Apr 24 2016

A Review of Spring Break Ecstasy by Maxwell Avoi

Spring Break Ecstasy by Maxwell Avoi

Spring Break Ecstasy by Maxwell Avoi

I’ve reviewed many of the stories written by Maxwell Avoi here on the Tale as from time to time succubi appear as minor characters, or are the theme of their works, or the main character is transformed into, or by, a succubus.

Their works focus upon gender swapping and transformation as a whole and the author writes well in this genre. The work I will be reviewing this time has a minor succubus-like character appearing in the work, whom acts more as a means of information than anything else. But in her short appearances, I thought she was interesting in her own way.

It is the story of:

Larry woke up as Lacey, for no reason that he (now she) could see. What is this compulsion to head to the beach in her briefest bikini, and how is it connected to both Spring Break…and the staff of local strip club Absolute Ecstasy? And why, when her mind is still male, does she feel such an attraction…such a HEAT…for a guy she’s never met before?

Larry wakes up to find that he is now a she, and the universe seems to believe that Lacey has always been who she is. A mystery awaits, questions need to be answered, but the biggest one is why she remembers her past and no one else does. Compelled by magic is only the beginning for Lacey as she encounters her new reality and what it means for her.

The work tells the story of Lacey as she tries to deal with her new reality, to understand why things have happened to her and why it is that she cannot help herself from her desires. But it’s a little bit more than that in how, when she meets someone, that changes things and a cute little romance starts to unfold.

There are some ups and downs, a rough point in which magic takes a hand in things, but there’s a lovely connection that forms between Lacey and her lover that I warmed to as the story unfolded. It is in the magic where the succubus of the story, Stacy appears. While it isn’t exactly clear that Stacy is a succubus, she has all of the aspects of one in her true physical form. Otherwise, she is the embodiment of sexuality and that comes out a lot over the course of the work.

Stacy isn’t stereotypical, thankfully, and being so there’s a kind of “wish fulfillment” aspect to her character that I liked. I also enjoyed the descriptions of her effects on others, and the secrets that were revealed as well. There’s a strong hint as to why she’s part of this work from the moment she appears, but the reveal manages to keep buried in the plot through the erotica.

While the characters were quite good, the reveal as to why things happened, why Lacey came to be, is, at least for me, a little bit thin. When the time comes for explanations, the answers are given so quickly and off handedly, that they seemed a bit rote, a bit rehearsed and not quite believable. It seemed rushed, needing to be dealt with as soon as can be in order to make room for the ending.

The ending would be fine for the most part, except that the reason for how the work ends, what the cause is, and what it means is, I felt, tacked onto the end. I was hoping for something more substantial, but it isn’t. Again, as the explanation for the main plot was, it seemed very off handed, quickly dealt with, and it didn’t quite work for me.

Setting all that aside, the writing is very good, the characters have depth, and I liked the story as a whole. But it’s difficult to reconcile the story with the ending and the reasons why.

Three and a half out out of five pitchforks.

A cute little mystery, characters that hold their own, but in the end, the reasons for why things happened weren’t quite up to the author’s usual standards. Nor was the ending, which seemed a bit of a cop out in the end.



Apr 23 2016

Just an interesting Succubus commercial

Once upon a time there was a cartoon series called Ugly Americans. For those that are not aware, it had to do with the day to day lives of various supernatural beings in America. For the last season of the series, a series of web commercials were created, and one of them happened to feature a Succubus…


And if you cannot see the video here on the Tale, please try this link:


The Succubus was played by the burlesque star Edie Nightcrawler, and here is an image of her all Succubused up…

Edie Nightcrawler as the Succubus

Edie Nightcrawler as the Succubus

When looking at this spot, it should be noted that they were on a very tight budget, and didn’t really have a lot of time to make things work.

I think, for me, the interesting thing isn’t so much how the succubus looks here, but rather what she talks about and so on. I think it’s a rather unique outlook on being a succubus in this particular situation.

I have to give full marks for the scenes in the streets and more so that Edie was able to do what she did here.

While I didn’t care for the series much, the humour just didn’t connect with me, I found this fascinating to watch unfold… Even if that took a good deal of trying to ignore the look of the succubus here.



Apr 22 2016

A Review of World’s Shyest Succubus 3: Party Girl by Taylor Knobb

World's Shyest Succubus 3: Party Girl by Taylor Knobb

World’s Shyest Succubus 3: Party Girl by Taylor Knobb

A review of the third work in the World’s Shyest Succubus series by Taylor Knobb. You can find my first review of the series here and my second review can be found here as well on the Tale.

The thing about transformations is that while the body changes, the soul within cannot simply be allowed to be thrown away. The emotional connection with a character matters and not being true to the character in the face of whatever need, craving, or sexual act does a disservice to not just the character, but the reader that invests themselves in the story.

Being transformed into a succubus does not mean losing your conscious, yourself and your soul. The thing is, a succubus with so soul is empty and no amount of sex or wanton desire can replace the losing of one’s own soul. In the midst of ecstasy, doing the right thing matters. Always.

  • Title: World’s Shyest Succubus 3: Party Girl
  • Author: Taylor Knobb
  • Length: 19 Pages
  • Publishing Date: April 17, 2016
  • This work at Amazon.com

It tells the story of:

Adina now knows that she’s somehow been changed, turned into a succubus, and that there’s nothing that anyone can do about it for at least a few days. While she waits, though, the new hunger grows within her, and she needs to figure out what to do about that; she doesn’t want a repeat of her first day, when she was unable to stop herself from diving into bed with her roommate, Kelly. Fortunately, there’s a party on campus. Now that she has some clothing that fits her altered, outrageously curvy body, maybe she can find a willing partner at a party like that…

Adina finds that being a succubus is a complicated thing. If it isn’t her body changing, than it’s the looks she gets that make her feel more and more uncomfortable. If that isn’t enough then the need, the hunger that has been on her mind pushes her to do something she’s never done before. She’s going to a party on campus. That’s going to be something she’ll never forget and along the way, it will be something that won’t ever be forgotten either by anyone else. If they survive that is.

The single most important thing I wanted to see was Adina being herself in spite of the needs of being a succubus and thankfully the author manages to keep much of Adina’s core personality in control of things, or at least as an overriding force as the need within her to feed upon others pushes her to take and take to no end. There’s a moment when her inherent good side just says ‘stop’. It’s not done easily, and her hunger has shifted her overall thoughts about sex, about being “the good girl” but not to the point where she has lost her soul.

Adina’s body continues to transform, there being two main parts to that. One is at the end of the work when she seems to have angel-like wings, the description of which I loved and thankfully seems to be pushing Adina away from being a stereotypical succubus in her form. There’s also a bit of breast transformation as well. For much of that it doesn’t seem to be silly or over the top, but when in the midst of feeding, things just went into the realm of silly, huge, and it really didn’t do anything for me. Other transformations would have been fine really, and they are suggested, but giving her huge boobs just didn’t appeal to me.

Overall this week mainly focuses upon Adina having her first large feed and how that plays out. Some of the mind control and use of her succubus powers I enjoyed, some weren’t quite so well done. There’s one scene in the aftermath when Adina uses her powers to shift herself from the party back to her dorm room and in that moment her powers seemed… odd. During her feeding, Adina lost her clothing, which was fine. When she returned home… they were neatly folded on her bed. I can’t quite figure out how that works and it was the single moment in which the story came to a crashing halt for me. That said, otherwise all else Adina did made sense and had one lovely heat.

There are two main erotic scenes, both really are hot flashes, both in which Adina uses her powers to have her way with, in one case, a monster girl, possibly some kind of snake girl, and a rather overwhelmed male student. Both have lovely heart from the aspect of a succubus seduction and pleasuring, but I wish both had been longer and more involved. They both seemed to go far too quickly and Adina’s internal monologue I wanted more of.

I’m still unsure about the main theme of the series. While the work focuses on Adina, there seems to be more and more ‘monster girls’ appearing. I’m not really seeing a need for them honestly, they are fleetingly in the telling of the story, and don’t seem to have much of a point in being there. Hopefully that part of the series will come into focus as for the moment it seems lost.

Adina is wonderful, I love her as a succubus, how she is dealing with things. But as this work arrives at the conclusion, there seems to be a shift within herself, as if the succubus within it taking over bit by bit. I’m hoping that Adina doesn’t turn evil and stereotypical because that isn’t a story I would be interested in.

I’m interested in the girl with a conscious that has to deal with sorting out her life, herself, and what it means to her. Losing her soul for the sake of the pleasures she’s felt seems too thin and weak a storyline. I’m expecting more than this, the author has been very focused on Adina’s moral compass. Watching that spin in circles will take the series on a track that I hope will result in what I think it will.

Three out of five pitchforks.

The series remains a good read, Adina I love more and more with each work in the series. But things seem to be stalled, losing their way to a point. We’ve have Adina’s first real wild feeding, but the world is changing and there’s no explanation. There needs to be some movement about why things are as they are, but also, there needs to be something else.

The series is about Adina, or at least the title says it is. Is it really necessary to bring in more “monster girls” for the sake of a sex scene? This time it worked. I’m going to hope the author doesn’t fall into a meme that will take away the promise I see in Adina herself.



Apr 22 2016

A Review of Devil’s in the Details by Lacey Layton

Devil's in the Details by Lacey Layton

Devil’s in the Details by Lacey Layton

There is such a thing as temptation. and in the case of some that call themselves “Devil” that temptation has a tendency to turn towards the lustful, erotic, and, on occasion, the question of dominance and submission.

One of the more popular themes is when there is a challenge given, someone accepts it without thinking, and then they find that the “Devil” holds all of the cards and did so from the moment they appeared.

But even a Devil can manage to do something good in the end… sometimes. Even if they need to get in a last shot in the end for the sake of what they are.

  • Title: Devil’s in the Details
  • Author: Lacey Layton
  • Length: 22 Pages
  • ASIN: B00P8I0USQ
  • Publishing Date: November 18, 2014
  • This work at Amazon.com

The story tells of:

Derek, a young and successful lawyer, has a strange woman claiming to be a Devil in his office. The strange woman says her peers want him to join their ranks. But she thinks differently. She think the tough alpha male, the charming personality are nothing more than ruses for what he really wants. A woman to take control. Now Derek has a game to play. If he wins, he gets power beyond his dreams. If he loses, the woman is going to make sure he gets what he really wants.

If Derek could have only predicted the carnal and sensual ways the Devil plays a game…

Derek has been a liar, a cheat, and done his own share of evil for a long time. An encounter with a woman in red who claims to be a Devil offers a deal. Three tests and he can have power. If not, then what she believes he truly is will be his reality.

Derek is unlikeable, both in action, personality, and view of the world. There’s very little positive within him, being a little stereotypical in how he acts, what he says, and how difficult it is for him to accept there is a Devil in the room with him and focus on that problem. But then she’s more of a succubus than a devil in a lot of ways.

The devil is never named in the story, which is a shame, but there’s quite a lot of personality to her and beyond that, she’s the most interesting character that appears in the work. That isn’t just form her sexuality, but rather there’s a cloaked dominance that comes out over the story and I think that just worked really well.

While there is story, there’s a lot of emphasis placed on the erotica which has some hot moments as a whole. There’s a touch of mind control, domination, some personality changes and so on. She’s less a devil than a succubus as she tends to be more concerned with lust than anything else. But that’s not to say that there’s a good expression of her being dangerous and still look like sex in red.

The writing is very good, there’s nothing that took me out of the story. I would have liked more story about who she was than there is. I also would have liked more about the aftermath, what she did along the way. There’s a lot of questions about her not told and in that I just found the story lacking a bit. Not giving her a name was, as a whole, the single biggest thing for me as just calling her Devil all of the time didn’t work as far as I was concerned.

The story came up a little short when the erotica appeared. There were moments when I wanted her to explain more, tell about what was happening. I felt that she could have been more dynamic and unique that just pushing things in a certain way, for a certain purpose. There was some stereo-typicalness in her that continued through the work to the climax. The conclusion was a bit different than i expected and I think that it made the story turn in a way that reflected that. But in the end, I wanted a little bit more about her than what came.

Three and a half out of five pitchforks.

An interesting mix of erotica, manipulation, truth and consequences. I would have liked to know the Devil’s name, for one, and more about her than the little vague hints that were given. She was interesting in many ways and that was what kept me in the story to the end.



Apr 21 2016

Succubi Image of the Week 431

Something slightly different for the Succubi of the Week this time on the Tale. From time to time I have been wondering about a more… call them wild if you will… kind of Succubi. I think that’s interesting concept which begs the question as to what they would look like.

I wouldn’t expect them to be wearing something that is obviously mass-made or some sort of finery. But at the same time I do expect whatever it is to be true to Succubi as a whole. I found this art quite some time ago and I think this is a good example of what I have in my thoughts…

Adabu by Maxa'

Adabu by Maxa’

I found this art originally on Pixiv and you can find that page here.

There’s a certain kind of raw sexuality in this character, which I do like overall. That’s matched well with what I think of as her armour. While that might not protect her all that well in battle, as a whole, it does allow her succubiness to come through and be rather distracting.

I love her eyes as well and her expression is interestingly calm and studied, which I find to be the focus of this art, at least for myself.

Perhaps there is such a thing as “wild” succubi in the universe?

This might well be one of them…



Apr 20 2016

Not the accessories a Succubus costume needs

Devilicious KitNot a costume this time to rant over… No, this time I’ve found another of those “accessory” kits which are supposed to be the answer to all of your Halloween night costume needs. And it isn’t by far.

This is called the Devilicious Kit and it comes with the mask, horns and, as usual, a completely lousy pitchfork. The wig the model is wearing is not included. It sells for about $10 US on the sites I have found this disaster on.

It’s simply one of the worst looking “costume” creations really. It looks cheap, which it is. It has no class, for there isn’t any to be found here. To me it almost looks like someone had some leftover Christmas tinsel and decided to use a staple gun and attach it to some leftover devil accessories and call it a day.

The horns are awful, they look like two pieces of red cardboard, if that, and even with the wig, it just looks so wrong. I’ve seen some really bad horns before but this set has to be the absolute worst by far.

Nothing good here, nothing to do but set the entire mess on fire and watch it turn to ashes.

Zero pitchforks out of five.

Why is it so difficult to create something that looks nice or am I asking for too much?



Apr 19 2016

A Review of Binding the Beast by Eric Stray

Binding the Beast by Eric Stray

Binding the Beast by Eric Stray

A review today of the second work in the Nightlife series by Eric Stray. I reviewed the first work in the series a short time ago and you can find that first review here on the Tale. I really loved the first work and I wanted to know more about Mirri and Rachel, the two succubi in the story so far. In the second work, the author opened some interesting parts of each of their personalities, gave some insight to who they are, their hopes and fears, but something more. Their souls.

When one has to face their own fears, there are few choices. One of the hardest is to believe in not just yourself, but the ones that believe in you. You might be asked to do the impossible. You can bend or break, either can be, if you can decide which is the right answer.

  • Title: Binding the Beast
  • Author: Eric Stray
  • Length: 36 Pages
  • ASIN: B01E85M7GW
  • Publishing Date: April 13, 2016
  • This work at Amazon.com

The story tells of:

Seeking new additions to their peculiar workplace, Mirri the succubus and her friend Rachel go on a recruitment mission. Making their way deep into an arcane-created forest, the girls seek to cure, and retrieve a woman cursed by the infamous Queen of Flux: a godlike sorceress long thought to have been sealed away. Danger lurks all around them in the form of the beast they hunt, the past they’re about to uncover, and their own insatiable hungers. Only time will tell if they’ll make it out of the forest alive, unchanged, and unbound.

Mirri has found her home and it is everything she could imagine it could be. She is wanted, needed and has found something she never expected, a friend. A quest takes them both into a world where things aren’t safe, aren’t what they seem to be. When push comes to shove, Miri needs something she’s never really had before. Trust.

The work follows on a short time after the first work in the series, and there’s been some really interesting changes to both Miri and Rachel from the first page. The tone of the characters are more developed, there’s a real connection, friendship, trust between them that began at the end of the prior work and has really blossomed here.

Along with the broadening of their characters, there’s quite a lot of each of their own needs, questions about themselves, a bit of feeling lost and then comparing each other against one another. I found that telling because it made both characters more real. Neither is perfect, and that really comes out in this work. The introspection that each has about themselves, about each other, is wonderfully told and I loved that dearly.

For Miri, I thought the slight undertone of her becoming somewhat addicted to her new life, when she transforms herself into a bimbo personality, told a lot about her. There’s a craving within, one that’s hard for her to resist and that battle does a world of good to making Miri shine in the story. For Rachel, the admissions she has, of being needed, of wanting to be told that she’s great, better than great, belies something deeper within her, something that she’s been hiding and when that comes out, the moment she shares with Miri works perfectly.

The main plot of the story is an adventure wrapped in a mystery and as that unfolds the reality around Miri and Rachel shifts and changes, but that isn’t something really obvious for the most part. It can be a little confusing at times, but that’s part and parcel of what transpires. Sorting out what is going on, when it does, takes some time and at one point the turn takes the work into the realms of asking just what is real and what part of what you see can you trust?

There’s a smattering of erotica in the work, a bit of self-pleasure for Miri complete with a transformation that I thought worked well. There’s also a short scene between Miri and Rachel that fit them in a lovely way that I enjoyed as well.

The climax of this work brings about a slew of questions and not many are answered by the end of the work. But that’s perfectly fine as the final line reveals what seems to be a major series plot point and one that seems to be shattering for them all.

I’m really looking forward to seeing how this plays out, whether the reality matches the legend and vice versa. The work takes Miri and Rachel quite a distance from where they began, but it leaves other characters not having their moment. As this work does focus on Miri and Rachel to all else, that makes sense and the little bits of remembered past fill in some blanks. Still, the other matters, and really as much as we know about them from the first work, there’s a lot still untold. The ending, and a revelation along the way, suggests there’s something else going on and I wonder about that.

Every bit as enthralling, well told, and wonderful as the first work and a really worthy sequel by far. I loved how Mirri and Rachel are developing as characters, how they have gained their voices in this work, seem to be “comfortable” with who they are. There’s a giant mystery here and seeing  what happens next is something I look forwards to. Perhaps the reality isn’t what was expected, but then, sometimes neither is the fantasy.

Four out of five pitchforks.

The series moves from strength to strength, the characters remain true. A mystery has arrived and where that takes things will be something I will be waiting to see.