Apr 18 2017

A Review of Sadie the Succubus by Jenna Baker

Sadie the Succubus by Jenna Baker

Sadie the Succubus by Jenna Baker

In telling a story, there needs to be something a bit more than the heat alone. Erotic heat is only where a story gives of pleasure, it isn’t the moment when the story itself is told. A well told story isn’t a series of scenes, vignettes really, which drop the reader into a moment, tells little about the main character, and then once the pleasures are past, simply ends.

Offering the hint that a character isn’t a stereotypical succubus interests me. Showing that she isn’t evil, or nasty, or more importantly, doesn’t want to do harm is a good thing. But not explaining why that is, not telling of her past, who she is, that’s where the story falls down a bit and leaves me wanting.

  • Title: Sadie the Succubus 1
  • Author: Jenna Baker
  • Published By: Amazon Digital Services
  • Length: 13 Pages
  • Format: eBook
  • ASIN: B071D4WZ5M
  • Publishing Date: April 17, 2017
  • This work in Kindle Format at Amazon.com

The work tells the story of:

Sadie is not your typical succubus. When she finds a girl that she likes, she has sex with her. That is a given. She also lets the girl live. Does a succubus really do that? To top it off, Sadie comes back for more. Follow Sadie on her sexual adventures.

Sadie loves those she is with, and being a succubus means that she can be the one they desire the most. Three encounters bring pleasures, wants and needs fulfilled. Along the way, Sadie muses over the delights her callers bring.

The work is a series of three short erotic hot flashes in which Sadie encounters two women, fulfills their fantasies, and then moves onwards. The heat in each scene is wonderfully done, the little touches of Sadie conforming to desires I thought were well done as well. But each scene is, overall, a stand alone moment in time that doesn’t really connect with the moment before.

Similarly, there’s no overall plot, save for the encounters themselves, nor is there really much told about Sadie herself. There are hints about who she is, what she wants and believes in. But there’s nothing told deeply about her past and that was a bit disappointing. The book summary seemed to suggest there was, perhaps, a little more story than there is, and I really wish there was.

Sadie is intersting, but she’s not really in focus in the work. She shapes herself to the desires of the others she entwines with, but the real Sadie isn’t seen. We have her thoughts, a bare hint of her personality, but little more than that. The focus here is the erotic heat to the exclusion of everything else. That isn’t enough to make this work what it really should have been.

The title seems to suggest that this is the first work in a series, and as such there needed to be more time spent in introducing Sadie, telling more about her. Perhaps bookending the erotica with some character embellishment before and after would have made things far better.

There is heat, there is a character who could be really interesting, but things aren’t taken far enough. The work is too short, the erotica, while hot, feels a little rushed at times and once the moment is past the encounter ends too suddenly for my tastes. Expanding on the erotica, building more story around the heat and telling more about Sadie herself are the missing pieces here.

Two and a half out of five pitchforks.

There’s no connective story, plot or anything else between each of the encounters with Sadie, and that’s the disappointing thing here. It’s clear she isn’t a stereotypical succubus, but just saying that doesn’t explain why that is.

This work seems to be the first in an ongoing series, and if so. I hope the author will focus more on constructing a real story rather than only holding focus on the erotica. The heat is there, there is a character who has a story to tell. Now would be the time to tell that story.



Apr 17 2017

Succubus Tales IV – The Chosen of Goddess

It’s time to share another part of the series called Succubus Tales that I am writing with my Adored Brother. This series originally appeared on DeviantArt and you can find them here with the images that go along with the stories.

This then, is what I think of as Part Four, though in actuality it’s Chapter Five. At some point I’ll get Chapter One and Four here, as well, for the sake of being complete …

Belief is a fragile thing. To believe shapes not just who we are, but what the world means to us. It is entirely possible to believe in a truth, one that you think is the only one, and be wrong. In the same way, another can believe in you, offer themselves with the hope that, perhaps, you will be able to see that truth within. In each comes a singular purpose and truth. It is, always, up to you to choose. Not even a Goddess can make that choice for you.


Succubus Tales IV – The Chosen of Goddess
By TeraS and her Adored Brother


I thought that first night with Tera would be the most amazing memory I would have of her. To be with her, to hold her, even for a moment was something our kind cherished, lived for. We told stories about her and we didn’t need to embellish them in the slightest.

Whether succubi or incubi, we knew, absolutely, that every story told about her was the truth. Our truth. The realization that Tera loved us, needed us as much as we needed her. She was, after all, Goddess to some, lover to all, friend to but a handful. But in spite of all she is, regardless of the power she held, she held that wherever we went, whatever we did, it was our responsibly. Good, bad or indifferent, she would not interfere with the choices we made.

Sometimes those choices were ones we regretted. Other times there was none to be found. However, in the aftermath of our choice, in the telling of what happened, there was one thing we all understood. We never wanted to disappoint her, to hear those words from her and know, truly, we’d lost her forever.

She’d found me and I wasn’t going to let her go.

Tera loved to tell us that time was an illusion and this second night with Tera in Pleasures felt like time had paused, to wait for us. The air was different, sounds were different. The crackling of the embers in the fireplace while we lay together intertwined on the couch sounded different. The symphony came and went as she, or I, found delight in our moment of desire.

The couch had been an experience, laying on the sheepskin rug in front of the fireplace was far more. Writhing upon the warmth, feeling the tickling over my back as Tera’s fingers cupped my ass, holding me at the perfect angle for her. My hands taking up bunches of the softness, her tongue so blissfully deep. Being overwhelmed by her, losing myself to her, screaming in dire need.

Somehow, and I still can’t remember how it happened, we’d gone from the couch, to the floor and then I found myself in a sea of red silk. Sheets that were cool and hot against me. Pillows that held me exactly as Tera wanted. Finding that, somehow, one pillow was under my ass, lifting my sex almost in an offering to Tera.

Being mesmerized, barely able to comprehend as she teased me by dragging long red ribbons over my skin. Whimpering for her touch, not resisting as she looped a ribbon around a wrist, tying it to a bedpost. My breath catching as she tied another ribbon, my hands held fast. Whining as her tongue lapped my navel, over my thighs to my ankles. Two more ribbons, tied as she purred and I was at her complete mercy.

Not that I wasn’t before, but now, even if I wanted to escape, I knew there was no possible way. This was her domain, her home, she was Goddess and I craved her. Whatever Goddess desired was hers. Plaything, servant, worshipper, lustful slave, it didn’t matter. All she needed was to say the words and it would be. I was hers, utterly and it was bliss.

Time melded together, the orgasms a wave that I rode, Tera commanding the waves to do things that I’d never be able to explain. The epiphany came through her touch, her total focus on me and nothing else. She wanted me, desired me. I couldn’t believe how many times Tera took me, over and over again.

I awoke to find she’d twined herself with me, the red sheets curled and tangled with us. The ribbons that had been binding me no longer did, but they remained knotted to my wrists and ankles. I couldn’t help but smile, knowing that I was still bound to her, the ribbons a physical manifestation of that truth.

Tera slept, her breathing calm and measured, hair draped over her eyes, but not her delicious smile that made me ache. I was past exhausted, I didn’t know if I could take more, but I also knew that when she awoke, Tera would be just as ravenous as before. A Goddess with one thought: My endless pleasure.

I wanted more, needed more, but at the same time I knew that I needed to rest. I had fed, twice and that helped, but I also knew that Tera had somehow added to my energy as well. I could feel something curled up my spine, hot and wet, humming in wait within me. I didn’t know what that was, but it felt… right… somehow. I’d lost track of time, but that didn’t bother me all that much. I had our Goddess, or she had me. Either way, whatever time was the price was, I was willing to accept that.

My thoughts were shifted by a light nibble on my shoulder. Tera was awake, teasing as she was want to do: “Such a tasty morsel.”

The shudder within my core was a delight: “I’m… not sure I can offer a second helping.”

The gleam in her eyes was inescapable: “All I want is… dessert.”

She could have, I know she could have. I wouldn’t have cared, living only for her pleasure. But it turned out that Tera wanted something else. She wanted to talk.

“Sweetheart… I love you.”

“I know.”

“You need to know that I can’t always be here.”

Those words made me ache in a way that I didn’t think was possible. To have her, then lose her so quickly?

She knew my thoughts, kissing my cheek: “I’m not leaving, not for a long time, but someday I’ll have to. I need you to know that there will come a time when you will need me. It will be the most dire moment of your life. I will be there, I promise you that.”

I nodded, but didn’t say anything.

“But you will face many trials in your life. I can’t make your decisions for you., you have to live your own life. I can’t tell you what comes next, what you have to do. But I will ask you one thing.”

My sigh didn’t mask my feelings: “What… would you want Tera?”

“I want you to be the best you can be. Always. Please.”

“I’ll try.”

“I know. That’s more than enough.”

Tera brushed my hair away from my eyes as I marshalled my thoughts: “You’ve given and given Tera. I wish I could thank you for all you’ve done for me. I’m a lowly succubus, less than nothing and…”

Her sigh stopped me: “You are not, a nothing, sweetheart. You’ll learn what that means in time… When it’s the right time.”

I rolled out of her embrace, turning away: “Tera… I…”

To her credit, she didn’t pull me back. I knew she was worried, wanting to know, to help, to understand. Giving that understanding was so very hard for me: “You know… I’ve never been proud of myself. Never was a good student, poor at relationships, lost for my short human life.”

Curling myself into a ball, the words started to come: “An incubus seduced me nearly one hundred and fifty years ago. He took my virginity, then everything else that made me human. Why?”

The bed shifted: “There are some souls we are attracted to. They call us, are a flame to the moth if you’d like. The need overcomes some, others have the presence of mind to bring new souls to the elders, a very small few to me. I wish… no… I crave that you would have been gifted in my presence sweetheart. I’m sorry you weren’t.”

The recrimination in her voice hurt, I couldn’t let that go: “You never need to apologize to me Tera. Everything you’ve done for me… I can’t describe how thankful I am.”

Tera’s reply was cryptic: “We’ll do better this time sweetheart.”

I pushed on, the memories of what he’d done so clear:“I still remember being captivated by him, thinking nothing of being taken to his bed. The pleasure he gave, the joy I felt in being in his arms. I remember coming, screaming as he enflamed my body. I even remember when we cried out in orgasm and he devoured my soul. I never understood why I became a succubus, I assumed I was just that good a lay or my soul was that good a meal. But I had to fend for myself. He left me, alone, with the hunger of a succubus and no idea why.”

I felt her hand brushing the sheets: “You shouldn’t have been left alone. He should have done better. There’s a lot to make up for, some things might never be. In spite of his failings, you did very well being on your own. But at the same time, you also brought yourself close to your own end.”

I started to turn over, but her voice stopped me: “ You left a trail of bodies behind you, a lot of fingers and eyes turning towards you. That couldn’t go on. I… need you. You can do better now, you’ve learned so much in such a short time. It’s going to be okay now.”

My one fear reared its head: “Tera… I need to know… Am I his like it is with vampires?”

She touched my bare shoulder, the depths of her love washing through me: “No… No you aren’t. I am yours and you are mine, no other has claim on you.”

“I didn’t mean to go into my life story.”

The caress of her fingers was soothing: “It’s fine. It’s something you need to talk about and talking to the wall doesn’t get you anywhere.”

We were both quiet for a time, I being content to just lay with her, she as content to hold me. I was just drifting back to sleep when Tera’s body tensed. I felt her turn, looking towards the hallway to her bedroom before she cupped my cheek and lightly kissed me.

“I need you to promise, please, don’t take off those ribbons. Promise me you’ll do that.”

It was a confusing request: “Okay… but.. why?”

Her reply was cut off by a scream unlike anything I’d ever heard before: “Goddess! Where are you!

There are things we never forget. The sound of a soul, in pain, crying out for relief, is one that cuts us all deeply. Tera’s focus turned towards her bedroom door: “Whatever happens next, know that I’ll never leave you.”

I didn’t know what to say as she rose from bed, shifting her thoughts to whatever, whomever, had shrieked moments before. I scrambled out of bed as Tera moved towards the doorway and whomever it was. She was about to pass through the door when I managed to touch her arm: “Tera? Let me go with you!”

She paused, then turned to me, her so-green eyes glowing softly: “Soon, I promise. But right now, please, wait here, don’t step into the hallway, don’t follow me. It’s for your own good Sophia.”


Her last words to me held me: “Please?”

I didn’t say anything as Tera left the bedroom, the darkness of the hallway pierced by her red tail and horns as she stepped through. I watched Tera leave, her entire being changing as she did so. The Goddess was being called and she was going to answer.

I could taste her sexuality, her lust, her desires. I felt the brush of her caress without fingers. Her thoughts pierced my thoughts, being all that I cared about. Tera was achingly beautiful, but now, releasing her true self, the ecstasy of being in the presence of Goddess made me weep in wonder and delight. All I could do was fall to my knees, my fingers deep within me as she vanished into the darkness. I wanted to hold her, press against her, be with her. It’s all that I desired in that moment and someone else was taking her from me.

It hurt, the pain of losing her was terrible. I started to crawl on my hands and knees to follow her, wanting to bask in the presence of Goddess. I was left alone, looking to the darkness, listening, hoping for her voice, to know Goddess was well, that she was safe, that I would see her again. My worries simmered and pulled on me as I heard the voice crying for Goddess once more.

Goddess! I beg for you! Crave you! Please!

Where are you! Why have you forsaken me!

Please! Let me see you again!

The voice was clearer now, I could taste the desire, the need, the ache she had for Goddess. How much she wanted… no… demanded… for her.

Goddess! I…ne…

Her shriek broke in mid-word. There was the longest moment of shocked silence I’d ever heard. I came, so hard and so long in the wake of Tera’s power rising like a tidal wave around us.

Her next word was ecstasy, her dream made true: “Goddesssssssssss…

My next word was weeping delight: “Goddesssssssssss…”

She had come to her Chosen.

I writhed on the floor, my sex weeping, skin electrified, unable to speak, only moan in delicious abandonment as she spoke, her words like a million tongues and fingers exploring my body.

“I am the first.”

Yes Goddess!

“I am lust, desire, passion, need.”

Please yes!

“My love is eternal.”

Goddess please!

“My light fills the Chosen.”


“Welcome home of the Chosen.”

I screamed, my voice mixed with the other in the presence of our Goddess, crying out our bliss in being hers forever. My back arched, mouth and pussy drooling, my eyes rolled up, only whiteness showing as her power thundered through me. I heard the sound of wood being torn as my fingernails dug deeply into the floor, leaving wounds marking it forever.

Being allowed to orgasm was a mercy, and I couldn’t do anything except lay there, listening.

The one that had been screaming was exhausted, her voice cracking from what had happened moments ago: “Goddess… please… why have you not allowed me to see you? Why… dear Goddess why have I not felt you for so long? Why?”

“I have been watching, I have never left you.”

“You… you know?”

“I know of your pain, what happened to you. I know what you did, every last dark thing you have done.”


“There is no but here. Who are you?”

The woman’s voice became stronger as she revealed herself: “I am Zara. Worshipper of Goddess. I am her Voice, I speak her Truths, I am the way to Her.”

“Then… why my Disciple, have you forsaken my Truths? Why have you darkened my Voice? How can the way to Me be found through you?”

“Goddess… please…”

“No Zara, you will explain yourself, atone for yourself. You will be judged for what you have done and your fate will be spoken. You will tell of your actions for that is my Word.”

I shivered at Tera’s words, gasping at Zara’s fate, to be placed at the mercy of Goddess. Somehow I found the strength to pull myself towards the door, drawing myself up to lean against it as I listened to her reveal what she’d done.

Zara’s whispers were painful, she knew, I knew, that Tera might say the words none of us wanted to hear. It was clear in her voice that she ached for Tera, needed her, and the possibility of being lost was terrifying to her.

“Four hundred years alone until you called for me. Four hundred years of crawling over this world, looking for you, seeking you out.”

Tera’s voice was firm: “Four hundred years in which you harmed souls, acted with malice. Harmed countless numbers of souls. You became darker with each word, each soul ended.”

“You know what they did to me! You know how much I suffered! You know!”

The Goddess asked: “Did every soul you touched hurt you? Did every innocent you ended have to pay, again, for what those of the past did, and paid for with their souls?”

Zara didn’t answer: “You have no idea how much I have been through. I’ve waited for so long for you to save me. I was in my most dire of need of you and you abandoned me. Why?”

Tera’s voice didn’t waver, the truth being clear: “I know your pain Zara. I know every whip they used, every cut on your skin. I know of the hunger you suffered when they starved you for years. None of it was your moment of dire need.”

The shriek returned: “It WAS!

The Goddess spoke quietly, but her words were like she’d slapped Zara: “No. It was not. You’ve forsaken me for your own anger and hate.”

The gasp Zara made shocked me into action, snapping me out of my stupor at the doorway and I stood on shaking legs, the ribbons that Tera had bound me with fluttering over my body.

“They starved me, tortured me, experimented on me. Even worse they branded me. I was trapped in a dark dungeon begging for help for a hundred years only having to save myself in the end.”

Tera remained calm: “It was your fault. You became full of yourself, you exposed yourself to the humans, to the seekers of our kind and of those called supernaturals. You did not restrain yourself, did not control yourself. You didn’t have to go insane with lust, you didn’t have to be cruel and bring attention on yourself. You were fully aware that devouring a prince and his princess would lead to your downfall.”

“What did they matter? They were…”



“And with that Zara, you only prove that you have abandoned the Word of your Goddess… haven’t you?”

As Zara’s judgement continued, something happened to me. From the darkness a green glow began to light the space, illuminating the bedroom, the floor, all around me. Looking at my hands, I saw that the glow was coming from me.

“So being imprisoned for a hundred years was my punishment? That’s why you abandoned me?”

“You were a fool to think that I abandoned you. I had faith that I taught you well, that you could escape, that you didn’t need me to save you. It is not my place to save you from every mistake, every error. You are responsible for your own life. That is what you were taught as Chosen.”

It was Tera’s green, the colour of her eyes, the warmth of her power. That ball of… whatever it was that snaked around my spine throbbed, pulled, encompassed me. My body shivered as Her power lifted me off of my feet, leaving me in midair, suspended against gravity, in her hands. The ribbons floated over my skin, winding around me. My skin being rubbed in passion, my body being enveloped in Tera’s power. I couldn’t move as She drew my arms out, arched my back, held my legs in place.

“I couldn’t! They bound me! They took away my power! I wasn’t strong enough! I wept for you every night! I held my tongue to protect you! I remained yours no matter what they did to me for one hundred years!”

The question that Tera asked was a telling one: “Did you ever, once, feel any remorse for what you did Zara?”

Her tone was harsh: “Humans are a disgusting waste. They are nothing more than cattle. It is within our rights to make them mindless pets. They do not deserve to be anything more. That is how it should have always been.”

Tera reply made me gasp: “Then, that is your Truth. But it is not mine. The Truth finds its own way to be free. You do not deserve the place of the Chosen.”

Zara’s made me cry in shame: “There is no other Chosen but me.”

I heard Tera’s voice in my thoughts: “There is. And I love her.

The tears came as I finally understood: “Goddess yes… Tera, I love you.”

The ribbons melted against my skin, Her red coating me, bathing me in her power. The memory that Tera had given me returned, the image of her Followers in their robes, kneeling before her. The reflection of Tera in the mirror, the revelation of what came after pouring into me.

Her choice to be merciful, to show compassion and love. To guide us all to be more, to be life, not death. To be power in light, not darkness. To be all we could be and yet still be able to know of something precious: To remember humanity matters.

My horns appeared first, then my tail rose into the air. A snap of wind came with my wings spreading from my back, hovering over my outstretched arms.

Tera’s voice was calm and measured: “You have held your Truth from the beginning. My Words didn’t matter, it seems. The Truth as you were taught, didn’t matter. So, here you are. I can see the darkness in you, all of the souls you have devoured, harmed, ended without remorse.  I feel every one of them, begging to be released from the pain, from your hate, from… you.”

Zara’s laughter was terrible: “They deserve it. Let them all suffer until the end of time.”

I floated into the hallway as Tera continued: “It is your life Zara, but it is my choice of who is my Chosen, who is my Priestess. More to the point, the time has come.”

“What… are you talking about?”

“There is one who is worthy of being my Voice. Of being the Light of Goddess.”

That is me!

Passing through the hallway, the darkness gave way to light, the walls mirrored, reflecting my form as I was drawn towards Goddess, the ribbons trailing behind me.

“Once, you could have been.”

Oh dear Goddess.

“She knew the Word long before Me. She seeks to be more.”

Out of the corner of my eye I saw the ribbons transform, changing, becoming part of me as they sank into my body.

Tera… Why?

“It is the time of her Coming.”

The robes of Her divinity formed around me, brazenly exposing my sex, my legs dangling from the flaring gown that dropped to the red heels that formed upon my feet. Breasts bare, my Goddess’ robes caressing my curves. The red was Tera’s red, a red that shone upon me. A hood flowed over me, hiding my hair, passing over my forehead to cover my eyes in shadow, leaving only my lips visible. As my robes settled into place, the final touch was my horns passing through the hood as if it wasn’t there, showing themselves.

“It is time for her to take her rightful place.”

The hallway became brighter and brighter until all was washed away in the light. A breeze blew my robes about me, my sex cooled and heated by the air toying over my clit and folds. The light dimmed, I expecting to see Tera’s living room. But that’s not what happened.

The temple of Her memories came into existence, the floor beneath me red marble with black veins that pulsed with green light. A huge, vast space, large enough for thousands to worship Her, as was right, as it was to be. My eyes were only for Tera as I was carried through the air to her, the tips of my heels just brushing the floor. Goddess was waiting, to be loved, pleasured, caressed. Her smile made me slick, the sparkle in her eyes brought a whimper that I bit my lip to hold inside.

She was standing upon her dais, unashamed of her sexuality, just in front of her throne. Her power brought me to her, to the place where I needed to be. In her presence, in her love, with her for always. My heels touched the marble and I sank to my knees, not taking my eyes from Goddess, delighting in her attention upon me.

“Zara, your sister Sophia.”

“Sophia, your sister Zara.”

I turned to look to my right and found a woman, draped in similar robes to mine, but different, her black wings outstretched, black tail and horns gleaming in the presence of Goddess. I didn’t now how long she’d been kneeling there, nor did I care honestly with all that she had said to Tera before.

I gasped when she turned her face towards me, looking me over like a piece of meat. She’d been in Pleasures when I came to visit Tera, she’d been feeding on a human in Goddess’ domain. She was beautiful I had thought when I had glimpsed her before, but then Zara’s eyes narrowed, her lips turned into a sneer, and she growled: “This… slut is worthy of you? A young succubus that knows nothing?”

Tera’s voice was clear: “Her soul says more Zara, you have no will to see.”

My voice was unafraid as I turned back to Tera: “I am yours Goddess.”

Zara’s voice was spiteful with malice and distaste for me: “She is a whore, not fit to be in the presence of Goddess!”

Tera was about to reply, but I answered instead: “I am Hers. She has given to me, asked for nothing in return. My life is Hers… forever.”

I turned to look at Zara, shame for her in my eyes: “Can you say the same?”

The hate burned in her eyes: “I am Hers. Her will… will be done.”

Tera spoke quietly, not needing to shout: “If my will is to be done, then, why Zara, have you rejected the Teachings?”

“I haven’t forgotten. I learned where the place of humans is. On our dinner table, to be eaten for our pleasure.”

The was wrong and my voice had an edge to it: “No. Even I know that humans have a short life. They kill and maim each other for petty reasons. We are better than them, we have to be for who we are.”

If Zara could have attacked me, I think she would have: “You are a young succubus, with no experience and you know nothing. You’ll learn when the first human tries to kill you.”

“Was that before, or after you killed that prince and princess?”

My sister’s gasp brought a smirk to my lips: “How stupid are you Zara?”

“You know nothing!”

“I know enough to know that I don’t have to kill. I know that I regret every soul that I took before Tera found me.”

Zara was confused, but Tera didn’t elaborate: “She knew the Word long before Me. That is why Sophia has the right to take her place as Chosen.”

But it seemed that Zara didn’t care: “You have a lot to learn. All of us do, but most of all Tera, you need to see how useless and selfish humans really are.”

Tera shook her head: “You’ve forgotten that you were once human. You love killing them, for no reason at all, which means you are as selfish as they.”

Zara stood, her wings outstretched, hands clenched in anger. I was not going to allow her to touch Tera and I moved to place myself between them both: “Zara, think what you are doing!”

I felt Tera’s hand on my shoulder: “It’s all right Sophia.”

I wasn’t going to back down from Zara:“I don’t know why you are such a bitch Zara, how dare you speak that way? You are her Voice aren’t you? Act like it!”

“Don’t test me youngling. You are nothing to me.”

“And you have no manners and no honour. You are dead to me.”

Tera broke into the fight: “It’s clear that you no longer wish to be my Voice. Sophia will take your place at the next gathering.”

Zara’s shriek hurt: “NO!

My smile must have been an awful one for Zara: “I accept your will Goddess, your Words will be spoken for all of our kind.”

“I declare my right to challenge!”

Tera warned me, she tried I know: “Sophia, don’t!”

I didn’t listen: “I accept!”

Zara’s laughter was an awful thing, making me realize that she’d gotten what she wanted and I had no idea what it all meant.

Tera turned away and walked to her throne: “The challenge has been made as the writings of our kind demand. The writings also say that I can choose the challenge, what the terms are. Do you both agree?”

Seeing no choice, I agreed right after Zara did. We both remained where we stood while Tera took her throne and contemplated our fate. I watched her tail moving slowly behind her as she marshalled her thoughts, a small smile playing upon her lips. I didn’t move, content to wait for her decision, but Zara’s impatience was clear from her crossed arms over her chest and glare at me.

Tera crossed her legs as she came to her decision: “A battle of strength is not an acceptable challenge. Nor is really anything that either of you can do as succubi. However, there is one fair challenge.”

She steepled her fingers over her lips, tapping her nose: “The challenge will be for you both to compete for the affection of a human… as humans.”

We both were surprised by this, saying nothing as Tera continued: “You’ve both been relying on your powers as succubi, using them to seduce and ensnare your prey. You will not use your powers, at all in this challenge. No mind control, no will bending, no enhancement of yourselves by your powers. You will be, as far as anyone will tell, be completely human.”

Her voice brooked no argument: “You will NOT feed on the human. You will NOT harm them. The challenge is won when the human offers themselves to you by giving their heart to you. There is nothing else like that that changes a human’s soul and it will be very plain to see.”

I thought about that, trying to see the angle, why Tera made this choice as she clarified things further: “I will choose the human. At the end of the challenge, I will know if either of you broke the rules and used your powers by touching their soul. That will be the only means of winning this challenge. Nothing else. If any of the rules are broken, then the challenge is moot.”

Tera stared down Zara: “If you win, then you remain my Voice and you will be welcomed back, your sins washed clean. If Sophia wins, then she will be my Voice, and you will be cast aside Zara as the new Voice has that right.”

Tera looked at me and I could see the sadness in her eyes: “If you win Sophia, then you will be my Voice. If you lose, then you will be cast away. Zara will have the right, as Voice, to bar you from me.”

Then Tera dropped the other shoe: “If either of you cheat, if the challenge is rendered void by your actions, if you break any rule, then… we all lose.”

Tera let that hang in the air, then pressed on: “Do you both agree to my Word?”

Zara nodded and smirked: “You will never win this bet.”

I was confident: “I think you can’t live without your powers.”

We both looked at Tera, who spoke in a sad whisper: “And so the Challenge is.”

I turned to look at Tera as Zara started laughing, Tera just looking disappointed. Zara’s clothing shifted, her robes melting away and becoming a black lace corset, white leather slacks and silver stiletto heels. Shrugging into place a black leather jacket she turned and walked away.

“Call me when the challenge starts. I’m hungry.”

Tera called out: “Leave my home Zara. Don’t you dare feed here. Return tomorrow night when the challenge will begin.”

She didn’t answer, save for the sound of her heels on the marble floor as she vanished out of sight. Once alone with Tera, I fell to my knees, she rushing from her throne to kneel beside me, holding me closely in her arms.

I weeped: “I should have listened to you. I’ve disappointed you Tera. I’m sorry.”

Tera kissed my horns, making me shiver: “Being young does have a disadvantage. You didn’t have to defend me. but you did. You made a choice, it was your choice and that’s what matters here.”

I sniffed, dearly sorry for what I’d done: “What now Tera?”

She smiled: “Now? Now we go and find you some real clothes to wear. Using your powers isn’t allowed and you might as well get used to that.”

Something tugged at me: “That’s… why?”

Tera nodded: “That’s why I keep telling you all the same thing. We are our best when we are ourselves. You need to look yourself in the mirror and know you are Sophia. Not a succubus, a woman. Hold onto that above everything else for your own sake.”

She stood, offering her hand: “Come on. You have things to do and as much as I want to have a night with you, that will have to wait.”

I took her hand and stood with her: “I’m sorry, Tera.”

“Don’t worry. I have faith.”

“I’m finding it hard to.”

Her tail twined with my own: “Again, I have faith.”

I raised an eyebrow as I wondered what Tera was thinking. I knew that she’d keep the challenge fair, watch for cheating, and I hoped that wouldn’t happen. The confidence she showed made me look into her so-green eyes.

“I have no idea where you have that faith in me, but… I’ll do my best Tera. I promise you that.”

Tera smiled: “My faith Sophia, is in you.”

That smile was a mysterious one, like she knew something. Like there was something she said that we didn’t understand, but she did. She talked about faith, about trusting me, she’d said that many times before too.

It still feels like I am falling into this trap but Tera doesn’t seem disappointed and I can’t put my finger on why she isn’t, I might not ever be able to understand. Tera is a mystery, but at the same time she’s something more.

We left her temple together, not saying anything. I hoped her confidence in the future was reflected in my own expression. Outside of Pleasures, Zara stormed off into the night, determined to win this battle and prove that she was right.

That then was the difference. Our belief.

It would, when it mattered, speak louder than the screams we’d hear…

Apr 16 2017

Everything By TeraS

Today is not the day I normally share a story, but, this April 16th, I need to … for my Eternal, for our family, but most of all to share, a day which brought a dearly loved soul to this world, one who gives those she loves …


By TeraS


Every year, without fail, her son made sure to give a birthday card.

It meant everything to him, to see her smile, to know she was happy he didn’t forget—as if he ever would. The flowers were loved, the dinners together were joyful, and the gifts were always remembered. But it was the card that mattered the most to her. She loved cards, be they for a birthday, an anniversary, some holiday or other, she loved to open the envelopes, read the printed words, but more importantly, see what he’d written to her.

She loved the ones that came with flowers, especially those with carnations. Her son never explained why he preferred red; she, after all, always loved white ones. Still, it was the thought that counted, and he did make sure to bring along both red and white carnations on her birthday.

Still, it was the cards that she displayed on their kitchen table where everyone could see them. They spoke of the love of her beloved, family, sons, daughters, grandchildren, and more. Each and every year, her eldest’s card was the first to appear, to take its place and be shown to all that came.

These were not something to be disposed of. Not something to be brushed away in the aftermath of the celebrations. The love of her family brought the choice—though it wasn’t so much a choice as a heartfelt love—to keep them …

… every one of them.

He always remembered. From the first, covered in macaroni, to the very last, covered in tears, he never missed one. If he had but only enough for a card and nothing more, there would be a card given. He was her son, he loved her, and so it was.

He holds this year’s card, the words within seen by him, known by her, sealed with tears. There’s a place beside her, a spot to lay a card, to be placed beside the red urn carved with white flowers. To keep the love alive, the promise continuing, the hope never ending. The crystal vase beside her will have the red and white carnations, the card will be resting between, bridging the space between.

The family will came to visit, spend time together, sharing in the love of family on this day. The time will go by in a flash, the family going off again, leaving him, as is the way things are, to be the very last to leave. He’ll find a chair, drawing it over to sit with her. He’ll talk to her, wishing her a happy birthday, crying, knowing she heard him.

Tomorrow he’ll come and take the card away, seeing that it wasn’t opened, that none had seen what he’d written inside. The walk from her place, down the stairs, will be in silence, alone, as he doesn’t want anyone to see the drawer opened, the one that only he knows of. It is the drawer she’d locked, to keep what mattered to her safe from other eyes. The card set will be inside, next to the bundles of cards bound by her hand. He’ll stand there, looking at all of them, the tears coming. A whispered word, a quiet wish, then the drawer will be closed and locked once more …

… until the next Mother’s Day …

… until the first anniversary of Goddess calling her home …

…until his Eternal’s Birthday … and then his own.

The drawer holds the tale of love: a mother’s love, a son’s and daughter’s love, a beloved’s special kind of love. All of the love that comes from love she’d given from the first moment and eternally.

He’ll turn from the room, dim the lights, and close the door, leaving the room in darkness and shadow … save for one thing: the light from within the drawer doesn’t go away. The light within himself, the love he has, never will.

For that love, given by a mother to her son, is everything … on a birthday shared in love.

Apr 15 2017

A Succubus Makeup YouTube

I found a YouTube which I think is more than interesting, it’s actually quite useful. Makeup is quite important after all and it that goes wrong, it can make a disaster of the best of cosplays, or just trying to be Succubish on Halloween.


If you cannot see this video here on the Tale, please try this link.

Here is a screenshot of the completed makeup in all of the artistic wonderfulness, complete with a lovely wig and quite lovely horns too.

Succubus Makeup Tutorial by Princessmei

Doing makeup well is a challenge, an art, and being able to pull everything together, to create the illusion that completes one’s look, is something to be noted well.

I think the only thing I do not like about this particular look are the fangs, but otherwise I think she has brought out a wonderfully seductive succubus.



Apr 14 2017

A Review of Odd Bits & Dark Corners: A Smutty Smidgeons Compilation by Tracey DeSanto

Odd Bits & Dark Corners: A Smutty Smidgeons Compilation by Tracey DeSanto

Odd Bits & Dark Corners: A Smutty Smidgeons Compilation by Tracey DeSanto

A review of an cute little collection of erotica with a supernatural theme that I rather enjoyed. While it is not a collection about succubi or incubi, there’s but one story with a succubus in this collection, it does tell a series of thoughtful and erotic tales.

Erotica takes many forms, some are passionate, some are innocent. Some express the forbidden, some the expected. It is, in all ways, the need of the caller that makes the called what they are… and what they will be.

Not all stories end well, some leave questions behind and it is those questions that leave one wondering… why?

The work tells the story of:

Welcome to Tracey DeSanto’s underworld… her dark corner of smutty smidgeons. This is where she lets her taboo fantasies run wild.

Follow Stacy Drake – Girl Detective, as she gets downright personal with a strange boy in the old haunted garage. Learn about what happens to poor William when he can’t get a certain woman off his mind. Enjoy a dip in the Pacific with Vanessa, who is recently divorced, and needs a swimming companion.

A trio of stories with a supernatural theme. One of mystery, one of need, and one of desires. In each the characters arrive at their destinations, just not as they were at the beginning of them..

Each of the works focuses upon a different supernatural being and each tells a different story with its own heat, passion and needs. All are written well, all have interesting characters and the stories are complete in all of the ways they need to be.

The middle work, Nocturnal Emissions, tells of an encounter with a succubus, and so this review will focus mainly upon that story. It’s an interesting tale of falling to a succubus, being ensnared, and then, sadly, the seemingly inevitable ending arrives. It’s expected, and really it’s the single problem with this work compared to the others. This is the only work which ends in a “bad” way. It’s also the only work were the main character is male, which strikes me as an interesting thing as a whole.

All that said, it is a well written story, the seduction, the ensnarement, is really well told, the erotica is lovely and hot. It’s just the ending was rather telegraphed as a whole, I expected what came and really that didn’t need to be I think. While there’s some certainty in what I think of as “typical” stories about succubi, it makes, for me, disappointment.

For the single succubus story: Two and a half out of five pitchforks.

The other two works, especially the first, I felt were far stronger, telling better stories with characters that seemed to be more alive. There was more emotional impact, more mystery. The stories were more thought out, involving the characters in a story that had a lot going on and needing the reader to pay attention to them. It’s a shame that the succubus story didn’t have that same power and I find myself wondering what if it did?

For the collection as a whole: Four out of five pitchforks.

It’s a shame that the succubus story was so expected, so stereotypically so. I had some dearly high hopes at the beginning of the story, but when the end appeared it just took much of what I had enjoyed away. That’s a shame because the other two works were far stronger, far more interesting and captivating. I’m unsure why Angela turned out as she did and I think that didn’t need to be.



Apr 14 2017

A Review of A Blasphemous Easter by Yura Rybak

A Blasphemous Easter by Yura Rybak

A Blasphemous Easter by Yura Rybak

The thing about an erotic hot flash is that many times the story is only about the sex and nothing more. To me, that’s boring and leaves so much story untold that it bothers me. It’s not enough to press two characters together, turn the heat on and then once the moment is past, just end the story with nothing learned, changed or understood.

Sex alone isn’t a story, it adds some flavour, but it doesn’t tell the larger tale. Exploring the characters beyond them being entwined together means telling of why things are, how they came to be. Forgetting that for the sake of writing a short heated scene isn’t telling a story, it’s only part of the story.

The work tells the story of:

Father Johan Cavallo very much appreciates his lover Matthias’ powers as an incubus. But sex on the holiest day of the church’s calendar? Well, let’s just say that it’s a good thing their encounters take place within Johan’s dreams.

Johan’s dreams bring him to his lover, the incubus Matthias and though his desires, both are brought to their release. But a release in a dream is a pale reflection of reality and that reality is an aching thing.

The work is a hot flash for the most part with very little story or plot around the edges. There’s really not much told about both main characters and more to the point, how they came together isn’t explored at all.

The focus is on the characters being together sexually, making the flash have heat, but at the expense of not telling anything more of a story. It’s one thing to tell a story in which the characters have been together for a long time, have a connection and telling that story but not saying why things happened.

As the work is told from Johan’s perspective, there’s really so very little told about Matthias, other than he being an incubus. That means a lot of storytelling doesn’t happen, the work becomes not much more than the erotic scene it is and when that ends, there’s so very little left in the ending.

The ending itself leaves a lot of questions, but doesn’t do anything with them. The ending is cute, and left me with a smile, but otherwise the story just didn’t have a connection with me because of all that could have been told, but wasn’t. It’s a lost opportunity and it didn’t need to be so.

Two and a half out of five pitchforks.

There’s no history, no explanation of how the two characters came together, why they continue to do so. While the erotica has heat, it’s not enough to hold my interest as really that’s all the story has as a whole.

That’s a shame because there’s a story here, one that I wanted to know more about, but didn’t. Being dropped into the middle of an erotic hot flash is one thing, not having an idea about what’s going on and why bothers me and takes a lot away.



Apr 13 2017

Succubi Image of the Week 482

Morrigan is usually seen in a single look that, for the most part, really doesn’t change all that often. However, there are some artists that change things, create an new look that transforms Morrigan and adds another side to her character. For this, the second week of Morrigan being the Succubi of the Week in a row, here is a look that I think would be amazing for her to show…

Morrigan by tsuaii

Morrigan by tsuaii

This art is by the artist Tsuaii on DeviantArt and you can find the original page here with this art. As well, here is this artist’s page on DeviantArt as well.

There’s a very “tropical” feel to this art of Morrigan and that makes me ponder her being in Hawaii for some reason. It’s lovely to see her being, if not casual, appearing to be more a seducer, a whisper of passion. I think that really works well for her and this artist I believe brought out that part of her character so wonderfully well.

Amazing detail in the dress, her hair and wings. That little smile is perfect, as is the look in her eyes that shows a inner strength, in knowing herself, and more. She seems content with herself, and as such that’s a powerful image in itself.

I love how the dress hugs her curves, how her jewelry isn’t over the top, rather bringing a focal point to her overall look.

One of my favourite images of Morrigan, but there is one more to come that I think is as wonderful…