Jul 08 2016

A Review of The Naughty Succubus Part 7: Recollections by Becca Lusk

The Naughty Succubus Part 7: Recollections by Becca Lusk

The Naughty Succubus Part 7: Recollections by Becca Lusk

A review of the seventh work in The Naughty Succubus series by Becca Lusk today on the Tale, which brings to a close the first book in the Succubus In Love trilogy. You can find my firstsecond, and third reviews here. The fourth, fifth, and sixth reviews can be found here on the Tale as well.

There are forces in the universe which can be described as being primal. There are others than might be seen as being needful. But with all they represent and all they are capable of, they cannot resist one simple truth.

The issue is, however, what that truth is to each of them, and which truth is the one that really is…

  • Title: The Naughty Succubus Part 7: Recollections
  • Author: Becca Lusk
  • Length: 61 Pages
  • Publishing Date: June 22, 2016
  • This work at Amazon.com

The story tells of:

For countless millennia, angel has fought demon, knowing no other alternative. The world has been divided into Good and Evil. Now, a third force awakens. Barely defeated in the past, it arises again. And the only thing in its path is a sexy little succubus with a long name. But thankfully, she has friends. An angelic lover with a case of amnesia. A mischievous friend from the nether regions. A stern Archangel. And an ancient power – Tera, the Queen of the Succubi. Together, it’s up to them to protect the multiverse so people can keep doing the lewd and lascivious things that bring them pleasure.

What do you get when you start asking the wrong sorts of questions? When the status quo goes from being uncomfortable to just plain wrong? When you realize that life isn’t made out of black and white, but shades of grey?

Krys has found a miracle, one she never really expected to happen. Her Eternal has returned, and for a moment, a cherished one, they are together once more. But the story of the past, of how things came to be as they are, lurks close by and when that story is told, one thing is very clear. The joys of the moment come with a cost which will have to be paid. The question to be answered is, by whom?

There are quite a ew questions answered in this part of the series, some of them being given by Tera through her memories, but also through Krys as well. The telling of the conflict of the past, the events that came to pass through the action, and guided inaction of many characters makes quite a good deal of sense. The comparison between the battles of the past, and the “discussion” of the present shows that the characters have developed over time, but not really how that happened.

Thera are gaps, mainly in the relationship between Krys and Gabriel, which I really do want to know more about and not just in how the two of them are wonderful together when they are intimate. There is the start of a connection in the past, borne out in the events of the present. Telling that part of the story will, I assume, come in a later part of the series and I do look forward to seeing that.

The hint of the coming conflict in the past offers some insights to both sides involved, but what Chaos is, represents, or will do, is a bit shaded. Again, something to explore later. Tera can’t tell everything here, nor really should she, but the hints are there. At the same time, Krys’ character, once she is reunited with Gabriel, really shines and I adored that.

The joy she has in the here and now is bright and clear. The moment of the two of them being together, being intimate, and, for what has been so very long for Krys, feels right. There’s the lovely aspect of Krys being a tease, Gabriel being a little out of his depths. But there is love between them both. The best story of all to tell and explore.

As much as I adore the characters and story, there needs to be another editing pass overall. There’s some disconnects in the dialogue, some mistakes in word choices and so forth. Some of the things that one specific character says, a certain ebon haired Queen, are a little odd, but a needed editing will clear that up I’m quite sure.

The promise in this series are the characters, specifically Krys and Gabriel. The love between them is very clear and I do so long to see them be happy, for with all they have been through, it is something they both deserve most of all. Where things go from here I have a few ideas, one of which seems to make more sense than anything else does. We’ll see what happens next and that’s the singular thing about this series. The anticipation of what dear Krys will see, and what will come from that.

Three and a half out of five pitchforks.

The singular thing that I really wish to see is the author editing her works a little more. There’s a really interesting story here, and I really want that to come out in the best way possible. Where the story goes from here is something I am really looking forward to seeing.

I mentioned at the beginning that this work marked the end of the first work in the Succubus In Love series, and so it is. But that also means there is a collected edition of this series which was released on July 7, 2016 as Fallen Angel: Book One of the Succubus Trilogy.

I will be reviewing that work shortly, as much of my wishes with regards to editing, storytelling, and more, come into force with this release.

Postscript: My thanks to Rebecca for her dedication to me at the beginning of her work, but more, my love and hugs to someone I think of as a dear friend and sister…



Jul 07 2016

Succubi Image of the Week 442

A lovely Morrigan Aensland piece of art this time for the Succubi of the Week… It isn’t always important that Morrigan be showing off all of her “assets” to the world. It is, however. important that her strengths are…

Morrigan by sakimichan

Morrigan by Sakimichan

This work of Morrigan is by the artist Sakimichan on DeviantArt. You can find the original page on DeviantArt with this art here and this artist’s page can be found here.

Just a wonderful image of Morrigan, I especially like her expression as the focus here, but the detail in this art is simply amazing. I do so like the little hearts fluttering about her, I think that’s a neat touch here. The shine on her clothing works really well, her pose seems right too. The background is interesting, there’s a sense of mystery and that adds to the setting and how Morrigan is expressed here.

Really one of the best images of Morrigan for the year I do believe…



Jul 06 2016

This costume has the Shine, not sure about the Sizzle

Sizzle N Shine Devil CostumeAnother shiny devil, not quite a Succubus, costume today. It’s closer, actually all things considered, it has a bit more going for it than most. But it’s missing that last little thing to push this costume into the realm… or Realm for that matter…

This is called, and it’s so cute when they name things this way isn’t it, the Sizzle N Shine Devil Costume.

It comes with the top, which has an attached tail that you can just barely see, the armlets and the horns. The boots and whip are not included and it sells for $90 US.

Adding the boots and the whip to complete the look raises the cost to $190 US.

I sort of like the overall look, though in order to I have to overlook the horns, which are so so, the little fringe on the bottom of the costume, and around the top, which I don’t like. The tail is very short, and looks to be sparkly, which I don’t care for much either.

Looking at the whip, I would be tempted to remove the attached tail, cut the handle off the whip and somehow stitch the two them together. Long tails are sexier by far to me at least.

The model is, I have to admit, trying very much to make this costume appealing, and it does look nice on her. But there’s an air of tacky about this that turns me off and that’s a shame.

Perhaps what’s missing, and it’s only my own preference, is something like an optional long gown, slit on the sides to make this more appealing…

Something to ponder I suppose…

I’ll give this, if only just, two and a half out of five pitchforks.

The good thing about this is that I have an idea to mull over now. That might go somewhere…



Jul 05 2016

A Review of Ravished Before Sunrise by Lia Davis

Ravished Before Sunrise by Lia Davis

Ravished Before Sunrise by Lia Davis

There was a series, quite some time ago, called 1Night Stand and in that series various kinds of supernatural beings found themselves on unexpected dates. Some of these happen to have a succubus as one of the characters, but they knew they were a succubus. This work however doesn’t have that aspect, in that the main lead character has no idea she is a succubus and I found that interesting.

It is said that sometimes two souls are attracted to each other because the universe wants things to be that way. The larger challenge is when one soul has no idea why things are and the other cannot believe that they are.

The work tells about:

Born with the unusual ability to see what truly lies in the shadows, Emalee Black is stuck between two worlds, the paranormal and the human. Neither one accepts or understands her and she’s forced to live a quiet, boring life in hiding. When her best friend mentions 1Night Stand dating service, Ema chooses a role-playing adventure straight out of her romantic fantasies. She’s to hunt her very own vampire and have her wicked way him.

Vampire Darian Wyman is surprised when his daughter signs him up for a one-night stand with an exclusive matchmaking agency. At first he’s appalled by the idea, but as he reads the details of the date, he becomes intrigued. For one night he will get away from the life he has long grown tired of to be hunted and captured by a would-be huntress. But he has plans of his own for his little vixen.

However, when Darian discovers the truth about Ema’s inhuman abilities, the date could end before it gets started.

Emalee finds herself roped into going on a date, but one in which she believes her fantasy of being seduced by a vampire might come true. Darian on the other hand, is a vampire who’s daughter has pushed him into one as well, even though he has little desire to. When the date begins, neither expects the events that unfold, or the secrets that are brought into the light.

Both of the characters in this work are fully realized, having their own histories, faults and strengths. In their thoughts and voices comes a clarity that both of them have needs to be fulfilled, but coming to terms with those needs is where they both struggle and, at the same time, can help each other.

Emalee’s path through this work is interesting for the fact that she is a half-Succubus, is unaware of this, and doesn’t realize why she is able to see what she can. As Darian is a vampire, he knows what Emalee is, but not who at first and that brings a lot of tension to them both. Telling of their past, why they are both on this date, was a mix of bemusement and sadness in a lot of ways, but it did help to set out who they both were and why they took this chance.

The roleplaying scene is cute, having some neat scenes playing out in it and if the story moved from that point to them starting a relationship, I would have been quite happy with that. However, there is a bit of conflict tossed in that I didn’t feel made a lot of sense, really wasn’t explained, and almost immediately vanished into thin air once its purpose was done with. It was a bit formulaic in how that was told and I just feel like the two characters would have been moving in the same direction without it being there.

Eventually Emalee learns what she is through Darian and it is a rather quick rush to get that explained, some fear and doubt to creep in, and then it is past. I would have loved to have more time spent in the explanation, the moment of coming to realize why things are by Emalee. Still, what was given worked to move the story onto some lovely erotica.

While Emalee it told that she is a succubus, and the explanation makes sense from her perspective, there’s really not all that much time spent in showing her powers as a succubus. I wish that had come out more, especially considering her physical appearance, which I couldn’t help but smile about at a few points.

The erotica comes in a nicely told burn between them both, a choice made, and the connection that forms between them. The erotica isn’t out of place, isn’t odd or strange, but rather brings two souls together in a way that is more story driven than simply having them both together.

The ending completes the story, though it is a bit rushed for what happens in that moment. But the emotions, the needs, and the acceptance are right for both characters and I was pleased to see that the ending didn’t wash over the balance of the story.

Lovely characters, the heat in the erotica is well done. Emalee’s succubus doesn’t quite come out as much as I would have liked to see, but the hints were delicious.

Four out of five pitchforks.

A cute and fun story with two characters that really do mesh together well. Lovely heat in the erotica is matched with a story in a good balance which I enjoyed. While the story had love and more, the handling of Emalee being told of her true nature felt rushed and thin in a part of the story when some more time spent in that discovery would have added much to the work as a whole.



Jul 05 2016

A Review of Coming into Power by Natalie Severine and Eric Severine

Coming into Power by Natalie Severine and Eric Severine

Coming into Power by Natalie Severine and Eric Severine

The ninth review of the ongoing series called Lily Quinn written by Natalie and Eric Severine this time on the Tale. You can find my first review here, the second herethe third herethe fourth here, and the fifth review here. The sixth review be found here and the review of the seventh work can be found here. Finally, my review of the prior work in the series can be found here on the Tale also.

One of the largest questions about Lily throughout the series comes to a simple question. Just what happened when she became a Succubus, how was Max involved, and more importantly, how did things start for Lily to put her were she is today? I wondered what Lily was like before, how she’s changed over time. The question of, if anything, Lily has learned from then till now.

It tells the story of:

I’m Lily Quinn: half-succubus, monster hunter, insatiable sex fiend… but you know all that by now. So maybe it’s finally time to tell the first story, the one about how all of this began.

How I discovered the whole supernatural world and my place in it. How I met Evaine and why she taught me how to fight. How I managed to convince the College that I wasn’t a monster. How I nearly lost Max forever.

How I became me.

Once upon a time, Lily was a girl with everyday problems. A foster family she wasn’t getting along with, a boyfriend she didn’t want to be with. A life ahead that seemed to be achingly alone. But sometimes things change. Your best friend becomes something more, your life changes and you become a succubus. Then you find out your life, every day, is going to be a challenge. Deciding to take up that challenge is what makes Lily who she is.

As an origin story, the work is really quite interesting, mainly for the issues that Lily was dealing with before her transformation. It’s a bit unclear as to what she was intending to do, but when the moment came, she did know, or at least had the need, to want to be with Max. I really liked that their relationship was strong before the moment of crisis.

The actual transformation that Lily goes through is one in which, yes, there is a hot piece of erotica telling the story, but as well there’s story. It isn’t just about Lily’s first sexual encounter, of being with Max. There’s a real connection between the characters then which, in the present time for them, created something really special. One of these episodes, perhaps Max and Lily will get to the point that’s been with them both from the beginning. I really hope so.

For some origin stories, there’s not much time spent actually dealing with the immediate aftermath of what happens. There’s a jump to a point further ahead with a lot skimmed over. This doesn’t happen here. The days and weeks following Lily’s change are the focus of the story. The first meeting of Lily and Evaine, how their relationship developed, how Max was part of that, really was some of the best writing in the series so far.

Reading of Lily’s “training” in her powers did make me smile. Again, that is the sort of thing that gets glossed over in many stories about succubi. It matters a lot to a character like Lily to know about her, where she came from, and why she turned out the way she did. Lily makes mistakes, her powers get the better of her, and she falls from time to time. There are moments of terror, passion, and understanding, not all of which are through Lily learning about herself, but as well having to deal with her “human life” issues too.

It’s an example again of how erotica alone cannot support a story well. There’s a good balance between the erotica and the story, perhaps slightly more story overall, which matters here. This is a story of the beginning and Lily being “perfect” from the first moment wouldn’t have been believable. She isn’t and that matters a lot.

The one thing about this story that bothers me is that Lily, overall, has about the same attitude as her older self, the same sort of smirk soon after she is changed. I’m not sure that worked well for me. I rather liked “human” Lily a bit more. I did because that Lily had issues, problems, and was a little lost. The “new” Lily just seemed to lose some of that along the way and it happened too quickly.

Written as well as ever, the characters were clearly younger versions of themselves. I liked seeing those that Lily deals with everyday at the first encounter and what happened then. Some of Evaine’s comments about Max did give me pause, they seem to hint towards something, but whether or not that plays out is another question of course.

I would have liked more told about Lily, Max and Evaine’s time together. To know a bit more about what happened after Lily’s test, her choice to be a hunter as well. While her sex drive is explained, I can’t quite understand why she hasn’t gotten things better under control since the beginning. Having a teacher like Evaine, you’d think that Lily might be more developed in her control and powers. More questions, as always it seems, but they are good ones to think about.

Four out of five pitchforks.

A story that took all of the little hints in the series about Lily’s past and melded them together quite nicely. A little disappointing in that Lily seems not to have really changed all that much from who she was, not developed more fully as I hoped she had. I still feel there’s another shoe to drop on Lily, on the College, on Max. There’s an important piece of the puzzle not revealed as yet and that seems to go all the way back to the day Lily transformed.

If that turns out to be what I think it is, I will be quite pleased.



Jul 04 2016

Lesson Plans – Part One By TeraS

Sometimes there is a comment made that, for me, tickles a story that needs to come out and play. A short time ago, such a comment was made and it nurtured the idea of Tera being a teacher to a new member of the succubi … But that, of course, means there has to be …


Lesson Plans
Part One
By TeraS
For Adelle


In the Realm, there are, on occasion, some succubi and incubi that need a bit of … let’s call it extra tutoring in becoming who they are becoming. One does not simply snap one’s fingers and become, after all. While they will have horns and tails upon their “becoming,” not all of them have the self-control needed within themselves. Or they might need a little encouragement to be all they can possibly be.

Or, sometimes, the problem isn’t what they can’t do, but rather what they could.

One of these was Adelle. She had, quite a short time before, accepted Tera’s offer to enter the Realm. She was a black tail, which meant she was quite dominant in her personality and appearance, but it meant more than that. Adelle loved to wear black, usually preferring leather corsets and skirts. High heels were her favourite, though she did, on occasion, wear a particular pair of thigh high leather boots that did wonders for her legs. Amongst all of the black, her blue hair was a river that cascaded over her shoulders and back, a striking contrast to the dominant black she presented. Piercing blue eyes, almost the same shade as her hair, were quite captivating to those that, whether knowing or unknowing, fell into her clutches and became intimate with her. The corsets she loved hugged her curves, drawing attention to her ample shape. She was, in every way, as the saying goes, “stacked.” Her pale skin, awash in the black, meant her cleavage was amplified well beyond her natural D-cups.

She had everything going for her, to be quite an impressive Mistress of the Succubi… except for one thing she couldn’t manage. Having not been able to work things out on her own, Adelle found herself needing some tutoring. There was only one person that could possibly help: Tera, the Queen herself.

And that was the first problem. Adelle really didn’t want to ask for help at all, being as proud as she was, being an imposing personality, being that she was strong, capable, and willful, she especially didn’t want to appear to Tera admitting: “I need some help.” Asking for help, even if it was the best thing to do, and would be the answer to her problems, would mean admitting she was weak and admitting that to Tera … well … that bothered her a lot.

Tera wasn’t weak. She was the Queen. More importantly, in Adelle’s eyes, Tera was everything that she aspired to be. Tera was, if Adelle was being honest to herself, the only person that she would even think of submitting to. Because Tera was … well … Tera.

And that was the second problem. Adelle knew that she would have to submit to Tera’s wishes, whiles, and more to learn what she needed to. While she was part of the Realm, she also knew that Tera didn’t push Adelle one way or the other. She had allowed Adelle to discover herself, to learn as she wanted to, mistakes and all. Now she would have to ask Tera to take her by the hand and guide her though this minefield she found herself in.

Adelle was mulling all of this over when she quite literally bumped into Tera …

… carrying a takeout cup of hot chocolate …

… and spilling it all over the sidewalk when Adelle walked straight into her.

Adelle found herself looking into Tera’s so-green eyes and not being able to look away. The emerald depths called out to her, making her ache to be held by them. Her breath caught as Tera’s particular scent—that of cherries—tickled her nose and made her sex flutter as she remembered an earlier encounter …

“Adelle … look over here, sweetheart.”

It was mere moments after Adelle had surfaced from the Lake of Fire, the waters clinging to her curves, dripping from her bosom and hair. She caught Tera’s voice calling out to her and looked towards the shoreline where Tera awaited her. She had been attracted to Tera before; really, that first chaste kiss they had shared when they had met sealed Adelle’s fate. Now, transformed by the ceremony she had freely accepted, her connection to Tera’s power made her ache. She felt her tail moving in the waters behind her, felt her horns throbbing to each of Tera’s words. She drew her tongue over her lips, a needful little whine escaping her lips.

“Adelle … come to me …”

For an instant, her confused mind thought that Tera said ‘cum,’ and the heat in her core flared at the thought … of being entwined with Tera, curve to curve, lips touching, tongues entwined… skin hot against skin. Rational thought was the last thing on her mind. The only thing that mattered was to draw closer to Tera’s lovely, sensual voice—to walk, crawl, run, whatever. Just to be able to touch her would be bliss. To feel Tera’s fingers raking over her skin in passion. To give herself … anything …

Her vision cleared as the waters of the lake dripped away from her eyes and that heat burned even brighter now.

There are very few things more alluring than Tera in the nude, her arms open in love, waiting, offering her devotion and passion. Adelle wept at the emotions she could feel now, never knowing before how much Tera loved her, accepted her, would do anything for her. When Tera crooked a finger to attract Adelle, she started to walk through the surf to the red-tailed brunette, hands playing over her curves, toying with her navel, tracing patterns over her thighs. She was biting her lips, the need within growing more and more with every step she took. The waters could not dampen her heat and, as Adelle made her way out of the Lake, she paused on the edge of the shoreline, looking at her Queen.

“Welcome home, Adelle … I’ve been waiting for you.”

The tears came now with the heat, Adelle falling weakly into Tera’s arms. Sobbing at the love, the acceptance that resonated within her, Her Majesty’s body pressed against her own, the Queen’s own heat warming Adelle, calming her aching need within, changing it from a rolling boil to a steady simmer, one that would never quite fade away within her. There were hot little butterfly kisses against her cheek as Tera whispered everything was fine, there was nothing to fear, she was safe now in her arms: “Shhhh … It’s okay … I’ll look after you.”

That was the first lesson Adelle learned: Tera would never leave her, never judge her, always love her … forever …

Adelle came out of her memories as Tera asked: “Are you alright?”

Of course, her Queen was there, as she always was: long red jacket, ankle boots, black pants and bandeau top, the singular thing that could always be counted on. Tera was always there when she was needed.

Adelle’s whisper, to her, was almost a shout: “I need you, Tera, please. Help me!”

Tera’s embrace, with the stroking of fingers against Adelle’s cheek, brought something that Adelle hadn’t been able to find herself: calm acceptance of herself and her needs.

“Of course, sweetheart … Tell me: how can I help?”

Lesson one: Tera loved you.

The next lesson was one that would be a little harder to deal with …

Jul 03 2016

A Review of A Twisted Pact by Maria N. Lang

A Twisted Pact by Maria N. Lang

A Twisted Pact by Maria N. Lang

There are certain themes that, for my personal taste, I don’t particularly enjoy. One of these is having a character suffer their way through a story, the other is when a succubus is just stereotypical in nature, having nothing really of interest in them that I can see.

There are those moments when one decides to do something because they feel like there’s nothing else to do. Giving up isn’t a solution, it only creates more problems. Sometimes you need to see your own worth and make do, than to think the universe is willing to give you what you want without taking a price from you.

The work tells about:

Another year passes without Summer finding a partner at the fertility fest. The men are afraid of her due to her magical powers. The frustration drives her home to summon a pleasure demon who might sate her lusts in place of a man. Summer, however, is still an apprentice, and the demoness she summons is far beyond her ability to control. How will she resist the succubus’ allure? Without the ability to say no, Summer fights to be released. It is a losing battle, as she finds herself driven deeper into debauchery by the demon’s irresistible powers of pleasure.

Summer takes a risk and using her new found abilities to summon a succubus to find some pleasure in a world where she has none. The succubus arrives, but the pleasure isn’t what Summer expected, nor is the succubus herself.

The work is, as a whole, rather a sad story from the beginning to end, there being an air of depression, loss, and hopelessness from Summer that takes so much out of her as a character and sets the story on a course that only becomes more painful and sad. This has a moment, a very short one, of some kind of pleasure when Eliza, the succubus, appears, but that is so very fleeting.

Eliza is, overall, a fairly stereotypically evil succubus, hooves and all, and from the first moment she appears, there’s little doubt when the story is likely going to go. Her intentions are clear, she expresses them, and sets out towards those goals. In doing so the story turns, for a moment, towards some well written succubus mind control, but that is soon overcome by what is a series of violent moments between Summer and Eliza.

As the story continues onwards, the erotica becomes more dark, the things that Summer is taken through by Eliza are, at least for me, bordering on pain and suffering. There comes a point in the story when the heat isn’t there anymore and soon after the climax arrives and then a conclusion which is rapidly passed through before the story comes to an abrupt, and expected, ending.

The emotions in the writing at the beginning of the work are very good and it showed promise for the rest of the work. However, once Eliza appeared, that emotional impact was pushed aside for the erotica and in doing so there felt like a good story was cast aside for the sake of the erotica itself.

Two out of five pitchforks.

Just too violent, brutal, and really stereotypically so for my tastes. The hint of succubus mind control had some promise, but by the end the story turned a corner and lost me along the way.