A short YouTube playthrough of High School Of Succubus

There are some succubus themed videogames that I can’t help but laugh over. It’s not for what they look like, but the dialogue in the story that just… really goes out on a limb. I came across a short YouTube of the beginning of a playthrough of the High School Of Succubus game which I’m going to share this week…

If you can’t see this video here on the Tale, please try this link.

To say the Succubi that appear are… catty… is a bit of an understatement. That said, there’s some really over the top dialog and events that I can’t help but laugh, or more often, roll my eyes over.

Still I was amused…



A Review of The Incubus’ Steamy Revenge by Anna Schuyler

The Incubus' Steamy Revenge by Anna Schuyler

The Incubus’ Steamy Revenge by Anna Schuyler

Relationships are never an easy thing. It’s more of a problem when words can’t be said, emotions are misinterpreted, and when it really matters., fear of what might be is more important than what reality is.

That can make for the core of a complicated story, but at the same time, it also gives a change for the characters to become more than they are at first glance.

  • Title: The Incubus’ Steamy Revenge
  • Author: Anna Schuyler
  • Published By: Amazon Digital Services
  • Length: 87 Pages
  • Format: eBook
  • ASIN: B091FW6NSK
  • Publishing Date: March 30, 2021
  • This work in Kindle Format at Amazon.com

The work tells of:

Have you ever made a mistake you couldn’t forgive yourself for? That’s how I felt when I first saw the stranger who’d been fulfilling my every desire take his mask off to reveal my ex-boyfriend. I was filled with regret and remorse, knowing the pleasure I was currently feeling could have been mine forever.
However, maybe there’s still a bit of hope. He tells me he’s come to get revenge. That’s right, if I just try hard enough, if I let him get out all his anger by sensually ravaging my body, maybe we’ll still stand a chance. The fact that he tells me he’s an incubus only slightly complicates matters…

It’s not the best thing to have your heart broken and Lydia is very aware of what’s happened. Finding Vincent, being enthralled by him and then the connection she thought was there, wasn’t, tore her apart. But the universe works in mysterious ways and Vincent’s truth will drive the both to discover just how wrapped in themselves they are.

Overall the story works well, the path both characters take from where things start to how things end feels right and makes sense from their perspective. There is a very strong BDSM tone to the erotica which at least for me ran hot and cold and everywhere in between. I did think that the beginning of the work felt somewhat lost, but that is more a result of Lydia’s mind set and where the story takes her. There’s a strong undercurrent of loss and self loathing that I didn’t like very much, again this is meant to drive Lydia forwards to the climax of the story. Once past setting up the story and moving things towards the confrontation between them, things became more focused on each character’s needs.

But the time spent in what is, at its core, a somewhat odd D/s sex scene, wasn’t that interesting to me. Nor for that matter was the seeming disconnect between both of them, But in the space the story is set in, there’s a good explanation for why things happened as they did. The problem is that the story takes forever to get to the point and reveal what is really going on.

Vincent, and for that matter the other incubi that appear, are a group of very lost souls. The rules forced on them make things so much more difficult than they really needed to be. Considering where the story places the main characters, the lack of truths being revealed, even for a good reason as the story tells, creates more conflict where honestly there’s more than enough.

The work closes on a really positive and teasing note that I rather liked. It also left a lot of story open to be considered for all of the characters. I think what’s missing overall is there’s not enough telling of who the incubi are, their past and why things are now. It’s mentioned in passing but that felt a bit like an info dump and might have been done better.

Nonetheless, a captivating work with lots of twists and turns that held my attention throughout. Perhaps the heat in the erotica could be more focused, allowing for more of the reader’s imagination to fill in the blanks, but still well done.

Three and a half out of five pitchforks.

Honestly this should be made into a larger series if only to allow for the other incubi that appear a chance to be something more than the shadows they are. A well told story with a lot of promise and a delightful read.


Succubi Image of the Week 695

There are some images of Succubi in which there’s a story offered in what the character looks like, or some aspects about them. More often than not, the story remains untold, or to the viewer’s consideration. An image this week that offers something unique and in doing so leaves a lot of questions behind…

Succubus by Sorciiere

Succubus by Sorciiere

This work is by the artist Sorciiere on DeviantArt and you can find their page here as the original page with this art no longer exists.

Simply a beautiful image, her eyes are wonderfully deep and work so well with her expression and overall form. Lovely details in her clothing, hair and together they bring a wonderful portrait together.

I do wish that the artist might have created a full image of her, I’m very curious about her complete outfit for one and while her wings are shown, I wonder about what kind of tail she has.. Nonetheless, she is simply gorgeous.



Is this really that bedazzled?

Bedazzled Devil CostumeOne of the words that I don’t particularly like is bedazzled, that’s for many varied reasons. I came across this costume which, honestly, could be something nice given some effort. But the question is if the effort is worth it.

This is called the Bedazzled Devil Costume and it comes with the rhinestone flame tube dress the model is wearing, which comes with a pin-on tail that isn’t shown and a pair of horns. It sells for about $60 US on the sites I have found it on.

Overall, the dress isn’t that trashy, I’m not particularly thrilled about the horns. Mind you, there are other similar dresses that look better, the pattern it more present or at least looks better overall.

There’s really not a lot to be done to make this better, thankfully its very hard to make things worse…

Three out of five pitchforks.

You could do a lot worse…



A Review of On the Floor With a Sapphic Succubus – Part 1 by Jacki Sensal

A Review of On the Floor With a Sapphic Succubus - Part 1 by Jacki Sensal

A Review of On the Floor With a Sapphic Succubus – Part 1 by Jacki Sensal

Writing a story from the first person perspective can be a difficult thing to do. The problem comes in the reader trying to fit themselves into the story and allow it to take them where the author wants it to go.

Sometimes the story takes a direction that makes it hard to get into and sometimes that takes one out of the story more often than not.

  • Title: On the Floor With a Sapphic Succubus – Part 1
  • Author: Jacki Sensal
  • Published By: Amazon Digital Services
  • Length: 32 Pages
  • Format: eBook
  • ASIN: B093HC7M9N
  • Publishing Date: April 25, 2021
  • This work in Kindle Format at Amazon.com

The work tells of:

Your slutty best friend sucked a way into the campus’ most exclusive Halloween party- spreading open the doors to a new realm of temptations. Dressed up to undress, you find yourself winning the heated gaze of a horny girl whose lust seems out of this world. Fall beneath the sheets of the seductively secretive Lusifen family as you discover that when something feels too good to be true- perhaps it’s naughty enough to be real after all.

An invitation to a Halloween party turns in unexpected directions. The worlds of mortals and demons become entangled and where that leads to leaves only questions behind.

The work is told from the first person perspective which on occasion creates some issues with the telling of the story. From time to time the main character seems to become detached from the story and doesn’t quite find their way back into things. It’s not a constant issue, but at points there are interruptions in the telling of the story that bothered me.

Much of the story is creating the universe around the main character and overall that time spent pays off well as things progress. It does tend to lose itself when the heat of the erotica comes into play. Various characters are obviously devils and otherwise, some of them being quite stereotypical in their actions and desires. Being “bad” is one thing, acting “bad” to the extreme is a caricature and doesn’t always work.

The succubus of the work, Carphalea, who’s name I rather adore, is very much the dominant succubus here, taking what she wants and needs as things progress. But there’s a neat little aspect to her that makes her something far better than the rest of those around her. It’s a shame that so much of her and her kind are clouded away, their truths not being revealed.

That is, of course, part of the story, the main character isn’t supposed to realize what’s going on until it’s too late and they are ensnared by a tail, and otherwise. The erotic heat is well done, it isn’t porn level silliness and that filled in a part of Carphalea’s being and what the future might bring for her and the lead character.

The work could use one more editing pass, there are some small word choices that don’t fit and sometimes the dialog is stilted and seeking itself. A bit more emotion and connection in the story between the characters would have added a lot I think as well.

Nonetheless it’s a delightful story, with promise. I’d just like more of what was left out to be there and make it more than it is.

Three and a half out of five pitchforks.

It’s a shame the story didn’t turn in the direction I’d hoped it might. Now this is part one of a series it seems, so the story might still turn into something more. I’d hope so, even if the idea is sort of expected as a whole..

There’s the beginning of an interesting story universe, but the question is if the author can manage to keep from going overboard on the sex and focus more on the characters. There’s a lot here to build on, and that should be interesting.


Our Mother’s Love by TeraS

It is, as I am writing this, Mother’s Day. It’s been a long time, at least when I wrote this, since I’d written anything, let alone something to mark this day. It’s … never been an easy day for me, of late it has become that much more difficult. But there’s something to remember on this day, and that is …

Our Mother’s Love
By TeraS

The book was well worn. The cover was a bit frayed: a tear in one corner, the image of various edible delights printed there, a little faded from time. The spine had a crease in it, marking a particularly favourite creation referred to many a time before.

Hands opened the book, watching the pages leaf to that particular spot, the words on the one side telling of the ways and means to the creation that appeared in full colour on the opposite side. A slim finger drew itself across the page, double checking that she had everything needed; it was, after all, a favourite recipe. Perhaps not the most complicated of things to create, but even though she could have recited the ingredients, the steps, the baking time, and how to serve the delight. It was important to not leave anything out. She remembered running into the kitchen, peering over the edge of the countertop, sneaking a bit of the batter, and giving an innocent smile.

She missed those days.

A calloused hand drew itself over another page in another book of memories. He recalled the joys she had in creating that dessert, the smile when she watched the delight from others in tasting her creation. It was a tradition, in a way. Birthdays, family gatherings, whatever the reason was: it didn’t need to be much more than her being there. The handwriting was a bit faded, little notes stuck to the ruled lines noting a change here, an option there. She’d never been content with good enough; there was always room for improvement.

He missed those days.

A pair of eyes scanned a bookcase, one shelf holding his thoughts and memories. It was … too soon. It felt wrong, somehow, to touch her recipes. There was a feeling of not quite being able to see the words, remember the joys she’d brought to so many. He could still see her in the kitchen, smell the latest bit of wonder in the oven that her hands created. Then one book caught his eye, and his hand touched the spine.

He missed those days.

It took as long as it was meant to; she didn’t rush through the steps. Things were to be done in a certain way and that’s how it was. The kitchen was a bit of a mess, but that was part of the recipe as well. She popped the mixture into the oven and settled in to wait, flipping idly through the book that had led her through the steps and the memories.

There was no rushing for him either, though this recipe would take longer than hers would. He didn’t mind that; the mixture had to set, the bottom layer needed time to cool after the oven had finished with it. The time allowed him to trace over her handwriting once more and smile softly at the moments remembered.

It took a while, to be honest. It’s hard to read with tears in your eyes. Every word came with its memories. He found that the ingredients were still in the pantry: the mixer in its place, the cookie sheet shimmied into its storage spot when he opened the door looking for it. The recipe was there, if he needed it, but he found the memories guiding his hands, adjusting a pinch here or there as needed. He stumbled on occasion—at least in his thoughts he did—and wasn’t quite sure everything was as she would have done it when the baking sheet slid into the oven. Not content to wait, he busied himself with cleaning up the kitchen; she would not have been pleased with the mess, after all. He did manage a smile at that memory.

The cupcakes were done, a small pile of them placed upon the cream-coloured serving plate. Oh, there could be icing, of course, but this was how they were meant to be. Angel food cake with chunks of chocolate within; possibly the simplest of her creations, but it felt right.

The cheesecake was done, the springform removed, positioned on the cake plate she’d had for longer than he could remember. Strawberry sauce in a serving boat to the side, the cutting knife soaking in hot water before the cutting would commence. She’d always made sure of the presentation, and so he did, too.

The smells filled the kitchen now, accompanying him as he finished putting the last bowl into the dishwasher. They were a comfort, in a way, a reminder of how things were: the love, so many good things she’d done for others. The bell sounded, telling that it was time. The sheet came out, was set on top of the stove to cool for a bit. He knew exactly where the cookie jar was; it had waited patiently for him. One by one the sheet was emptied, the cookies in their place, and he found himself with a smile, knowing she’d be pleased.

Three souls, on this day, remembered their mothers, their love, and the connection of the family they were. The comfort of their memories, reminding them that a mother’s love was for always, especially on this day.

A Review of The Elf and the Incubus by Polyxena Onassis

The Elf and the Incubus by Polyxena Onassis A review of a work today in which one of the main characters is an incubus and what comes from agreeing to their needs. Honour matters to each soul and finding honour in unexpected places can make for the most interesting of encounters.

But should the focus simply be sex alone or is there more to be explored when the heat draws to an end is the question sometimes left waiting.

  • Title: The Elf and the Incubus
  • Author: Polyxena Onassis
  • Published By: Amazon Digital Services
  • Length: 20 Pages
  • Format: eBook
  • ASIN: B093CB76VM
  • Publishing Date: April 22, 2021
  • This work in Kindle Format at Amazon.com

The work tells of:

After a routine, bloody incident patrolling the borders of her elven home, Evonne is desperate to wash away the grime and tension of her martial duties. When she’s in a river, disarmed and exposed, a hungry incubus presents her with a challenge her weapons and training can’t prepare her for.
Tempted by the demon’s charm, she battles against her own desire—if she gives in, will she come to regret her decision?

Evonne is an elven ranger on a mission. But a moment’s loss of concentration brings her into the presence of the incubus Hanan. Trapped with no other choice but to accept a pact with him, the pleasures may overwhelm her senses, but the price paid may well be worth the risk.

The story begins with a sense of adventure and Evonne is enthralling from the start. She’s a strong character, and there’s a clear purpose to her actions as the work unfolds. It’s when the story introduces Hanan that things turn sideways overall. He is an incubus, and from the moment he appears, there’s a feeling that he’s using a bit of mind control on her. It’s subtle, which I liked, and it doesn’t overwhelm events between the two characters. Once the deal is made, the story turns into a wonderfully hot piece of erotica. Several passages are exceptionally well told overall. There are a few points where Hanan’s nature takes the story in directions that feel forced and considering his promise at the beginning that seemed a bit out of place.

This isn’t a love story by any means, the point is for Hanan to get what he needs and for Evonne to get what she needs. But in spite of this, there’s some connections that might have been good to explore. The ending leaves me wanting in a lot of ways. Yes there is a clear direction for the story to go in, but does it really have to go there? Evonne might decide on something else, Hanan isn’t, mostly, a typical incubus after all. Still, what if there’s a need from both of them beyond simple attraction?

That thought interests me because it leads to the possibility of further encounters or adventures. Perhaps not together all of the time, but wouldn’t it be interesting for Hanan to need Evonne to the point of making her a succubus or offering that to her? There are a lot of possibilities to explore.

Still, the story focused too much on the sex overall and that left a lot of story and character development untouched. It needs to be.

Four out of five pitchforks.

A lovely mix of erotica and adventure overall, but missing something between the characters beside their sexual needs. I’d like to see more of them, see where this encounter leads to. There might not be anything more, but the ending offers something to consider and it should be.