May 20 2016

A Review of Slumber Party Succubus by Sakura von Sternberg

Slumber Party Succubus by Sakura von Sternberg

Slumber Party Succubus by Sakura von Sternberg

One of the themes that I personally do not enjoy is when there is a mix of horror and abuse that is mixed up with what otherwise could be some lovely erotica. Reading about a character being abused in all sorts of ways for me isn’t all that erotic. While this can have its place within a work, it takes away a lot of story building, heat, and in many ways, seems to serve very little purpose.

This is, of course, just my own personal view, but if the point of the story is, in some sense, the revealing of truth between the main characters, does there really need to be an evil succubus involved to make that happen in the first place? Somehow that doesn’t work well for me.

The work tells the story of:

Alexa and Isabelle have an annual tradition that has continued since the early days of their friendship: an all-night slumber party filled with junk food, box wine, and bad horror movies. Even as adults, the two continue their slumber parties with pride… but now things have become a little more complicated. Alexa, a trans girl with a love for high fashion and eighties slasher movies, harbors a long-unrequited crush on Isabelle, a cis girl. She doesn’t want to say anything or act on those impulses. They’ve been friends for a long time. The last thing Alexa wants to do is wreck their friendship. But she’s having a hard time keeping this a secret.

But that’s not all. Somehow, Alexa and Isabelle have summoned an ancient succubi—a sexually insatiable phallogyne—to their party. She comes to them looking for erotic pleasure… and quite possibly takes more from them than either could imagine.

Alexa and Isabella are brought to her as sacrificial lambs… but will leave dumbstruck, sexually fulfilled, and changed forever. They will experience pleasures beyond the limits of human imagination… and ecstasy that can only come to those who are already damned!

Alexa has a secret, but for that matter so does Isabelle. Friends for so long, Isabelle helping Alexa to make her way through her transition and her new life. They share a tradition, watching frightfully bad horror movies, but a dream remembered draws them both into the clutches of a succubus who has designs for both of them.

I found this work ebbed and flowed a lot for me. The beginning of the work, where Alexa and Isabelle’s story is told I enjoyed quite a lot. It told of their lives, what they had been through. It offered a glimpse into Alexa’s secret, her fears and more. All of this laid the most interesting groundwork for the story and in doing so I wondered how things were going to transpire.

But from the first moment of the pair falling into the clutches of Ardat-Lile, the succubus of the work, there are a lot of questions about how that happened exactly. There is mention made of a dream shared, but with so little detail as to be really of no use to understanding what is going on. Beyond that, when they have entered Ardat-Lile’s lair, the story seems to move from the character and their stories to Ardat-Lile quite simply having her way with both of them. There’s very little time spent when the sex begins to tell a story.

The erotica the follows I found to be somewhat violent, without purpose and, as well. didn’t add anything to the plot or work as a whole. It felt very much like a means to force the two main characters into submission, and the erotica kept hammering at that point over and over again.

Ardat-Lile herself is, as a whole, a rather stereotypical succubus in that she seems to really care only about sex and domination over her “girl-sluts” which I think tells very much about what the erotic scenes are like. The control she puts over Alexa and Isabelle is brutal and whatever heat might have been in the story kept being washed away by the description of all of the suffering that both characters were going through.

It is a harsh comparison between the beginning of the story, which is loving and tells of a relationship that just needs a little push to move onwards into a story of succubus domination using pain. As such, the story really didn’t connect with me well once that corner was turned. There seemed to be no real purpose to Ardat-Lile’s actions, no meaning behind them, nothing that told of why things happened as they did.

At the conclusion of the story, there is a twist, but it is one that really isn’t a surprise considering how often Ardat-Lile tells Alexa she wants her. It is a bit shocking, what the ending gives, but it doesn’t really end the work on a satisfying note. From the depths of abuse and domination to where the story ends there’s a disconnect that bothered me.

Overall, there was just something missing in the latter part of the work and as such it made for a difficult read. Moments of suffering and abuse are not exactly erotic, nor are they exactly horrific as well. There needed to be something to bridge the gap, to tell more of a story than simply reading about all of the different ways that Ardat-Lile dominated.

Two and a half out of five pitchforks.

Ardat-Lile is such a terribly disappointing succubus in so many ways and given how the story started I had hoped she wouldn’t be. The twist in the story comes as being expected, all things considered as well. Reading about two characters being made to suffer does not read as erotic well. It doesn’t quite manage to be horror either. So the work just seems to languish its way from moment to moment without direction and purpose, other than to link some short erotic moments together. There’s heart missing in this work, I wish it had been there to enjoy.



May 19 2016

Succubi Image of the Week 435

One of the things that is difficult to find is art of Succubi that shows them to be, as must be sometimes, warriors. I don’t mean the stereotypical bikini armour and so on. I mean a Succubus that has power within her, is poised for battle, and is in all things and in all ways, prepared to do so. Strength of character comes first in a Succubus like this… and this art I think has that strength within…

Demoness by Llyncis

Demoness by Llyncis

This work is by the artist Llyncis on DeviantArt and you can find the original page where I found this art here and this artist’s page can be found here.

The main thing about this art comes to simply the presence shown in this character. She has a presence, a will, a purpose. It is in her look, her poise, how she holds herself amongst the chaos around her.

While she has that presence there is also the underlying theme of being more than she was, or is, expected to be. Imagine a Succubus told that she was not a warrior, not meant for battle. That her purpose was not to defend, to act. Imagine overcoming that belief, not just from those around you, but within yourself.

Overcoming expectations, becoming purpose within oneself is special. This art tells that story and more…



May 18 2016

Perhaps a bit misnamed as a costume I think

Devil Thrills CostumeHow costumes are named is, at least for me, something of a mystery. Of course, in many ways, they tend to have names that are used in searches, or has some kind of attractiveness to them… even if the costume itself really isn’t attractive.

This is called the Devil Thrills Costume and it comes with… well to be honest, it isn’t clear what comes with the costume. I can tell you that it sells for $25 if nothing else.

To me, that likely means that the horns, the top and skirt are included, and the shoes, of course, are not.

Overall there is a significant level of trashy here that can’t be overcome no matter how one tries to. The horns are ugly, there is no tail, and there just isn’t really anything inspiring about this costume at all.

Really you could create the same look by finding a good set of horns, any two piece outfit you could imagine, a pair of heels and a splash of red wherever you might be able to add it.

Come to think about it, that’s really what they did here I think.

Don’t really care for this, certainly wouldn’t really consider it as an option either.

I’ll give this one pitchfork out of five.

Too cheap and tacky for me.



May 17 2016

A Review of Bright Shadows by Alana Church

Bright Shadows by Alana Church

Bright Shadows by Alana Church

A review today of the fourth work in The Succubus series by Alana Church. My first review is here, the second is here and my most recent review of the third work in the series can be found here on the Tale. The series has begun strongly and in each part of the series so far I’ve found things that interest me, make me ponder and wonder… In this work… I wonder about… tails. Quite a lot actually.

Sometimes the biggest surprise isn’t the one others expect, it’s the one that you didn’t know about in the first place. Whether that is by hook or by crook, the result is the same. A moment when you aren’t sure about what just happened, and what it all means.

The work tells the story of:

Rachel Wainwright is a mortal woman who has become the host of Althea, an immortal succubus, a being of desire, passion, and sex. Now aware of the woman who shares her mind, Rachel searches for Althea’s body, seeking to restore her to her physical form.

But evil is stirring. A dark force grows aware that Althea is vulnerable. Unaware of the danger, Rachel and her family embark on a journey of sexual exploration. Sarah, Rachel’s teenage daughter, finds herself torn between opposing desires. Will it be Jeremy, Rachel’s sexy intern, who wins her heart? Or will she give in to another, more primal need? And Alex and Maria find their hearts tested, too, as a trip to the hospital to visit Althea’s body turns hot.

Because when you bask in the light of a succubus, you will find she casts…Bright Shadows.

Althea and Rachel have discovered some things about one another they didn’t expect. Much of that has to do with Althea’s succubus nature and the most interesting things that is it doing to Rachel the longer Althea remains as her guest. Rachel is seeing the world through different eyes, catching things that are new and unexpected. Althea finds the family she is now part of means the world to her and more. More lives become entwined, the path is not a simple one and one small turn makes what has been passionate turn so very serious and worrisome.

The core of this part of the series focuses mainly upon Sarah, who’s story has been brewing in the background for the most part so far. The frustration, the need, the wants that have been eating away at her while everyone else in her family has been growing in their sexuality, comes to a boil. The part of this work that I liked was the time spent with her parents, Rachel and Josh, the three working out what Sarah’s needs are, how to express them, and, eventually, this to lead to an involved encounter that I thought was very satisfying. It isn’t a throw away scene where Sarah’s issues are dealt with in a rush, the dialogue matter, the emotional context of the scene is wonderful and when the moment passes, there’s something more within Sarah than there was before.

Along with this comes a moment when Rachel speaks quite frankly with Alex and Maria, in a way that I thought resolved another simmering conflict in the right way. There’s a hierarchy starting to appear, and everyone needs to know where they stand. Rachel makes this clear, but in the same way, Maria makes that clear to Alex as well. This isn’t anything half-hearted, it’s well told, makes sense, and considering the focus, I think it’s very real.

Eventually Rachel finds Althea’s true body and that scene, how it unfolds, the effect that Rachel has on others to make certain things happen, was quite amusing but at the same time it gave voice to Rachel having a little bit of Althea’s succubus powers. Which brings me to the moment in the work that I have been both pondering and smiling over.

Rachel… has a tail. Her first experience with it was wonderful, mainly for the erogenous zone aspect of it for one, but there’s something else. It seems that succubi in this series can hide their tails inside of their bodies… and I just can’t wrap my head, or tail, around how that works exactly. I realize this is artistic license and all, but I keep trying to work it out in my mind. Yes, I am rather obsessed with succubi tails as a matter of fact. It still confuses me and bother me, but just very slightly.

Along with the appearance of Rachel’s tail, there’s a amazingly funny moment when Rachel reveals her tail to Josh. I honestly couldn’t stop laughing in the moment as I read the scene, but more so, how Josh managed to wrap his mind around the fact that his wife has a succubus within her, but also, his first actual encounter with Althea in Rachel’s body was telling. I found myself wondering when, or if, Althea might just ‘borrow the keys’ and have some fun with Josh sometime.

Along with the discoveries comes an encounter with someone that is going to be a real problem for Rachel and Althea. They aren’t stereotypically evil, at least in the short time they appeared and I believe the author can keep them from being so. It will be interesting to learn about them, how they contrast against Althea, and what they want  as well.

Overall, the work told a very good story, there was only one part that I found odd in the storytelling, that of Rachel, Alex and Maria finding Althea’s body and in the midst of helping her to heal being discovered. I think I know what’s going on, and it makes some sense, but what that means for the one that is captivated by Althea isn’t clear and will take some time to unfold.

I did feel like there was a lot going on in this work, possibly too many things happening alongside of each other. While part of that needed to be, the characters had to move on, the story needed to get to the next stage and so on, I think a little rest in the rush along the way might have been a good thing. Nonetheless, the story didn’t let the characters down, nor did it go off the rails. Lots of questions to wonder about still, the future is uncertain and that leads to more story to tell.

Four and a half out of five pitchforks.

The series continues to tell a story that I find myself deeply invested in. Not everything has been told about Althea, about the succubi. Nor has the story been told about those that are the real evil to be seen. The tension is mounting, lives are being shaped, changed, and taken to flights never before thought of or experienced.

This then is what makes this series what it is. The expression of making a choice and the consequences of doing so. Where things go from here will be telling, in many ways, and at the same time there’s a certainty. I can hardly wait for what comes next in the next work, Sacred Sins, and what Rachel, her family, and Althea, encounter.



May 17 2016

A Review of To Seduce The Holy by Adriana Fullbright

To Seduce The Holy by Adriana Fullbright

To Seduce The Holy by Adriana Fullbright

There are very few works about Succubi that place them in a science fiction universe. The hardest thing to do when it is attempted is to make the Succubus believable in the context in which she appears. She shouldn’t be a character that could not “fit” well into the setting, for one. But it is also where she comes from, what her goals and desires are, and, most of all, why does she appear in the story in the first place.

However, wrapping a story about her character, allowing that story to tell her past, her present, and what matters to her in that moment can be both telling and very erotic. Heat in a story does not come only from two souls touching, it comes from what they crave for… and how they intend to obtain that which they need.

  • Title: To Seduce The Holy
  • Author: Adriana Fullbright
  • Length: 21 Pages
  • ASIN: B010QTGSA0
  • Publishing Date: June 30, 2015
  • This work at

The work tells the story of:

It is the year 3047 AD, and humanity has ascended to the stars. But there are much greater discoveries than interstellar travel that have been uncovered in the last thousand years. The paranormal and supernatural are real. Alternate dimensions and potent planar energies are known, if not well understood. Angels and demons exist, locked in an eternal struggle for the souls of sentient beings on the battlefield of the Material Plane.

Amidst the struggles of human kind, God, and the Devil, a lone demoness wanders the stars, without concern for the ebb and flow of the eternal conflict in which she drifts. Rainafel is an unbound succubus, no longer a Servitor of His Lascivious Will. She has been free of the shackles of Lucifer and his princes for more than two hundred years. But she remains a thrall to her own perverse and insatiable desires, and values nothing over the hunt for new flesh, the thrill of carnal energies intertwined. Plying her irresistible looks, her unequaled skill in seduction, and her command of the primal force of Eros, she searches among the hundreds of colonized star systems for the most powerful, the most exotic, the most beautiful specimens, and feeds on their energies with lustful abandon.

She now has her sights set upon the most stunningly handsome man she has seen in centuries. Even more deliciously, he is a Priest-Captain of The New Catholic Church of Man’s Interstellar Holy Ascension. There is nothing sweeter than pulling a holy man from his faith. She will break through his iron will and revel in his sexual energies. She has never seduced a priest who wasn’t an absolute pervert in breaking their vows, and she cannot wait to taste and feel all the filthy things Priest-Captain Manuel Ignacio Escalante will do when she finally tears away his armor of faith.

Rainafel is a freed succubus, one that is able to make her own choices, her own path through the universe. But she is still a succubus, one that craves challenges and she has found one. Humanity has crossed the stars, taking its faith with it. She encounters one of faith who, to her surprise and delight, resists her. But she is patient and her need consumes her.

Rainafel is one of those Succubi who is not stereotypical at all. She has a past, a well woven and told one, she has needs, which constantly press on her. But she is also not a fool, being wise and long-lived to know what she can, and cannot do. Being that she is freed, for lack of a better term, that also means that she need not take souls to survive. She’s more than happy to entwine herself in a challenge and delight in what she can bring them to do when the shackles of their existence are removed for a time.

That is not to say she hasn’t done the occasionally “evil” thing of course, but it is more of the needs within her, to find those that resist her, and, over time, to draw them into finally falling to her. Encountering Manuel, Rainafel cannot turn away from him for he has rejected her powers over and over again. This becomes the core of the story in that Rainafel thinks about all of her attempts, but as well that allows for her story, her history to be told. The tapestry of that past is a rich one, well developed and it added much to what otherwise could have been a hot flash and nothing more. The telling of Rainafel’s travels, her encounters tells a lot about her and in doing so he becomes a fascinating character to drive the story onwards.

Following her musings and watching Manuel from afar, the work turns towards a very hot and passionate Succubus encounter which has delightfully told mind control aspects to it, but as well, the telling of Rainafel sating her needs and how in doing so she controls Manuel is a well told change in both of their exterior personalities and allows their internal needs to come to the fore. The erotica doesn’t feel out of place, it does have a purpose, a focus and by the end of the moment, there’s a certain satisfaction in that.

The work is set in a science-fiction universe and tone, but it doesn’t override the core story, It does colour things to a point, giving a voice to what exists around Rainafel herself. But really the work focuses on the two main characters and in doing so the universe itself it pushed to the background for most of the story, only really coming into focus at the beginning and in the conclusion after the climax has passed.

The work ends on a point which tells of a story to come, something new for Rainafel to focus upon. It also tells something about what Rainafel’s thoughts about mortality and existence are and I found that a refreshing change. There’s a clear direction to the ending and the story to come, at least that is hinted at, seems to be very unique and where that would take Rainafel I think would be amazing.

Well written, the characters are strong and have excellent voices, especially Rainafel herself. A unique setting and story that I think offers quite a lot and in doing so didn’t leave me wanting for much. I do feel that with all that was told about Rainafel herself and her past, that how she got to where she is would be a story in itself, especially to tell more about how she was freed, which was almost casually mentioned here.

There are quite a number of questions not answered, one of them being if there are others like her in the universe she exists in and if they are like her or not. I think that would be interesting to explore as well. The more pressing questions fall around the Church in this universe, which is a force in the background, but one that Rainafel herself seems to be quite concerned about. Perhaps telling something of that, what has happened, would be good as well.

As the start to a series, which I hope the author does at some point continue, I think it works really well. A strong beginning and one that I did quite enjoy.

Four and a half out of five pitchforks.

I hope to see more of Rainafel, her world, her future and her past. There is a lot of possibilities here and I would like to see them unfold.



May 16 2016

Within By TeraS

When one regularly is given the privilege of reviewing words from a brilliant storyteller, one becomes protective of that brilliance. On the rarest of occasions, when the storyteller, burdened with many things, doubts herself and her gift, such a humble proofreader is led to take the reins and give things the smallest nudge, so that everyone may see the wonder that is her story. I hope I have done well enough today.—Her Majesty’s heart


By TeraS


Her name isn’t known—or, more accurately, her name has been lost to the ages. Even that isn’t completely true, but the telling of the story, and of the one soul that does know, is for another time. She exists, rarely seen: a shadow for some, a nightmare for others; for a very few, a dream or fantasy. She sees, hears, feels, but acts rarely. It is her duty to be that voice, that thought, that bit of memory needed from time to time, but not to act. No, that is not her purview, her existence and meaning for being so.

It has been this way since the first moment. She has seen the world through new eyes, experienced things she never truly did before. The idea of compassion, love, understanding, once foreign to her, became more in time.

She has felt things as never before: the touch of a hand, the brush of lips, spooning skin against skin. Things she never understood having mattered, or even existed, before are part of her now. To find that there is another means of being in control, to hold, to still be oneself, and yet still have the insight to allow oneself to open to the right one … is a difficult thing. To be present in a moment and have no say in what comes next, to trust in another to make the choice, whatever it may be, and know they do so because they do what is right for them … this is where her past and future come to face each other.

Knowing that she might not be needed was always a difficult thing to accept. Sometimes she wondered if the words calling for her would come, if she would remain in the shadow of the light that surrounded her, just a fleeting memory.

The thoughts are her own, but she has long been able to feel how they are tinged with other concerns, other realities, other moments that come and go. But she still remains, waiting. Does she do so for the sake of a promise? Is it a curse? Is this existence really all that is for her? These questions are as they are. They come and they always will do so. Even for such as her, there are thoughts that come unbidden and unexpected. She would never, of course, reveal that such things were, that sometimes she wondered if it was all well and good, wondered whether this was all to some greater purpose.

Then came the day she met someone she never should have noticed. He wasn’t a threat, nor was he a warrior—not even a merely human warrior. He didn’t teach her any new techniques, either for the battlefield or the bedroom. Most people would see him as entirely unremarkable, and not worthy of her time. Most of those same people would see her as dangerous and dark and ill-suited for him.

But then, most people didn’t feed her.

This big, bustling, quite, slightly unkempt mountain of a man was sweating over ovens when she unexpectedly burst into his kitchen—the last place anyone would expect her to be. She had been all the darkness and fire and power that countless worlds knew her to be … but he saw a softness, a hunger that most people would probably take as an opening, an invitation to wrap themselves in her tail. This fellow, who refused to be surprised, refused to be cowed, refused to be dominated, saw a woman who needed a snack …

… so he cooked for her. And he taught her to cook with him. And she taught him to cook with her. And, over time, he learned she was valued for herself, not for her other, that there was a voice calling for her, as her, daily … and nightly. What was within her mattered.

There was always the promise, always the partnership, always the sisterhood closer than any other. But there was something more, something that came with baking, with nibbling, and with warm embraces—and, very often, more than just embraces—something to remind her of one very true answer every time those nagging questions popped up.

The other answer came every time she looked into a mirror, the other place where she knew what was within mattered, with two sides of her deepest truth. The only difference between those sides was whether she watched in the mirror as her hand brushed red or black hair from her so-green eyes.

May 15 2016

A Review of Lilith by E. M. Lane

Lilith by E. M. Lane

Lilith by E. M. Lane

The story of Lilith has been told in many different ways by many different authors. But one of the things that never really is focused upon is if something influenced Lilith in her choices and how that unfolded. I know the story of Lilith, and yes, there is some “darkness” involved. But what I wonder about is… What if there was something that came before that moment that made everything happen?

There are forces in the universe that pray upon the unwary and innocent. They whisper, suggest, and, sometimes, turn souls towards other things. The result of that happening can be clear, but there is still a murkiness in the events that brings questions to be asked.

  • Title: Lilith
  • Author: E. M. Lane
  • Length: 65 Pages
  • ASIN: B014K9JT4O
  • Publishing Date: August 27, 2015
  • This work at

It tells the story of:

In the Garden there was both Good and Evil… and If Adam was made by the hand of God then who made Lilith? In this story the first two people are not alone. There is an evil presence patiently waiting to make its move. It seeks out the weaker of the two relentlessly. Seeds of deception are planted in their minds as the vile creature pushes one to partake of the forbidden tree. Once the deed has been done Lilith see’s all and knows all. It is she that leads the new woman Eve into temptation which brings about their banishment from the Garden of Eden and releases true evil into the world.

Lilith was there at the beginning and has seen all. She finds Adam not the man he once was and then finds her thoughts about him changing. A thought comes and she makes a choice that, in time, sets her, Adam and Eve their own paths. Or is it all Lilith’s choice in the first place?

A fascinating story about Lilith that tells of her time in the Garden of Eden and what transpired there. But as well, there is another force in the story which gives all of the events a different aspect and in doing do made this quite a remarkable read. Almost all of the work focuses on Lilith’s time in the Garden, what happens between her and Adam, how she wishes to be his equal and then what happens when Eve appears. Told from Lilith’s perspective, for the most part, there are as well some telling insights into Adam’s thoughts and that of the forces around them.

It is that mysterious force, what it does to both Adam and Lilith, over time, which adds a unique slant to the story and I thought that was the most interesting part of the work. It sets into motion many of Lilith’s choices and in doing so, puts her on a path which, eventually, leads to the appearance of succubi and incubi in the world.

As the work tells, mainly, the beginning story, the events afterward, when humanity spreads over the Earth and Lilith does as she wishes, are vaguely told, really only hinted at and as such that was a little disappointing. It is clear however that, at least in this work, Lilith is a creature of evil intent and that is very clear as the end of the work comes to the fore.

The end of the work leaves Lilith in a place, in a moment, where she is between two moments in time. The past which simply is, and the future as yet unwritten. But her attitude, her need, the way her mind is set, seems a little stereotypical and it bothers me. While I understand the plot of the work, the thought comes to me of what Lilith would do if she truly understood what happened in the past, and if it would matter to her.

It is a thoughtful work, reading more like a biography than anything else and in being so telling a story that is captivating and interesting. But there are questions left, Lilith is a bit too single-minded by the end and I think that hurt the story to an extent.

Three and a half out of five pitchforks.

There’s a lot of room to grow in this work, beyond the story of Lilith’s past. As that has been laid out well, that leaves the story to move forwards. The author noted that the next work in the series, Lilith: Into The World, would be the next work. The title makes me wonder if it will be another reflective piece on Lilith’s past or if she will be telling her story in the present. Either would be interesting, but the ending of this work seems to make it clear that her past might only consist of her acting “evilly” and not much else. If so, that I think would be disappointing. There is a truth for Lilith to find, if she ever looks for it, and I wonder if she will in this series.

It would be a surprising turn of events.