Dec 08 2017

A Review of Night of the Succubus by Jay Aury

Night of the Succubus by Jay Aury

Night of the Succubus by Jay Aury

There are some stories that read more like a snapshot of a larger tale. An inkling of a larger plot, a deeper story about the characters to be told. It’s entirely possible to tell a story where the heat is delightful, the succubus is temptation and danger mixed in one. The problem becomes where the story offers hints of something more, and never really delivers on that.

History matters in a story, skimming over the surface leaves something to be desired. In a story about a succubus and a character being ensnared by lust, drive and need, leaving out the why of things just takes something away from all the good that otherwise comes.

  • Title: Night of the Succubus
  • Author: Jay Aury
  • Published By: Amazon Digital Services
  • Length: 17 Pages
  • Format: eBook
  • Publishing Date: December 5, 2017
  • This work in Kindle Format at

The work tells of:

For weeks Renee Lanair has hunted the demon through the woods. Following the trail of bodies, twisted in agony and ecstasy. But the trail is warm, and the hunt nears its conclusion. But far too easily, the hunter may become the hunted.

Renee has been hunting the most evil of temptations for some time now. Her search has revealed the depths of the evil that she must end for the sake of all. But the evil is seductive and knows all of the little unspoken secrets that lurk within Renee herself. Temptation is hard to resist and at the mercy of a succubus, it’s so very difficult to resist temptation herself.

The work is a hot flash in which Renee finds herself at the mercy of what is one of the most delightfully teasing dominant succubus characters that I have read of late. The succubus, who is never named, is dearly dominant, takes control of the story and brings Renee through a series of trails in which some lovely succubus mind control comes into play. The action itself is well told, the heat in the moment is really well done.

The problem is, however, that there is a history between the two characters that isn’t delved into, past events are mentioned and not explored. Perhaps the one thing that bothers me the most is how stereotypically evil the succubus is. In spite of her personality, which offers so much to tell, she has a single focus, acts in every way one might expect from a two-dimensional succubus character and that’s just so disappointing when the story comes to a close.

I like succubi that tease and tempt their prey and in this the story tells the most wonderful dialogue and outcomes. But the story also tells, quite clearly, that the succubus cares about one thing and is singularly set on that. It’s a shame because in the midst of what happens to Renee and what the succubus toys her with, there’s so many opportunities to flesh out both characters and tell a larger story.

As this work is so short, there’s a feeling that this is a scene in a larger work overall and, honestly, it’s that larger work that I want to read about based on this hot flash. Tell of the succubus, how she came to be in this world, what she wants. Explain how Renee got involved, what her past is. Most of all, the work ends in a way that, honestly, could be taken in a lot of interesting ways and not the expected one that the beginning of the work suggests.

While the work is very well written, the voices of the characters are strong and there’s excellent storytelling, the missing history takes something away overall. There  are also several minor spelling and word errors here and there in the work that come at some very inopportune moments. One more editing pass would be very helpful to make this work stronger overall.

The work is too short, there’s too many hints about a larger story that aren’t used which is a shame. It’s also rather disappointing that the succubus is never given a name, she also acts a bit too stereotypical for my liking as well. There’s a good story to be told about Renee and the succubus, how they came to this encounter and its outcome, but that’s glossed over.

Three and a half out of five pitchforks.

Telling the story of the succubus in a larger context I think would be really interesting. This is a good basis for that, but the work as it is leaves me disappointed in where the tone went and how things turned out. It didn’t have to and that’s more the shame really.



Dec 07 2017

Succubi Image of the Week 516

There are some images of Succubi which tell a story and sometimes that story is the most delightful of things to wonder about… This week’s Succubi image shows one of the Succubi telling of what the cards hold for another… And she seems to be the one that’s holding all of the cards…

Tarot Card Cigarello Succubus by Sabtastic

Tarot Card Cigarello Succubus by Sabtastic

This work is called Tarot Card Cigarello Succubus and is by an artist on DeviantArt called Sabtastic. You can find the original page on DeviantArt were I found this art here and this artist’s page can be found here.

What really strikes me about this art is the limited coiours the artist chose and how things just mesh together in the most perfect way. It’s not just the setting itself, which offers such a wonderful story in a single image, but beyond that the succubus herself is just amazing.

Her expression is not quite unreadable, there’s a neat little hint of mischievousness, the casual air of how she’s holding her cigarette, the wildness of her mane. She’s just this perfect image of a seductress knowing what the other wishes and is tempting them with what she knows…

Lovely art and please do visit this artist’s page!



Dec 06 2017

I shudder to imagine the “Queen” that would be wearing this costume…

Demonic Queen CostumeThere are some costumes that i cannot quite see what they are trying to be. For example, there’s a certain look that a Queen, whatever they might be, should have. A presence, a look, the expression of who they are. Then there’s this disaster of a costume, which has none of the above.

This is called the Demonic Queen Costume and it comes with the red velvet dress with a black waist cincher. The horns are attached to the hood and that is part of the dress itself. There are no other items sold with this costume, what you see is what you get and it sells for $60 US.

I have so many issue with this, not the least of which comes to the question of just where, exactly, is the look of a Queen in this mess? It’s so very plain, unappealing and has little power, seductiveness or for that matter, style that I would expect any Queen to have.

The horns are silly looking, the dress is not at all flattering, really it looks like someone took some curtains and cut them into a dress.

I’ll refrain from comparing this to my own SuccuDress, mainly because there’s no comparison at all. This is tacky, poor in style and form and it does nothing for me at all.

Zero pitchforks out of five.

A Queen should never be plain and this is not meant for a Queen.



Dec 05 2017

A Review of Demon Familiar by Jory Strong

Demon Familiar by Jory Strong

Demon Familiar by Jory Strong

Quite some time ago I found a work that expressed the duality of Succubi and Incubi in their traditional forms in some very interesting ways. What I enjoyed most of all was that what the Succubus or Incubus is, depending on the moment in the story, isn’t what you would expect. Recently that work has reappeared, being reissued by the author and so today on the Tale, a revisiting of this work.

Existence is a many faceted thing, both wonderful and confusing. But there are some things that do not change, are not willing to be other than who they are. Gender doesn’t matter when, in truth, it is the soul that matters most.

That makes the story even more delicious…

The story is told as:

Pulled from the void by a binding spell, demon essence becomes mortal-familiar, and Ianthe forms, yielding to her preference for the female shape. She longs to live a human life, to love as a human, and while she’s escaped the dark realm and the lord she called master, she can’t escape her nature.

Incubus, succubus, Ianthe is able to shift between male and female forms, though both aspects need to be fed. She could have any man, but it’s Homicide Detective Miguel Torres she wants, the man who unknowingly summoned and bound her. Their attraction is intense, immediate, and Miguel believes he’ll never want another—until he meets Ian, Ianthe’s mysterious twin.

Attempting to withstand needs and urges denied since childhood, Miguel buries himself in Ianthe’s lush body as he battles his attraction to Ian. Then drowns in shame when he succumbs to it—only to have the murder of a gay teen force him to revisit the past…before he loses his future.

The story is, at least to me, a fascinating one. It is the duality of what Succubi and Incubi are in one interpretation, that being a single being that can take both female and male forms and switch between the two of them at will… That’s something that hasn’t been written about very much and is a refreshing change of story ideas to me.

Miguel is a police detective in a world where supernatural beings exist side by side with humanity. They look like humans, they have jobs and lives much like humans, but they also have to deal with their supernatural abilities which can make things interesting at the least and troublesome in the extreme. His friends are supernatural or supernatural/human mixes, though he is not fully aware of all that goes on around him until he becomes involved with Ianthe.

Ianthe is a Succubus. She has been in this world before and forced into doing some evil things by her master at that time, but she has broken free and Miguel accidentally summons her. It turns out that only he could have because of the needs he has within him and what Ianthe is.

Ianthe is both male and female. Incubus and Succubus. And she is exactly what Miguel needs in order to find happiness in his life. Tat realization takes some time and Ianthe and her male form Ian make things more complicated. Miguel’s friends also doubt Ianthe’s promise that she does not want to hurt him and that makes things more complicated still, though eventually she does find friends and defenders that if not support her, at least understand her.

There are male/male and male/female sexual situations of course, but they are not the point of the story. Of course they are hot and need to be there to move the story along, but the story is not one sex scene after the next.

It is a thoughtful exploration of what it means to know oneself. Who you are, what you are, and why you are. That’s cryptic, but needs to be as the story is so focused on that theme that revealing more of it would be doing a disservice to the work.

I give it four and a half pitchforks out of five.

That the work is enthralling, well written and I think well worth reading for anyone that wants to see another view of Succubi and Incubi that isn’t what you would expect in so many interesting ways.



Dec 03 2017

A Review of Snatched by a Succubus by Asherah Lexus

Snatched by a Succubus by Asherah Lexus

Snatched by a Succubus by Asherah Lexus

The thing about stories which involve succubi is that there’s a point where the succubus herself really needs to be more than a shadow regardless of her teasing nature or otherwise. By that I mean that in some stories the succubus is described but once, mostly in passing, and then she’s in the story, but not so much so.

There’s a disconnect between the need to tell a story, to focus on the main character and allow for the succubus, who drives the story onwards, to be part of things. Smoke and mirrors is one thing, it can add to the mystery, but at the same time not detailing that aspect of the succubus leaves something missing I think.

  • Title: Snatched by a Succubus
  • Author: Asherah Lexus
  • Published By: Little Pen Publishing
  • Length: 17 Pages
  • Format: eBook
  • ASIN: B077WT6L55
  • Publishing Date: December 2, 2017
  • This work in Kindle Format at

The work tells of:

Waylaid by a storm whilst backpacking through Transylvania, Dave seeks shelter in an abandoned manor-house, delirious from the cold. He wakes weak and disorientated, unable to find his clothes or pack, and trapped like a rat in a cage within the ancient dwelling.

A sinister feminine force seems to stalk him through its corridors, and creepily, the dilapidated building begins to repair itself around him. At last, an ebony-haired beauty presents herself, watching lustfully, licking her lips, and telling him tales that must be the delusions of her mind. She takes him captive, depriving him of his clothes, and forcing herself upon him. She must be crazy, reasons, these must be delusions of her mind …

They simply must … mustn’t they?

Dave finds himself at the end of his rope, ill prepared for the adventure he started out on. The world is against him and having no other options the sight of an ancient building gives him hope to survive. But the dark woman at the door has been waiting for him, and now he is hers.

Overall there’s actually very little in the way of erotica in the work. That’s not a bad thing really because there’s a lot of time taken to construct the story, tell of what happens to Dave and his discovery that the darkness around him is so very real. There’s a good deal of mystery that surrounds that, the shifting of realities is well done as a whole. I liked how the truth of the succubus, as it was drawn out, made sense as well.

But the succubus, who has no name, though that is an important part of the mythos that Dave discovers, isn’t fully within the story. She appears fleetingly in her human form, more often in another, and while that allows for some fetish erotic aspects to be told, I just didn’t find them attractive. They are too rushed, glossed over slightly and being so the aspect of exploring those fetishes doesn’t happen. Similarly, when the succubus speaks, she’s not really saying much of anything, her tone is more of a cat playing with its prey. Her tone, and how she refers to Dave is a clear point about this.

The work is far too short, having the opening setting up of the story taking up quite a number of pages. The author divided the story into four chapters, but honestly each chapter needed to be fleshed out more in a lot of ways. Perhaps most to the point, the erotica needs to have more heat. Whether that’s in passion or something more in a BDSM theme, that heat would add a lot to the work.

The writing is good, there’s only a few minor issues with grammar and spelling, but nothing terribly distracting. But again the erotica seems to be missing heat, the mystery needs more fleshing out and most of all, the succubus herself needs to be part of the story whether in revealing her past, her needs or how things came to be. Missing pieces to be told which would make things far more interesting and complete as a work if they happened.

Three out of five pitchforks.

Overall I thought the story has a unique aspect of succubi to examine, though perhaps the story might have given the succubus herself more depth in character than she is. There’s a good deal of mystery of why things turn as they do and I’d have liked the work to explore how things came to be.

It’s little missing bits of story that bother me, and they really shouldn’t. That said, how things end, the story could continue and perhaps it might do so.



Dec 02 2017

The Morrigan costume is nice, the foot fetish is different

Another Morrigan Aensland cosplay video this time on the Tale. The actress is quite cute, there’s a little bit of effort taken to find a costume that looks nice, a wig that works as well. The part of this that caught me by surprise however was when the foot fetish appeared out of thin air.


In case this video cannot be seen on the Tale, please try this link.

In case the video vanishes, here’s a screenshot of the actress in her Morrigan attire at one point in the video.

Morrigan Aensland Foot Fetish Video

It’s a shame the video is so blurry, I’m sure there are other copies on the net that are far better than this is. That said, the costume is pretty accurate, the moving wings are a cute touch, and the wig does work well here.

This is just one of those videos that gave me pause, left me wondering as well. This isn’t quite “adult” though it’s quite close of course. What I think I need to find is a more adult cosplay of Morrigan.

Perhaps that will be interesting.



Dec 01 2017

A Review of Dead At First Sight by Susan Hart

Dead At First Sight by Susan Hart

Dead At First Sight by Susan Hart

The emotional tone of a story matters in that without an emotional connection there’s a flatness to a work. The passion come not only from that which the characters have, but the tone of their voices, the edge in their aspects and how that drives the narrative onwards.

A review then of an anthology work today on the Tale in which one of the stories has the appearance of a succubus within. As is my usual method of reviewing anthologies, I will be focusing my review on the story in which the succubus appears and then an overall rating for the collection as a whole.

The collection tells of:

  • A Magical Day at the Coffee Shop – What if someone gave you, a college student working in a coffee bar, a magical device that could make things – any desire or dream you’ve ever had, happen?
  • Dearly Departing Vampire Lover, is all about two of the last vampires on earth. The only thing they have to contend with is roving bands of renegade humans. One of them develops wanderlust and discovers a group of humans and vampires cohabiting in the woods. Will this be the last nail in their coffins?
  • Immortal, But Dying — is about a world where all of the male vampires are either dead, or sick and dying, and how the female vampires cope – or not
  • Succubus – A woman is seduced by a succubus; a being in a female form, who drains her of both her sexual, and life energy
  • The Mummified Monkey’s Paw, is about an odd young man and an even odder curio shop, which he’s frequented all of his adult life.

The collection of stories is multifaceted and there’s quite a variation overall. For the work called Succubus I think the author’s summary works well save for perhaps adding at the end: Sometimes the reality we have never should be rejected for the fantasy offered.

The succubus of this work doesn’t actually appear very much overall. The work tells the story from the main character’s perspective and as such there’s little time allowed for the succubus to become much more than a means to an end within the work. She barely speaks, her need and goals are seemingly clear from her first appearance.

The story reads rather linear and the title itself gives a large hint as to how things develop and what happens to Avery over time. Avery herself seems dearly disconnected from events quite often and I think that’s a reflection of her personality and relationships overall. There’s a hurt throughout the work which seems to dampen any heat that was built up over time.

There’s just this overwhelming melancholy that, for me, seems to overpower this story and the stories in the collection themselves. It feels like a theme, which I can appreciate. However that took away from the more tender and emotional notes overall. Nonetheless, the collection reflects on the author’s talents very well.

The work ends in a way that takes the erotic heat and moves things towards the stereotypical aspect of succubi that I don’t particularly care for. That’s not to say it doesn’t make sense, for it does. The effects of the succubus are clearly told, the ebb and flow of what Avery faces is quite telling and unmistakable. It’s just so dearly sad, so disconnected emotionally that something’s missing in the telling.

For Succubus, I’ll give this work three and a half out of five pitchforks and the same for the collection as a whole.

An interesting collection of stories which passes through quite a number of supernatural and magical themes. Worth picking up and reading as the story telling is excellent in depth and care taken to tell the stories. I’d only wish there was something more positive appearing overall in each part of the collection than there is.