Aug 27 2017

A Review of MythU – Episode 1: Come Inside! by Cunning Kimm

MythU - Episode 1: Come Inside! by Cunning Kimm

MythU – Episode 1: Come Inside! by Cunning Kimm

Sometimes you come across a story that makes you raise an eyebrow. There’s something about it that seems familiar, it reminds you about something. Now, that’s not to say something specific, just that there’s something about the story that makes me ponder things a bit. For those that know, perhaps there’s a bit of a place called Mtech in a story I’ll be reviewing today.

In telling a story there needs to be a few things made clear. One of the critical ones is how the main character knows certain things, or comes to accept them. It’s a bit confusing when they just “get it” from the start and the story presses onwards. Telling a story means, much of the time, explaining why things are and how they came to be. Missing out on that can be a little concerning when the work begins the telling of a series.

The work tells of:

What would you do if you received a scholarship to a college that doesn’t exist, where the students and staff are all creatures from myth and folklore? If you’re the only human? If these same creatures want you, want to do things to you that you’ve only dreamed of? From the moment she steps off the bus and into the mist, Lisa Swallow must answer these questions for herself as beings beyond belief keep trying to get into her pants, or more accurately under her skirt. Or is she trying to get into theirs? Welcomed by a succubus, Lisa jumps head first onto a rollercoaster of sexual awakening where her every hidden fantasy—and even some she’s never considered—is fulfilled.

Monsters, and faeries, and Gods… Oh, my! Welcome to MythU.

Lisa receives an invitation to attend MythU and upon her arrival discovers there are succubi and other mythological beings all around her. But there’s little time for wonder when being the only human on campus means that she’s the centre of attraction to all around her.

The work is a cute story that almost entirely centres on Lisa being placed into all sorts of different sexual encounters with different beings, the first of which happens to be a succubus called Priscilla. There’s not a lot of time spent on building up a lot of back story or taking the time to expand on the characters much further than some basic information before the erotica takes over the story and all else is pushed to the side.

Priscilla herself, as an aside, is the student representative of MythU and she’s a delightfully forthright and to the point succubus. Her personality is wonderful, there’s a real mischievous nature to her and I think that really worked well. While the erotic moments between Lisa and Priscilla had lovely heat and a little bit of succubus temptation mixed into the telling, there’s really not much told about who she is, where she came from, or anything really specific. Lisa’s sexual needs, driven by Priscilla being with her, drown just about everything else out. Even when the encounter ends, or seems to, there’s no rest for Lisa and she’s drawn into further sexual adventures.

One might expect there’s a fish out of water theme with Lisa, but there really isn’t. She might be completely inexperienced sexually, but there’s a neat little advantage she has that made me smile and makes things far more interesting than they otherwise might have been. But that does ask a question about why Lisa is there, why is it that she’s wanted by so many and how it is that she came to be at MythU. Those questions aren’t explored, which is a shame, but there’s something a little more confusing as well.

Lisa seems to be completely at ease with encountering Priscilla and everyone else there. It’s not explained how she doesn’t seem shocked or confused about what happens, more so, how it is that Lisa just knows that Priscilla is a succubus without being told about it. There’s a hint of why that’s explained, again which has a lot to do with her sexual knowledge with having no experience, but it’s not well told.

Overall, the work gives little in the way of setting up the story and series before rushing to the erotica. It’s a bit of a shame as I think everything that happened in this first work could have been split across two or three books allowing for more time spent in setting up the universe, explaining how things are and why. For me, it’s the common problem I have in that erotica alone isn’t telling a real story. Here, that’s a real problem as the universe really needs to be explored more, the setting laid out, the characters given more than to tell their name and then be entwined with Lisa.

The one problem that needs to be dealt with, overall, comes to just why Lisa is so attractive to everyone at MythU, why she was asked to come there and most of all, there needs to be some kind of telling of how things came to be and why. I love the characters, Lisa especially just for how accepting she is of everyone and everything around her.

In the same way, I dearly love Priscilla and I really hope there’s going to be more told about her than the thin bits of detail that has been given so far. Still, the story isn’t about Priscilla, it’s about Lisa and with so many questions left unanswered, the series has a lot of story to tell. I really hope that it is told and I hope, in its own way.

Three and a half out of five pitchforks.

I think there’s a good series to come from this work, if there’s some time spent in telling more story than erotica going forwards. Some that know me will understand when I say there’s a bit of an Mtech feel to this work. It is its own world of course with its own rules and characters of course. Hopefully that will be told and make this more than just how many different ways that Lisa can be seduced, or be the seductress.



Aug 26 2017

A talented Cosplayer Succubus YouTube

Cosplayers are some of the most talented people that I know of. Being able to take an idea, translate that into costume, and then bring that concept fully into reality is an amazing thing. The YouTube that I found has the most awful music, so muting it really is the best option. But the cosplay as a succubus is really very good…



If you can’t see the video here on the Tale, please try this link.

As always, in case YouTube deletes the video, here’s a screenshot of the cosplayer as a succubus:


Succubus Cosplay CAM Channel

Succubus Cosplay CAM Channel


This isn’t the only cosplayer in the video, there are several, but this one I really quite liked the most overall. I especially like her choice of boots and I think she’s cosplaying as a kind of Warcraft succubus overall, that whip being a rather large clue to that.

Just something to ponder and marvel over for me…



Aug 25 2017

A Review of The Inheritance by Gideon Rathbone

The Inheritance by Gideon Rathbone

The Inheritance by Gideon Rathbone

The thing about stories that are very short is that there’s never enough time to really explore the characters as much as they need to be. History is passed over, explanations are muted and overall there just seems to be something missing along the way that can’t be ignored.

The main character’s past matters. Who they are, the choices they made and the company they keep all matter in the telling of a story. Not allowing time for that to be told leaves something to be desired and no amount of heat in the erotica can overcome what’s missing. It’s not enough to say a character is a warlock or incubus or vampire. There’s more to them than that and teasing their traits just doesn’t work for me.

The work tells of:

Young warlock, Sean Abernathy returns to his small hometown after his mother’s death to find his family in disarray. His arrogant, self-entitled cousin, Ryan, believes himself to be the new heir to their family’s coven. Both Sean and his incubus and vampire lovers must figure out whether his cousin’s claims are true.

Sean returns home to his coven when he learns of his mother’s passing. But there are troubles within the family and it falls to Sean and his lovers to try and hold things together and seek the truth. Wherever it leads to.

The work is a very short piece in which quite a lot actually goes on. There’s a mystery to solve, relationships to explore, pasts to reflect on and, eventually, there’s a bit of erotica to spice things up when the story comes to a close. The problem is however, that the story is so short as to not allow for much in the way of depth in the characters, expansion of the plot or telling of the past and what it all means to the characters involved.

There is an incubus in this work, named Linus, who is a supporting character. There’s little hints about his personality, what drives him, his sexual needs as an incubus and how that relates to Sean, the main character and his vampire lover Joel. But there’s no explanation as to how Linus met Sean, or how they connected with Joel. He’s there in the work, but not really as an incubus so much as eye-candy much of the time.

This then reflects a problem with this work. There’s no history, save a short note here and there, when all of the characters seem to have complex stories to tell. There’s something that’s just missing in this work when something is mentioned in passing and that little note is far more interesting than what’s actually happening in the scene. At times it almost seemed like the work was, in its way, an online of a larger story, or in some way pieces of that story were strung together to create this work.

That’s a problem because I wanted to know more about all of the characters and how things came to where they are. The work glosses over many points, leaves revelations as passing notes and seemingly just skips over some important issues on the way towards the climax of the work and the conclusion.

There is a good story here and I wish the author had used some flashbacks to tell more of the main character’s story at least. As well, the erotica needs more heat than there is. It’s rushed, having little emotion at times and compared to the balance of the work that was disappointing. The author really needs to take the time to revisit things, expand on what’s here and create the story that’s lurking at the edges. I could see this being made into a series telling of Sean’s life to this point and then what comes next.

That’s interesting to me and I’d like to see that. There’s too much story here left untold and it really should be. The characters have a lot of promise, but trying to tell their stories in such a short work just doesn’t quite work as it needs to.

Two and a half out of five pitchforks.

Linus isn’t the focus of this work and he shouldn’t be. That said however what’s missing here is the background, the history and the telling of the past which matters dearly in the present to all of the characters. The work feels, in a way, like its meant to be part of a larger story and I think that story should be told by this author. There’s so much past to be told about Sean, his family, how he came to meet Linus and Joel. The dangling plot lines really do need to be explored in all honesty.

Perhaps there will be more made of this work, I think there should be.



Aug 25 2017

A Review of Hell’s Gate by Carl East

Hell's Gate by Carl East

Hell’s Gate by Carl East

I’ve reviewed many succubus themed works by the author Carl East from time to time on the Tale. Some of them I’ve really enjoyed, the succubus characters have been interesting, the stories unique. From time to time however a story appears that I can’t quite find my way into, succubus characters or not.

Perhaps it is how the story seems to go all over the place without having much in the way of focus. Other times it’s the ending that just seems odd, wrong or feels like it’s just not working as a whole. Whatever the reason, occasionally there’s just something that is lacking in a story and being so it’s difficult to enjoy the work for all that bothers me about it.

The work tells of:

Courtney’s sexual appetite awakens as she uses her skills as a psychic to cleanse an old house. Her abilities and private parts are stretched to the limit when a demon uses her body to satisfy its lust. His cohorts along with her colleagues and friends join the party and that’s when all Hell breaks loose.

The mystery of a haunted house calls to a group of investigators to seek out the truth, but in doing so they open something that never should have been disturbed. Now the price to be paid will be by them all, and none will be the same again.

The work was originally published in 2010 and recently reissued. The story doesn’t really have a focus much of the time, turning from one thought to the next, causing events to be replayed and altered when past events seem to run the main characters into a corner or events transpire which serve to cause some issues with the main story. There’s a mixture of horror, some possession aspects and a mystery to solve as well. But the problem is that there’s no clear storyline for much of the work.

Characters enter the fray, they are drawn into some horror laden events and along the way there’s some erotic moments that just didn’t have much in the way of heat because of what happens along the way much of the time. That said, there is a succubus in this work, who has a very odd storyline that takes up quite a lot of the latter part of the plot to be resolved. Sarah’s succubus nature isn’t quite as might be expected, there’s a bit of futa involved among other tropes, but as a character she’s interesting. But there’s not a lot of detail about her that isn’t structured about her sexual needs. There is another unnamed succubus that appears as well, and while she is quite stereotypical, it’s a shame really because there’s hints of she being something more, but it doesn’t really amount to much.

Much of the plot focuses upon the evil that is released and what it does to the group on an almost constant basis. As such, there is page after page of various evil-themed sexual encounters and transformations to the characters which becomes a bit repetitive before too long. Sadly, this causes much of the storyline to stall at times which seems to happen too often and to get out of the pause the same method is used, over and over again which confuses things further.

Perhaps the most disappointing moment comes with the ending which I felt was rushed, didn’t have much in the way of being unique either. It doesn’t quite fit with all else that happened and even so, while it makes some sense, it’s just so unsatisfying in its nature that whatever I liked about the work overall was dampened.

The work could use an editing to slow down the storytelling, to make the dialogue more readable and realistic as well. Certainly the ending needs a bit of a rewrite as well. Most of all, the work needs more structure and more focus at its core both in plot, but also the characters themselves. I just expected more, and I was just disappointed. I really wish I wasn’t.

Two and a half out of five pitchforks.

The work just seemed lost from the beginning, not having a focus, the characters were all over the place in their tone and actions. I found the work was rushing from moment to moment, event to event and never really managed to get far enough away from the erotica to build upon the core story well. It’s a shame because at times there were moments that worked, but then the story just took an odd turn and lost me along the way.



Aug 24 2017

Succubi Image of the Week 501

From time to time I come across some delightful 3D rendered images of succubi. The one thing that I’ve noticed is that there really doesn’t seem to be a good set of horns that doesn’t look out of place on a succubus. It always seems like the horns are made for an incubus character instead. However, for this week’s succubi image, a rendering that’s sexy, looks right and has a little touch of the mischievous I do adore…

~Magic~ by VaeTenebris

~Magic~ by VaeTenebris


This work is called Magic and is by an artist on DeviantArt called VaeTenebris. You can find the original page on DeviantArt with this work here and this artist’s page can be found here as well.

Overall, I love her look, the stockings especially. Her outfit is sexy, her form is wonderful in so many ways. I don’t think much of her horns however, they seem a bit much, all things considered with her look otherwise.

A lovely rendering, and that outfit of hers is something for me to ponder a bit I think…



Aug 23 2017

Lose the cape and this might be starting to be Deluxe

Deluxe Devil CostumeLittle Red Riding Succubus isn’t a thing. Why exactly a devil costume needs a cape is a real question. As well, a better question is why horns have to be attached to a cape in the first place?

This is called the Deluxe Devil Costume and it comes with the cape, the dress, which has an attached tail. The fishnets and shoes the model is wearing are not included and it sells for $32 US.

I really do not like the cape or the horns and the tail is really sad looking. I kind of like the dress itself though, but that’s not saving very much I know.

Still, it is a cute dress and it has some possibilities, though it sits on the edge of being tacky. It might be a place to start with a costume, certainly with better horns at least.

Two and a half out of five pitchforks.

It’s something, but it isn’t deluxe.



Aug 22 2017

A Review of Damned In Glam: Metal Magic by Brian Barr

Damned In Glam: Metal Magic by Brian Barr

Damned In Glam: Metal Magic by Brian Barr

Having a succubus appear in a story isn’t quite enough. She can be evil and do evil things, but if she’s not much more than that, really anything could take her place. The reason why she’s there, who she’s ensnared matters. She might not be the focus of the story, but she should have some kind of presence beyond a whisper.

Knowing her name and a bit about her past is a start, but then when the story takes a turn and she becomes so very present in the story, wouldn’t it be nice to know more of the backstory than some gloating and evil giggling?

The work tells the story of:

In this final installment of the Metal Magic series, a glam rock musician assumes a demonic identity for his stage shows, which leads to dire results.

The book summary is really far too short and tells not nearly as much as it should. I think something better might be: Evil can be seductive and beautiful, seeking those that wish for greatness and are willing to pay the price. But sometimes that price is more than just one soul, one song or one moment. Sometimes it can be something truly evil.

The story is told from the main character’s perspective for the most part and being so it’s more reflections of their past and what brought them to the moment they find themselves in. This works quite well, but at the same time, there’s really not that much in the way of character development for those he encounters, especially the succubus of this story, Celeste.

Celeste is on the edge of being stereotypical as a succubus, but there’s really not enough seen of her to define her character really well. Her appearances are fleeting, she’s more of a whisper, an idea much of the time until the climax of the work comes to pass and she finally appears out of thin air. It’s a shame really because there’s some hints of her story told, even if that’s barely so. It’s those hints that I really would have liked to know more about. She speaks of Lilith, about others summoning her, and those stories I think are every bit as interesting as this one is.

But this work isn’t about Celeste herself, it’s about the main character falling into the horrors he creates, the things he does for Celeste’s will. There’s a fair bit of horror, but it isn’t so much detailed as it is mentioned in passing now and again. There’s a fair level of mental anguish and pain told, the main character battles against himself and what he’s been entrapped with.

The ending is a little too fast, there’s no real closure for the sake of the horror aspects which come into play. Similarly the epilogue feels a little lost, almost an afterthought for the sake of putting a little plot twist into things. It does lead towards another story about Celeste, without question, should there be a will for the author to do so however.

Overall the work could do with another editing to clean up some of the dialogue, to expand on Celeste and what she’s after more perhaps. Certainly I think more time spent with the main character in the clutches of Celeste would be nice to add some depth to her character and explain more about why the main character took the path he did.

Three out of five pitchforks.

There’s not nearly enough of Celeste being present in the work and that’s a bit of a problem. The horror is a little over the top, the characters have depth and a past, but given that Celeste is so important, she needed to be more involved.

Perhaps there’s a story to be told in her alone, the ones she’s tempted and taken over the years. I think that might be the story to tell in the wake of all that happens here.