Jul 15 2016

A Review of Desire for a Demon: A Sinful Lesbian Romance by Arabel Red

Desire for a Demon: A Sinful Lesbian Romance by Arabel Red

Desire for a Demon: A Sinful Lesbian Romance by Arabel Red

Some stories are, at their core, a tease. They offer characters with something to tell, but don’t allow the story to be told. One of the most awful things is the creation of a story in which the connection with the characters happens instantly, but the story doesn’t tell, as the saying goes, all of the story.

Memories are powerful things. For the memory of a love lost, anything can happen. The mystery of that memory, the meaning given, the love gained, lost and cherished can have telling results. Goddess gave the ability to love to all her cherished souls. Be they angels, fallen or succubi, there is such a thing as love. Always.

The work tells the story of:

Asriel is a fallen angel, tasked by the Heaven that abandoned her to save the Earth she despises–and she has less than a day to do it. To make things worse, a powerful succubus interferes, intending to ensnare Asriel in a web of lust and sex. Will Asriel overpower the succubus in time to save the Earth? Or will she give in to her animal desires?

Asriel finds herself doing something she never wanted to: Save the Earth from the coming hordes intent on destroying it. But she finds a succubus named Relsha in the way and the battle is on. Not for the Earth, but for Asriel herself and the single memory that exists for them both.

There are very few short works that connect to me like this one did. Both Asriel and Relsha are strong characters, they both tell amazing stories about themselves in a few short passages before the erotica takes over. Within that, in the fleeting telling of who they are, comes an amazing backstory.

There’s just something about them both which spoke to me, and I think much of that has to do with a certain angel that the Queen of the Realm knows and dearly so. That said, even if that connection wasn’t there, Asriel herself is a strong character, one with flaws, history, attitude. She’s not perfect, not by any means, but regardless of that, there’s a sadness within the strength that plucks at her. It’s what centres who she is, drives her forwards, but is never explained.

The same can be said of Relsha, the succubus of this work. She’s an amazingly delicious succubus, certain in her power, her strength. She is more than just a succubus, there’s power in her. She has a past, one in which there is a memory that haunts her as much as the one that does Asriel. While she is dominant and seductive, she also has a thread of need within her, one that aches.

When they clash, Asriel is well out of her league, and the falling of her to Relsha is hot, the erotica is deeply felt, amazingly written and in the short passages of her fall, there comes a single word, a single memory that changes everything. The aftermath of that instant, the questions left behind, the almost casual ending of the work begs for more of the story to be told, somehow.

But sadly the work is very short and after the building up of the characters, the hint of their world, the fleeting heat of their encounter, there’s no time left to tell the story behind the story. It is, truly, a case of teasing a larger work, and then not continuing on to tell that story.

The writing is amazing, I dearly loved both Asriel and Relsha. There is a small flaw in the editing, a single word that is quite glaring and tripped me up, but it wasn’t devastating. What is comes from how so much is offered in this short story, the gift of both Asriel and Relsha, but that gift is never really unwrapped.

There needs to be a following story to this one, to explain the soul that connects both Asriel and Relsha together. I think the promise in this work doesn’t come through fully. Again, it is a tease. A hot, delicious and wonderful one, but still a tease.

Four out of five pitchforks.

I really wish the author had continued this story further that it is. To tell the story of Asriel and Relsha and what connects them both. To explain why things are as they are. To understand this universe more than just in the fleeting passing given.

There is a story here, one that is teased. I want to see the rest of the story, to know the ‘why’ behind the events told. Leaving a reader aching for the next is good, there’s no question. If the author never delivers on the promise here, it’s a shame.



Jul 15 2016

A Review of Sucked by a Succubus by Eve Renaud

Sucked by a Succubus by Eve Renaud

Sucked by a Succubus by Eve Renaud

I don’t really expect much from stories that are less than ten pages. There won’t be much in the way of story, of characters, really not much of anything save for what amounts to a porn movie scene and not a lot else. That’s not to say it isn’t possible to write a very short story and have something interesting in it.

What becomes a real problem is when the story isn’t one, the main character “sounds” like an idiot, and in the end there’s really nothing told about why things happened as they did… in the fastest way possible.

  • Title: Sucked by a Succubus
  • Author: Eve Renaud
  • Length: 5 Pages
  • IBSN: 9781310396373
  • Publishing Date: December 30, 2015
  • This work at Smashwords.com

It is the story of:

A young man is woken up by a demon with an insatiable desire for cock and the only one who can save him is his stepsister.

Wren tells of an encounter that he doesn’t understand exactly, but he does understand that something weird did, even if his stepsister’s not telling him what.

The work is, as a whole, written like a porn movie scene, told in the main character’s voice, who sounds like he’s bragging to a friend about it, and leaves any kind of story or character development to the side for the sake of getting to the… erotica.

I’m hesitate to call what happens in this work erotica exactly because the telling comes out in a rush, leaving no time to figure out what’s going on exactly. Beyond that, the actual hot flash really isn’t all that hot all things considered. Yes, there is a succubus encounter, but there’s not a word spoken, a reason given or anything. The story goes from bland to full-on succubus snacking in at the drop of a hat and when Wren’s stepsister gets involved things rush onto the climax even faster still.

The succubus is, as a whole, rather stereotypical, seeming only to care about taking Wren in any way possible and as quickly as she can. There’s not a lot of actual succubus mind control as such, though some of the descriptions are sort of interesting. There’s no reason given for her being there, other than the stepsister is a witch, and all that happens with that is in a blur and never explained either.

The ending is abrupt, again the sort of thing one sees in a porn movie when the “action” is done with. There’s no explanation, nothing that Wren talks about. He seems to be completely clueless over the events and really seems to only care that he had sex. Beyond that there’s nothing that he cared about, nothing mattered, and being so, the story ends in a way that just left me cold.

The thing is, there is a story here, if the author would have tried to write that. If some effort had been taken at better writing, better characters, and even telling more of a story around the encounter, I would have liked this more. But that didn’t come, even if the characters did. The idea of the stepsister being a witch, summoning the succubus, and for what reason would be interesting to know. The succubus herself, telling something more about her other than she was one, would be nice. Even making Wren sounding less of a vain idiot would be an improvement.

One pitchfork out of five.

There is a story here, it could be something interesting, but it wasn’t given a chance to happen. This might well make for a porn movie scene, and honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if one was inspired by this, but otherwise there’s nothing here of note. Juvenile sounding characters sort of talking about an encounter with a succubus in a tone that sounds “Valley Guy” doesn’t work.



Jul 14 2016

Succubi Image of the Week 443

There are some character concepts that I find interesting because they are, just slightly, outside of what Succubi are usually expected to be. Not all Succubi are red, or have hooves, or look “evil” overall. Sometimes they look very human, but there is that little aspect of them that tells the tale…

Lilith, Demon Queen of Lust by SomeHornyGuy

Lilith, Demon Queen of Lust by SomeHornyGuy

I found this work originally on Hentai Foundry, and you can find the original page with this art here and this artist’s page on Hentai Foundry can be found here.

Lilith’s expression is what drew my attention first, as it is the most interesting expression. There’s a certain strength of will that I don’t find very often in images of Succubi. She’s not a toy to be played with, she’s a force to be reckoned with and that makes her a much more powerful character.

Her pose, both clothed and not, is interesting because it seems like she prefers to walk with her heels in the air, which might reflect, in a way, an expression of hooves. That’s an interesting thing to wonder about, but it also adds to the feeling that she is a lithe creature, her strengths hidden beneath her form to the unwary.

I love her tail, it fits her really well, and the hint of her having pointed ears, peeking through her lovely hair is rather unique too. Most of all, I do like the outfit she is wearing and the thigh-high boots… A personal favourite of mine.

I would love to see a story about her, to know more about her and perhaps someday that story will be told…



Jul 13 2016

Not the most inspiring of Devil Costume Accessories

Fever Devil KitAnother example today on the Tale of some accessories that one might consider with a costume to make it a bit better than it otherwise would be. The thing is that the name of these accessories really doesn’t seem to fit well for me.

This is called the Fever Devil Kit, and it comes with the horns and the wings the model is wearing here in a rather uninspiring way. The accessory “kit” sells for $24 US.

If nothing else, I suppose that showing the accessories in the most unflattering way possible does allow for someone to know what they are buying, what it looks like, and as a whole, what to expect.

However, it also makes it quite clear that there’s something lacking here. The wings look rather half-finished, the horns are not anything special either.

That’s not to say this couldn’t work with some of the more bland looking costumes that have popped up from time to time on the Tale. It’s just that I don’t believe there’s anything in this for me at least.

I’ll give this one and a half pitchforks out of five.

There are better accessories, I’ve shared them before, and I probably will again…



Jul 12 2016

A Review of Fallen Angel: Book One of the Succubus In Love Trilogy by Becca Lusk

Fallen Angel: Book One of the Succubus In Love Trilogy by Becca Lusk

Fallen Angel: Book One of the Succubus In Love Trilogy by Becca Lusk

Over the past while, I have been reviewing the works in the The Naughty Succubus series by Becca Lusk. The author has released an encompassing work which collects this series into the first work in the Succubus In Love trilogy. You can find my reviews of the individual work in the series  firstly heresecond, and third reviews are here. The fourth, fifth, and sixth can be found here. The seventh, and last part of the series was reviewed here on the Tale as well.

I’ve said many times that story matters. That it isn’t enough to show succubi as being sexy alone, that they are more than what they are. Telling the story of ‘who’ matters. When a particular ‘who’ happens to make me smile, and adore them dearly, that is a wonderful thing. More so when the fullness of the story can be told and told well.

  • Title: Fallen Angel: Book One of the Succubus In Love Trilogy
  • Author: Becca Lusk
  • Length: 161 Pages
  • ASIN: B01I41DX78
  • This work at Amazon.com

The story tells of:

An angel, a succubus, and a human walk into a bar. . .

Nothing Good Can Come Of This.

Trip Taylor is a ravishingly handsome young man. He has a stable job, is nice to animals, and a good friend. But he’s a bit unlucky in love. And by bit, he’s very unlucky in love. Trip just can’t seem to find the right woman. They either seem to get bored of him, don’t even give him the time of day, or are more attracted to his more extroverted friends. That is until Krys shows up – a supernaturally sexy, mysterious succubus from, well, not from this realm. She ends up showing Trip things he didn’t even think he could know about himself.

Has Trip found the love of his life? Has he found his eternal bondmate at last? Why then, after a beautiful encounter, does she get so very mad at him?

Krys is head over heels in love with this human. Trip is gorgeous. Seriously nice muscles. Captivating eyes. He really pushes her buttons. But he just doesn’t remember what she needs him to.

That is, until her friends join in.

Toss in a few Archangels, some Heavenly hosts, several demon swarms, a rather mischievous Queen of Succubi, and some very, very sinister forces and Trip is going to have no choice but to piece an eight thousand year love story together or risk seeing the end of eternity because of him. But will Krys still be willing to take the gamble on the handsome human when it all goes down?

Based on the series, The Naughty Succubus, come take a stroll in this supernatural love story between Good, Evil, and everything in between…

There are some things that Krys knows. She’s in love, she lost that love, and now she’s found him again. But she also knows he doesn’t know her, she needs him to remember. She also knows there’s big trouble all around them and if they don’t find the answers they need, things are going to be more complicated than they are.

The series, now as a single work, is allowed to come fully into its own, to tell the story of Krys, her love, and those around them both. The editing of the series into this work means there are some finer points which are delved into a bit more, some needed corrections made and overall a more solid, strong and captivating tale is brought fully to life.

The humour is lovely, the love is telling. The erotica simply fits the characters, it doesn’t overwhelm the story and works hand in hand to tell who the characters are, but also why they make the choices they do. The story matters here, it’s important and it is told in the best way, that the characters grow in the telling.

With the editing of the series into this single work, there are some points that didn’t quite come out in the series and the editing has helped to make things more clear. Additionally, the author has added a closing chapter to the work, something that really does need to be read and I do hope those that have read the series will read this chapter as it is very important to the work.

The addition of a closing chapter in which Chaos comes to life, telling what is wanted, and tugging another character into the present worked quite well and sets a path to the second series and work to come. Where the series is going is hinted at, telling something of the conflict to come, but also leaving an important question unanswered, which is a neat little tease.

I feel like in this collected work the story has been told in the best way possible. There are still a few minor editing issues, but the work is a far better telling, a fuller representation of the characters. It is a stronger story, a more passionate one. Dearly enjoyed, read with a bemused smile much of the time, and a particular Succubi Queen is her mischievous self.

Whether this universe needs to be concerned, or grateful, that there are two succubi that have a particular flair for that is another question altogether… But it is a fun one to ponder.

Four and a half out of five pitchforks.

The editing of the series into this work has brought out quite a lot overall and I’m quite pleased that the author did take the time to have things edited further. The additional chapter at the end is important, and ties up some threads towards the next book in the series. Many questions unanswered, much to ponder and wonder over. Which, I am quite sure, both Krys and Tera will be. Somehow one with a bemused smile and the other with love in her heart I would think.

A wonderful story, delicious characters and moments. The little moments of joy, the conflict both within and without. It’s lovely when a story offers so much to enjoy and then delivers upon that promise.

Postscript: I need to thank Becca for dedicating this first book in her trilogy to a certain red tail Queen of the Succubi… Sometimes you happen to cross paths with a sister you never knew you had. For that, and more, the thanks are mine sweetling…



Jul 12 2016

A Review of From Hell to Breakfast by Cynthia St. Aubin

From Hell to Breakfast by Cynthia St. Aubin

From Hell to Breakfast by Cynthia St. Aubin

There are those stories that have characters that are amazing in who they are, what they say, and most of all, where they are going. Following that path leads to all kinds of surprises and in doing so that makes things all the more interesting.

Managing to tell a story that moves at break-neck speed and still have the story come out among all of the events, confrontations, and, a lot of the time, wonderfully funny moments is a talent. Having a Succubus as part of that story who is more than she appears, to be, even if that isn’t exactly the most obvious thing, is also a good thing by far.

It is the story of:

Crixus is a supernatural bounty hunter with a broken heart and a loose zipper. Lavinia is a succubus with a smart mouth and a long rap sheet. When her crimes become his problem, they’re in for one hell of a ride.

Crixus has a problem, and her name is Lavinia. She’s a succubus, one that has done some terrible things, and it is up to him to capture her. The problem is, however, that she doesn’t want to be, and she has a bone to pick with Crixus as well. The truth will come out, in time. The question is whether that will be soon enough or not.

The single most amazing part of this work is the humour that runs throughout. There’s a lovely little undercurrent of amusement, a bit of quirkiness that I think worked well to balance out the seriousness of some of the moments that appear. All of the characters, regardless of who they are, have that little bit of humour in the tone of their voice, their attitude and more. It makes for a really enjoyable read as a whole.

Lavinia, the succubus of the work, is a mystery for the most part, but that works well as the story develops towards the climax of the work and the revelations that come with it. While there is a view of her which runs throughout, the truth, when it appears, makes a lot more sense that much of what else had been said. As well, through the story, the connection between Lavinia and Crixus, what it is, what it means, is hinted at, vaguely referred to, but when that comes out it answers a lot of questions, explains a lot more, and sets up an ending that I found very satisfying… to a point.

There is a smattering of erotica in this work, but it doesn’t overpower the story, nor does it become the main focus of the story either. It provides a way for the story to move on, a reason for things to happen as they do, and as such that makes for a far better read. The work is mainly about the characters, their story, and less so about how good the sex is with them. Being so, having that focus, means that the emotional connection with them is much stronger as well.

The work is written well, the characters are amazing, and I loved each page dearly for the humour and how things came to pass. The balance between story and erotica worked well, and there was even a little hint of Lavinia’s succubus abilities, both sexually and otherwise, that I loved as well.

The only real flaw, at least for me, was how little time was spent when the revelation of what connects Lavinia and Crixus together. I would have liked more about that, time spent in exploring that point before the story came to a close. The ending felt a bit rushed, a little rote in a way, and while it made sense from the perspective of the characters, the evidence of the reason prior to that moment in the work wasn’t really there.

I’d love to see another story about Lavinia, her past, and her future. She’s not stereotypical at all and being so that makes her a passionate, powerful and interesting Succubus. One that I would like to know more about sometime.

Four out of five pitchforks.

A wonderfully funny and thoughtful work which tells really what is an unexpected story from the beginning to end. I liked Lavinia quite a lot, I just wish there was more of who she was and not so much of what she is. There’s a critical difference and it would have been nice to see that more fully in the story than it was seen.



Jul 11 2016

Lesson Plans Part Two By TeraS

Continuing the story I began last week on the Tale; a story of learning, in many different ways. Not everything one needs to learn can be found in a book. Sometimes such knowledge requires some practical …


Lesson Plans
Part Two
By TeraS
For Adelle


Sexuality is. Passions are. For those of the Realm, the concept of being sexual is as much of who they are as it is the need to breathe. But sexuality by itself is only part of the equation. The other part comes from the passions brought to each encounter. It isn’t simply a matter of ‘doing,’ as one might think. Sex by itself is … a bit bland, really. It is a means to an end, the base need within every succubi or incubi. They could, and some do, ensnare souls, have—or take—what they need, and then move on to the next soul and start the process all over again.

But that isn’t living. That is existing … which is where Adelle found herself. The first lesson Tera taught was that she loved—period; full stop. There were no conditions on that point, there was no need to offer something in return. Tera didn’t love in the hope of gaining something from that love. She loved … because. There was no need to have a reason.

Again Tera asked Adelle: “What’s wrong, sweetheart? Talk to me, please.”

She couldn’t put into words what she needed, exactly, because Adelle couldn’t quite put her finger on what her problem was. No, that wasn’t exactly true: she knew what the problem was, she just didn’t want to admit to it.

Tera’s wan smile as she waited for Adelle to marshal her thoughts rekindled another memory in the novice succubi.

There is a place in the Realm where new succubi and incubi come to learn of their needs. Much of the time, elder succubi or incubi are there to help them to gain control, to find what pleases them most, what they require to fill the aching need they have within. Sometimes, however, they cannot help in the search for fulfillment among some of those seeking it.

At the time, Adelle was confused as to why she couldn’t find her way. She had been with, at least she thought, every single succubi or incubi that had matured, found their ways and learned their paths. She had lapped, sucked, rode, and played with so many of them they had become somewhat of a blur in her thoughts.

On one particular morning, she had found a silver card by her beside: a request that she attend to the place, as she had every morning before. But there was a special note added this time, and it made Adelle raise her eyebrows, and then rush off to the mall to do some shopping.

The walk from the mall was possibly the hottest thing that Adelle had done. It wasn’t the walk itself that made her nethers flutter and dampen with lust. No, it was all of the looks she was getting from everyone she was passing. After all, a well-endowed, black-tailed succubi, her blue hair done up in two long pigtails that swished around her as she walked, was an attention getter, to say the least. The horn-rimmed glasses, addong a bit of a nerdy look, was another. But it was the over-sexualized schoolgirl outfit that really turned a lot of heads, making a few of their owners walk into walls and lamp poles.

Adelle was trying to keep things together as best she could, but that wasn’t the simplest thing. She didn’t have a choice about what she was wearing, after all. The note was very specific. She wore a short-sleeve, button-down white shirt, tied in a knot in the front, exposing her tummy. The lace, black bra underneath was the same colour as her tail and horns; she had made sure that the one she picked was going to make her cleavage look more than delicious—it was going to simply be temptation itself. Every so often, her hands found their way to the hem of her far-too-short-to-be-legal plaid skirt, trying to tug it down a little bit, so that not quite so much of her lovely ass showed, or so too much of a step wouldn’t flash her black panties to everyone that was staring … not that her drooling pussy minded very much, thank you. Her thigh-high white stockings and black kitten heels gave little doubt that she was a very naughty schoolgirl, and the thought of that made Adelle lick her lips and smile. Being naughty made her hot, and Adelle knew that she looked yummy enough to eat. If she was honest with herself, she hoped that whomever she was going to see would … teach her.

Arriving at the place the card summoned her to, Adelle opened the door and found herself in a classroom; perhaps a bit expected, perhaps a bit stereotypical. The room was quite small, really, there being only one desk for a student, one for the teacher, a blackboard at the front of the room, and then, of course, the little touches that only a classroom that existed in a world of sexual creatures would have. This was, after all, a world of erotic exploration and knowledge, so the collection of various sex toys, bottles of lube, a vast number of books on every sexual position and method one could, or could not, imagine, wasn’t a shock.

Closing the door, Adelle wandered about the room, looking at things and wondering, again, who her teacher would be. She was toying with a particularly interesting vibrator when the door opened and Adelle heard the clicking of heels on the hardwood floor. Still playing with the vibe, Adelle turned towards the sounds, expecting to see just another succubi or incubi. What she saw made her gasp and drop the vibrator to the floor where it clattered, forgotten as Adelle’s sex flared in heat and she moaned.

The teacher was Tera, and Adelle couldn’t help the whimper of lust.

Tera had never, not once, looked imposing. She was all smiles, dressed in a way that just looked right for her, and, if Adelle was truthful to herself, she adored Tera being able to do so.

Then there was this time.

Tera peered at Adelle through her glasses with thin black frames, a wan smile on her lips: “Adelle.”

The black-tail was frozen like a deer caught in headlights. The tone of voice the red-tail used was one that snaked its way deep into Adelle, crooking its finger against her clit and making it thrum.

The image that Adelle faced was Tera, her hair in a ponytail, her horns quite prominent against what was, for Tera, a quite unexpected hairstyle. The headmistress look, in black, made Adelle melt.

Tera looking severe and strict was a turn on.

Tera pointing a finger to the floor made the bluenette’s knees weak.

Adelle’s sex flared in want as she sank to the floor, head bowed, hands clasped right above her needy, wet, throbbing sex.

“You’ve been a naughty girl, Adelle.”

Nibbling her lips almost hard enough to taste blood, Adelle whimpered: “Yes, Ma’am.”

She could only look down as Tera came closer, her sensible shoes belying the reality that just above them were a pair of deep black hose, attached to garters. Adelle couldn’t help but wonder what colour Tera’s panties were.

“Black, just like my lace bra.”

Adelle had forgotten that Tera could read her thoughts, and all that did was make her pussy drip as she realized that she had been daydreaming about this. Her need, her fantasy, her want, her passion … was Tera dominating her. Not in a cruel way, but as a teacher to a student—a student aching for a firm hand to guide her.

A hand that was caressing her cheek, then trailing its way along her chin before drawing its way along the nape of her neck. “Naughty girls like you need to be taught a lesson, Adelle.”

A hand that teased over Adelle’s cleavage, pinching one nipple, making her gasp and arch in delight. “We’ll start with something … simple.”

The hand left, then Tera walked away. Adelle managed to keep looking at the floor as Tera walked to the head of the classroom. She heard a chair being moved, then all was quiet again.

“Look up, Adelle.”

When she did, Adelle’s breath caught. Tera was perched, not on a chair, but a throne. Nothing else had changed, Tera still looked like a schoolmistress, they were still in the classroom. But Adelle knew that Tera was teaching her a needed lesson.

Crooking a finger, Tera motioned Adelle to come to her: “Come here.”

It was one of the hottest things Adelle could remember. That short distance she managed on her hands and knees, her eyes held by her Queen’s finger playing with the hem of her leather skirt. The scent of cherries was … divine. Driven by her passions, the younger succubi was nuzzling unrestrained against her Domme’s hosiery, running her hands along the garters, pausing as she felt the brunette’s black lace panties against her fingertips. Being allowed to kiss and lick, to taste, to swim in the bliss of pleasuring the Queen herself was making her cum. She was whining in pleasure as Tera wound her hands around Adelle’s pigtails to hold her in place, submitting to Tera’s pleasures and, in doing so, finding her own moment of bliss, giving herself up to Tera’s firm hand.

This was the second lesson that Adelle learned. Tera knew you better than you knew yourself. She would, if given the chance, show you ecstasy unimagined. The touch of the Queen was bliss, given for the pleasure you wanted and desired.

In the present, Tera was still smiling wanly: “Penny for your thoughts, sweetheart?”

Adelle’s reply out of her memory was somewhere between a moan and an orgasm.

Lesson Two: Tera was passion.

The next lesson would take a leap of faith, and trust, as well …