Dec 20 2017

This isn’t that much of a Lady Devil honestly as a costume…

Lady Devil CostumeI think that style is important in costume design. It takes very little to ruin a costume or make it be outstanding. Sometimes that can be as little as a poor hem, an odd cut of a dress that takes away from what otherwise could be something amazing.

This is called the Lady Devil Costume and it comes with the dress and the horns. Stockings, pitchfork and shoes are not included and it sells for $45 US.

I actually like the off-the-shoulder look, I love the rose pattern as well. But the hemline looks like trash and otherwise ruins was could have been something really lovely.

The horns are far too small, almost like an afterthought, or some stock being cleared out. Either way I don’t care for them at all. As a whole ensemble, this really doesn’t work for me and that is a real shame.

That rose pattern is so very appealing and I think if this was a low cut dress to show off some cleavage, and a flowing train, I think that would have been delightful. But this is bordering on being trashy, especially with the stockings, shoes and pitchfork this model has.

Boreline sexy, but the trashy takes that all away. But the roses… That’s something for me to ponder…

One pitchfork out of five.

There is better, but there’s also an idea to play with I think…



Dec 19 2017

A Review of Summoning the Incubus by Ciara Bane

Summoning the Incubus by Ciara Bane

Summoning the Incubus by Ciara Bane

A story that has incubus in the title, would tend to make one think that the incubus would be a central part of the story. That seems logical, it gives reason for the title and a certain expectation for the story itself. What happens, really too often, is that the incubus is an afterthought to much else, being on the edge of the story and used rather thinly.

Erotica alone does not a good story make, this is a view I have had many times before and it’s still something I find myself stressing. There needs to be heat, there needs to be character, but most of all, without a cohesive story to make things work, to explain why things are and to tell of the characters themselves, there’s a huge part missing. It really need not be.

  • Title: Summoning the Incubus
  • Author: Ciara Bane
  • Published By: Amazon Digital Services
  • Length: 47 Pages
  • Format: eBook
  • ASIN: B077XVLR8B
  • Publishing Date: December 4, 2017
  • This work in Kindle Format at

The work tells of:

Max and his friend-with-benefits, Owen, are just hanging out when Owen invites Max to the party. A party with a bunch of other guys, all ready for anything. It turns out to be more than Max ever expected and he’s used in so many different ways but still left wanting more. Unfortunately for Max, it seems that the other partygoers have an ulterior motive in inviting him in. But the sexy incubus is more interested in Max than his revenge—but will Max let the demon claim mastery over him?

Max finds himself in a situation that he never expected, but dearly enjoys. While his friend might not have told him everything, there’s someone else who knows exactly what’s going on and what they desire. That desire is Max and soon enough he’ll discover that desire matches his own.

The work is, overall, mainly focused on male/male erotica and tends to leave story aside for the most part. The heat is good as a whole, but that seems to be all that the story cares about. At many points there’s story to be told, but the erotica rushes past things, pressing onto the next way that Max finds himself used. It’s that rush, the blurring of the couplings which takes away quite a lot from the story overall.

The summary tells of an Incubus appearing, being it seems a central part of the work, but that’s a bit misleading. Malachi, the incubus of the work, doesn’t actually appear until well past three quarters of the story has been told, which leaves little time to actually tell much about him beyond his physical form, how Max reacts to him, and then the story falls away for more erotica to take things over.

The work really isn’t about Malachi so much as it is about Max being used sexually in all sorts of different ways. Malachi could have been just a Dom and the story really wouldn’t have been all that different in how things turned out and what happened overall.

It’s the aspect of Malachi, of what’s happened to Max that interests me, but save for a few short words to offer a hint of that, the work sets that aside. There’s far more erotica than story and to me that leaves a lot to be desired. There’s an interesting plot thread left dangling at the end of the work which, to me, makes for what would be a good follow up to this work. Max’s story, where it goes from here, does interest me. What doesn’t is a story that’s mainly Max telling of the sex, being immersed in it, and leaving so much untold behind.

The work could use some editing to tell more of a story past the erotica, add more heat to Malachi and Max’s encounter as well. Further, there really needs to be more told about Malachi, how he came to be where he is and what he desires from Max as well. The mystery here isn’t the sex, it’s what comes after the story ends. It’s a lost opportunity to make this story more than the erotica is it and into something far more interesting given the chance to do so.

Two and a half out of five pitchforks.

Somewhat disappointing in that the story is the erotica and more so that this isn’t so much an incubus story than one about M/m domination as a whole. It’s a start, there’s a story to be told, but it’s drowned in the sex which is the real shame.



Dec 18 2017

Might Be By TeraS

A short little tale on the Tale today … It is winter, of course, and the first snows came recently. It seems that I have a tendency to write stories about the coming of winter often, for whatever reason there …


Might Be
By TeraS


One of the constants in the universe is that the red-tailed Queen of the Realm has a tendency to mull. There have been many discussions over this point, some of which, in the more academically inclined parts of the Realm, have led to essays and papers. They attempt to describe the means of her mulling, to put it into some sort of perspective, if not to make some sense of it all. But, this is Tera, and there might be some issues with trying to succinctly summarize her ways and means.

That does not mean, however, that there aren’t attempts to do so. In almost every case, a request is passed from the halls of learning across to the halls of bureaucracy, asking if, by chance, someone might be allowed to shadow the Queen for a day, to see what might be encountered. Such requests express the hope that there might be an answer to be found in observing Tera at close range.

Much of the time, these little slips of paper or e-mailed requests are sent by learned professors, various masters or mistresses of this discipline or that one. They tend to be sent by those looking to make a name for themselves, possibly to write a paper, book, or Goddess knows what. This, of course, brings no end of bemusement to the Queen, and she does try to accommodate them all. However, sometimes, just sometimes, there comes a request which Tera puts to the top of the pile.

On this winter morning, as the sun made the blowing snow shimmer, a young purple-tail found herself curled up on Tera’s couch by the fireplace. Cora never expected her note, written—as her friends had teased her in her chicken scratching, would have been answered, let alone read or understood. Finding herself face-to-face with Tera was a thrill by itself, really everything she wanted.

Well, save for being woken up at three in the morning.

There are limits, after all, to meeting one’s idol.

As she laid on the couch, a blanket draped over her, Cora watched a scene play out in front of her eyes. It wasn’t the fireplace, logs snapping, and little bits of flame caressing the logs within that held her attention. Nor was it the room itself: a cozy little den, wood-paneled walls, with throw rugs upon a cherry wood floor that whispered of the things they had seen. What held her attention was the ebon-haired red-tail curled up on the leather recliner just across the way. There were, as Cora well knew, many aspects of Tera to behold: the seductress, the monarch, the librarian, the teacher, and more. Her aspects seemed unending in the same way that her personality offered her to any that wished to find her. But this Tera, the one wearing a fuzzy red oversized sweater and nothing more, was the one that Cora would say was the one that she might be most attracted to.

There weren’t any words spoken as a mug of some lucky beverage found its way to Tera’s red lips, passing over them into the abyss of wonder that dwelled within her. A fingertip tracing its way over the rim as so-green eyes focused on the fireplace seemed to hold back time, allowing Cora to hold that image in her memories. The mug was put to the side, her eyes widening as she watched Tera pick up her note—there was no mistaking it was Cora’s; the pink pen upon the purple pages was unmistakable. She didn’t need to see her own messy handwriting up close to know what it said.

Tera’s eyes drifted from the fire to the page before turning their focus to Cora, who gripped the pillow beside her a little tighter. Again, nothing was said, a tapping of one slim finger, tipped with a red nail upon just-as-red lips, betraying the monarch of the Realm’s careful consideration.

Cora realized that her host was mulling something over and that something, clearly, was the redheaded purple-tail herself. Wetting her lips, she wanted to ask a question, to wonder what might be in Tera’s thoughts at that moment.

Returning her eyes to the letter, Tera said nothing, her thoughts unexpressed save for the slightest appearance of a certain bemused expression upon her lovely red lips.

The silence was disturbed by the morning winds brushing the snows against the window, heat from within fogging the glass and obscuring the sight beyond. A lock of Cora’s burgundy hair tickled her nose and drew her attention away from Tera for but a moment. Upon returning her gaze to the red-tailed mystery, Cora was surprised to find Tera had moved from her chair, also known as her throne, and was now resting on the far side of the couch with her. More so was the surprise of a red tail twining itself with a purple one, sending little shivers of delight through Cora’s body making her squirm. A particular caress of her tail brought a gasp of surprise and—again, for but a moment—the averting of her eyes away from the ebon-haired tease that was toying with her, not that Cora minded in the slightest.

Returning her eyes back to what held her attention, Cora felt the warmth beneath the blanket more than before, an itch from a certain fuzzy red sweater against her skin as so-red lips found their way to kissing upon a bared nape. The scent of cherries mixing with the fragrance of apples made her smile in contentment. Fingers teased at the hem of her white wool sweater—three sizes too large but just enough to tempt and tease in her own way.

As her Queen’s fingers explored, Cora’s eyes fell upon the letter, resting upon the armrest of the chair across the way. It was a wish, a hope, for a bit of bliss in the midst of winter, in the days when wishes are said to come true.

That might be, all things considered, the best gift to focus the Queen’s musings on a wintery morning.

Dec 17 2017

A Review of Professor Black: An Erotic Mystery Novel by D.G. Collins

Professor Black: An Erotic Mystery Novel by D.G. Collins

Professor Black: An Erotic Mystery Novel by D.G. Collins

There’s a certain talent in telling a mystery which, when done well, is a mixture of temptation, need and desire. Mixing a succubus into a mystery adds heat, and can make things more complicated as well. That’s not a bad thing, many times it’s an important piece to the puzzle.

Where the issue comes, many times, is building up the mystery, telling the story and setting expectations which, when the other shoe drops, doesn’t quite work. A rush to the last word written is never the best way to tie up the mystery and reveal the truth. Truth tells it’s story in it’s own time and pressing on it to hurry is never going to work well.

  • Title: Professor Black: An Erotic Mystery Novel
  • Author: D.G. Collins
  • Published By: Amazon Digital Services
  • Length: 75 Pages
  • Format: eBook
  • Publishing Date: December 16, 2017
  • This work in Kindle Format at

The work tells of:

How far can your uncontrollable lust consume you?

Damien Fowler: Some say she’s a vampire, others say she’s a witch. But I don’t mind a little danger… No matter how many times they tell me that I should stay away from the young professor, my cock just grows harder with all the warnings.

Natasha Black: They say I’m some kind of a supernatural being, and I just chuckle it out. But there’s this one student, Damien, who defies every warning against me. He’s a very, very attractive man; the kind of man women will spread their legs for in just a wink of him. He seems very eager to do everything to seduce me, totally disregarding the fact that he is actually putting his life at risk…

Damien is singularly focused on the new professor that he can’t get out of his mind. He’s had any women he’s encountered before, but they pale to how much he needs Natasha. It’s a game of cat and mouse, but Damien can’t see that he’s the mouse and Natasha is a very dangerous cat.

The work is a rather involved mystery which tells the story of Damien seeking out Natasha and, over time, having his own fantasies about her turned back upon him. There’s good heat in the story telling and the erotica is well balanced against the mystery as well. The building up of Natasha’s secret isn’t really explored over the majority of the work, being at the edges instead.

The narrative is completely from Damien’s perspective and as such there’s a certain crassness, a self-assured attitude which makes liking him as a character difficult. Natasha herself is a mystery, mainly it is her open sexuality which is focused upon. This is a shame really because there’s so dearly little told about Natasha which leaves a gaping plot hole that’s never explored.

Natasha is, without question, a succubus, but that aspect of her character never comes into play until the very last chapter of the work. There’s some evidence that she’s very stereotypical in that, but the amount of time spent with Natasha in her succubus form is so fleeting as to be almost an afterthought and that really was a shame. The split between her human guise and her real self is glossed over, barely told and it seemed like there could have been a lot more made of that.

Being that this is a mystery and the reveal is supposed to be a surprise, it’s understandable how things turned out. Nonetheless, the heat was missing something, there was so dearly little of a succubus in this work that Natasha could have been revealed to be a murderer and the ending would have felt the same.

The work does need some more editing, there’s oddities in the dialogue at times which reads oddly. There’s a lack of emotion at many points where there should be as well. Perhaps the largest issue is a shifting of tense which happens almost constantly throughout. But it is the conclusion, where the truth is revealed which needs more. It’s far too short, too clipped and the interaction between Natasha and Damien reads as something akin to a porn movie in a rush to get some dialogue out to justify what happens next just before the story gives way to the sex.

Three out of five pitchforks.

The mystery is quite good, the erotica has heat, but as a story about a succubus, there’s quite a lot to be desired. The work also could use another editing pass to bring some needed life to the dialogue and clean up some tense issues that keep cropping up which take something from the story as a whole.

That said, the ending leaves quite a lot of questions, and perhaps that story needs to be told as well. I can take an educated guess at what happens next, it’s fairly obvious, but nonetheless, there’s a story to tell there.



Dec 16 2017

A delightful Morrigan Aensland Cosplayer YouTube

One last Morrigan Aensland Cosplay YouTube for this week and it is really my favourite of the year by far in a lot of ways. The look is right, the personality is there. All of the little details that need to be seen when acting as Morrigan have been taken care of and in the best way possible. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that this cosplayer, Stephanie Michelle, has the cleavage as well.

I just wish they would have picked better music honestly…


If you cannot see this video here on the Tale, please try this link.

I doubt that this cosplay video will disappear, but just in case, here is an image of Stephanie as Morrigan…

Stephanie Michelle Morrigan Aensland Cosplay

Stephanie Michelle Morrigan Aensland Cosplay

The thing about this cosplay that I find myself looking at over and over again, are Stephanie’s lovely black fingernails. I think they are just the right addition to complete her overall look. The hair is perfect, the costume is delicious, but then I love latex anyway. Her poses, expressions, the come hither look in Stephanie’s eyes just make this work really well.

There are very few that can really bring out Morrigan’s look and do so very well. Stephanie is one of these and delightfully so…



Dec 15 2017

A Review of An Incubus’ Mate: Extended Edition by Daniella Whitehorse

An Incubus' Mate: Extended Edition by Daniella Whitehorse

An Incubus’ Mate: Extended Edition by Daniella Whitehorse

The thing about telling a story is that just telling the story ins’t enough. Given that all of the characters have a past, it’s generally a good thing to explore that past. If there is a minor character that has a major impact, their story should be more than just appearing for a split second before vanishing.

Beyond that, a story in which the dialogue reads as missing something, almost emotionally devoid is a larger issue when there needs to be a connection between the main characters. Mystery is one thing, but there comes a point where to tell the story the veil needs to be lifted.

  • Title: An Incubus’ Mate: Extended Edition
  • Author: Daniella Whitehorse
  • Published By: Amazon Digital Services
  • Length: 99 Pages
  • Format: eBook
  • ASIN: B0779M9SK6
  • Publishing Date: December 13, 2017
  • This work in Kindle Format at

The work tells of:

Gawain Merrick, a Welsh Incubus, was told to go to England as his Incubus was drawing too much attention. His Father knew he was close to meeting his Mate. He went to work in London, in his family business, but something happened on his first day there. He met his Mate but there was something different about her, something he could not put his finger on. Will he allow his Incubus to Mate with the woman?

Opal Victory, a woman who worked at the company for some months, had much male attention but was not interested in them. She was a seer, and she had seen her lover in her dreams but none there were him. That is until a man comes in and she knows he is meant to be hers. Will she understand who he is or will she run a mile at his appetite?

Opal has been haunted by a man she doesn’t know, but needs. Gawain’s felt a presence nearby, but being an incubus, he cannot find the one to make him whole. When they meet and the spark comes, can either find the way to making things right for themselves and so many others?

The work tells a rather complicated story in that there are a multitude of plots and stories about each character to tell. While I enjoyed that aspect, there are a lot of questions about many characters that don’t really get explored as much as they might have been. One of these being Gawain’s sister, who I feel really needed more exploration than was given to her.

The idea of the story is interesting, there’s a world to explore and tell about, but then comes a series of oddities in the writing that brought me up short. The storytelling itself doesn’t quite read well as a whole. There are a number of spelling and tense issues throughout, the dialogue at times is lifeless and it shouldn’t be.

In the heat of passion, of desire, there should be more than a blunt demand from one character to another. Similarly, there’s a coldness in all of the characters that comes out in the dialogue that took away any real heat. The erotica seems to be missing heat, being somewhat sterile at times in how things are described.

The story is told in a staccato tone, the sentence structure is short and doesn’t really allow time for the story to expand upon itself. Another editing pass, at least, would have been nice to breath some life into the dialogue most of all.

The incubi characters, mainly Gawain and his brothers, have aspects that I really liked, but the coldness that seemed to be following them around just didn’t make them attractive to me. As for Opal, her emotional aspects seemed as muted much of the time, almost like a blanket smothering her personality. There’s a piece missing in their character, and it seems to me that the storytelling didn’t allow for the heat or passion to be more than it was.

The work needs some more editing to clean up a lot of things, to bring more life to the story. There’s just something missing throughout and it’s a shame honestly. I’d have loved to know more about the past, how things came to be. It would have been nice for there to be real communication between all of the characters not just in what’s said, but more so emotionally.

Two and a half out of five pitchforks.

I feel like this work didn’t quite tell the story it wanted to, perhaps much of that coming from so many plots and characters passing in and out of the storyline. It might have worked better being split into two parts and spending more time getting into the story beyond what’s given here.



Dec 14 2017

Succubi Image of the Week 517

The thing that I look for first, when I browse for images of Morrigan Aensland, is the smile. It needs to be a certain way, it must be, of course, a reflection of her personality. A little bit of a tease, a smattering of seduction and, most importantly, an expression of her will and power. This week on the Tale, an image of Morrigan which has the smile, but also has the pose to make the most of that smile…

Morrigan Aensland by Ro-Illustrations

Morrigan Aensland by Ro-Illustrations

This art of Morrigan is by an artist on DeviantArt called Ro-Illustrations. You can find the original page on DeviantArt here and this artist’s page can be found here.

I love Morrigan’s smile here, but also the overall look just fits her well, the art is just such a clean and focused piece I think. Lovely shine in her outfit, her hair looks delightfully right too. There’s not too much detail, but what appears works really well together. I’ve always liked over the shoulder looks for Morrigan and I think this is one of my favourites of the year.

Please do visit this artist’s page on DeviantArt for more!