Jul 19 2016

A Review of My Best Friend is a Succubus 2: Book Two: Coven by Amanda Clover

My Best Friend is a Succubus 2: Book Two: Coven by Amanda Clover

My Best Friend is a Succubus 2: Book Two: Coven by Amanda Clover

A review of the second work in the My Best Friend is a Succubus series by Amanda Clover. I reviewed the first work in the series earlier this year, and you can find that review here. I felt that the series had some promise, even if some of the moments and characters were slightly stereotypical in how they were presented. But there was something about the work that gave me hope that the next book would turn towards something more interesting.

Sometimes you need help. There come a moment when there is no where else to turn, no where to run. In that moment you discover who really matters to you, why they do, and what that means. Not everything has a price, but rather comes with a promise.

  • Title: My Best Friend is a Succubus 2: Book Two: Coven
  • Author: Amanda Clover
  • Length: 50 Pages
  • ASIN: B01HYRL25S
  • Publishing Date: July 3, 2016
  • This work at Amazon.com

The work tells the story of:

Faith’s boring life has been turned upside down!

Faith Granger has learned that having a sex demoness as a best friend makes life a lot more complicated. Soul-sucking bombshell Morgana and Faith are on the run from a mysterious group calling themselves the Holy Inquisition who are hunting the powerful magical codex in Faith’s possession.

Faith enlists the aid of a seeker demon to locate potential allies at a demonic coven, but will the coven really help them or will the hedonistic demon worshipers be too busy with their orgy?

Faith is lucky and unlucky. On the good, or at least naughty side, is Morgana, the Succubus she summoned. On the bad side are a group looking for her and the book she used to summon Morgana. Running away leads to conflict and with that comes one certainty. Faith needs faith in herself and Morgana.

The work follows immediately from the prior work in the series which means the story immediately rushes headlong into Faith being in a very bad situation. There is a bit of a summary in Faith’s thoughts as the story begins which tells of what she’s been through and her summoning of Morgana. It’s not really an info dump and I think it worked well all things considered.

The story follows Faith as she tries to deal with a threat, a promise and the need to find, somewhere and somehow, a kind of protection that Morgana insists that she needs. There’s actually very little seen of Morgana in this work, though there are some moments in which her understanding of the present is shown to be lacking, that there are some things that can hurt her, and very badly as well. In one scene there is a moment when Morgana loses control and in that moment comes the question as to exactly what her motive are.

The story is mostly an action.mystery with a little bit of erotica dashed in at times. Some of Faith’s scenes, the things she does, are quite telling about her character and I rather liked them for showing how she’s changed her perspective and character. There’s a feeling that Morgana’s influence is changing her, or at least making her more open to sexuality as a whole. Whether that results in Faith becoming a succubus in time as well is questionable, but a thought nonetheless.

A bit of the plot is well over the top, almost stereotypically so, but it does manage to drive the plot and story forwards. A new group is presented, they entwine themselves with Faith and Morgana, and then the story takes a sharp unexpected turn which leads into a cliffhanger ending.

Overall, I think this work is good, but the prior was better overall in the story telling and the focus on Faith and Morgana. In this work there are a lot of new characters dropped Ito the story and it’s not clear what their purpose is exactly. I have an idea, but, again, if the stereotypical answer is the right one, that will be disappointing,

There is a scattering of some hot flashes of erotica in the work, most of which really didn’t have very much heat to them. Overall, much of the erotica did make me wince at what was going on, more so when some rather poor things happened to both Faith and Morgana. In that, especially for Morgana, the events draw her towards something that  I think she really isn’t, that being a stereotypical succubus. The scenes feel that way, I know there’s a reason for that, but there has to be something more to Morgana than what she’s shown so far.

While Faith’s character did develop in the story, Morgana really didn’t so much as react to the situations she was placed in. I would like to see more about Morgana, who she is, why she has made the choice she has, There’s a secret behind that smile and I’d like to know what that is.

Three and a half out of five pitchforks.

The story wasn’t overcome by the erotica, but it was pushed aside for the new characters, threats, and plot that developed. It’s a bit of a shame as the story is about Faith and Morgana, and it didn’t really develop much. Hopefully in the next work that will happen.

The story here is the relationship between Morgana and Faith. Taking the series back to that core story I think would help a lot.



Jul 18 2016

Lesson Plans – Part Three By TeraS

Part Three today of Adelle’s story, where things take a little bit of a turn. One is always learning; really, one can never stop. There are moments along the way, however, when the thing learned isn’t what one expected. Not everything taught comes out as one expects, even if one has …


Lesson Plans
Part Three
By TeraS
For Adelle


Individuals from the Realm are sexual beings, there is no question about that. But sex alone, no matter how passionate, thrilling or breathtaking, cannot fulfill all they are. Some—like a particular yellow tail, the brightest seen in centuries—happen to love books. Others, like a certain blue tail, love tending to their gardens. Then there’s that one specific red tail with ebony hair who has a thing about learning about one specific thing that she mulls over in her thoughts and discusses with every soul she encounters.

That might sound a bit vague, but, when one realizes that soul happens to be Tera, things become a little bit clearer. The definition of what that thing is, however, probably isn’t what you might ever imagine.

At that moment, Adelle really wasn’t thinking much of anything. Her Queen had asked, several times, how she could help, what was wrong, if there was something she could do to make things better. Being awash in her thoughts, and, if she had the presence of mind to realize, more than slightly overwhelmed by them, not to mention awed in Tera’s presence, Adelle didn’t resist when the red tail wrapped an arm about her. Adelle nibbled her lip at being so close to her idol again. The red tail wrapping about Adelle’s hips brought a blissful little sigh of pleasure.

She didn’t quite catch what Tera was saying, though she did manage to settle into the chair that Her Majesty guided her to. There was a little ache, a tingle that fluttered through her soul as the green-eyed beauty held her hand, gazed into her blue eyes. The fantasies came, the second lesson once more making itself known.

Tera’s passion for those she loved was infinite. Her passion was a many-splendored thing, without limits, without concern. Passion and love simply were. The offer was for always and always would be so.

Adelle felt her Queen’s hand slip away, the touch ebbing away. It took a little while to find her bearings again, and, when she did, Adelle found herself seated at an outdoor patio … alone. She looked about, slightly confused. Tera had been there, hadn’t she? There was a little bit of loss that nibbled at her soul; the thought that maybe Tera hadn’t been there was troubling.

A slim hand, tipped with red nails, appeared from one side, placing a mug on the table, the aroma of hot chocolate with an undercurrent of cherries mixed in filled the air. “Here, you look like you need this.”

As Tera settled into her own chair at the table, Adelle cupped her hands about the mug, her thoughts crashing into her memories. The bluenette beauty loved being one of the succubi. The sex was amazing. The Realm was, if not her playground, then certainly overflowing with a myriad of things to keep her amused and occupied. Her days were filled with excitement and discovery.

But why wasn’t she really happy?

That question had brought her to see Tera. The first place she looked was at the Palace, because, obviously, the Queen would be there.

When she asked to see Tera, however, the two guardians at the gates replied that Her Majesty wasn’t at the Palace that day. They mentioned that she was off on an errand for a dear friend—at least, that’s what Adelle thought they said. It was a bit difficult to think considering how delicious these two specimens of Realm incubi and succubi appeared. The comment that she might have better luck at the Realm Library seemed odd, but Adelle went on her way to investigate. As she approached, she remembered that Tera was the Head Librarian, which she found both perplexing and confusing. Tera was the Queen, so why would she be a librarian as well?

The question swirled in her thoughts right up to the point when she bumped into a yellow-tailed succubi, one with the brightest yellow tail Adelle had ever seen. Her name was Miriam; she was the cutest thing Adelle had seen by far, and she introduced herself as the Assistant Librarian to Her Majesty. Adelle had to admit that she was slightly surprised about that, but brushed the thought aside to ask if Tera was present.

Miriam explained that the Queen had been there, a bit earlier, browsing the library. Sadly, Adelle had just missed her.

Adelle’s thoughts were mulling over where to look next, and she missed Miriam commenting that, when she asked what Tera needed, the answer was: “Something for a friend.”

Seeing that Adelle looked a bit lost, Miriam offered that she might want to have a look for the red tail at home: “Really it’s her favourite place of all, you know.”

And so it was that Adelle found herself standing at the foot of a path that led to a simple red brick home, an odd fence to one side, with the gate open. Sitting there on the front porch was Tera … of course.

A wave of greeting and Adelle soon found herself hugged, then asked how she was. It was one of the things about Tera: she never really talked about herself, it was always the one that came looking for her that mattered most.

Settling her guest into a comfortable chair, the Queen handed her a mug of hot chocolate, which Adelle took gratefully. Then Tera simply … waited.

It was some time before Adelle spoke: “I’m … a bit lost.”

“You’re not lost.”

“Okay, then how about I lack direction?”

“I’ve always thought that taking a right turn at Albuquerque generally gets you where you are going.”

A long sip was followed with: “Tell me something, Tera: is your hobby coming up with catch phrases?”

Tera’s so-green eyes twinkled with mirth: “Oh, that’s my second hobby. My first is helping souls find what they are looking for.”

With that, Tera reached behind her and then offered Adelle a leather-bound book: “Here, you look like you need this.”

The book was old—dearly old—so old that Adelle feared the cover would crack and the pages would fall out if she wasn’t careful. Gingerly putting the book down, she looked at her mentor oddly: “What is it?”

“Let me tell you a story.”

“Do I need more to drink?”

Tera laughed: “Oh, no: you’ll be fine with what you have. You might need a stronger drink after, but that’s your problem, not mine.”

Shaking her head, Adelle continued to sip at her mug, her eyes flickering between Tera and the book.

“The Realm has many different souls. Each one has her own path, his own destiny. They live and learn, love and discover. Not all of the paths are simple. There are some that are dangerous, some covered with mistakes made or chances not taken.”

Adelle reflected on this truth. She could see her own life, her own wants and needs. How things she’d thought impossible for someone like her, were possible if she only tried.

“Once upon a time there was a certain soul that loved magic. She thought the magician shows were captivating, that their feats of magic were real, even if they were mainly just slight-of-hand tricks or very special illusions.”

Adelle had a small smile as Tera continued: “She tried to find magic in her world. To touch the mysteries of magic, to feel them caress over her hands, tickle over her skin. She learned, she became familiar with magic, with what it offered. But magic and this soul didn’t quite get along well.”

The smile waned a bit, just slightly: “Then, one day, this soul met a certain soul with green eyes that offered her something that wasn’t magic … but it was … magical.”

Adelle shook her head, recalling the moment when Tera had walked into her life. Tera did have a way, in a few words, to say more than most could. It was … magical.

“The soul admitted that she wanted to be a sorceress, that it was her dream.” Tera tapped the cover of the book with one finger: “You’ve lost that dream, Adelle. You’ve been sidetracked a little, much of that being my fault, I think.”

Shifting in her chair, Adelle replied with a sly smile: “I think I’ve lost count of the orgasms.”

“Really? I must be losing my touch.”

“Oh, heck no!”

The red-tail smiled, then nodded at the book: “Once, a very long time ago, there was one of the succubi that devoted herself to magic. She became a sorceress, a powerful one. Few could match her power. She melded the power of magic and the power of the succubi. She was … special.

The wistfulness in that single word made Adelle’s tail curl about her calf and squeeze.

“If you want, her book is yours.”

“I thought you were talking about me?”

Tera just smiled: “Who says I wasn’t?”

The memory faded, and Adelle found herself looking at Tera: “Sorry. My mind was wandering.”

The brunette had that bemused smile again: “It happens. Was it a good memory?”

Adelle thought about the book, how it wasn’t old and worn anymore. But then, neither was she. Tera had given her something to strive for, to be more than she was. Her Queen had offered the chance to be more, so much more.

“Yes. They all are.”

Lesson Three: Tera offered possibilities.

The next lesson was the one that Adelle needed to teach herself.

Jul 17 2016

A Review of Long Term Memory by Nanea Knott

Long Term Memory by Nanea Knott

Long Term Memory by Nanea Knott

It’s been a little while since I’ve written a review of the Sex Demon series by Nanea Knott here on the Tale. I was thrilled to see that the fourth work in the series was recently released and so I return to a series that I love and adore.

You can find my review of the prequel I’ll Never Forget You here, my review of Remember Me can be found here. A review of Unforgettable is here on the Tale, and the prior work in the series, Remind Me, was reviewed here on the Tale.

The single thing about this series which I’ve enjoyed, is how deep the characters are. While there are a lot of characters, their lives merging, turning and twisting, each one has a story. That in itself is wonderful, but many times the more closely held characters are the ones with the most interesting stories to tell.

In these characters, their flaws are quite telling. They are not simply issues to be dealt with, brushed aside. There are consequences suffered, pain deeply held. The emotional context matters, but beyond that, the relationships which come out of that context drive the characters to act in ways which don’t always make a lot of sense.

Life happens. Things change in an instant and the blame and guilt can be overpowering. For many characters in this series, there is quite a lot of guilt to go around. It presses upon them, makes them not see what is there. Sometimes the hardest thing to overcome is one’s own stubbornness. Sometimes that isn’t a one way street. It’s a head on collision.

  • Title: Long Term Memory
  • Author: Nanea Knott
  • Length: 181 Pages
  • Publishing Date: July 3, 2016
  • This work at Amazon.com

The work tells the story of:

She’s grateful for the present. He’s stuck in the past. A deadly organization will jeopardize their future.

Humans First has declared war on sex demons and Evan Maximus is an incubus ready to fight. His past has left him bitter, but he’s trying to put it behind him. One phone call changes everything.

Gwen Taylor is building the life she wanted before the accident that left her in a coma for two years. She follows an old friend to a new city hoping to meet him again.

When they meet again, Evan pushes Gwen away. He can’t let her get hurt again. She deserves to be safe and to be with a better man than him. Gwen pushes back determined to show she’s strong enough to stand beside him. Her defiance puts Evan in the cross hairs of a sniper.

While Evan fights for his life, Gwen has to decide, is she strong enough to save the love of her life?

Evan is the strong and silent type. While for an incubus that’s not such a bad thing, sometimes it means there is a reason for why they are. For Evan that reason is Gwen. A moment leads to pain and Evan cannot manage to forgive himself. But the universe sometimes gives you what you are least expecting. The problem comes in Evan accepting what Gwen offers over his own sense of doing what’s right.

One of the characters in this series that has always bothered me to a point has been Evan. Throughout the series he’s been, for lack of a better description, kind of a brick wall. By that I mean there’s never really been any emotion, no connection. He’s always been “all business” and beyond that there’s never seemed to be any other real relationships for him.

This work focuses on Evan and as the story progresses, the reasons for his emotional disconnect become very clear. Evan’s story, the reason why he has become the person he is, is a telling one, but beyond that, the singular aspect of his personality that I found telling was his sense of honour. It’s rather two sided, overall, as a whole however. There’s no question that he wants to do right for the right reasons. The issue comes in that his bullheadedness gets him into situations where, if he would think before opening his mouth, his life would be a lot simpler.

Evan’s past catches up with him when Gwen appears. Gwen’s story is tragic, without doubt, but there is so much strength and poise within her. As her past is told, who is connected to her life, and how things have transpired to bring here to where Evan is, there’s sort of a mirror that appears between Gwen and Evan. There’s little question that they care about each other, the problem is that neither of them seems to be able to get through to the other and make things right.

It’s a bit of Evan’s character flaw and Gwen’s single-mindedness that gets them both in trouble. There are points where you want to take the two of them and smack them both. By that I mean there are situations where if they would just talk and listen to each other, there would have been less drama. But then there wouldn’t be some of the more touching and beautiful scenes that appear. The awkwardness that comes out in Evan is adorable really, and I found myself wondering what things would have been like for them both if events hadn’t turned as they did.

The erotic moments between Gwen and Evan are lovely and passionate. The dreams and realities which reflect on them both are delicious. But along with the joy, there are some very heartbreaking moments that I did cry through. The emotional impact of Gwen’s secret, the single wish she’s held for which only Evan she desires is perfect beyond words.

Sometimes the story behind the characters is more than what is told. I felt there was a lot unsaid about both of them, that there is something more, something important to be said further. Not in a poor way, but perhaps something special to be revealed or encountered. Either way, taking Evan from a stone to who he really is made a huge difference and in doing so made me like him far more than I did before.

While the story focuses on Gwen and Evan, the mysterious group against succubi and incubi appears, and is fleshed out a bit more. There’s a certain level to them that is a bit distasteful, but then they aren’t supposed to be liked very much. The on-going theme through this group, the characters that appear representing them, seem odd, almost strange at times. Beyond that, events that unfold as a result of something Gwen is asked to do, leave me with the same question I have been asking myself throughout the series. That question comes to: ‘How?’

There’s a certain need to suspend belief at times with this group, mostly from some of their actions which I still can’t quite wrap my thoughts about. There’a also a revelation through them about a major character in the series that is quite shocking and surprising. How that particular event, it’s implications, and what it all means, comes to pass as the series unfolds leaves me with a myriad of questions to ponder and to try to fit the puzzle together.

There’s also a bit more told about the Regents, the succubi and incubi in this universe as well. While it’s been clear that some good is done, in this work there is some real concrete meaning behind the platitudes seen in prior works. Sometimes there is good to be found in the harshest of places. It give some hope that there is more to be found within them.

Marissa, really the core character of the series, comes out a bit more in this work, and I’m still of two minds about her. I can understand her needs, why she approaches things as she does, but sometimes her actions just rub me the wrong way. Overall she did the right thing for the right reasons in this work, but nonetheless, some of her words, some of her statements, made me shake my head. Sometimes a kiss is better than a hammer blow to the head. Marissa’s emotional state leaves me wanting at times. Being a leader doesn’t always mean one has to be emotionless. I really want to know the reasons behind who Marissa is and why.

Many of the events, threads and characters in the prior works make appearances, which neatly sets this story into the larger series well. There are still many threads not continued, nor really should there be, considering this is Gwen and Evan’s story first and foremost. But there are hints which seem to suggest what is coming and in that I think the series will be moving towards something unique.

The series continues to grow on its strength, the characters and plots. The erotica isn’t silly or odd, it carries an emotional attachment. The need to find oneself, to find the answer to the question they each have makes the story captivating and held me throughout. Strongly written with purpose, but also with the author’s joy in telling the story of her characters, their lives, loves, needs and losses. Story matters, I’ve said this many times. The author continues to write an exceptional series, one that I adore and look forward to seeing continue soon.

Four and a half out of five pitchforks.

Knowing who Evan is, and not seeing him as being simple “muscle” makes a real difference. Seeing what matters to him most tells something more. Sometimes having something to fight for isn’t what matters. Having something to live for does.

I look forward to see what comes next, where the mysteries turn and what comes to pass. Not everyone and everything will be the same, not everything will turn out for the best. But finding the answers will lead to one thing. The truth, whatever that well may be.



Jul 17 2016

A Review of Wicked City by Tracey H. Kitts

Wicked City by Tracey H. Kitts

Wicked City by Tracey H. Kitts

There have been quite a number of works that have tried to create a character who is both a succubus and a vampire. The problem that I have always had with that concept is there’s never really been a good balance between the two sides, and, generally, the vampire side takes control of the story which leaves the succubus story very much forgotten.

Finding a balance is hard, but more so to be able to find a way for the character to discover themselves, be something more than either part of them is… that’s the challenge. For we are our past, no matter how long and dark that may be.

It is the story of:

Lavinia accepted what she is a long time ago. She isn’t squeamish when it comes to blood or her sexuality. After all, both blood and sex are necessary to sustain a succubus. She is a well-trained assassin. Working for her fellow vampire and occasional lover comes naturally for her. When she is sent out to kill someone, they die. It’s that simple. But what if her target means more to her than he should?

Synn thought he knew what he was getting into when he encountered the succubus that first night, but he may still be in over his head. She was sent to kill him, and still he wants her. One man has never been enough for Lavinia, however, the wizard Synn thinks he’s man enough for the job.

Lavinia’s life, such as it is, seems simple enough. She’s a succubus and a vampire, she’s also an assassin as well. Love, for a very long time, hasn’t been part of the equation because there’s a hole inside of her that nothing can fill, even if the sex eases the pain a bit. Encountering Synn brings complications, confusion, and changes she never could have imagined… and something more that she wishes she could forget.

Lavinia is interesting as a succubus-ish character, though the succubus aspects of her are somewhat focused upon her sexual needs and otherwise don’t really come to the fore of the story as a whole. Being that most of the work revolves around vampiric society, that makes sense, and as such, her vampire aspect is at the forefront of the story. Still, there are mentions made of her not being a “true” succubus, and the explanation of that does make some sense in some way, if a bit thin perhaps. She doesn’t have any of the usual succubus aspects to her, she does have everything a vampire has, including weaknesses and so on.

She is a strong character, there is a lot of background to her life, and the relationships she has are interesting for how they reflect her personality and what she’s come to accept and need. But there’s a certain disconnect between herself and those around her that leads to some confusion and concern. Still, being a strong independent woman, she has friends, not a love per se.

Enter Synn into the picture who is very much a man cloaked in mystery, quite literally, and how he connects to Lavinia is a lovely story with a lot of heat along the way. Finding out about him, where his life and Lavinia’s intersect and why has some neat little plot twists and I think that worked well.

There are quite a number of hot flashes of erotica in this work, driven by Lavinia’s succubus half, and with that comes a little bit of D/s, bondage, and perhaps a shade of mind control. The heat is well written, the scenes aren’t silly or too far over the top. For the most part they work into the story quite well and don’t feel out of place. There is one scene however which, while making sense, seems like there is a disconnect between Lavinia and Synn and I’m not sure why that is exactly.

A solid plot, the main characters are well written and have good voices, most of the secondary characters as well work really well and I liked the ensemble as a whole. I did have a problem with some of the storytelling when events were moving quickly, there seemed to be a rush to get to the  next bit of erotica in the middle of the work and I think that hurt the story to an extent.

The other thing that I wished for, and didn’t see, was more of an exploration of Lavinia’s succubus side. It seemed like Lavinia was party a succubus to allow her to have a lot of lovers and really not a lot else. I would have liked to know more about how that all worked and why. In the same way, Synn’s story was told, but so quickly that I think a lot of the emotional impact was lost. A bit more time exploring the characters I think would have led to a better story.

Four of out five pitchforks.

I would have liked more told about Lavinia’s past, the part of her that is a succubus. The vampire side takes up almost all there is and I think there was more otherwise that could have been explored.



Jul 16 2016

An interesting Succubus skin gaming YouTube

There are mods that can be added to a lot of games now, some of these allow for the creation of succubus characters with their own looks of course. Some of these work, some look a bit odd, and then some almost have things right, but then just go that little bit too far…


If you cannot see this video here on the Tale, please try this link:


And here is screenshot, at least the best one I could manage, of the succubus herself in one of the forms that the player was trying out in the video…

Succubus Armour

I sort of like the overall look, at least clothing wise. The red skin I expected and the wings are a bit on the monster side while her tail, which you can’t see here, looks a little odd with her body. But that’s true of her wings as well I think.

The sword on her back is a nice touch and this does give me an idea for a story to write… Someday…



Jul 15 2016

A Review of Desire for a Demon: A Sinful Lesbian Romance by Arabel Red

Desire for a Demon: A Sinful Lesbian Romance by Arabel Red

Desire for a Demon: A Sinful Lesbian Romance by Arabel Red

Some stories are, at their core, a tease. They offer characters with something to tell, but don’t allow the story to be told. One of the most awful things is the creation of a story in which the connection with the characters happens instantly, but the story doesn’t tell, as the saying goes, all of the story.

Memories are powerful things. For the memory of a love lost, anything can happen. The mystery of that memory, the meaning given, the love gained, lost and cherished can have telling results. Goddess gave the ability to love to all her cherished souls. Be they angels, fallen or succubi, there is such a thing as love. Always.

The work tells the story of:

Asriel is a fallen angel, tasked by the Heaven that abandoned her to save the Earth she despises–and she has less than a day to do it. To make things worse, a powerful succubus interferes, intending to ensnare Asriel in a web of lust and sex. Will Asriel overpower the succubus in time to save the Earth? Or will she give in to her animal desires?

Asriel finds herself doing something she never wanted to: Save the Earth from the coming hordes intent on destroying it. But she finds a succubus named Relsha in the way and the battle is on. Not for the Earth, but for Asriel herself and the single memory that exists for them both.

There are very few short works that connect to me like this one did. Both Asriel and Relsha are strong characters, they both tell amazing stories about themselves in a few short passages before the erotica takes over. Within that, in the fleeting telling of who they are, comes an amazing backstory.

There’s just something about them both which spoke to me, and I think much of that has to do with a certain angel that the Queen of the Realm knows and dearly so. That said, even if that connection wasn’t there, Asriel herself is a strong character, one with flaws, history, attitude. She’s not perfect, not by any means, but regardless of that, there’s a sadness within the strength that plucks at her. It’s what centres who she is, drives her forwards, but is never explained.

The same can be said of Relsha, the succubus of this work. She’s an amazingly delicious succubus, certain in her power, her strength. She is more than just a succubus, there’s power in her. She has a past, one in which there is a memory that haunts her as much as the one that does Asriel. While she is dominant and seductive, she also has a thread of need within her, one that aches.

When they clash, Asriel is well out of her league, and the falling of her to Relsha is hot, the erotica is deeply felt, amazingly written and in the short passages of her fall, there comes a single word, a single memory that changes everything. The aftermath of that instant, the questions left behind, the almost casual ending of the work begs for more of the story to be told, somehow.

But sadly the work is very short and after the building up of the characters, the hint of their world, the fleeting heat of their encounter, there’s no time left to tell the story behind the story. It is, truly, a case of teasing a larger work, and then not continuing on to tell that story.

The writing is amazing, I dearly loved both Asriel and Relsha. There is a small flaw in the editing, a single word that is quite glaring and tripped me up, but it wasn’t devastating. What is comes from how so much is offered in this short story, the gift of both Asriel and Relsha, but that gift is never really unwrapped.

There needs to be a following story to this one, to explain the soul that connects both Asriel and Relsha together. I think the promise in this work doesn’t come through fully. Again, it is a tease. A hot, delicious and wonderful one, but still a tease.

Four out of five pitchforks.

I really wish the author had continued this story further that it is. To tell the story of Asriel and Relsha and what connects them both. To explain why things are as they are. To understand this universe more than just in the fleeting passing given.

There is a story here, one that is teased. I want to see the rest of the story, to know the ‘why’ behind the events told. Leaving a reader aching for the next is good, there’s no question. If the author never delivers on the promise here, it’s a shame.



Jul 15 2016

A Review of Sucked by a Succubus by Eve Renaud

Sucked by a Succubus by Eve Renaud

Sucked by a Succubus by Eve Renaud

I don’t really expect much from stories that are less than ten pages. There won’t be much in the way of story, of characters, really not much of anything save for what amounts to a porn movie scene and not a lot else. That’s not to say it isn’t possible to write a very short story and have something interesting in it.

What becomes a real problem is when the story isn’t one, the main character “sounds” like an idiot, and in the end there’s really nothing told about why things happened as they did… in the fastest way possible.

  • Title: Sucked by a Succubus
  • Author: Eve Renaud
  • Length: 5 Pages
  • IBSN: 9781310396373
  • Publishing Date: December 30, 2015
  • This work at Smashwords.com

It is the story of:

A young man is woken up by a demon with an insatiable desire for cock and the only one who can save him is his stepsister.

Wren tells of an encounter that he doesn’t understand exactly, but he does understand that something weird did, even if his stepsister’s not telling him what.

The work is, as a whole, written like a porn movie scene, told in the main character’s voice, who sounds like he’s bragging to a friend about it, and leaves any kind of story or character development to the side for the sake of getting to the… erotica.

I’m hesitate to call what happens in this work erotica exactly because the telling comes out in a rush, leaving no time to figure out what’s going on exactly. Beyond that, the actual hot flash really isn’t all that hot all things considered. Yes, there is a succubus encounter, but there’s not a word spoken, a reason given or anything. The story goes from bland to full-on succubus snacking in at the drop of a hat and when Wren’s stepsister gets involved things rush onto the climax even faster still.

The succubus is, as a whole, rather stereotypical, seeming only to care about taking Wren in any way possible and as quickly as she can. There’s not a lot of actual succubus mind control as such, though some of the descriptions are sort of interesting. There’s no reason given for her being there, other than the stepsister is a witch, and all that happens with that is in a blur and never explained either.

The ending is abrupt, again the sort of thing one sees in a porn movie when the “action” is done with. There’s no explanation, nothing that Wren talks about. He seems to be completely clueless over the events and really seems to only care that he had sex. Beyond that there’s nothing that he cared about, nothing mattered, and being so, the story ends in a way that just left me cold.

The thing is, there is a story here, if the author would have tried to write that. If some effort had been taken at better writing, better characters, and even telling more of a story around the encounter, I would have liked this more. But that didn’t come, even if the characters did. The idea of the stepsister being a witch, summoning the succubus, and for what reason would be interesting to know. The succubus herself, telling something more about her other than she was one, would be nice. Even making Wren sounding less of a vain idiot would be an improvement.

One pitchfork out of five.

There is a story here, it could be something interesting, but it wasn’t given a chance to happen. This might well make for a porn movie scene, and honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if one was inspired by this, but otherwise there’s nothing here of note. Juvenile sounding characters sort of talking about an encounter with a succubus in a tone that sounds “Valley Guy” doesn’t work.