Jun 27 2016

Tired By TeraS

Another of these short stories that I have been writing of late. Sometimes the words that come feel like all that can be managed, but, sometimes, even Queen Tera can learn new things when she is …


By TeraS


There comes a time when one’s soul is worn. That can be due to any number of reasons, expectations, needs, wants or, more often than not, simply a point at which one’s soul, no matter how well intentioned, cannot give anything more.

It is, to be blunt, when one is tired.

However, Tera wasn’t a soul willing to say she was ‘tired’ as an excuse. Being who she was, it was perfectly acceptable for her to put her head down, gather her strength and keep pushing onwards.

Of late, the Realm had faced a moment which had cut deeply into Tera, her Eternal, and all of their family. A loss had been suffered, one that Tera knew, fully well, was going to be with her and those she loved for the rest of time. She didn’t want to say she was tired—not exactly—so, when she was asked how she was, her answer was to smile, wave the question off, and then focus herself upon the soul that had asked the question.

She might be tired, but she would manage.

This was how she explained things to everyone that asked the question of her. The slight dip in her tail, the wan smile on occasion when she thought no one was looking, however, couldn’t hide the truth from those that knew her well.

She was tired.

The offers of help, of taking some of the load from her shoulders, were, of course, kindly refused. She couldn’t possibly ask of others to do the things she needed to do. After all, the Queen of the Realm couldn’t possibly allow herself to be tired, to falter … to be … less than perfect, after all.

But she was tired.

She’d push herself to the limit and then some, for that was how her mind worked, of course. It didn’t matter that some mornings she didn’t want to get out of bed. Or that, one afternoon, she found herself curled up on the leather couch in her office.

She was tired, so the Receptionist didn’t wake her.

When Tera awoke, somewhat miffed at herself for resting for a time, the Receptionist replied: “You were tired. I took care of things.” Being pushed out the door and sent home was a surprise. But she was tired and Tera couldn’t quite manage to be that upset with her.

She was tired, and that took a bit out of her.

She was surprised to find her Heart waiting outside for her. When she asked why he was there, his answer—“You’re tired. I’ll drive”—was one with which she couldn’t argue. She curled up beside him, sleeping as he drove her home.

She was tired, too tired to drive herself.

She stirred when he gently touched her hand—they had arrived home—but she didn’t wake. She didn’t notice the door being opened, her Eternal thanking her Heart for looking after them both. She wasn’t really aware of being carried inside, either. When one is very tired, one simply is.

And she was tired … very tired.

She didn’t wake when her Eternal laid her in bed, but she knew when he curled up with her. Her breathing calmed when their souls touched, their heartbeats matched, and they both managed to fall asleep.

They were both tired, even if they didn’t want to admit it.

It is a strength to give of oneself selflessly, but it is not selfish to admit to the ones you love that you are tired. They are there to help, to love, to support, and to be there. Being tired isn’t an excuse not to ask. Accepting the help of those that love you is not being poor in one’s soul.

Even Tera can accept that … eventually.

Though she will try to repay that kindness twice over, though she will work herself to the edge and beyond in order to make up all that she feels that she needed to do. Being tired is only for this moment and not in the thing that matters the most.

Even so, she and her Eternal will awaken to some nice salads, a carafe of iced tea, and some cookies, all in a basket on their porch, along with huggles from her heart.

Her love will never be tired … neither will the love of all those around her.

Jun 26 2016

A Review of Sacred Sins by Alana Church

Sacred Sins by Alana Church

Sacred Sins by Alana Church

Continuing my reviews of The Succubus series by Alana Church today on the Tale with the fifth work in the series so far. My first review is here, the second is here and my third review cab be found here. The prior review to this one, of the fourth work in the series, can be found here on the Tale.

There are two sides to every story. The most basic of these comes to light and dark. The light can be so very bright, but the dark will be as deep in the shadows. Sometimes they come into conflict. Sometimes the outcome depends on a simple thing. Faith. One does not have to be all powerful, one just has to know the difference between right and wrong.

The work tells the story of:

Althea has been found. The missing body of the succubus has been located in a hospital. Now Rachel and her family are in a race against both time and terrifying evil, because one of the Demon-spawn also knows where her body lies. Time is of the essence, and nothing is certain. Because even if they are successful, to restore Althea to her body they will have to commit…Sacred Sins.

The time has come for Rachel to reveal the truth to her family. To explain what’s been going on, how she’s changed and why. Telling of Althea opens the door, but Rachel’s tail pokes through it soon after. Althea needs to be rescued, a plan is formed. But at the same time the evil seeking them out comes closer, threatening them all. The battle is joined, but at what cost and who will be paying?

The focus of this part of the series revolves around the discovery of the entity that, should it find Althea, intends to kill her, Rachel and her family. This revelation sets up a series of thoughtful encounters within Rachel’s family and a choice being made. That choice has ramifications, some of them quite severe, but also there comes understanding. Watching as Rachel’s family comes to terms with Rachel’s changes, Althea’s existence, and most of all, the understanding that there is something very evil and very dangerous looking for them tells a lot about each of them.

In this work, all of the characters are forced to grow, to make difficult choices. But also it tells of the light each of them carries, what they are willing to do for Althea, and, as well, the truth that Althea herself has to face in that. The ties among them all become so very tightly woven. That fabric of the family, of their love for each other in the face of what are terrible things, I really enjoyed.

Much of the work otherwise has very much an “Ocean’s Eleven” feel in that the rescue Rachel and her family undertake doesn’t quite go as well as they had hoped. The action was fast enough to keep me turning the pages, but not to miss the details. Again, it’s written like an action adventure movie scene, it has a hot start, some moments of fear, almost away and clear, threat comes back, and then, finally, the ending when the threat is overcome, if for the moment only. The entire passage just really brings into sharper focus the talent this author has in their storytelling.

The erotica is as wonderful as ever, the scenes are not silly or odd, there is focus, passion, need fulfilled. While much of this comes between the couples that have been formed throughout the series, there is one other important passage where the erotica was deliciously told. The returning of Althea to her body was interesting and I have to admit it wasn’t anything like I had expected. I’m glad it wasn’t a simple thing, that it meant something to everyone, as it needed to. There’s a good deal of “succubus tail action” throughout, and some of the moments did make me smile, for they are written so very well.

I loved so much about this work, but there is one part that gave me pause. We finally meet the real Althea… and she rubbed me the wrong way a little bit. I feel like she was a little cold at times. Not that she was evil or something, I just felt she was slightly disconnected from everyone in her tone and some of her actions. Her “voice” seemed warmer within Rachel than without. I feel like she’s a little out of sorts, which makes sense. That she needs to gain her powers, centre herself, gain her footing to face the threat that is coming for her and all those that she has touched.

There’s a sense of preoccupation, that Althea is worried that something will happen to those around her. That’s all good and it needs to be a worry for her. It’s important. Althea isn’t human, and being so there is the barrier between an immortal and a mortal. How do you relate? How can you “speak” and not be speaking down to someone? It’s a fine line, and it seems like Althea is going to have to deal with something she hasn’t for a long time now. Caring about someone again.

The ending is both funny and worrisome. It’s a good place to leave things to the next work. The question about what comes next is a hard one, when it will be and how it will be. I think it works well being so. The family is threatened, but at the same time they are together. I think that’s the point where the story turns next.

The series continues to build on its strengths, the characters remain true. The editing is very good, the prose is tight and paints a vivid picture. All good things and I am quite certain there is still more good to come.

Four and a half out of five pitchforks.

The chase scene is one of the best I have read in quite some time, but while the action is at the fore here there is something more. The question of faith, belief and family. The core of the story remains true, the characters continue to grow and the story deepens. All are good things, but more the question comes as to what will happen next and who will feel the wrath of their enemy. Regardless of that, there is hope, it lives, and that matters most.



Jun 26 2016

A Review of Neither Love Nor Money by Giselle Renarde

Neither Love Nor Money by Giselle Renarde

Neither Love Nor Money by Giselle Renarde

There are some that believe that Succubi cannot love. That they could not, for why should such creatures be able to do so. But the thing is, all beings are capable of love, it is just the means to find the one to love that is the difficult part.

But this is a two way street of course, but the other also can love as deeply, even more so. They can see beyond the obvious and accept, even if the one they love cannot, that they are worth loving and living for. If that is true, then why shouldn’t such things be possible?

The work tells of:

Detta’s employees like to spread vicious rumors about their boss sleeping her way to the top. They don’t know how right they are, and neither does the Detta’s new pet, Max, until she seduces him while they’re working late. She ties him up to show him just how much power a succubus can wield over a man, but there’s a hitch: Detta falls for Max, so hard she can’t conceive of stealing his essence. Without the energy she needs, Detta fades fast. Will Max do what’s necessary to make her well again?

Max knows a secret and it is one that he holds tightly. Detta, who everyone thinks of as simply a woman, is a succubus. She claimed Max, entwined herself with him, but then, at the moment when she was to feed Detta found that she loved him dearly. Discovering love has made her choose a simple choice. She will not feed again, for his sake. But then Max also has made a choice and neither of them can avoid what it means.

This work is, as a whole, the story of a Mistress and her submissive in which both are willing to do something that, in either case, can spell the end of their lives. In both cases, they try to explain why they are making the choices they are, why they must do so. Really it is a story about what you are willing to do for the one you love.

The work is told from Max’s perspective, and it is clear that he needs Detta, wants her do so whatever she must to live, because that is what you do when you love someone unconditionally. At the same time, the story from Detta’s perspective offers a succubus who has found something she never thought existed, that could never be her’s. In finding that, she makes the choice that it is better to have loved and lost all than to lose the love she’s found.

There is a very bittersweet tone in the story which starts from the first word written to the very last. But along with that comes a few moments of bliss and love for both characters and that I felt told things the best of all. Their first real encounter is heavily BDSM in nature, but it feels right for the two of them and sets out a tone which draws them both together.

The climax of the story offers a simple truth, one that they both have to accept and deal with. Detta has to choose for Max and he must choose for her. It is that understanding, at last, when they are forced to make the choice that I found the most captivating of the work.

The ending however I felt was much less than it otherwise should have been. It comes to a point, to a moment, and then the work just ends, the resolution of their choice not made clear, the consequences of doing so left unknown. I felt a bit cheated at the ending as a result because with all of the gravity of the choice Max has to decide on, the aftermath isn’t dealt with.

I can guess at what comes after this story, what happens to Max and Detta, and I dearly hope that I am correct in believing the best did occur. But that can’t be said for certain, there are questions and with how much I was touched by these characters and their lives, I wish there weren’t so many.

Four of out five pitchforks.

The ending is ambiguous and after all that came before in the work, that is the one singular problem I have with it. I think I know where things will go, at least I hope they would, but there’s no clear answer. Sometimes a story needs that to be complete and the characters to be whole.



Jun 25 2016

An amazing Morrigan Aensland WIP YouTube

Another work-in-progress YouTube of an artist drawing Morrigan Aensland today. I really wish there was a better image to share, but I think the YouTube tells a lot about the artist’s talents…

If the video cannot be seen on the Tale, please try this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5pgFNhPJX9U

The video is a bit blurry, but here is a screenshot of the art in case YouTube makes it vanish…

Morrigan Aensland by Gamesgb

Morrigan Aensland by Gamesgb

You can find this artist’s page on DeviantArt here, though there isn’t an example of this work there, there are others…

I would really like to see this art of Morrigan a lot clearer than it is, but from what can be seen in the YouTube, the artist has a lovely talent and has created a lovely portrait of Morrigan by far…



Jun 24 2016

A Review of Lillian Possessed: The Embrace and The Exorcism by A.C. Lords

Lillian Possessed: The Embrace by A.C. Lords

Lillian Possessed: The Embrace by A.C. Lords

Recently I reviewed the first work in the Lillian Possessed series by A.C. Lords. You can find that review here on the Tale. At the time of that review I wondered where the story would go, if it would manage to not turn stereotypical, and if it would end well.

The series seems to have concluded with the third work in the series, if adding a little bit of a hint that something more might be coming along at some point. But the thing is, while there was quite a lot of really interesting possibilities with Xenia… they didn’t quite get developed as much as they might have been. Balancing erotica with story makes things better and leaving characters with only teasing moments doesn’t do a lot to develop them.

The second work in the series is:

  • Title: Lillian Possessed: The Embrace
  • Author: A.C. Lords
  • Length: 14 Pages
  • Publishing Date: June 3, 2016
  • This work at Amazon.com

The work tells the story of:

The Succubus Xenia begins to take control of Lillian, sending her on a series of sexual adventures that the woman is not ready for. Will Lillian adapt? Or fight?

Lillian’s life has becomes a lot more complicated since Xenia appeared. She can’t be ignored, can’t be refused, and if Lillian tries to, well then Xenia sees to it that she gets what she wants anyway. Succubi need sex, and Lillian will soon discover that it is never enough.

Lillian is, to be blunt, forced into a series of sexual encounters by Xenia, but overall Lillian is a passenger along for the ride and mostly has no control over what happens to her. The one thing that I really liked was at the very beginning of the story were Xenia has been slowly wearing down Lillian by talking about those around them, and then suddenly turns on her powers fully, catching Lillian off guard and starting her first encounter.

And that moment, more than anything, told more about Xenia’s character that all of the rest of the series combined. It was, for a fleeting moment, an indication that Xenia wasn’t likely to be the usual succubus in how she controlled things. I dearly wish more time had been spent in broadening out Xenia’s character than there was. She’s interesting, but we never learn much about her overall. That’s a real pity. There aren’t any transformations, there is no real appearance of Xenia herself either.

There is some story telling, which serves to link up the erotica quite well. But the chance to tell more about Xenia, what she wants, what drives her, never happens and it feels like a lost opportunity. The story focuses mainly on the erotica, which is told very well and has some very hot scenes. But the loss of telling a larger story about Lillian battling Xenia for control doesn’t really come out as it should.

Three and a half out of five pitchforks.

There is heat, there is some story, but really not nearly enough. Xenia isn’t a fully told character and that’s where things were missing for me at least. Erotica needs story to be fully realized, here the story seems to be missing something to make the characters more than being driven by sexual need.

Lillian Possessed: The Exorcism by A.C. Lords

Lillian Possessed: The Exorcism by A.C. Lords

The concluding work in the series offers something of a turn in the work. It drives more towards BDSM and similar themes. There’s a twist in the story, which doesn’t do a lot overall to bring a satisfying conclusion to the series I thought as a whole.

The work is a marked departure from the rest of the series, which really has to be expected from the title of the work. But along the way, much like the rest of the series, the character development is thin, the story of Xenia and Lillian’s battle isn’t dwelled on long enough for the rush to return to the erotica once more.

The third work in the series is:

  • Title: Lillian Possessed: The Exorcism
  • Author: A.C. Lords
  • Length: 14 Pages
  • ASIN: B01GLT9J32
  • Publishing Date: June 3, 2016
  • This work at Amazon.com

The work tells the story of:

Lillian, under the control of the Succubus Xenia, has brought too much attention on herself. Will the church step in and try to curb the sexual excesses? Or has Xenia grown too strong?

Xenia has pushed things a little too far and Lillian finds herself in the clutches of the Church. They intend to free Lillian, but to do so, she will find the method unexpected and Xenia isn’t quite about ready to leave.

Lillian is taken aside and an attempt is made to drive Xenia from her body. The majority of this work is a series of sexual moments in which the battle swings back and forth. The nature of this battle is really one of the most unique scenes that I have read that have to do with succubi and possession and similar themes.

The core plot is the domination of Xenia through Lillian’s body, and being so there is a lack of developing the plot or the characters. The focus comes to the erotica which is heavily BDSM in nature. Some of the moments are well over the top, a bit silly, or at least made me arch an eyebrow in surprise. Some moments just struck me as not making any sense at all, which took me out of the story and that need not have happened.

The work ends with a twist which wasn’t unexpected. I would have liked to see Xenia being more present, possibly transforming Lillian’s body or something similar, but Xenia wasn’t a physical presence in the series and she is not much of one in this work either. Really that’s the main thing that’s missing. For all of the power that Xenia has over Lillian, she’s a shadow, a thought, a possibility. There’s a story in her to be told but it just didn’t happen. It’s disappointing that Xenia’s purpose seems to be pushing Lillian to have various sexual encounters and not much else.

It would have been interesting to have Xenia take over completely, or Lillian be transformed fully into a succubus, but neither comes to pass.

Three out of five pitchforks.

A rather disappointing end to the series, I was expecting more somehow. I’d like to see things continue, just to see what happens to Lillian next, how much of an effect Xenia had on her after all of the time she was with Lillian.

Perhaps that’s the story that needs to be told, should the series continue.



Jun 24 2016

A Review of The Devil’s Sin by Carlton Lamberth

The Devil's Sin by Carlton Lamberth

The Devil’s Sin by Carlton Lamberth

I dislike stereotypical characters, particularly when it comes to succubi. I don’t quite understand why it is that, as a whole, so many authors see the word succubus and immediately write a character that is over the top in her sexuality, but as well in her “evil”. Even if the character must be evil, nasty or otherwise, there needs to be something more to them otherwise I just find them to be not that interesting, regardless of the events that they bring into being.

Some stories are meant to be tragic things, the ending not giving a resolution or something of hope to hold onto. There are reasons for that, of course, but the trap that needs to be avoided is using what amounts to a slasher/horror film ending and leaving things so very unresolved.

  • Title: The Devil’s Sin
  • Author: Carlton Lamberth
  • Length: 371 Pages
  • Publishing Date: July 27, 2015
  • This work at Amazon.com

The work’s summary is quite long, but tells almost everything of the plot:

Muriel Healy and her husband Thomas are in the process of moving their family from Richmond Virginia to Charleston, South Carolina. Muriel once believed she and her husband had the perfect life together. This belief is shattered when she discovers her husband is having an affair with one of his college students. Their relocation to Charleston is an agreed upon attempt to reconcile and save their marriage.

In the middle of this move Muriel’s world is further turned upside down by some grim news from her sisters concerning their father. Dying of cancer, Muriel’s father’s end is now near. Muriel and her family divert their travels from Charleston and rush to be by her father’s side during his final hours.

Her dad regains consciousnesses long enough to caution Muriel not to make the move to Charleston. He reveals to her a family secret concerning her mother when they too lived in Charleston many years ago. His revelation describes the demonic possession of her mother by the Demon of Lust — Asmodeus. Muriel’s father dies right after his startling disclosure.

Stunned by her father’s words, Muriel turns to Catholic priest Kevin Brennon for guidance. A family friend, Father Brennon confirms her dad’s fears and concerns. He also reveals his own involvement from the past in an unsanctioned exorcism of Muriel’s mother; an attempt to rid her of the evil possession from this lustful demon.

Future events will lead Brennon to fear his fiendish nemesis may be returning. He worries an evil, demonic cycle may continue through a new generation of this troubled family. He understands if he’s right, Muriel may be destined to become the next victim of the depraved, wicked debauchery known as The Devil’s Sin.

Muriel and her family make their move to Charleston despite her father’s warnings. She will face demonic possession and become a portal for the demon Asmodeus to enter the world of the living for his own decadent exploits of sexual and degenerate desire. Without help Muriel will continue to digress into the world of sinful lust and malevolent evil. Depraved violence, murder and sexual lust will abound as Muriel struggles to survive her own possession from one of Satan’s most powerful and perverted demons.

Muriel comes to find that her family has been cursed and she is the one now facing it alone. Temptations strike, her being is changed, and a succubus whispers the things that draw Muriel deeper into that which her family has been cursed with.

The single more focused theme in this work is that of loss. There’s so little hope throughout the work that from the very beginning the darkness hangs over every single character to the point that they seem not to be able to have a positive thought, expression or otherwise come to see that there are possibilities.

While much of that can be given to the curse upon Muriel’s family, it does’t quite explain why it is that so many others are drawn into it as well. The succubus of the work, here called a demon of lust, Asmodeus, is also quite disappointing as well. While they are evil and in some ways erotic, there’s an undercurrent of being stereotypically so. In many ways the means to which they act upon Muriel and all those around her, reads very much like a typical horror movie. I found that disappointing because the temptations and means to influence others really revolves around the use of sexuality and misdirection.

By the time the conclusion appears, it becomes really the expected horror movie ending and that I honestly expected from the rest of the work to that point. The story was just driving towards the nearest hint of redemption but, of course, there has to be a little twist in the ending and it isn’t anything other than stereotypical really.

For the length of this work, I expected some character development, some meaning to the story, perhaps one or two characters coming out the other side in some better way. I’m not really sure that came to pass because the horror aspects of the work smothered any real development overall. To be clear, this isn’t a work of erotica, nor was it meant to be. The erotica in the story is incidental at times and leads towards the moments of horror otherwise.

The writing is very good, the characters have clear voices. The plot is clear, at times however telegraphing the story to come. For me personally it is the sense of so much being stereotypical in its nature that brought about my disappointment. To tell the story of “evil”, whatever it may be, needs to have something different, something unique, to make the story stand out some. Falling back on tropes doesn’t make that happen. Especially when it comes to succubi.

Two and a half out of five pitchforks.

Really no hope to be found, a succubus that is all but stereotypically evil in her nature. An ending that is completely expected and almost rote in how things transpire. I didn’t find much to enjoy in this work, and I think most of that comes from the characters themselves. There’s so little positive aspects in them that the work is muddled with being concerned with how things fall apart and less so about what might be better.



Jun 23 2016

Succubi Image of the Week 440

While I like to believe that, as a whole, Succubi are not warriors, there are some images of Succubi in a warrioress role, or look, or pose, that I think very highly of. A lot of that comes to the character, how they look, the determination in their eyes. Sometimes wisdom and strength is seen within. Without is where the battle begins and, for some opponents, the battle is lost with the first look they are given…

White Haired Half Succubus - color by InputJack

White Haired Half Succubus – color by InputJack

This work is called White Haired Half Succubus and is by the artist InputJack on DeviantArt. You can find the original page on DeviantArt with this work here and this artist’s page can be found here as well.

The artist tells the story that this character is an Alu Demon, or “half Succubus”, whose human half was a traditional “White Haired Witch” from Chinese legends. While she is not named, the artist did note that besides her Succubus powers she can also manipulate and lengthen her hair.

I think this is an amazing character in many ways. Most striking to me is her pose, how she appears in the midst of being ready to attack, or defend. But beyond that here is a confidence, a strength in her expression that I think tells the better story. It seems to me that there is a real sense of honour in her, that she is sure of who she is, what she can do, and is not afraid to confront those that oppose her.

I love her hair, simply wonderful, her choice of weapon, the perfect mix of attire that she is wearing. Just a well thought out and created character that expresses, for me, the hidden strength that the best of the Succubi have within them…