTube that is a tribute for Morrigan Aensland focuses on her artwork. Today on the Tale a tribute that does have some art but more interestingly, there’s quite a lot of images of figurines and statuettes of Morrigan that I found rather unique…


If you cannot see this video here on the Tale, please try this link.

Rather than sharing one of the pieces df art, this time I’m going to share an image of a collection of Morrigan figurines. I have a few of them, some are dearly expensive, but it’s a unique image…

Morrigan Aensland Figurines

All of these figurines are on the SuccuWiki of course, they all being only available on the preowned market or as garage kit knock-offs from time to time. The largest figurine is the Max Factory one, which is an amazing work of art reality. I think only one other large scale figurine of Morrigan has come close to this one, that being the Nurse Morrigan one, but I like this one better…

Something different and interesting, I do wish however some of the video was sharper than it is…



A Review of Breeding A Demon: Seduced by a Succubus by Georas Sphinx

Breeding A Demon: Seduced by a Succubus by Georas Sphinx

Breeding A Demon: Seduced by a Succubus by Georas Sphinx

In the telling of a story, there needs to be focus, To tell of an encounter, regardless of who it is or what happens, without expanding on the why of things is a shame. In the creation of the mystery, in the building of a story, it’s not enough to say a character is needed. There needs to be more.

In the same way, a work that opens a series should, by the end, offer a reason to find he next work, to offer what comes next. A story that comes to a screeching halt leaves a lot to be desired, and a lot more to be questioned.

It’s also important for the main character to be true to themselves, really for all characters to have a core that remains. Losing that, over the course of telling a story, is troublesome without a meaning for what happens.

The work tells of:

Unimpressed with life Jack gets seduced by a Succubus for a very special purpose. To breed the life back into magical creature folk. Will Jack sex up the fantasy creatures? Or will the Succubus fail in her bid to get Jack to impregnate not just her but all the other creatures and save the entire magic race?

Jack’s life isn’t exactly the happiest, or most inspiring. Seeing a redhead across a bar, and gaining some liquid courage, he meets Vivian, a succubus who wants something from him. But is what she wants and what Jack needs the same thing, or is it the opening to all of Jack’s dreams and nightmares?

The work focuses on the main character Jack, who overall is at times difficult to like overall. That’s mainly to his attitude at times and the internal monologue that reads somewhat two-dimensional at many points. His personality and character really doesn’t come to the fore until he meets Vivian and the story begins to move onwards.

Vivan, the succubus of the work, I thought was interesting, not being all that much a stereotypical succubus by any means. Her focus is on a lovely seduction and temptation which Jack falls into. It works really well and in being so there’s a good deal of heat. It’s not overly erotic, nor does it overcome the story either. There’s a reasonably good balance between Vivan’s succubus powers and her delight in drawing Jack to her.

While the characters slowly gain traction and the story becomes more involved, there’s a real lack of time spent in delving into an overarching plot. There’s a hint of it, but that is in passing and it’s soon pushed aside for the next sexual encounter between Jack and Vivian. The story, erotically, pushes on beyond that, but as more characters appear, they are present for the sexual aspects and not for their character, which I thought was a shame.

The work is short, feeling rushed at many points. At several points the story read as if a section was missing. Similarly, the length didn’t allow for the plot to really be explained, the characters to tell something more about themselves. There’s an attempt to do so, but it’s lacking.

The work needs another editing pass to correct the numerous spelling and misused words as well as the occasional narrative that doesn’t go anywhere. There’s story to be told, Vivian I do like a lot as a succubus. Telling more of her story needs to happen in the next part of the series at least and beyond that, revealing the overall plot would add a lot as well.

Two and a half out of five pitchforks.

There is promise here, it just needs to get out from under the erotica and through the circular moments the characters go through. Perhaps that will happen, I hope it will because the why of things is what I’m interested in.



Succubi Image of the Week 513

Figure studies can be either really boring or, if the artist is so inclined, really something special This week’s succubi image is said to be a figure study by the artist, but what they have created is a delightfully sexy and fun succubus most of all.

Enchanting your heart (female study) by Naaura

Enchanting your heart (female study) by Naaura


You can find the original page on DeviantArt where I found this wonderful artwork here and this artist’s page on DeviantArt can be found here.

Her miffed expression just makes me smile and that brings the rest of her character into focus by being such a strong influence on her overall look. The little bit of colour that comes from her tail and eyes is a neat touch and really the gauntlets she wears are more than enough clothing for her look.

While the art looks to be simple, there’s a lot of little details in her horns, hair and eyes. There might not be as much over her body, but putting so much into her expression and mood there alone brings everything together just perfectly.

I’d love to see her in a webcomic of some kinds, possibly as the antagonist of the series. She just has a look that says “don’t tick me off” and that brings about so many stories to tell.



It’s a bit bland as a costume really…

Basic Devil CostumeThere are some costumes that are rather plain looking. There’s not really so much style as there is just the semblance of presence. They aren’t sexy, they aren’t seductive either. Overall I can’t say they are much more than the “safe” choice when all is considered. Perhaps for some they are an option, some they are not, but if nothing else, this costume isn’t tacky. It is bland however.

This is called the Basic Devil Costume and it comes with the dress, wings, the chinch belt and the horns the model is wearing. The wig and stockings are not included, nor are the heels and this costume sells for about $45 US, but it can be found on sale for as little as $22 US.

I would, in all honesty, think about this as an option if I was going to be reading a story to some younger ones at Halloween. It’s not over the top, it isn’t blatantly sexual either. It is the sort of costume to be worn where being sexy, being seductive might not be the best of ideas.

That said, I wouldn’t use the belt, that looks awful. The dress needs a little modifying, the wings I would, likely use, they aren’t tacky or silly really either. I like the stockings as well, but the shoes might be better as red rather than red.

It’s a nice, simple and cute costume that works in “polite” company…

Three and a half out of five pitchforks.

Sometimes simple can be attractive and this I think is an example of that being true.



A Review of Lethia: Demonic Desire by Saria Darkwood

Lethia: Demonic Desire by Saria Darkwood

Lethia: Demonic Desire by Saria Darkwood

The cover of an ebook doesn’t always reflect the story within. A case in point is the work I am reviewing today where there’s a disconnect between the visuals and the story itself. That said, the summary however drew my attention and made me wonder what was going to happen from the opening page.

My view of succubi is that they don’t end those they are with and finding a work in which that’s present is a good thing. It’s more so when the main character actually tells of her thoughts, her needs, her desires and more. Being a succubus isn’t necessarily the need within, but managing to tell that story, and not making a mess of it, takes some doing.

  • Title: Lethia: Demonic Desire
  • Author: Saria Darkwood
  • Published By: Amazon Digital Services
  • Length: 15 Pages
  • Format: eBook
  • ASIN: B0779BWL5N
  • Publishing Date: November 8, 2017
  • This work in Kindle Format at


The work tells of:

Enter the life of Lethia, a Succubi who relishes her existence as a seductive temptress. She is bent on the moral destruction of anyone she chooses. For so long, Lethia has found pleasure at the expense of those under her spell and their inability to resist her. Now she has found her newest victim, a devout man that she is longing to corrupt. Only, Lethia’s new prey may be more than she bargained for.

The hunger within Lethia presses her to consume the lusts of others. It’s a need that, for her, is most satisfying when her control is almost, but not quite, lost. On the edge she spies her next meal, hunting and confronting him. But some humans aren’t quite what they seem and sometimes the light within them is the most delicious meal of all.

The work is a short hot flash which I thought did well in telling Lethia’s story, explaining her past and the encounters she’s been in before. Her reflections on the reactions of those that she has fed on are quite telling, and honestly I’d have liked the author to tell more of those before the core plot of the story came into being. Not so much for the heat, but how Lethia seduced and enthralled others so there was something to compare her actions in this work to.

Lethia seems to be wild, on the edge, and that’s mainly to her allowance of the need and hunger to control her. That’s a dangerous thing for a succubus to do and as the story turns towards the climax, that’s core to what comes next. Sometimes the hunter and prey switch roles and when that happens, the heat sometimes doesn’t quite play out well.

I’m avoiding telling who Lethia is attracted to because that’s something which, when the heat comes, tells something about her kind and the hunger which I think on its own needs to be told. There’s something delicious about the coupling, the need in both characters and more. I couldn’t help but smile as Emrick and Lethia came, both in an understanding and erotically.

The work ends far too soon and the ending itself just needs something to follow this work. It’s an amazingly open point, one that, for me, is dearly attractive. Overall, I liked this work not for the erotica, but rather the theological musing I have from the story which some will understand.

There are a number of spelling and word errors in the work, but more so, the issue with the writing is the rush to move through the story so quickly. There’s no time for reflection, to muse about Lethia and what’s going on really. That’s a reflection of the drive within her of course, but that didn’t work for me. The heat is a bit over the top, bordering on tipping over the edge into something that’s dark and nasty, but the author managed to avoid that.

The story is too rushed as a whole. There is some character development, but it’s more to tell of who Lethia is and why she’s attracted to the other in this work. The ending is too abrupt and there’s a need for another editing pass to allow the story to flow better.

I liked Lethia for her not being completely stereotypical, but perhaps what’s missing here is something of a revelation between her and the other character in this work. That piece of the puzzle might very well have made this a lot more than it is.

Three out of five pitchforks.

There needs to be a story to follow this one. There’s a really interesting last line that is double-edged and telling that story with these characters would be something to see. The light calling to a succubus isn’t impossible. It’s what the succubus does with the light that I find fascinating.