Jun 19 2016

A Review of Devilish Desires by Monica-Jay Allen

Devilish Desires by Monica-Jay Allen

Devilish Desires by Monica-Jay Allen

Succubi can be used, and are quite often used, as the means to drive a story in a particular direction. The most common of these is, of course, to draw another character into some kind of sexual situation and then the story unfolds from there. Along with that, at least I hope, should be something about the succubus herself, what she wants and what her story is.

That doesn’t happen when the succubus seems to care only about the sex and nothing more. While that is a story point, and can be used to tell a larger story, it does tend to make the succubus be nothing special overall. Character development is important after all, but then so is telling the entire story and not leaving something behind untold.

  • Title: Devilish Desires
  • Author: Monica-Jay Allen
  • Length: 29 Pages
  • Publishing Date: December 11, 2015
  • This work at Amazon.com

The work tells of:

Prince Leandro is living in a world where humans have to be wary of magical creatures, witches, and demon-like creatures. One such lives next to Leandro’s own castle. She is a succubus, a demon-like woman with a tail and horns and a sexual hunger that could kill. She is determined to take away everything that Leandro holds dear; his soon to be throne, his life and the lives of those whom he cares about most. Can anything be done to combat this evil temptress? Will Leandro simply fall prey to her clutches like many before him and allow her evil beauty to consume him?

Leandro finds himself confronted by a succubus that desires one thing from him. The encounter ends with neither of them getting what they want, exactly and Leandro’s life changes and not for the better. A long journey unfolds with the help of a dear friend and the interference of the succubus. But a gamble taken might tip the scales, but the cost may be more than Leandro is willing to pay.

The work is a mixture of an adventure, coming of age, hidden love, and questing which work well together overall. Leandro and Kylie, the two main characters, are really quite a lot of fun when they are together in that there is a connection between them, but neither of them are really quite able to express that. Leandro starts out being somewhat innocent, but his encounter with the succubus changes his life, his connection to those around him, and in doing so his personality changes. In some ways, the same can be said about Kylie, but from the perspective of her moving from being there to being something more. The twin paths as they unfold are really well done and I liked that aspect of the work.

The succubus, Rica, is somewhat of a stereotypical succubus in that all she seems to really care about is having sex with men, specifically Leandro. She’s “evil” but why, or how, really isn’t explored very much. Rica’s scenes are focused upon her sexuality, how Leandro responds to that, and then what her reactions are. There’s not much told about why Rica makes the decision that she wants Leandro save that he “made her feel different” and that seems a bit thin as a reason. I would have liked to know more about Rica, perhaps to see things from her perspective as the story unfolded more.

Save for her initial appearance, a fleeting tease, and once more at the climax of the work, Rica isn’t very present in the story, even if she is important to Leandro and Kylie’s stories. At times she seems a bit like an afterthought, though she really isn’t considering what she has done to Leandro and the decision that Kylie makes. The other missing part is at the end of the story, Kylie does something and it isn’t told what happens to Rica in the aftermath. Much else is told, but that dangling plot line isn’t and it is a rather strong presence in the conclusion.

The erotica is three hot flashes, the last I felt being more focused and enjoyable than the first two were. Considering what that last bit of erotica meant, it needed to be so and I was happy to see it unfold. The scenes with Rica are interesting, mainly for her comments and what happens to her, but there is a slight touch of succubus mind control that I would have liked to see brought out more than it was.

The writing is quite good, though there are a few minor spelling mistakes here and there, and at least one conversation is a little confusing as the words, if they were spoken out loud, just seemed odd. While the main story, that of Leandro is told, there are a number of subplots that started out, but didn’t come to their conclusion. The most telling one being about Rica herself. Perhaps the author might have been well served to just tie up that last loose end for the sake of completeness as the ending wraps up the story well otherwise.

Three and a half out of five pitchforks.

Overall a good coming of age story with two main characters that are told well and have their own stories to tell. There are some points in the story not tied up at the end, there’s one major question never answered as well. A story that reads very much like a anime series adventure in a way but also offers something more.



Jun 19 2016

A Review of Urge of the Demoness by Alana Sanford

Urge of the Demoness by Alana Sanford

Urge of the Demoness by Alana Sanford

Succubi can be many things. They can be evil, indifferent, or mischievous among other things. To have them simply “do” without having a reason can be a problem. It isn’t enough to have a succubus character just so something for the sake of doing so. There needs to be a reason, some kind of meaning. Really more than anything there needs to be something more than simply a series of sex scenes tied together loosely.

Transformation, mind control are two themes that can be used. But that alone isn’t enough, there needs to be something to possess the main character to do the things they do. Even if the reason might come to a succubus that knows her way around a stripper pole.

  • Title: Urge of the Demoness
  • Author: Alana Sanford
  • Length: 16 Pages
  • ASIN: B01H7TRF7M
  • Publishing Date: June 16, 2016
  • This work at Amazon.com

The work tells of:

I was once a man, a great accountant. I messed with fire and she messed back. I summoned the demoness to give me back my youth. Will she give me back my manhood? Will I remember it? Will I even want it back?

Greg wants things as they were so long ago. Summoning a demon seems like the best way to turn time back for him. But Cheresse has other ideas and Greg soon finds that being young is one thing. Being Jasmine is something all together different.

The story is mainly focused on Greg summoning Cheresse and how she takes control of things. Eventually that leads to Greg being transformed into Jasmine, the telling of an encounter with his roommate and then the twist in the story comes from there. Overall the plot has its moments, there is some nicely written succubus aspects to Cheresse and overall she doesn’t seem to be very stereotypical as a whole. She is very persuasive, there are some hints of succubus mind control, some domination and overall Cheresse is interesting as a character.

Possibly the single part of Cheresse’s initial appearance that I liked the most was her taking control of the situation and when Greg suggests Cheresse has a stripper’s name, she demonstrates her talents about one. That single scene made me smile and I found myself liking Cheresse quite a lot, hoping for her to be more than just a means for the gender swap.

The erotica is a pair of hot flashes, one very short and having little heat, the other a bit longer but, again, there’s a lack of real heat as well. In one case that has a lot to do with Greg, post transformation as Jasmine, and her reluctance to do what Cheresse wants her to do. It’s awkward, uncertain, and as such that did work well all things told.

By the time the climax comes, and what Cheresse really wants is revealed, that leads to a twist in the story that wasn’t expected. While that worked, and made sense, it happened so quickly and left really no time for the story to do anything with the event. It does allow for a bit more succubus mind control, which points towards another work in the series to come and that could be very interesting.

The work is short, really there needed to be a bit more time spent on Cheresse, more focus on Jasmine’s internal struggles as well. But most of all, the sudden twist and then rapid ending of the work was disappointing. That could have been drawn out more, become a bit more solid that “this happened, moving on” which bothered me.

According to the book summary, this is the beginning of a new series. Cheresse is interesting and where the series goes from here could either turn into a series of porn movie level erotica or it could be something more than that.

The writing is good, the erotica could use more heat. The characters are interesting, certainly Cheresse is, Greg/Jasmine as well. The dialogue needs some polishing, but overall it sounds good and each character has a clear voice. But it is a short work and really it could have been at least another ten pages long to really develop the story and actually set up the series better. As well, the author needs to name this series, that would be helpful.

Three and a half out of five.

Hopefully a series will come out of this, the opening is interesting and shows some promise. I will be looking to see what happens next if nothing to see how good a stripper Cheresse might really be.  After all, seduction is but one part of being a succubus. The other is in bringing about the desires of another… whatever they might be.



Jun 18 2016

Still another neat Morrigan Aensland Speedpainting YouTube

Another quite interesting speedpainting YouTube by an artist of Morrigan Aensland. Really very lovely, a neat composition, and as a whole, an image of Morrigan that I think expresses her character quite well…

And if you cannot see this video on the Tale, please try this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LKIjtEI1CKM

As always, here is the completed art as well, in case it vanishes from YouTube…

Morrigan Aensland by Cyndy Bell

Morrigan Aensland by Cyndy Bell

The artist, Cyndy Bell, posted the completed art on DeviantArt here and you can find their artist’s page here.

Just a wonderful smile and expression that Morrigan has in this art… I also love her pose, how the entire art just expresses the mischief that Morrigan has within her. Simply adorable and the best art of Morrigan expresses that in the best ways…



Jun 17 2016

A Review of The Haunted Cottage by Robin Macavity

The Haunted Cottage by Robin Macavity

The Haunted Cottage by Robin Macavity

There are some works which, just in their language, how things are presented, and the characters themselves, which can bring about some confusion. Perhaps not so much in the story itself, but trying to place the time when it is set. Expecting a story set in the past, because of the characters themselves, and then discovering that it is set in the present can be jarring.

Part of this is, I will admit, that this work is the second in a series and I did not read the first book beforehand. If I had done so, I might have seen things a little bit differently.

The telling of a story well means to must keep the interest of those that are listening to your words. To be able to do so is a gift, but as well it is a gift to know when the story needs to move on instead of extending things a bit too far.

  • Title: The Haunted Cottage
  • Author: Robin Macavity
  • Length: 18 Pages
  • ASIN: B01992Z1GM
  • Publishing Date: December 10, 2015
  • This work at Amazon.com

The work tells of:

Once again, the occult investigator Richard Polari gathers his four closest companions to recant the tale of his latest adventures; a most riveting tale of a genuine intrusion of unearthly forces, and the remarkable gate through which they have entered our world.

A story about a man, an incubus, and the events that transpire between them. Not everything is exactly as it seems, but then the most interesting encounters are more than they are at first glance.

The work is told in a rather formal British way which gives the impression at first that this work is set in the past, but in truth it is set in the current day. That confusion continues throughout the work because there’s an odd mixture of the past, the strange and the modern. It is a little bit confusing, but that mostly comes from I think the language that the main character uses to tell his story.

He speaks in a very formal, very proper manner and in doing so the story becomes a bit convoluted and odd at times. As he is telling a story to a group of close friends, it can be understood that he is doing so for the sake of telling a good story, but the language reads oddly for being so formal in nature.

That said, the story is a description of the events that he encounters to answer a question about a place where, it seems, an incubus is having his way with willing men that he encounters. It’s actually quite a fascinating read in that the approach he takes, the way he goes about things is very detailed and paints a strong picture of the events that unfold.

The erotica does’t have too much heat in it, mainly because those moments are told in the same, proper, British way. It reads a bit clinical and being so reads a little strange at times. Still, the same can be said about the majority of the work in that the words are complex, almost clinical, and the passion behind them are, for the most part, hidden.

The explanation of way things happened as they did was, I felt, a bit thin. By that I mean the way the incubus found themselves where they did was such a random thing that it bordered on the impossible. It was a completely unexpected answer, and being so I give full credit to the author to think of such a thing, but it felt a little disappointing.

The work’s tone and language set out things well, there isn’t a lot told about the main character, or those he is speaking to however. Possibly the most time spent in that comes from the description of the incubus himself when he is revealed. There are a few minor spelling mistakes here and there, but they do not take away from the work overall. Still, my initial confusion when the story began and when I thought the work was set was troublesome and I wish it hadn’t been.

Three out of five pitchforks.

I feel that the story itself was really very good and the storytelling was as well. But the extended nature of the story, the odd mixture of proper English which didn’t quite make it clear that this story was set in the present, added a bit of confusion that was difficult to overcome. Still, an interesting story of the supernatural and one that I liked for being so.



Jun 17 2016

A Review of The Incubus Journal: Chapters 1 & 2 by The Mad Hatter

The Incubus Journal: Chapter 1 by The Mad Hatter

The Incubus Journal: Chapter 1 by The Mad Hatter

There are some concepts for stories in which either Succubi or Incubi appear which have an interesting core idea, but there is a problem. The story tends to wander, never really coming to the point of things. It becomes worse when the work reads very poorly with a vast number of spelling, grammar and other issues that take away from much of the idea that I found interesting.

Sometimes the best concepts are muted by the story being too short, focusing too much on the erotica, or even perhaps going off on tangents that really don’t seem to do much. In this series, the biggest problem is that lack of direction. It’s a shame because the idea behind it all is quite an interesting and unique one.

The first work is:

  • Title: The Incubus Journal: Chapter 1
  • Author: The Mad Hatter
  • Length: 13 Pages
  • ASIN: B01GZ12TVK
  • Publishing Date: June 11, 2016
  • This work at Amazon.com

The work tells of:

Follow the story of a college age man who wakes up having a normal day, until he starts to develop strange abilities that allow him to affect those around him. He finds women who may not have even taken a second look at him now bending to his will as he shapes them into his dream woman. Though this is just the first day and his first changes. Both of himself and the first victim to fall to his new hunger.

The Incubus Journal: Chapter 2 by The Mad Hatter

The Incubus Journal: Chapter 2 by The Mad Hatter

While the first work in the series has it’s issues, the second work actually manages to get past the flaws and begin to tell something of the story itself. But like the first work, it is short, it barely gets anywhere before the erotica takes things over. Again, the editing is lacking, the glaring errors are disappointing. But there’s still that little hint of something different that I liked. I wish the author could get to that. Offering some character development, at least more than “things changed” would be a good place to start. The mystery is a bit more present in the second work, but like the first, there is just little to no editing and that ruins what good there is to find.

The second work in the series so far is:

  • Title: The Incubus Journal: Chapter 2
  • Author: The Mad Hatter
  • Length: 13 Pages
  • ASIN: B01H62Z13K
  • Publishing Date: June 15, 2016
  • This work at Amazon.com

The work tells of:

After using his abilities to enslave one woman to his will, Chris Douglas goes looking for another woman to test the extent of his powers. Who will he change when he goes to the night club Jolt

Chris finds that he is changing, that he isn’t the same person he was a short time before. Given the ability to see into the wants and needs of those around him, he also finds he can shape them to his will. Absolute power corrupts and Chris is not immune to what is possible now.

There are quite a number of flaws with this work and most of that comes from the series needing a serious editing at the least, and possibly a compete rewrite. There are spelling mistakes on almost every page, some of the text comes very close to being unreadable at times. There’s a lack of character development overall, and when the main character “changes”, there’s not much made of that save that he goes off to find another woman to play with.

That results in what can really only be described as porn movie levels of erotica with little heat to speak of. Setting side that however, some of the body transformations are interesting, the shifting of personalities and realities I thought was a story within themselves. As much as that has some promise, the transformations really seem to only focus on making playthings for the most part which reads as being repetitive in a very short time.

If the author wants to tell this story well, they really need to go to the beginning, edit the books again, fix all of the mistakes and, to some extent, tell more story than there is. There is a hint of that story, that plot to be told, but as soon as Chris comes anywhere near a woman that all gets tossed to the side. It shouldn’t be.

The second work is slightly better in this, actually taking the time to set up an encounter and focus upon that. This leads into what is, to this point, a well written transformation, but it isn’t enough to overcome all of the flaws that appear throughout the work as a whole.

it really isn’t clear if Chris is an incubus, that question isn’t touched upon or questioned. If he is, then he isn’t what one might expect an incubus to be and that interests me. He could well be, there’s some glaring hint of it, but the story just hasn’t gotten to the point of telling that story. It is infatuated with the erotica over story and that doesn’t do much for me.

I’ll give the series so far one pitchfork out of five.

The series needs more editing, more character development, more story, and a lot less porn movie erotica. There is a story here, the transformational aspects are well done, the hints of mind control are quite nice. But the lack of care in telling the story, even to catch the most minor of spelling mistakes alone, just makes this nearly impossible to read.

The author should be able to do better. I’ll watch and see what happens and hope they do.



Jun 16 2016

Succubi Image of the Week 439

A simply amazing piece of art for this week’s Succubi… She’s an amazing character, the art is wonderful and, most of all, she has a certain style about her that is captivating…

Lilith by Shallua

Lilith by Shallua

This work is by an artist on Pixiv called Shallua, and you can find the original page on Pixiv with this art here.

What attracted me to this art was just the overall style. This isn’t something that is over the top sexual in nature, and I think that makes this something more. She’s gorgeous, her poise, expression and how the background merges so nicely with her look is so impressive to me.

It’s quite obvious that the artist took a lot of time in putting in a lot of little details, touches and more that makes Lilith exceptionally captivating here.

One of my favourite works of Succubi art for the year…



Jun 15 2016

At least someone was trying to make this Succubus costume sexy

Hell Raising Hottie CostumeSometimes I am amazed at costume designers and how they come up with costume ideas. They can create something that has some sexy in it, some seduction too. They can find the perfect model to show off the costume. She’ll have the right look, mostly the right accessories, and everything just seems like it should work. So why is it that they have to go and give the costume a hem that just makes a mess of things?

This is called the Hell Raising Hottie Costume and it comes with the red stretch metallic dress, an attached tail and the sequin devil horn headband. The finger loop gloves, earrings, shoes and trident that the model is holding are not included.

The costume sells for $50 US, but adding the accessories pushes the cost of the costume to a total of $123 US.

I do not like the pitchfork, and I’m glad it doesn’t come with the costume. I love the heels, I think they work well, but they don’t come with the costume. I love the earrings, but they don’t come with the costume. I don’t like the gloves and I’m glad that they don’t come with the costume. I can sort of deal with the horns, they don’t look out of place and they come with the costume.

Here’s the thing, the costume itself… Needs some work. The main problem I have is that hem. Why do that? What is the point? Why not make a decent straight hem and slit the dress on one side? Beyond that, why not sparkle the entire dress? It looks a bit odd as it is here and I think a shiny overall look would have been a lot nicer a look.

However, it does give me pause to think about my own version of this… Which will be more to my style…

I’ll give this three out of five pitchforks.

It’s… okay. Could have been a lot more…