May 17 2016

A Review of To Seduce The Holy by Adriana Fullbright

To Seduce The Holy by Adriana Fullbright

To Seduce The Holy by Adriana Fullbright

There are very few works about Succubi that place them in a science fiction universe. The hardest thing to do when it is attempted is to make the Succubus believable in the context in which she appears. She shouldn’t be a character that could not “fit” well into the setting, for one. But it is also where she comes from, what her goals and desires are, and, most of all, why does she appear in the story in the first place.

However, wrapping a story about her character, allowing that story to tell her past, her present, and what matters to her in that moment can be both telling and very erotic. Heat in a story does not come only from two souls touching, it comes from what they crave for… and how they intend to obtain that which they need.

  • Title: To Seduce The Holy
  • Author: Adriana Fullbright
  • Length: 21 Pages
  • ASIN: B010QTGSA0
  • Publishing Date: June 30, 2015
  • This work at

The work tells the story of:

It is the year 3047 AD, and humanity has ascended to the stars. But there are much greater discoveries than interstellar travel that have been uncovered in the last thousand years. The paranormal and supernatural are real. Alternate dimensions and potent planar energies are known, if not well understood. Angels and demons exist, locked in an eternal struggle for the souls of sentient beings on the battlefield of the Material Plane.

Amidst the struggles of human kind, God, and the Devil, a lone demoness wanders the stars, without concern for the ebb and flow of the eternal conflict in which she drifts. Rainafel is an unbound succubus, no longer a Servitor of His Lascivious Will. She has been free of the shackles of Lucifer and his princes for more than two hundred years. But she remains a thrall to her own perverse and insatiable desires, and values nothing over the hunt for new flesh, the thrill of carnal energies intertwined. Plying her irresistible looks, her unequaled skill in seduction, and her command of the primal force of Eros, she searches among the hundreds of colonized star systems for the most powerful, the most exotic, the most beautiful specimens, and feeds on their energies with lustful abandon.

She now has her sights set upon the most stunningly handsome man she has seen in centuries. Even more deliciously, he is a Priest-Captain of The New Catholic Church of Man’s Interstellar Holy Ascension. There is nothing sweeter than pulling a holy man from his faith. She will break through his iron will and revel in his sexual energies. She has never seduced a priest who wasn’t an absolute pervert in breaking their vows, and she cannot wait to taste and feel all the filthy things Priest-Captain Manuel Ignacio Escalante will do when she finally tears away his armor of faith.

Rainafel is a freed succubus, one that is able to make her own choices, her own path through the universe. But she is still a succubus, one that craves challenges and she has found one. Humanity has crossed the stars, taking its faith with it. She encounters one of faith who, to her surprise and delight, resists her. But she is patient and her need consumes her.

Rainafel is one of those Succubi who is not stereotypical at all. She has a past, a well woven and told one, she has needs, which constantly press on her. But she is also not a fool, being wise and long-lived to know what she can, and cannot do. Being that she is freed, for lack of a better term, that also means that she need not take souls to survive. She’s more than happy to entwine herself in a challenge and delight in what she can bring them to do when the shackles of their existence are removed for a time.

That is not to say she hasn’t done the occasionally “evil” thing of course, but it is more of the needs within her, to find those that resist her, and, over time, to draw them into finally falling to her. Encountering Manuel, Rainafel cannot turn away from him for he has rejected her powers over and over again. This becomes the core of the story in that Rainafel thinks about all of her attempts, but as well that allows for her story, her history to be told. The tapestry of that past is a rich one, well developed and it added much to what otherwise could have been a hot flash and nothing more. The telling of Rainafel’s travels, her encounters tells a lot about her and in doing so he becomes a fascinating character to drive the story onwards.

Following her musings and watching Manuel from afar, the work turns towards a very hot and passionate Succubus encounter which has delightfully told mind control aspects to it, but as well, the telling of Rainafel sating her needs and how in doing so she controls Manuel is a well told change in both of their exterior personalities and allows their internal needs to come to the fore. The erotica doesn’t feel out of place, it does have a purpose, a focus and by the end of the moment, there’s a certain satisfaction in that.

The work is set in a science-fiction universe and tone, but it doesn’t override the core story, It does colour things to a point, giving a voice to what exists around Rainafel herself. But really the work focuses on the two main characters and in doing so the universe itself it pushed to the background for most of the story, only really coming into focus at the beginning and in the conclusion after the climax has passed.

The work ends on a point which tells of a story to come, something new for Rainafel to focus upon. It also tells something about what Rainafel’s thoughts about mortality and existence are and I found that a refreshing change. There’s a clear direction to the ending and the story to come, at least that is hinted at, seems to be very unique and where that would take Rainafel I think would be amazing.

Well written, the characters are strong and have excellent voices, especially Rainafel herself. A unique setting and story that I think offers quite a lot and in doing so didn’t leave me wanting for much. I do feel that with all that was told about Rainafel herself and her past, that how she got to where she is would be a story in itself, especially to tell more about how she was freed, which was almost casually mentioned here.

There are quite a number of questions not answered, one of them being if there are others like her in the universe she exists in and if they are like her or not. I think that would be interesting to explore as well. The more pressing questions fall around the Church in this universe, which is a force in the background, but one that Rainafel herself seems to be quite concerned about. Perhaps telling something of that, what has happened, would be good as well.

As the start to a series, which I hope the author does at some point continue, I think it works really well. A strong beginning and one that I did quite enjoy.

Four and a half out of five pitchforks.

I hope to see more of Rainafel, her world, her future and her past. There is a lot of possibilities here and I would like to see them unfold.



May 16 2016

Within By TeraS

When one regularly is given the privilege of reviewing words from a brilliant storyteller, one becomes protective of that brilliance. On the rarest of occasions, when the storyteller, burdened with many things, doubts herself and her gift, such a humble proofreader is led to take the reins and give things the smallest nudge, so that everyone may see the wonder that is her story. I hope I have done well enough today.—Her Majesty’s heart


By TeraS


Her name isn’t known—or, more accurately, her name has been lost to the ages. Even that isn’t completely true, but the telling of the story, and of the one soul that does know, is for another time. She exists, rarely seen: a shadow for some, a nightmare for others; for a very few, a dream or fantasy. She sees, hears, feels, but acts rarely. It is her duty to be that voice, that thought, that bit of memory needed from time to time, but not to act. No, that is not her purview, her existence and meaning for being so.

It has been this way since the first moment. She has seen the world through new eyes, experienced things she never truly did before. The idea of compassion, love, understanding, once foreign to her, became more in time.

She has felt things as never before: the touch of a hand, the brush of lips, spooning skin against skin. Things she never understood having mattered, or even existed, before are part of her now. To find that there is another means of being in control, to hold, to still be oneself, and yet still have the insight to allow oneself to open to the right one … is a difficult thing. To be present in a moment and have no say in what comes next, to trust in another to make the choice, whatever it may be, and know they do so because they do what is right for them … this is where her past and future come to face each other.

Knowing that she might not be needed was always a difficult thing to accept. Sometimes she wondered if the words calling for her would come, if she would remain in the shadow of the light that surrounded her, just a fleeting memory.

The thoughts are her own, but she has long been able to feel how they are tinged with other concerns, other realities, other moments that come and go. But she still remains, waiting. Does she do so for the sake of a promise? Is it a curse? Is this existence really all that is for her? These questions are as they are. They come and they always will do so. Even for such as her, there are thoughts that come unbidden and unexpected. She would never, of course, reveal that such things were, that sometimes she wondered if it was all well and good, wondered whether this was all to some greater purpose.

Then came the day she met someone she never should have noticed. He wasn’t a threat, nor was he a warrior—not even a merely human warrior. He didn’t teach her any new techniques, either for the battlefield or the bedroom. Most people would see him as entirely unremarkable, and not worthy of her time. Most of those same people would see her as dangerous and dark and ill-suited for him.

But then, most people didn’t feed her.

This big, bustling, quite, slightly unkempt mountain of a man was sweating over ovens when she unexpectedly burst into his kitchen—the last place anyone would expect her to be. She had been all the darkness and fire and power that countless worlds knew her to be … but he saw a softness, a hunger that most people would probably take as an opening, an invitation to wrap themselves in her tail. This fellow, who refused to be surprised, refused to be cowed, refused to be dominated, saw a woman who needed a snack …

… so he cooked for her. And he taught her to cook with him. And she taught him to cook with her. And, over time, he learned she was valued for herself, not for her other, that there was a voice calling for her, as her, daily … and nightly. What was within her mattered.

There was always the promise, always the partnership, always the sisterhood closer than any other. But there was something more, something that came with baking, with nibbling, and with warm embraces—and, very often, more than just embraces—something to remind her of one very true answer every time those nagging questions popped up.

The other answer came every time she looked into a mirror, the other place where she knew what was within mattered, with two sides of her deepest truth. The only difference between those sides was whether she watched in the mirror as her hand brushed red or black hair from her so-green eyes.

May 15 2016

A Review of Lilith by E. M. Lane

Lilith by E. M. Lane

Lilith by E. M. Lane

The story of Lilith has been told in many different ways by many different authors. But one of the things that never really is focused upon is if something influenced Lilith in her choices and how that unfolded. I know the story of Lilith, and yes, there is some “darkness” involved. But what I wonder about is… What if there was something that came before that moment that made everything happen?

There are forces in the universe that pray upon the unwary and innocent. They whisper, suggest, and, sometimes, turn souls towards other things. The result of that happening can be clear, but there is still a murkiness in the events that brings questions to be asked.

  • Title: Lilith
  • Author: E. M. Lane
  • Length: 65 Pages
  • ASIN: B014K9JT4O
  • Publishing Date: August 27, 2015
  • This work at

It tells the story of:

In the Garden there was both Good and Evil… and If Adam was made by the hand of God then who made Lilith? In this story the first two people are not alone. There is an evil presence patiently waiting to make its move. It seeks out the weaker of the two relentlessly. Seeds of deception are planted in their minds as the vile creature pushes one to partake of the forbidden tree. Once the deed has been done Lilith see’s all and knows all. It is she that leads the new woman Eve into temptation which brings about their banishment from the Garden of Eden and releases true evil into the world.

Lilith was there at the beginning and has seen all. She finds Adam not the man he once was and then finds her thoughts about him changing. A thought comes and she makes a choice that, in time, sets her, Adam and Eve their own paths. Or is it all Lilith’s choice in the first place?

A fascinating story about Lilith that tells of her time in the Garden of Eden and what transpired there. But as well, there is another force in the story which gives all of the events a different aspect and in doing do made this quite a remarkable read. Almost all of the work focuses on Lilith’s time in the Garden, what happens between her and Adam, how she wishes to be his equal and then what happens when Eve appears. Told from Lilith’s perspective, for the most part, there are as well some telling insights into Adam’s thoughts and that of the forces around them.

It is that mysterious force, what it does to both Adam and Lilith, over time, which adds a unique slant to the story and I thought that was the most interesting part of the work. It sets into motion many of Lilith’s choices and in doing so, puts her on a path which, eventually, leads to the appearance of succubi and incubi in the world.

As the work tells, mainly, the beginning story, the events afterward, when humanity spreads over the Earth and Lilith does as she wishes, are vaguely told, really only hinted at and as such that was a little disappointing. It is clear however that, at least in this work, Lilith is a creature of evil intent and that is very clear as the end of the work comes to the fore.

The end of the work leaves Lilith in a place, in a moment, where she is between two moments in time. The past which simply is, and the future as yet unwritten. But her attitude, her need, the way her mind is set, seems a little stereotypical and it bothers me. While I understand the plot of the work, the thought comes to me of what Lilith would do if she truly understood what happened in the past, and if it would matter to her.

It is a thoughtful work, reading more like a biography than anything else and in being so telling a story that is captivating and interesting. But there are questions left, Lilith is a bit too single-minded by the end and I think that hurt the story to an extent.

Three and a half out of five pitchforks.

There’s a lot of room to grow in this work, beyond the story of Lilith’s past. As that has been laid out well, that leaves the story to move forwards. The author noted that the next work in the series, Lilith: Into The World, would be the next work. The title makes me wonder if it will be another reflective piece on Lilith’s past or if she will be telling her story in the present. Either would be interesting, but the ending of this work seems to make it clear that her past might only consist of her acting “evilly” and not much else. If so, that I think would be disappointing. There is a truth for Lilith to find, if she ever looks for it, and I wonder if she will in this series.

It would be a surprising turn of events.



May 15 2016

A Review of World’s Shyest Succubus 5: Adjustment by Taylor Knobb

World's Shyest Succubus 5: Adjustment by Taylor Knobb

World’s Shyest Succubus 5: Adjustment by Taylor Knobb

A review of the fifth, and it appears, final work in the World’s Shyest Succubus series by Taylor Knobb. You can find my first review here, the second here, and the third here. The fourth review, which was recently written, can be found here on the Tale as well.

I had hopes that the next part in the series would build upon what came before, perhaps tell of Adina getting her succubus powers under control. However, the one thing that I dislike the most happened instead. A time shift for the series, and the main character, that leaves so much story untold.

It’s one thing to gain control of oneself, to find the way to be who you are and be able to reign in your own needs. Telling that story matters, for it is what develops a character and tells a story. Passing over that story for the sake of getting to an ending isn’t actually telling a story. It feels like cheating a bit.


It tells the story of:

It’s been two months since Adina’s change from shy, quiet student to angel-featured succubus, and while she’s adjusted to a lot of her new situation she’s shocked at the sudden surge of rage and predatory instinct when someone takes advantage of one of her friends. Confronted with the truth of her nature and precisely what it means, Adina must work to take control before she does something that she will truly regret!

Time has passed for Adina and along the way she’s learned to control her abilities, deal with her hunger, come to terms with her faith… and found herself someone to love. An encounter takes her to a place she’s never been to before, revenge. A dark thing she needs to control for her own sake if not for the person that she feels deserves her wrath.

The story is an abrupt change from the prior work in the series, mainly because Adina goes from not having much control over her needs to being in complete control of them. She’s able to control her feeding, alter the memories of those she feeds from, control her power to the point where everything she wears is transformed into making her look as sexual as possible.

Further to this change, Adina now has a love, she’s settled her faith, managed to get back to her studies in college and, one expects from how things are mentioned, that overall she’s happy with her new life and has come to deal with it.

The problem is, however, that none of this character development is explored, explained, or commented on. It just happens and the story skims over these points by just explaining that time has passed, Adina has learned, and this is how things are. It feel like a lot of story was cast to the side in doing so, passing over all of the interesting aspects that could have been told for the sake of coming to the conclusion of the series.

Seeing Adina in control of her life is one thing, and overall it was expected that she would do so. But it’s really leaving her character development to the winds and instead the story focuses more on Adina seeking revenge, of a sort, upon someone that has hurt someone Adina knows.

This in itself is an interesting story, how that builds up over time I think works well, and how Adina uses her succubus powers to gain a measure of revenge makes sense. But the internal struggles within herself, knowing that if she loses control, she might kill someone, doesn’t seem to have as much focus as it should considering how much this mattered to Adina in the past.

The question of Adina’s personal life, her new found love, how her succubus sister Chastity helps and teaches is also skimmed over. Some points are mentioned, in passing, but otherwise there’s just not enough time spent in the details overall. There is some erotica in this work, but again it’s fleeting, almost skimmed over, in the rush to draw this series to a conclusion. Just overall a lot of things that needed to be focused on and weren’t.

I feel like there are about two stories, possibly three, missing between the prior work and this one. I’m not sure why the author felt the need to draw Adina’s story to a close so rapidly. The work floats on the edge of telling a satisfying story, of bringing Adina full circle and leaving her in a place that fits were she started and all that she has learned about herself, about being a succubus, but more so, about being true to herself. It would have been nice to see all of that, but it wasn’t there.

Three out of five pitchforks.

Ending the series in the way it did left a lot of story untold. Skipping over so much character development, so much change in Adina, telling the story of her love, her new outlook is the real shame here. It’s a jarring jump from the prior work to this one and it didn’t need to be this way. I wish the author had taken the time to develop the characters and story further before tossing this ending to the series and calling it over.

According to a note at the end of this work, Adina will appear again, at least in some smaller role, or cameo, or something else, as the overall series this work is part of, Philos University, continues on. I hope the author will spend more time interweaving their characters into the series, telling their stories, and allowing the entire story to be told in its own time.

Rushing to a climax is never a good idea, and for a succubus it’s rather a poor thing to do… It leaves them… disappointed.



May 14 2016

A short horror film called Succubus

A came across a short film called Succubus quite some time ago. Seeing that it was billed as being a horror film, I was fully prepared for things to be covered in blood, lots of yelling and screaming and, of course, the succubus herself would be some sort of monster. As well as this film was done, as much as I can see went into the production of the film… I have to wonder if it really needed to go in the direction it did or if there was another option.


If you cannot see this film here on the Tale, please try this link:

There is also a behind the scenes video which you can find here as well on YouTube if it doesn’t appear here on the Tale:

I won’t share an image of the Succubus herself, in short she has a monstrous face, when her true self is shown, and that doesn’t take very long to happen.

Overall, the film has a bit of shock value to it, there is a story, which works as a whole to take the film from beginning to end. There’s a lot of production value, and it shows in the settings, the camera angles and so on.

As always, my problem is that the succubus herself is out for blood and that doesn’t quite work for me at least. Up until that point in the film I liked how things were flowing, the actors themselves and what the story foretold. It is that last few moments where the film lost me. Succubi are somewhat more than creatures out of blood I think and perhaps a bit less show would have worked better than going for the shock value instead.

My thoughts of course, yours may vary…



May 13 2016

A Review of Pick Your Poison by Dou7g and Amanda Lash

Pick Your Poison by Dou7g and Amanda Lash

Pick Your Poison by Dou7g and Amanda Lash

A review of the fifth work in the Succubus Apprentice series today on the Tale. You can find my review of the first work here, the second work here, the third work can be found here and the prior work to this one was reviewed here on the Tale recently.

The choices made matter in a live, but they also matter to the lives around us. Love might be something that seems impossible, but it can exist, even for someone that cannot accept it does within themselves. The problem is however, when love gets in the way of freedom. Most of the time the heart wins out in that battle, but then the real fight begins.

  • Title: Pick Your Poison
  • Author: Dou7g and Amanda Lash
  • Length: 48 Pages
  • ASIN: B01FBI0S7U
  • Publishing Date: May 7, 2016
  • This work at

The story is about:

This is the fifth installment of The Succubus Apprentice. In this installment Megan the mage finally catches up with Kendra the Succubus and the sparks fly figuratively and literally.

There is one constant in the universe and that is the chances of something going wrong is in direct proportion to how miffed two lovers can be. Megan and Kendra finally try to come to terms with what’s been troubling them both for a while now. But along the way a smart-ass super villain, his closest friends, or enemies, depending on how miffed they are with him, poke the situation to see what happens next. It’s never a good idea to poke a sorceress, or a succubus for that matter. Worse still when there’s a job to do and the choices made might turn out to be the wrong ones.

One thing that has been bothering me for some time in the series has been Megan and Kendra’s relationship. There’s been something brewing between the two of them that never really has managed to be shoved into the light of day and dealt with. In this part of the series, neither of the lovers can hide from each other, or themselves. The time spent in getting everything out in the open, clearly said and understood gave both Kendra and Megan the character development they needed.

In the same way, the side plots with Poison, Lorelei. Amy and Helen, also give some insights into their personalities that I really enjoyed. As an aside to this, the scene with Amy and Helen having “fun” while answering a phone call from Lorelei was some of the funniest things this author has written by far. I’ve always enjoyed the humour in the series, but the contrast between the more serious moments in the first part of the work and the gigglefest that unfolded in the latter pages was exactly what was needed.

There are some really serious moments, and some of them remain so throughout where they appear. But the one-liners, the jabs, the bits of innuendo that come so easily and naturally from the characters reminds me once again why it is that I adore this series as much as I do. It is the storytelling, not the story pushing, that makes this series what it is. A fun read with characters that come to matter and stay with you.

I mentioned there is a bit of erotica in this work, and it’s done in a way that I haven’t seen any other author attempt. There’s heat, humour, and along the way, a lot is left to the imagination, but in doing so, the scene works so much better than it would have if it had been turned into a play by play of what unfolds.

A new character appears in this work, one that has been mentioned before. Their first appearance was quite a surprise and I was expecting something far different from that moment than what comes later on. Kendra has talked about them for some time, and this work sets up something to come in the next, but I have to admit I have no idea how Kendra and everyone else is going to get out of this one with their skins.

Really a fun read, the story is touching, warm, strong at the beginning. The intertwining of the characters towards the oncoming climax of this series is telling. Amazing dialogue as always, there’s always something to bring a smile with the wonder and questions along the way. Overall, the only thing I would have liked a bit more of would have been something more in-depth about Kendra’s past, a real explanation of why she can’t say a certain word, more than “I can’t”. Still, the questions leave openings to possibilities and that, after all, is the thing about well written works. There are… possibilities…

Four and a half out of five pitchforks.

One of the biggest questions in the series finally explained, that of Megan and Kendra’s relationship. Now all that has to be dealt with is an angry demon lord, an angry wizard… Come to think of it, there’s a lot of angry people to be dealt with. I’m not sure there’s enough valium in the universe to calm things down.

Which of course means everything is going, if not literally then really close, to hell next. I might need to fire up the popcorn machine again for what seems to be coming next…



May 13 2016

A Review of Isle in Man by Sarah Wilson

Isle in Man by Sarah Wilson

Isle in Man by Sarah Wilson

There are some stories that are a wisp of a thought, the beginnings of a story that offers something to think about, to consider. They tell of a character that has a story to tell and one finds themselves wanting to know that story.

Sometimes those wisps are very short, offering the beginning, but leaving the rest to interpretation, consideration. The story can be melancholy, tinged with a truth to be told. The character themselves can offer a richness to be explored… but then the work comes to a close and you are left… wondering.

  • Title: Isle in Man
  • Author: Sarah Wilson
  • Length: 6 Pages
  • ASIN: B017UNW2EG
  • Publishing Date: November 10, 2015
  • This work at

It tells the story of:

In a smokey bar, on an unremarkable night, a woman surveys the dancers in the search of her next meal.

Mare sits at a bar, having a drink, a smoke, and watching the souls around her. She touches many, seeing them, looking for something to hold onto. She encounters a soul desired, but does that desire see itself returned?

Mare can be described, and she does mention this at one point, as a succubus, but overall she doesn’t really act like one in the traditional way and I rather enjoyed that she was so. Though there is really little told about her past, there is a good deal of effort spent on telling what she feels, what she sees, and what it means for her. These descriptions are full of emotion and being so tell a lot about Mare’s character. At the same moment, while we learn about Mare, we also learn what she sees around her, what that knowledge allows her to do.

Mare, and her name alone should point out that she is a mixture of many legends, is a complex being and the work really just scratches the surface of her needs, wants and desires. There’s no erotica in the work, in truth it wouldn’t fit well and I thought that the author wrote in a way that expressed far more than any hot flash would have been able to do.

The work is very short, and that for me is the haunting thing. The story told feels very much like the opening scene of a larger work and I found myself at the last page wanting the story to continue. To see more of Mare, her world, her past. To find out who she is, why things are the way they are. The discovery of the tapestry of Mare’s existence, just in this short passage, is rich and complex. It needs to be told more than it has been here.

The description, the character of Mare, the moments with each of those souls that surround her is written exceptionally well. The author’s writing is solid, there was nothing to stumble over, to try and understand. The work tells of an old soul in search of something she might never find and the consequences of one special encounter.

But with all of the good comes the disappointment of the length of the work and the need to see more of Mare. The author has an amazingly good hook for the opening of a novel and they should, I feel, take the next step and tell the rest of the story.

Four out of five pitchforks.

A captivating story with much promise. That promise needs to come out and play.